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The Creation

By Ming-Ling


Before the world existed, there existed nothing. Such is a product of logical reasoning which leads to a highly illogical idea - if nothing exists, nothing can exist. Nothing can come from nothing. Something cannot come from nothing, unless you look at the world on a quantum physics scale in which little teensy weensy particles do spontaneously appear and disappear out of a vacuum, and...

Okay, so let's just say something can come from nothing and let the philosophers and physicists duke it out in their own little corner elsewhere. That very first something was very startled, to say the least. After all, to just suddenly exist is a very strange experience.

Of course, it was the ONLY thing in existence. It took it less than a day (time being theoretical as the being was the only thing out there, but let's work with what we're given people) for the entity to become massively bored. After all, when you're the only thing around there's nothing to do, and that means you have to do something.

So, the being did something. First off, it decided it didn't like referring to itself as 'it' or 'the being' or anything so bland and generic as that, and named itself Taiitsukun. The creator.

(Of course, something must have created the Creator, but again, we'll just add that to the pile of things the philosophers and physicists are debating about in the corner and leave it at that.)

The second thing the bei... er, the Crea... er, Taiitsukun did was create the world. Hence it felt justified in naming itself 'The Creator'. So there. Poof. A world came up into existence around it. Insert lovely trees and grass and birds and cows and butterflies and clouds and sun and moon and water, and fire, and...

It took a little while for the world to be created, since there's just so much stuff that gets tossed in.

It took Taiitsukun two days. This may not seem like a long time but consider that Taiitsukun itself had only been around for one day before hand - this was twice as long.

Oh yes, and it also created humans, since it created everything else on Taiitsukun's green earth, it also threw in humans as a bonus.

So the world began and life flourished.

A week later, Taiitsukun was bored again. Creating the world had been an exiting adventure but the initial thrill was over. It settled itself to watching over its creation, and that had paled swiftly. So Taiitsukun created four guardians to watch over the land. They were called Genbu, Byakko, Suzaku, and Seiryuu and each took up responsibility for a quarter of the land.

It wasn't long before the Four Gods (as they had started calling themselves, displeased with the term 'Four Guardians') complained of having nothing to watch over. Everyone and everything lived pretty peacefully. There were minor squabbles and small quarrels but nothing to keep their interest for long.

So Taiitsukun introduced the the idea of a Miko and Shichi Seishi and gave a scroll of the Shijintenchiso to each country that had been formed under the Four Gods, and this kept them very busy indeed and made them very happy.

Taiitsukun was bored again. The Four Gods were quite happy now perpetuating the legend of the Miko and Shichi Seishi and having little battles among each other to see who was superior, but there wasn't anyone the Creator could talk to. The Four Gods were much to busy to spare a moment.

So Taiitsukun created the Nyan-Nyans.

The Creator has never been bored since...


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