Only Time: The Sacred Power

Chapter Twenty-Nine

By J. Marie


Warning!!! This is a lemon yaoi fanfiction starring Nakago and Tasuki from Fushigi Yugi. It is rated NC-17. An apology to the twin fans, but...I had to stick with my storyline...sorry, guys. They're cute, but let's face it, their relationship is a little unhealthy. We’re nearing completion, and very shortly, “Only Time” will be edited and all errors will be fixed!


"Hey, guys, time to wake up-"


"Knock next time!!"

"ACK!!! Naked teenage boy flesh!!"

"Get outta here, ya pervert!!"

"You'd think she'd knock!!"

"I'm blind!! Blind!!"

Junko flung herself out of the door, slamming it behind her. The nyan-nyans around her giggled fiendishly. The plump Asian girl narrowed her eyes.

"I thought you said they were dressed," Junko hissed unpleasantly.

The nyan-nyans continued to giggle. Junko smiled sweetly at them.

"I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!" Junko screamed and then tore off after the fleeing nyan-nyans, bent on thrashing every single last one of them.

Suboshi and Amiboshi watched the whole event with amused looks on their face.

"Think she'll kill them?" Amiboshi asked, sounding mildly concerned.

"I doubt it. They're minor goddesses. But if we're lucky, she'll beat them into unconsciousness," Suboshi answered with a shrug.

The identical twins remained silent as they headed off to a quiet sitting room, listening to the sounds of Junko's raging fade off in the distance. They sat down across from each other, quietly sipping the tea that had been waiting for them. Magical maid service was a good thing, they decided.

They were silent for a long time.

Eventually, it was Amiboshi who broke the silence. "It's different now, between us. Now that we remember," he said softly, staring at his tea.

Suboshi also stared into his tea. "Now we know what really happened. Now we know why we feel the way we do, and it's not because of why we thought," he said just as softly.

"We're supposed to be brothers, not lovers. Why did we ever think it was the other way around?" Amiboshi asked.

"Love and unity. Oneness. Togetherness. We just took it the wrong way. We're not...bad...are we?"

"No. We loved each other. Maybe our hormones carried us away, but we weren't wrong. Just...misguided."

"So where does that put us now, Amiboshi?"

"Where we've always been. We're brothers. Brothers who love each other more than any other brothers in any world, but we're brothers. Life will go on. Maybe we'll both find girlfriends now."

Suboshi smiled at his older twin. "I really do love you, Amiboshi. You understand me so perfectly. But I think I'd rather have you as my brother, rather than the driving force of my existence. I can't live and breathe you. It's not good for either of us," he said.

Amiboshi set down his tea and hugged his twin. "No, it's not. I'm glad we were finally able to understand everything between us. But we both need to be our own person. Having you in my mind is what made us think we were lovers. But now, we know. We're brothers, and that's enough for both of us," he said.

Yui crept silently away from her twin sons with a smile on her face. She had been hiding around the corner, listening to their conversation. Her twins had been confused about their love, but they could see clearly now. They could be their own person, rather than wrapped up so tightly in the other, they forgot who they really were.

And knowing that Amiboshi and Suboshi had finally sorted themselves out on their own made her very happy. No one else could have done it. They couldn't see past their twin before. The fear that her twins were not real people on their own had even overshadowed her fear of their incest. Even the greatest of lovers needed to be their own person.

Once again, the twin seishi of Seiryu were merely brothers. For only he who can stand alone, can stand united.


The twenty-eight seishi of the four gods, their priestesses, and the royals from each country of the Universe of the Four Gods clamored around eagerly. Taiitsukun stood in the center of the room, or rather, she floated, looking around the assembled ground with her usual scowl. It was late afternoon, and the whole group had been summoned with a mental command.

"Welcome. It is time," Taiitsukun intoned.

The nyan-nyans began to boo her. "And you say we're melodramatic??" one nyan-nyan demanded.

"Yeah, what do you call that 'it is time' crap??" another nyan-nyan cried.

"Shut up!! I'm working here!!" Taiitsukun screamed, slapping them all viciously before composing herself again. Her audience looked highly unimpressed.

"As, I was saying, It Is Time," Taiitsukun repeated with a deep dramatic voice. It had even less effect the second time around. Tasuki was picking out his earwax, and Ashitare gave her a big yawn.

"Time for what?" Junko asked irritably, ignoring Tokaki, who was picking his teeth beside her.

Taiitsukun growled and muttered under her breath. "It's time for the lot of you to bloody well ponce off to the Paths and get inside the Hidden Temple!! This is an important moment!! Can I get some damn respect here??" she hollered, her face purpling in frustration.

"Well, get on with the explanation, you old sand-witch. I have better things to do," Tasuki sniffed.

"You mean you want to leave so you and Nakago can fornicate like rabbits on Viagra again!! Ungrateful brats!!" Taiitsukun cried, slapping Tasuki silly with one of her large ribbons.

"Please, Lady Taiitsukun, just tell us what you need of us," Yuiren pleaded.

Taiitsukun sighed. "Well, then, are you listening? All of you?" she asked impatiently.

"Yes, Taiitsukun," the audience chorused.

"Good, we'll start off with what you have to do.

"First off, I'm going to transport you all to your God's altars at the base of this Mountain. There, the royals must summon the power that their God has granted them, to open the Path. I cannot say how the royals must do this, each will know when they arrive. With me so far?"

The group nodded, some after being elbowed by their neighbors. Taiitsukun continued.

"The Path to the Hidden Temple is not easily traversed. The Priestesses must lead the way, and use the nyan-nyans to force their way through. Only then can you enter the Hidden Temple."

"Use nyan-nyans?" Miaka asked. "How?"

"The nyan-nyans will show you when you need them."

"Aw, dammit, we have to bring the evil little things?" Tasuki grumped.

"Shut up, Fang-Boy!!" Taiitsukun screamed, slapping Tasuki again with her ribbons.

"Now, after that, you will enter the Hidden Temple. The Priestesses must purify themselves. Junko, you're doing double. And then they must summon their Gods. After that, it's a simple matter of using the Sacred Power, and that's it. World saved."

The group gaped at the haggard old woman, stunned into utter silence. Taiitsukun looked rather proud of herself.

"That simple, eh? And we never even found the Sacred Power!!" Tasuki finally cried, rubbing his cheek from where the last ribbon had smacked him.

"If you haven't found it by now, then you'll never find it, Tasuki. You should have it by now, you just don’t know it. And I just told you what to do, so just go and don't worry about anything else. Use your instincts, all of you. Now, any intelligent questions?" Taiitsukun sniffed.

The various seishi looked at each other and shrugged.

"Excellent, now it's time for you to be off. Assemble behind your priestesses. Royals, you're included!" Taiitsukun commanded.

The various seishi groups began to form, but more than a few had some good-byes to say. Liangnai and Langrui hugged before they parted, while Boushin and Nurong beamed from the sides. Miaka and Tamahome bid Yuiren good-bye, while Tokaki and Hikitsu said good-bye off to the side. Tasuki frowned, wishing Nakago was a little more emotional. He said a quick good-bye and turned away from the tall blond to stand behind Miaka.

But just as he turned, Nakago grabbed him by the wrist and spun the redhead around. And then, before the entire assembly, he kissed Tasuki passionately. When Nakago pulled away with a smug smile on his face, Tasuki was breathless.

"Good-bye, Tasuki," Nakago said simply and then let Tasuki go so he could stand behind Yui. Tasuki's mouth hung open slightly, and there was a happy, glazed look on his face.

Tamahome grabbed Tasuki by the shirt and dragged him over to the rest of the Suzaku seishi. "Come on, lover boy. Focus!" he said with a chuckle.

Tasuki closed his mouth and grinned at Nakago, who returned the smile.

"Good luck, sichiseishi!" Taiitsukun called and raised her hands. Within seconds, the group faded away.

And the fate of the Universe of the Four Gods lay in their hands.


"Yeah, great, nice. A boring alter with a fire burning on it. Exciting. What the hell do we do now?" Tasuki whined. They stood at the base of Mount Taikyoku, before a burning altar. They were surrounded by large rocks, but strangely their voices did not echo. In fact, all sound was muffled and the place was dead silent but for them.

"For once, I think I agree with Tasuki. What the hell do we do now?" Mitsukake asked.

"Fucked if I know," Chiriko responded with a shrug when everyone looked at him.

"I think my father and I are the ones who have to do something," Langrui said with a frown. "The question is what? The ugly old witch wasn't exactly informative. And asking her questions only led to her getting off on being mysterious, the bitch."

"That just about sums Taiitsukun up," Tamahome sighed.

"So where is this Hidden Temple anyway, nyan-nyan?" Miaka asked the green-haired girl beside her.

"Inside Mount Taikyoku. It's guarded by great magics, and the only entrance is through the Paths," the nyan-nyan said.

"Geez, imagine that. Something important guarded by great magics? Why, that never happens. It's so rare that we encounter-"

"Stuff it, Tasuki," Nuriko warned with a baleful glare.

Tasuki opened his mouth to retort, but he suddenly realized why he wasn't suppose to speak. Both Boushin and Langrui and come to their knees on either side of the altar, their heads bent in prayer. Unlike all other sound, their whispered prayers to Suzaku echoed oddly off the large rocks surrounding them.

The noise grew in power, and everyone shivered as a tingle of power passed through them. A short eternity passed, with nothing happening but the Suzaku seishi watching the royalty of Kutou pray to Suzaku to open the path. And then, without warning, Boushin and Langrui put their hands in the fire.

Hotohori cried out and rushed forward, but Nuriko stopped him. Neither man was being burned. Indeed, their hands remained in the fire as though it was only air. They did not stop praying.

A reddish light formed just beyond the altar, lighting a Path into Mount Taikyoku. The nyan-nyan turned to Miaka with a smile. "Take this sword, and your love, Suzaku no Miko, for only you can forge the way," the girl said brightly.

"Sword? What sword?" Miaka asked in confusion, eyeing Hotohori's sword.

The nyan-nyan giggled and then suddenly leaped into the air, spinning around as quick as lightning. She spun sideways and spun and spun, and the seishi watched in shock as the girl's body turned into a black sword with a ruby on the handle.

Miaka caught the sword, staring at it in shock. "Nyan-nyan?" she asked. There was no answer.

"Miaka! We must go, before the Path disappears!" Chiriko cried.

Miaka nodded, and stepped into the light. Her body found resistance, and the Path tried to push her back. But Miaka refused to budge and brandished the sword that had been a nyan-nyan only a minute ago, and cut through the resistance. Red light streaked violently from where she cut.

"Follow me!!" Miaka cried, and took another step forward. The seishi fell into line behind her, following their priestess.

Resistance met them everywhere, trying to push them off the Path. It had neither form, nor shape. It was just an invisible force that tried to keep them out. But Miaka would not, could not falter. She had to take every ounce of strength, every ounce of love she ever had, and pour that into taking one step in front of the other, her sword opening the Path for her seishi. Behind her, the Path disappeared as they left behind Boushin and Langrui.

The Suzaku seishi soon saw a great, circular door, carved with images of Suzaku. It was of a strange metal with a reddish tint to it. But with every step that Miaka took closer to the door, the harder it became to slice through the invisible resistance that blocked the Path. Soon, they were stopped just before the door, unable to move forward.

"Miaka!! Come on!! You can do it!!" Tasuki screamed, feeling their hold slip on where they stood as the resistance tried to force them back. He held his arm up in front of him, trying to maintain his balance.

"Come on, Miaka!! We believe in you!! Cut through it!!" Nuriko cried.

"Please, Miaka, we have to do this! They're all counting on us!!" Tamahome yelled. It was like being trapped in a tsunami with no water.

Miaka bit her lip and closed her eyes, sweat popping out across her brow. She had to do this. She could do this. She was not going to be defeated. She had been through worse, and she could do this. The sound of the rush of force was drowning out her seishi's voices.

"I...will...not...give...UP!!" she cried and dove her small body forward, the nyan-nyan sword swathing through both resistance and door. She fell inside the Hidden Temple with a loud thud. In moments, her seven seishi had fallen on top of her.

"OFF!! Get off!! GET OFF!! CAN'T BREATHE!!!" she screamed, too exhausted to even try and wriggle out from under them.

The Suzaku Seven scrambled to their feet and Tamahome helped Miaka to her feet. She wobbled slightly, smiling proudly. "Did you see me? Did ya? Miaka, Warrior Priestess!! Go me!!" Miaka said proudly.

"Great job, Miaka!" Tamahome grinned, hugging his wife happily.

"Um, guys, don't get so joyous just yet."

"What do you mean, Nuriko?" Tamahome asked, as a strange fog filled the room.

"Well, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I think the seishi of the other Gods have gotten in, too," she replied.

"That's great! What's the bad news?" Tamahome asked.

"See this here fog? What's surrounding us and all?" Nuriko asked delicately, assuming a fighting stance.

"Um, yeah, we see it, Nuriko. What's the big deal?" Miaka asked impatiently, as most of her seishi pulled out weapons if they had one, and assumed fighting stances.

"See those smoky figures approaching us? The ones with chains, and swords, and whips, and other nasty things?" Nuriko asked.

Miaka blinked, and realized that figures formed from smoke approached them, carrying weapons and grinning nastily. "Smoke demons!" she cried in surprise.

"That would be the bad news," Mitsukake said drolly.


To be continued...



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