Only Time: The Sacred Power

Chapter Twenty-Seven

By J. Marie


Warning!!! This is a lemon yaoi fanfiction starring Nakago and Tasuki from Fushigi Yugi. It is rated NC-17. Almost done with the backflashes. Getting close to more Tasuki and Nakago focus!! In fact, their romance will be the focus of the next chapter! Yay!! And, because someone mentioned this, my impression was that the word "senshi" refers to the seishi as a whole group. As in Suzaku Senshi, instead of Suzaku Seven. And the word "seishi" refers to a singular Celestial Warrior, as in Tamahome is a seishi. Senshi means "circle" or "group" from my understanding, and was a word used to refer to the various seishi groupings. However, I *could* be wrong, and have gotten my Sailor Moon crossed with my Fushigi Yugi. If anyone can tell me if I'm right or off my rocker for sure, I'd appreciate it.


To Tasuki's surprise, his sister paused and turned to where he stood. She blinked a few times.

"Junko!! Don't do it!" Tasuki rasped out, standing up.

"Who's there...?" Junko called, shivering.

"Please, Junko, I love you, please don't die! I won't have anyone, or anything..." Tasuki cried, stepping closer to her. Here, he was just a ghost, but maybe, just maybe...

"Who are you...?" Junko asked, looking all around, for she could see nothing.

"It's me, Tasuki! Your little brother...son...whatever. Please, Junko...don't do this. You're stronger than this, Junko. You're the strongest person I ever met. Please don't give up...please..." Tasuki pleaded.

Junko stepped away from the ledge, her brown eyes widening. "Tasuki...? My baby...? But how...?" she asked, her hand flying to her mouth.

"You're not weak, Junko. Don't let anybody, anything conquer you. You can make it. I need you to make it. Please..." Tasuki whispered, watching the scene begin to blur around him.

"Tasuki...? Don't go...!!" Junko cried, reaching out to him.

The scene shifted and blurred.


Three years passed and Tasuki and Nakago watched it all.

They saw Junko enroll herself in a karate class. She wrapped herself up in living for once. On her dresser, she kept a collection of baby Tasuki pictures that her mother sent her. She ate, she fought, she began to write. She put on a lot of weight, but she was healthy, and relatively happy.

It seemed she was going to make it. She was going to be all right. Unlike her three friends, Junko had managed to conquer the darkness within her.

And then Tasuki watched his sister open a letter. Her hand trembled and it soon fell to the floor. Silently, she turned to her room and began to pack. Tasuki bent over the letter, unable to touch it, but able to read it.

It said that Junko's mother had died of cancer, and Junko needed to come care for her young brother, Tasuki Ishida.

The scene shifted and blurred.


Junko slowly crept into the room that her aunt had been keeping Tasuki.

Her large aunt grabbed her arm as she passed. "Remember your promise to your mother! Do not disgrace our family honor more than she had already! He is your brother, not your son! Do not forget that!" the woman hissed. Junko shrugged her off and walked into the room, and crouched in front of the bed.

A small redheaded boy was huddled in the corner of his bed. He looked underfed, and his knees were bruised from being forced to pray night and day. His head was hidden in his arms. Junko reached out and touched Tasuki for the first time since he was born.

The small boy raised his head, his golden eyes darting furtively from the small, chubby girl in front of him, and his large aunt lurking in the door. He bit his lip.

"Why are his knees bruised? And why is he so skinny?" Junko hissed, her eyes flashing at her aunt, appearing golden in her anger.

"I feed him three times a day. He doesn't like the food, but that's his problem. His knees bear the markings of Satan. For if he wasn't such a bad child, knocking things over and making noise, he wouldn't have to pray for so long," the woman sniffed.

Junko closed her eyes and visibly forced herself to calm down. "You fucking bitch. We're getting out of here," she said dangerously, and then turned back to Tasuki.

"Who are you...?" the little redhead asked, glancing again from Junko to his aunt.

"I'm Junko...your...big sister. And I'm going to take care of you now. You're going to live with me," Junko smiled, and picked the little boy up in her arms. He put up no resistance and wrapped his arms gratefully around her neck.

Her aunt glowered in the doorway, but one look from Junko forced her to back off. Junko proudly walked from her aunt's house with her son in her arms. Tasuki knew, just by looking at his mother's face, that it didn't matter what he called her.

She had always been his mother, even if not in name.

The scene shifted and blurred.


"Who is that little boy...?" Junko asked the teacher of Tasuki's kindergarten class, pointing to a familiar looking blond boy.

"Nakago Iwasaki. He was adopted by a Japanese family," the woman said, ushering Tasuki into kindergarten group.

Junko swallowed and smiled. She closed her eyes. "So he's not so far away, after all..." she whispered.

"Excuse me...?" the teacher asked.

"Oh...nothing," Junko smiled and walked over to where the little boy stood, rifling through the coloring books. Young Tasuki watched Junko with open curiosity.

Nakago looked up, staring at the woman who was beaming down at him. "Hello," Junko grinned.

"Who're you?" he asked bluntly.

"Oh, just someone...someone who wanted to meet you..." Junko smiled, and a tear appeared in her eye. Young Nakago looked bewildered.

"I'm so glad you're safe, and alive!" Junko cried, and threw her arms around the little blond boy. Young Tasuki gaped at his mother. Why was she hugging some strange kid for?

"Hey!! Geroff me!!" Nakago cried, shoving Junko away from him. Junko sniffled happily and let him go, after planting a kiss on his cheek. Nakago shrieked and wiped his face in horror.

Junko was far too happy to notice.

The scene shifted and blurred.


Junko stood in the doorway of her living room, smiling fondly at the scene before her.

Tasuki realized the scene was but a few short weeks ago. Junko was watching Tasuki and Nakago themselves. Tasuki was sitting in Nakago's lap as they made out on his chair, ignoring the anime on the television. The Tasuki who was watching this all blushed, and Nakago blinked beside him.

Junko turned away, leaving the two teenagers to their kissing. She was smiling, almost wistfully. Tasuki watched her pull out an old picture, of her and her three friends. She ran a thumb over Joseph and Danielle's smiling face.

"It's meant to be, Dani. You and Joseph's kid, and me and Nicky's kid. The four of us...we'll always be together. They love each other, I can tell. Everything's going to be all right. Nakago's a good boy. And so is my Tasuki. It all fits. Life goes on..." Junko whispered, and set the picture back in the drawer she hid it in.

She was crying.

The scene shifted, and faded.


Tasuki, Nakago, Hikitsu, and Tomite were forcibly thrust back into their bodies.

Tasuki blinked as he f ell back, staring up at his sister...his mother. A pure white light exploded around Junko, and a dark green spirit was cast out her body. It faded away, out of existence. Junko fell to the ground, crying.

Tasuki stood up, and ran towards his mother, but Nakago stopped him. He turned angrily to the blond, but Nakago shook his head and pointed at a small, glowing circle in front of Junko. Junko stood up, staring into it.

Taiitsukun was suddenly beside Tasuki, causing him to fall over in shock. She growled at him and then stared over at Junko. Tasuki could just make out what appeared to be the Book of the Universe of the Four Gods within the circle.

"Now is the time to finish what you started, Junko Ishida!! Assume your mantle, and finish the cycle!!" Taiitsukun cried.

Junko swallowed nervously and closed her eyes. She then opened her eyes, resting them on Nakago and Tasuki. She smiled and reached out through the barriers of reality to touch the book.

"Once Takiko Okuda, now Junko Ishida, always Genbu no Miko!!" she cried.

The book burst with light, and the glowing circle faded. Junko bowed her head, and a glowing green shape of a tortoise appeared behind her. Yuiren bowed her head, and a glowing yellow shape of a tiger appeared behind her. Miaka bowed her head and a glowing red shape of a phoenix appeared behind her. Yui bowed her head and a glowing blue shape of a dragon appeared behind her. Echoes of bestial roars reverberated through the night sky as the images faded.

Taiitsukun smiled wickedly. "Now, my four priestesses, and my twenty-eight seishi, you are ready to find the Scared Power," she said proudly.


They were all now resting in Mt. Taikyoku.

Tasuki sighed contentedly, watching his sister blast Hikitsu's ear drums out about something to do with cheese. He thought it best not to interfere. Hikitsu had his head bowed, and was looking rather ashamed of himself. Tokaki was rolling around on the ground next to him, laughing so hard tears poured down his face.

Taiitsukun had refused to give them any information about the Sacred Power, telling them they all had to find it for themselves. But she said they all deserved couple days of rest, since the Paths could not be opened until the full moon, which was three nights away. Apparently, the Paths to the Hidden Temple were located around Mt. Taikyoku.

Junko turned from screaming at Hikitsu, and sat down across from Tasuki. Tasuki grinned up at her. She winked back at him.

"Feel better now?" he asked.

"Sure do. Had to exercise my lungs, see. Haven't had a proper rant in weeks," Junko smiled, taking a swig of some saki she had stolen from Taiitsukun.

Tasuki giggled, watching Hikitsu, his pride wounded, stomp off with Tokaki in tow. No doubt to have a private moment. Tasuki frowned slightly, wondering where Nakago was. He had left to find a room with the rest of the Seiryu Seven.

Tasuki and Junko were alone in the room, and Tasuki realized his sister- no, his mother- was staring at him. Tasuki gave her a nervous smile. What was he supposed to say now?

"Are you mad at me?" Junko finally asked.

Tasuki bit his lip. "No...I was at first, but I...well...I'm over it," he said softly.

"Are you?"

"Yeah, I am. I love ya, Junko, Mom, whatever..."

"Junko. Nothing's changed, Tasuki."

Tasuki grinned. "You were my mother anyway, even if I called you my sister..."

Junko lowered her eyes. "Just call me Junko, Tasuki. We're still the same. You can even call me your sister, if you like. As long as you're happy, I'm happy," she said.

Tasuki stood up and then walked over to his mother to give her a hug. "I'm happy you're alive, and safe, and back to normal. I love you, Junko. And I'm happy," he whispered. Junko put her arms around her son and held him tightly.

"So Nicky's still alive..." Junko said after a long time.

Tasuki sat back on his heels, looking up at his mother's thoughtful face. "Yeah...he is...he's probably reading this right this very second."

"I'd like you to meet him. You'd like him. He's a great guy. You two could be great friends, if nothing else," Junko smiled.

"And what about you and him...?" Tasuki asked.

Junko turned her face. "I don't know, Tasuki. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, I think," she said softly.

Tasuki nodded, and then bowed his head. "I feel so bad for Nakago. I mean, I now have a mother and father, but both of Nakago's are dead...it seems unfair," Tasuki sighed.

"He has me, if he wants me. I was supposed to take care of him...but I never got the chance. And he has Nicky, too. We were all so close. We're all family, Tasuki. And it's not like he's alone. He has you...right?" Junko asked.

Tasuki stood up, not looking at his mother.

Junko grabbed his hands, and forced him to look into her eyes. "It was meant to be, Tasuki. The four of us were like family. You two complete the circle that was broken. Don't you dare push him away," she said sternly.

"But Junko...he used to be-"

"Who cares what he used to be!! Why are you worried about what he used to be?? I used to be a stately, elegant lady! Now I'm a loud, obnoxious bitch. Worry about who he is now. And you're hurting him. He needs love. He hasn't had much of it," Junko scolded.

"But I-"

"Do you love him, Tasuki?"

Tasuki was silent for a moment. "I love him so much I'd die for him," he whispered.

"Then don't lose what I lost. Go to him, Tasuki. When you're happy, I'm happy."

Tasuki looked up at his mother, chewing his bottom lip. He was nervous.

Junko grinned and opened the door to the room they were in. She then proceeded to push him out of it. Tasuki squirmed, but his mother was rather strong.

"Consider yourself kicked out for the night. Now go find Nakago!" Junko cried, and then slammed the door in his face.

Tasuki sighed and kicked at the door. "Argh!! I hate women!! You're all so meddlesome!!" he cried, shaking his fist at the door half-heartedly.

Tasuki sighed, and straightened his shirt, mentally preparing himself. And then he started to look for Nakago.

After all, they had a lot to talk about.


To be continued...


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