Only Time: Deja Vu

Chapter Two

By J. Marie


Warning!! This is a lemon yaoi fanfiction starring Nakago and Tasuki from Fushigi Yugi. It is rated NC-17. Tasuki is just so damn cute!! It's not right to be this attached to a two-dimensional drawing. And Nakago! *drools like a spastic poodle* Well anyways, the rest of this story will take place eleven years after Chapter One, or seventeen years after the ending of the third Fushigi Yugi OVA. Yes, I own the whole series, Episode 1- 52, and all nine episodes of the OVA. It cost me $500!! Tell me I don't love Fushigi Yugi, and I'll show you my empty bank account.


Who can say
where the road goes
where the day flows
- only time
And who can say
If your love grows
as your heart chose
- only time

Who can say
why your heart sighs
as your love flies
- only time
And who can say
why your heart cries
when your love lies
- only time

Who can say
when the roads meet
that love might be
in your heart
And who can say
when the day sleeps
If the night keeps
all your heart

Night keeps all your heart

And who can say
If your love grows
as your heart chose
- only time
Who can say
where the road goes
where the day flows
- only time

Who knows - only time

Who knows - only time

-- "Only Time" by Enya



Fire sprayed forth from Tasuki's diamond war-fan, encapsulating the mysterious blonde shogun named Nakago in it's flames. Nakago screamed in pain as his body was charred and burned and he soon fell lifeless to the ground. Tasuki stood proudly over him, resting a foot on the burnt corpse and grinning at the assembled Suzaku Seven. The lot of them combined couldn't defeat Nakago, even Tamahome. Only Tasuki had such power and strength.

"Oh, Tasuki, you're just so cool!" cheered Chiriko, his ponytail bobbing on top of his head excitedly.

"Oh, Tasuki, won't you forget you hate women and marry me?" Miaka asked, batting her eyes coquettishly for him.

"No, he can't marry you, he has to marry me!" Nuriko butted in, shoving Miaka aside. The crossdresser and the girl began to squabble over who would marry Tasuki.

But Tasuki turned his charming smile on the one he wanted most.

A handsome young man his own age, with shining black hair and soft lavender eyes. On the youth's handsome face was a broad grin, meant only for the heroic redhead.

"Oh, Tasuki...." Tamahome sighed, stepping closer to the redhead, his eyes filling with emotion.






"Tasuki!!! Wake up already!! It's time for school!!!"

Tasuki snapped his golden eyes open, growling to himself. He sat up slowly, snarling at his door. It rocked again with the force of his older sister's banging. Just like a girl to interrupt a really good dream.

"TASUKI!! You lazy bum!!! Wake the fuck up!!!" she screamed.

When their mother had died when Tasuki was three, his older and only sister, Junko, was an adult, and left with caring for him. Tasuki's father was a myth, and Tasuki assumed, since he doubted he was an immaculate conception, that he had one, even if the bastard never stuck around to see his own son born. Junko, however, had been far too immature to raise a troublesome little boy, and in response, had turned into a bitch. With a capital bitch, in Tasuki's opinion.

"TASUKI!!!! If you don't wake up right now, I'm going to break down this door and drag your goofy ass out of bed by the testicles!!!" Junko screamed at the top of her lungs. The whole neighborhood surely knew that Junko was having some difficulty causing her little brother to rise from bed by now.

"I'm awake, already!!! And you keep your hands off my testicles, you sick little incestuous bitch!!" he screamed back at his sister, standing up from his bed. Despite the fact that he and Junko looked almost nothing alike, due to the fact that they had different fathers, Tasuki's being an American, they both had inherited their mother's fiery temper.

"I don't want to put my hands on your nasty testicles, you demented little ecchi!!! I just want you to wake the fuck up and get ready to go to your fucking school!! Besides, your balls probably haven't even dropped yet!!!" Junko screamed back. Their fights were a morning ritual by now.

"Oh, they dropped already, but if it makes you feel any better, they're still not as big as yours!!" Tasuki screamed, removing his pajamas so he could take his shower.

"Oh, I believe that! And my clit is probably bigger than your dick!"

"That's not hard to believe, considering all those testosterone shots you must take to be this bitchy!"

"Would you like to borrow one in hopes of your dick growing to normal size??"

"Sure!! Go get me one!!"

"I'll leave it by your breakfast!! Now hurry the fuck up!!"

"I hate women!! I hate them all!!!" Tasuki shouted, listening to his sister's receding footsteps. He loved his sister deeply enough that he would die for her, but she also pissed him off more than any other human being he knew.

He took his shower quickly, and threw on some clothing. He combed out his fiery red hair, and stared at the mirror for a moment. He was an odd mixture of Japanese and American, possessing the pale skin color, almond slant to his eyes, and flatness of face of his mother, but the hair and eye color of his father. His nose was straight and chiseled, like he assumed his father's was. Tasuki wondered again what his father looked like, but sighed, knowing it was futile to wonder. He would never meet him. He knew he resembled his father, because he looked more American than Japanese.

Tasuki adjusted the earrings he had put in, and put on a gold choker with a phoenix engraved on it. He had on his school uniform, but couldn't stand not dressing it up. He wasn't as vain his friend Hotohori, or as fashionable as his friend Nuriko, but he still had both vanity and fashion-sense. He stared in the mirror again, and decided to use some gel to partially tame his wild red locks. He frowned deeply when he looked in the mirror one last time. Despite his most desperate effort to be masculine, Tasuki was still far too pretty for his own tastes. He'd dare say he could match most of the boys in school for looks, and even outshine them, but he was still more pretty than handsome. It irked him, especially when such thoughts were coupled by his intense dislike of women. He didn't want to look like a woman.

Tasuki trudged downstairs, where his sister was putting his breakfast on the table. A clove cigarette dangled from Junko's mouth, and her black hair was up in a messy ponytail. She wore her typical skimpy pajamas, due to the fact that it was so hot, which revealed more of her chubby body than Tasuki ever wanted to see. Her dark eyes narrowed at her little brother when he entered. Tasuki grinned at her while she looked him up and down in distaste. Junko was attractive, but nothing special. And the fact that her baby brother was prettier than she was irked her to no end.

"I made you your goddam scrambled eggs and toast, you ungrateful little shit. Now eat your food before you're late in catching your goddam bus, cuz I'm not gonna drive you to school today," Junko growled, and sat down with her own plate of food.

Tasuki stuck his tongue out at her. "Don't you have to go to work today? I mean, even if you're not going out, could you at least comb your hair before I eat? I don't know what's more disgusting. Your fat rolls being emphasized by your pajamas, which are a couple sizes too small by the way, or that fright wig that you call your hair," the redhead said amicably.

Junko glared at her little brother for a minute before bouncing a box of cereal off his forehead. "Shut up, Dollface," she smirked, using his most hated nickname.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY????" Tasuki screamed, rising from his seat, his face reddening in anger.

"I said, 'Shut up, Dollface'. Now eat your goddam food. You got ten minutes before the bus comes," Junko smirked.

"I hate women. I really do!" Tasuki snarled, shoving eggs and toast into his mouth quickly. He stalked away from his sister when he was done, storming out the door and to the bus stop.

Leaning against a pole was Nakago, who lived only a block from Tasuki's house. He exchanged dirty looks with the cold blonde. Nakago was not in his circle of friends. At best, Nakago was considered a rival to his own friend, Tamahome. At worst, they were downright enemies. Not a few fights had been exchanged between Tasuki's friends and Nakago's own friends. Tasuki merely set about ignoring the tall blonde, not wishing to get beat up again. Nakago was the best fighter in the school, and one of the most popular, especially with all the girls.

Besides, it was Tamahome that always fought with Nakago, not Tasuki. Tasuki just fought with everyone. Nakago was the only person Tasuki could think of that intimidated him.

Tasuki glanced at Nakago, sizing him up, like he did with everyone. Nakago was wearing the same school uniform, and did nothing to dress it up, but still managed to look impeccable. He wore blue studs in both of his ears, and a dragon pendant. Nakago had a thing for dragons as much as Tasuki did for phoenixes. But that wasn't what made Tasuki jealous.

Nakago could never be described as pretty. He was beautiful. He was handsome. He was breathtaking. But never pretty. Nothing so humble for the cold blonde youth. He was only nine months older than Tasuki, but looked to be in his early twenties. Nakago was extremely tall, well over six feet, and while Tasuki was tall, having inherited his father's size, he would only top 5'10" when he was full grown. Nakago had glorious blonde hair, that hung past his shoulders in golden waves. His eyes were blue, rich on color, but his frosty personality made them seem lighter. His face was chiseled to perfection, the ultimate male beauty. He was everything Tasuki wanted to be. Cool, calm, smart, strong, and popular.

Nakago was the only American at the school, having been adopted at infancy by a rich Japanese couple who wanted to have a blonde child. Even so, it never impeded his popularity. Which was odd, since Tasuki, who was half American, and Suboshi and Amiboshi, who were part American as well, from their mother, Yui, received a lot of flak for their impure blood. But not Nakago. No one dared insult Nakago. Tasuki sneered, trying not to be so jealous of the tall blonde.

And then he realized he had forgotten his backpack. Tasuki saw the bus down the street, only a few minutes away from arriving. He would never have time to get his stuff and catch a ride! And asking Junko to drive him to school would be like trying to get Hotohori to not carry a mirror at all times.

"Shit," Tasuki cursed under his breath. He had left his homework, his books and everything. He had no choice to go back, and then walk the ten miles to school.

Tasuki looked up, and noticed that Nakago was staring down the street. Tasuki followed the blonde gaze, and saw the small form of his sister walking down the street, her hair combed, but wearing a robe. She had Tasuki's backpack in one hand and a cigarette in another. Nakago raised an eyebrow at Tasuki's sister's humble appearance.

Junko glanced over at the tall blonde, and unconsciously licked her lips at his appearance. Then she noticed he was standing at a school bus stop. She frowned. "Let me guess. You go to Tasuki's school," she sighed.

"I do," Nakago shrugged, accepting the older woman's obvious attraction to him as a fact of life.

"Goddammit," she muttered then turned her attention to her brother, who was sneering.

"Why are you here, sis? Just to bring me my backpack? Why are you being so nice all of a sudden?" Tasuki asked suspiciously. Nakago smirked at the interplay between brother and sister.

"Well, I didn't want you begging me for a ride, or walking to school, because then you'd whine and get on my nerves. So I brought you your backpack. And...."

"I knew there was something," Tasuki growled as his sister went chibi on him, batting her big dark eyes.

"...And I need you to go to the grocery store for me tonight!" Junko gushed. She might not be beautiful, but she had cute down to an art. Tasuki's eyebrow twitched and he sweatdropped, as Nakago chuckled.

Tasuki sighed. "Alright. Just give me the list and the money," he growled.

"Here you go!" Junko said cheerfully, handing him several sheets of paper filled with what items Tasuki was to buy and a wad of cash.

Tasuki stared at it dumbfounded as his sister handed him his backpack. "Is this a novel or a grocery list? And I'm not buying you your goddam tampons!!" Tasuki snarled.

Junko narrowed here eyes. "I could always send you to live with our aunt," she said with a feral smile.

Tasuki turned blue and swallowed at the thought of being forced to live with his aunt, a huge woman who crocheted, and believed that everyone was a sinner, and like to preach gospel to anyone who would listen. The last time he visited her, she spent seven hours telling him that he was going to hell, and he needed to repent.

"Alright, alright!! You win!" the redhead growled. Junko grinned happily, and sauntered away, her hips swaying. Tasuki glared at Nakago, who was watching his sister's backside with mild interest.

"See you later, Dollface!" Junko cried over her shoulder and then ran down the street, before Tasuki could catch her.

The bus pulled up and opened it's doors. Tasuki was beet red, and Nakago began to chuckle. "Dollface? I like that. It's suits you... Dollface," the cold blonde said in his smooth baritone, his right eyebrow arching.

"Shut up, you asshole!" Tasuki cried, then covered his mouth in horror as he realized he'd just insulted Nakago.

Nakago's eyes narrowed, and his eyes positively glowed with anger. Then he noticed that the entire bus was staring at him and Tasuki. Nakago forced himself to calm down, and he favored Tasuki with a predatory smile. "Later, Dollface. We'll settle this later," he said coldly, and brushed past the smaller boy as he stepped on the bus.

"I'm dead," Tasuki moaned and followed. He collapsed on the seat next to his best friend Chichiri, who gave him a concerned look.

"What's wrong with you today?" Chichiri asked, noting Tasuki's look of mortification.

"My sister has arranged for me to be murdered," Tasuki said morosely.

Chichiri's eyebrow rose. "How'd she do that?" he asked.

"Well, she called me Dollface in front of Nakago," Tasuki sighed.

"So? All he'll do is tease you about it. No big deal... Unless you blow up about it, ya know," Chichiri shrugged. Chichiri was always the voice of reason for Tasuki, who was not a reasonable young man.

"Too late."

Chichiri sighed and sweatdropped. "You're going to die, ya know," he said perkily.

"Do you have to sound so goddam cheerful about it??" Tasuki exploded.

"Don't get so upset about it! I'm not the one who's going to beat you up. You should know better than to lose your temper in front of Nakago, ya know," Chichiri scolded.

"Well, I couldn't help it. He called me Dollface!" Tasuki whined.

"Just take your lumps. Maybe he'll forget about it. Just stay out of his way for the day," Chichiri shrugged.

"You don't care if I die, do you?" Tasuki growled.

"I do care. I'd cry at your funeral. But you're not going to die. You might get hospitalized, but you're not going to die," Chichiri grinned. Tasuki sneered at him, but knew Chichiri had a point.

All he had to do was stay out of Nakago's way.


Tasuki had completely forgotten about Nakago's threat by lunchtime.

He sat at the table with his friends, Chichiri, Hotohori, Nuriko, Chiriko, Tamahome, and Mitsukake. The pretty redhead was sitting across from Tamahome, who was busy stuffing his face full of food. Tasuki smiled at the raven-haired youth fondly. Tamahome was a truly lovely boy, with an endearing personality. He seemed almost the perfect person to Tasuki. He had the sort of personality Tasuki liked, determined, perky, and goofy as hell. And he was beautiful. From his glossy back hair to his lavender eyes to his slender, muscled body. It was creepy how much Tamahome looked like his father, yet acted like his mother. The perfect combination, as far as Tasuki was concerned. He had always felt a special connection to Tamahome's parents, Taka and Miaka, but never really understood why.

Tasuki bit his lip and looked away, sensing that he was getting a little carried away with watching Tamahome gobble up his food. Having everyone know that he liked men would be worse than being called "Dollface" everyday. It was one thing to hate women, but an entirely different thing to be attracted to men, as far as Tasuki saw it. But the fact that he was attracted to men had been undeniable since he turned thirteen. It was a careful secret he kept, and only Chichiri knew.

And the worst part of it was that Tamahome, his friend that he had had a crush on since he was thirteen, was not only blissfully ignorant, but disgustingly heterosexual. It was hopeless, but never stopped the recurrent dreams Tasuki had about him. The most common theme to his dreams was that he and the rest of his friends were chosen warriors for Tamahome's mother, Miaka, and somehow Tamahome seemed to be in love with his own mother, but that was okay, because he was actually his father, and not himself, even though he was still Tamahome. It confused Tasuki to no end, but made perfect sense while he dreamed. The dreams were really weird, because Tasuki would throw fire from a magic fan and always seemed to be fighting Nakago and his circle of friends in them.


Tasuki was broken from his thoughts long enough to snatch the rest of his french fries back from the ravenous Tamahome, who pouted at the loss. Tasuki sighed and gave them back, causing his friend to grin. Tasuki looked away from the dazzling smile. Sometimes it almost hurt to like Tamahome. Tasuki had no chance with him, and he knew it. He wouldn't even try, it was so hopeless. Tasuki reflected that there were other men out there, but none were attainable in his little closed off circle of friends. Chichiri was his best friend, and it would be way too weird to think of him differently. Chiriko was so wrapped up in his studies that Tasuki doubted the petite boy had even considered sexuality yet, much less his preferences. Mitsukake was perhaps the only man more heterosexual than Tamahome in the group. Hotohori was beautiful, and the possibility of him being gay was not unbelievable, but Tasuki didn't want anyone who would love themselves more than anyone else. And Nuriko was definitely gay, but although Tasuki liked the purple-haired crossdresser, he would wind up killing Nuriko after prolonged exposure. Nuriko may have been a man, but acted too much like a woman to attract Tasuki.

"Do you ever wonder about those two, Tasuki?"

Tasuki looked over at Tamahome in confusion, having only just returned to reality. "Huh?" he asked.

"Suboshi and Amiboshi... They're so...." Tamahome trailed off, grinning wickedly.

"All over each other? Yeah. They're not just gay, they're incestuous, too," Tasuki said with authority, causing snickers to pass along the table.

"Heh. And the gayest one is Nakago. That faggot probably lets the Rainbow Twins take turns on him," Tamahome suggested. He disliked Nakago intensely, and took every opportunity to insult the popular blonde.

Tasuki and Chichiri both frowned at the use of the word "faggot". Tasuki, because he found it insulting to have his sexual preference referred to in slanderous terms, and Chichiri because he knew how Tasuki felt about men, and didn't like people insulting his best friend. Tasuki just bowed his head and said nothing, his red hair hanging in his eyes. But Chichiri knew that Tasuki's feelings were hurt. Luckily for Tamahome, Nuriko had been too busy cooing over Hotohori's hair to hear.

"You don't have to refer to gay people as faggots, ya know. There's nothing wrong with being gay. You're being prejudice, ya know," Chichiri scolded. Tasuki rarely talked about his personal feelings, but when he did, Chichiri always sensed shame, and Tamahome's comments would do nothing but cause Tasuki to push away his positive feelings, and increase his negative emotions.

"Sorry, sorry. I didn't mean it like that. There's nothing wrong with being gay. I wouldn't hang out with Nuriko if I thought that. I was just trying to talk shit about Nakago, is all," Tamahome grinned impishly.

"Yeah, well, Nakago's a dickhead!" Tasuki grinned, covering up his anxiety with forced cheer. "Feel free to talk shit about him. I know I do."

"Oh, really? I could have forgiven your earlier outburst, Dollface, but you seem to want me to beat your face in."

All seven of the table's occupants snapped their heads up, and gaped at Nakago. The tall blonde stood at the end by Tamahome and Tasuki, his smile cold and predatory. Soi hung off his arm, her expression full of worship for Nakago.

Chichiri winced, and Tamahome looked confused. He was used to Nakago issuing him challenges, not Tasuki. But at the moment, the redhead was the sole focus of Nakago's ire.

"Don't.... call.... me.... Dollface!!!!!" Tasuki shouted, his golden eyes flashing in anger.

"But why not, Dollface? It suits you so admirably," Nakago said, his predatory smile changing into a smirk.

"Just like 'dickhead' suits you!" Tasuki shouted, rising from the table, standing to his full height. Nakago was unimpressed.

Nakago grabbed Tasuki by the collar of his shirt, lifting him up slightly so that he was eye level with Nakago, and their faces only inches apart. Both Tamahome and Chichiri stood up and Soi backed up. Tasuki's friends seemed torn between not fighting in the cafeteria, and helping their friend.

Tasuki glared at Nakago, all worries about being beaten repressed by his anger. The redhead neither flinched nor looked scared. He stared straight into Nakago's blue eyes, meeting them. The two boys stared at each other for a few moments. Nakago was impressed, though his face never showed it. Most people looked away from his gaze. Even Tamahome, the bravest of them all. But Tasuki met his eyes.

Nakago dropped Tasuki, not wishing to start a fight in the middle of the lunch room. "Later, Dollface. Then we'll see if you got some fire behind that flame," he hissed and stalked away, with Soi rushing after him.

Tasuki had landed on his feet, but stumbled a bit from the force of Nakago's strength. The blonde had to work out every day to be that strong. He clenched his fists, then unclenched them, before sitting back down. All his friends stared at him expectantly.

"What?!" Tasuki exploded irritably.

"Want some help? He's tough...." Tamahome offered.

Tasuki sighed and shook his head. "No... it's my fight. Just me and him...." the redhead said, picking at his food.

"Well... since you don't need my help... And you don't seem hungry anymore...." Tasuki said with a grin, eyeing Tasuki's plate the way Nakago had eyed Tasuki.

Tasuki sighed and pushed his plate across to Tamahome, smiling softly as the young martial artist began to devour the food. Tamahome was a bottomless pit. Tasuki shifted his gaze away from Tamahome and noticed Chichiri giving him a sad look. Tasuki looked away. He didn't want Chichiri's pity.

But he still appreciated the pat on his shoulder from Chichiri when lunch was over.


Tamahome was pleased that he hadn't seen Nakago in the past three periods. It was the final period, Phys Ed, and the coach had let everyone stop early to shower and get ready. Tasuki let himself take a long time, hoping if Nakago did come, he'd just leave. Part of him wanted to fight Nakago, but the other part was scared of the blonde. There was something about the powerful blonde that was extremely intimidating, and it wasn't just his prowess in a fight.

The hot shower felt nice, and Tasuki took a long time under the water, his eyes secretly wandering about the room, admiring the nude and partially nude forms of the other boys. Tasuki became annoyed with himself, and turned the water cold when Tamahome and Hotohori came into view. Why did his friends have to be so goddam good-looking?

Tasuki finished his shower last, purposefully taking a long time. He toweled himself dry slowly, so that by the time he was putting on his underwear, most everyone had gone home. Tasuki was in no hurry. The only thing he had to look forward to for the night was grocery shopping, and the humiliation of buying his sister's tampons.

The locker room was completely empty by the time Tasuki finished dressing. He grabbed his backpack and headed towards the door, wondering if his sister would notice if he snuck in some cotton candy. He made a mental note to himself to spend at least part of the money on a dirty magazine for himself, just to get her back.

"Leaving so soon, Dollface?"

Tasuki froze, his blood running cold. He turned slowly, coming face to face with Nakago. A cold smirk was plastered across the handsome blonde's face. Tasuki licked his lips. Nakago was going to, if not kill, then hospitalize him.

"We have some unfinished business, I think."


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