Forgotten Sutra

By Megumi


The light is blinding, but that is to be expected from the chi of Seiryuu, god of War, Ocean, and the Eastern sky. The throne room of his palace is grand and humbling, as are all the throne rooms of the gods.

So far my tale amuses Seiryuu; it is no surprise to him that I spent a great deal of my time on earth in temples. I do not know why I am attracted to temples, only that I am able to learn sutras and mantras there, and can extract these chants at their full power. The only explanation that I have for my love of temples and my unusual skill, is the prayer wheel I have carried since before I was called to be a Seiryuu seishi. Some 5000 years before.

Seiryuu makes a slight gesture with his hand, a message to me to continue my tale, so I nod, head down and knee bent, and proceed to tell him everything I can.

While I tell my story, I watch Seiryuu for any change in mood. I have seen his impatience displayed in Tomoboshi, and know that too much detail will bore him or make him irritable. However, I do not omit anything until I see a change. I must remember that each seishi has one physical and emotional trait of their god, and that Tomoboshi only shows one part of what Seiryuu feels. Yet Tomoboshi is also, unbeknownst to most, the Representative to Seiryuu; his favorite. He reflects the most traits of his god.

Except in the Northern parts of Seiryuu's land, most are unfamiliar with the old myths and stories of the country now known as Kutou. Ironically, what most people dismiss as myths and legends is actually true. The myth that each god has a Miko, a General (who's main function is to guard the Miko), a Representative or Favorite, (one who has the most physical and emotional traits of the god), and an Advisor (one who advises their god and negotiates on their behalf if the god wishes it), is true. Tomoboshi, with Seiryuu's eyes, is indeed Seiryuu's favorite. All favorites inherit the shape and color of their gods eyes. I am the Advisor, and although I have the light blue hair of Seiryuu, short and winging out at my shoulders, my eyes are my own. I am not just the Advisor, but have the unique trait of being an Informer, one who stays on earth for long periods of time and observes everything there. I then return to heaven and report my observations.

I must have let my mind wonder while speaking, for now Seiryuu is tapping his long nails on his throne. I hurry along, knowing that he is not angry but his impatience is something to be reckoned with. His eyes are weighing me, and I know that he is judging the importance of what I have seen on earth. He is also judging me.

I come to the part where I possess the temple master. I explain I had appeared at the Shing-Tao Temple in the body of a minor noble named Tsung Shutao. The temple is isolated on a mountain pass on the border between the Eastern and Western lands, and so Seiryuu's slightly quizzical look does not really surprise me. I explain quickly that I knew I was ahead of events and decided to go there until I felt the other seishi gathered. After spending time with the temple master, a total of eight years old and of astonishing intelligence, I learned yet more spells. The young priest recognized the significance of my prayer wheel, and I tell the god of the East that that I honestly came to deeply respect him.

After the body of the noble became sick, I knew I needed to jump to a different body, and found myself with the unfortunate realization that the only body that could allow me to use my full power was, indeed, the Temple Master. I believe he knew his faith when I entered the main shrine for the final time as Tsung Shutao. He closed his eyes and waited, and after my spirit entered his body his conscience will offered no resistance, and I heard faintly the words "Such a heavy burden for such a noble Informer." Informer is not a word used lightly outside of the Northern Province of Kutou.

I then tell the dragon god of my encounters with the Suzaku, and how, knowing that as the only seishi who could remember life before being born on earth, I knew showing the true extent of my power was forbidden. I was told the day before I was sent to earth that I was never to really participate in events, only watch them and repeat what I had seen. Only when it became necessary did I need to do anything. Refusing Nakago's request to help him fight the Suzaku would have been suspicious. I described the actions that occurred, and explained to the god my reason for possessing Chiriko.

I first tell him that I wanted to continue to downplay my power. All of the seishi and their Miko are strong, and it would have shown the extent of my power. By using the pretext of a child being easier to possess, I did not have to reveal anything. I also admit that I had another motive. Chiriko is the Advisor to Suzaku, and because I absorb the thoughts of others, it was an opportune time find out any plans of Suzaku. Even if the thoughts were unconscience to Chiriko while on earth, they were still there.

Seiryuu shifts his weight, clearly uncomfortable with the idea of children being possessed. I tell him the truth: I am not confortable with it either. I do not advocate evil, and explain that evil was not my intention, although I played to the Suzaku that it was. The mysterious nature of evil is not questioned, and I could simply observe the events without trouble by seeming purely evil with no other motive.

When I tell Seiryuu of how Chiriko sacrificed himself for the rest of the Suzaku, he becomes thoughtful. After a moment he speaks, his voice regal. "An incredibly noble gesture. You did not proceed to leap because of it." I nod in affirmation, and state that I had never known any human to do such a brave act. At this point Seiryuu's face becomes unreadable, so I continue.

I decided that I had the information that was needed, and had seen enough events on earth, and so allowed myself to die with Chiriko, whose courage amazed me beyond words. I relate this all to Seiryuu, who's features never change. Only his eyes reflect different emotions I as tell of the many things I saw on earth in 5000 years time.

Soon after the end of my story I am dismissed, and am told I may wander the palace grounds at my leisure until I am called again. I may go to my room or may visit the other palaces with the other gods' permission, but I not to return to earth and may NOT go near Tomoboshi's Garden. I suppress a smile. Nothing has changed here in the land where the gods live. All seishi have repented for their sins, accepted their punishment, and after their punishment are now back with their respectful gods. Only a few seishi still remain on earth, and one, Tamahome, is in a completely different world. I give thought to that.

In exchange for being a seishi, I was promised eternal life as long I was in my original body, but something happened. Now that I am in my original form again, perhaps I will request Seiryuu to allow me to find a way into that new world. I want to know all about it. The cultures, the people, the sites and sounds. I believe I will travel to that place, and tell of my adventures there. But that is a different story.


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