Author's Notes: Author's Notes: got talking with Gnome and she ended up getting this out of me, much against my wanting it to be done, but when a plot bunnie bites it holds on.. unbetaed... but not really

Zell's End

Epilogue 2

By Hecate's Brat

Squall's POV

I woke up, in a warm place. It felt nice, and I was tired. I just wanted to stay asleep and bask in the sun.

I closed my eyes, to go back to sleep. I was almost there when I could feel my sun being blocked.

I opened one eye to look at who was blocking my light. Shock over came me. It was them. I mean... THEM!

I thought I would never see them again. I thought that they turned their back to me. Left me. I blinked at them, I was awe struck.

"Are you just going to sit there, or are you going to join us?'

My mouth felt like it stopped working. "Join you? For what? And ... where are you? Where am I?

The taller blonde sneered at me. "Are you ever daft. You died, remember?"

"Yes, I remember that. In my room... by your blade. I saw you and Zell before I died. You walked away from me. Then I felt lost. I needed to tell you how I felt."

I watch Zell drop down beside me. "But we found you. And it's okay now."

I stand up, dusting off my clothes.

"No. I need to tell you. I'm sorry. I never knew... until it was too late. I needed to tell you that I love you too. I loved you both. I always have... but I was scared to say it."

Seifer sighed and tilted his head to look at me. "Look. We love you too. But right now, we need to get to a wedding."

"What? Who's wedding?" I ask the retreating Seifer.


Zell grabs my arm and tugs me gently. I start walking, following, blown away by the fact that Selphie is getting married. I look over at Zell. "Who is she marrying? Irvine?"


"Oh. Good for them."

We walk for a bit, then come to a familiar area. I blink, looking at the location. The lighthouse at Edea's house... the orphanage. Silly sentimental Selphie.

The mere fact that location and time don't really affect us doesn't really weird me out, it sorta throws me for a loop sometimes.

As we pass the wedding arch and our clothes change. I'm not surprised.

I look over at Seifer and Zell. He's dressed in a nice dove grey suit, with a cream shirt, and a grey tie. Zell is in a black suit, a blue shirt, the colour of his eyes, and a black tie, with, closer inspection, has his facial tattoo on the tie in white. I look back to Seifer's tie quickly, and he gives me a weird look.


"Nothing. Zell has his tattoo on his tie, and you have your sword cross... " I look down at myself. "And I have Griever. Well."

Zell raises an eyebrow at Seifer with a look of 'he's crazy'. I laugh and take in my clothes. Black suit, grey shirt and a darker grey tie with Griever on it.

We walk down the isle, and a few people gasp and someone faints. Seifer sneers and keeps walking. We get to the front and sit down on white wooden lawn chairs. Zell looks back at the large group of guests. Cid, Edea, Laguna, Ward, Kiros, Fujin, Nida and Xu.

I stared at Irvine. He looked good. Pretty spiffy in his black tux, and he didn't have his cowboy hat. Raijin stood beside him, also in a black tux. The large wooden beads actually looked good with the tux.

I looked at Irvine more. I smiled a bit.

He turned and looked at me. He didn't look through me... he looked at me. Right in the eyes. He blinked and looked again. I gave a little wave.

He fainted.

We sat and waited for the commotion to end as people fanned him. We listened to the comments of 'usually the bride faints not the groom.'

He opened his eyes again and looked at Nida asking, "Do you see them?"

Nida followed his gaze and looked at us. He blinked, shook his head and blinked again.

"Yes. I do."

He stood, helping Irvine up. Irvine stood, blinking at us.

"I wonder if he can hear us too?" Zell asked. Irvine screamed like a girl. Seifer laughed.

"Well, that answers that question."

We all stood and waited for Irvine to stop screaming. This got Quistis's attention and she came out of the house to see what the yelling was about.

"Hello Seifer, Zell, Squall... ." She stopped, and turned around. "Wait. What the hell?!"

Seifer sighed and tilted his head. "I'm thinking you can see us because of the occasion. Being it Selphie's wedding... and the fact we really wanted to be here for this... so, I guess, here we are!"

Quistis stood glaring at us for a bit. "Okay. I'll let Selphie know. She'll be pleased." She turned back to the crowd starting to gather and hollered out, "Okay! Back to your seats! We've got three angels here and I want this wedding to get started!"

Us three sat down again, very aware of the eyes on us. We sit and chat a bit, and stand when we hear the music start.

The bridesmaids walked down the isle, single file, all in pale yellow dresses. Their flowers, lilies.

They take their place to the left side, and the music for the bride starts.

Selphie walks slowly down the isle. A simple white coloured dress, with a matching pale yellow ribbon in her hair and on the hem of her dress and sleeves. She walked past us and smiled at us, mouthing the words, "thank you."

We beamed at her, knowing full well what sort of wrath we would get if we didn't show up.

The ceremony went by quickly and the sun was setting when they kissed their 'I do's'.

They left back down the isle and we followed.

We quickly said our good byes and watched them walk to the field of flowers.

Selphie was smiling and crying. Irvine was waving. Quistis was smiling and never looked younger.

Okay, so maybe things didn't end quite as well as they should have, but I've been given another chance and maybe this time, I can make it right.

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