Author's Notes: um, lots of angst... yeah, I cried when I was writing it... sorta

unbetaed... but not really

Zell's End

Chapter 3

By Hecate's Brat

Seifer ran through the corridors. He tried to think of where Zell would go. He thought maybe on the Quad, no, Squall came from there. Seifer racked his brain thinking of where the short martial artist would be.

Then it hit him. The secret area in the Training area. He quickly ran to the training area, aware of how unprotected he was. Hyperion was left in his room. He was un-junctioned and very vulnerable. Odd how that was becoming a constant right now. He snuck past a group of Grats, and hid when he heard the rumblings of a T-Rexaur. The scarred blond quickly wished that the stupid animal would hurry up, and move along. It seemed that Hyne heard his wish and the animal took off at a terrible pace in a different direction.

Seifer ran towards the Secret Area. His heart beating a steady and frightening tattoo. Never in his life would he have thought that Zell would have loved him. He always picked on the shorter man, that was true, but it was more of a way to get his attention. He didn't really mean to hurt Zell with the names, but unfortunately, he did.

He cared for Zell. He actually seemed like the bright spot in his life. Raijin and Fujin could agree. He was always making some stupid plan to find the tattooed blond.

As Seifer pumped his legs faster, he prayed to Hyne that he wasn't too late. Hopefully he didn't waste his wish on that stupid animal. And when he turned the corner to run out onto the balcony of the area, he found Zell.

Seifer cautiously called out his name. "Zell? Hey, Zell?"

No answer. The tall blonde walked closer and slipped in something. He landed ungraciously on his ass. Slowly, fearing what he would find, he brought his hand up into the light to look at what it was he slipped on. Blood.

Fresh tears started down his face.

"No... no, nonononononooooo... . Zell! No. You can't die! Fuck!" Seifer crept towards Zell's still body. He pulled the smaller man into his lap; he looked down into his face.

"No, Zell. You can't die. I didn't know. I'm sorry. I love you too. Don't. You can't leave me! I mean... fuck!"

Seifer picked up Zell's hands, and saw the deep slice marks down both wrists. He slowly began to rock, when he noticed that the blood was still slowly, ever so slowly, pumping out.

Seifer picked the tattooed man up, lifting him in his arms. Carefully, he tried to move his way back to the entrance.

"Zell, your blood is still pumping. Hold on. Don't die. Please don't die. I'm gonna see if I can make it to the infirmary. Hold on till then."

A couple times he slipped in the blood. "So much blood from such a small man. I mean, I don't mind Zell, I just wish that more of it was IN you, instead of on the floor!" He barely made it to the Training area when he fell. They lay on the ground. Seifer panted under Zell's body. Slowly he moved the body off of him, and began to try again.

"Seifer! Seifer! Damn it! Wait!"

Seifer looked up, tears and blood smeared on him face. "Quistis... help me. Zell. Oh god. Zell."

The whip-carrying blonde ran over and helped Seifer pick up Zell.

"How did you know where to look?"

"I came across Squall. He said that you took off running like a bat outta – uh! Damn he's heavy! Hades... "

"Fuck Squall."

"Right... okay then. He was walking in the main hallway, pointed me into the Training area direction."

"Well, you found me! You want a medal or somethin'?"

"No... Seifer. Ugh! Fuck! I never would have thought that Zell would be this heavy!"

The two blondes quickly made their way out of the Training area and headed for the Infirmary.

Quistis bypassed the security codes on the door and let them in. Seifer dragged Zell to a bed, and laid him down gently.

Over the Garden's intercom "Dr. Kadowaki! Please come to the Infirmary immediately! Dr. Kadowaki... Fuckin' move it!" could be heard.

Quickly, Quistis ran back to Zell, carrying gauze, and padding. The tall blonde woman stopped in the doorway, staring at Seifer. The scarred man was rocking Zell's body gently, crying and mumbling.


"He's gone. Dead. Quistis... he's ... dead."

"No heartbeat? What about-"

"No. Nothing. Zell's dead. If only Squall let me go... if only he didn't pick a fight with me. I could've reached him faster. I mighta been able to save him! But he had to pick a fight. He ... he killed Zell!" Aqua eyes met sapphire ones.

"No. Seifer, he didn't kill him."

The door swooshed open and a harried Dr. Kadowaki rushed in. "What is ... oh my!"

She quickly ran over to the two boys. She checked Zell's pulse and confirmed what they already knew.

The bandages dropped and Quistis sagged to the floor moments after. Seifer tenderly laid Zell's body on the bed, and left the Infirmary. Rage glittered in his aqua eyes and hatred rolled off of his large frame.

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