You Can Still Be Free

by Black Gem

Cool breeze and autumn leaves
Slow motion daylight
A lone pair of watchfull eys
Oversee the living


Irvine gently examined his cheek in the mirror, he could feel the bruise already starting to form. It hurt, it had hurt when it happened and it would probably still hurt for quite sometime untill it healed, but the physical pain was nothing compared to the pain in his soul, pain which he knew would never go away.


Fell the presence all around
A tortured soul
A wound unhealing


He felt like his whole being had been shatterd into a million tiny pieces. He had finally built up enough courage to admit his love and he had been rejected in the worst possible way. He wonderd why he even bothered opening up his heart, letting people see the real him when they always ended up hating him.


No regrets or promises
The past is gone
But you can still be free
If time will set you free


There had to be a way to stop the pain, he thought, before he used to take comfort in stranger's arms, both male and female, using them to fill the void so that he might have an illusion, if only for an instant that someone cared but the pain would always return in the morning, hurting worse than before. He couldn't do that anymore, he couldn't go on trying to pretend that nothing matterd to him, he couldn't go on ... living.


Time now to spread your wings
To take flight
The life endeavor


Picking up a bottle of sleeping pills he always kept in the medicine cabinate he made his way back into the bedroom. Quickly swallowing the twenty odd pills that had been left in the bottle, he lay back down on the bed and waited for them to take effect.


Aim for the burning sun
You're trapped inside
But you can still be free
If time will set you free
But it's a long long way to go


He wonderd if he should leave a note, he doubted any of his so-called friends would even notice he was gone, but he couldn't leave them without saying anything.


Keep moveing way up high
You see the light
It shines forever


Slowly getting to his feet he made his way over to his desk. He could already feel the drugs starting to take effect, making it difficult to concentrate.


Sail through the crimson skies
The purest light
The light that sets you free
If time will set you free


After several attempts he settled simply on : -Sorry. It wasn't, much but he hoped they would understand.


Sail through the wind and rain tonight
You're free to fly tonight
And you can still be free
If time will set you free


He felt his eyes starting to close of their own accord. Determind that whoever discovered him wouldn't find him slumped over his desk, he dragged himself up and staggerd over to his bed, collapsing on it, all his strength spent.


And going higher than mountain tops
And go higher the wind don't stop
And go high
Free to fly tonight
Free to fly tonight


As darkness started to claim him, the last thing he heard was Savage Garden's 'Free to fly tonight' coming from someone's room down the hall. He smiled softly to himself because finally he too was free to fly.


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