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A/N: Dedicated to In-The-Shadows. Happy birthday! ^_^ I was 'this' close (holds fingers an inch apart) to writing an angst story, but then I remembered, "it is a birthday gift after all. And everyone deserves a good chuckle on their birthday." ^_^ I hope you like this. Keep in mind this is only my second humour fic.

And thanks to Sukunami for the idea ^^ Someone requested a Drabble challenge, and this was one of your ideas ^^

9/30/03 Thanks Jade Maxwell for that piece of information. I didn't even know that. Do they really say that to you? ^^ Let's just pretend that since this is tecnically an AU, that Squall won't get any kind of infection or anything by sucking Seifer's cock.. repeatedly (though he may experience lock jaw) ^^ lol

You Can Get Amazing Results from Annoying Someone

By Redrum

'click, click, ... click, click, click ... click, click,... click, click-'

"Stop that!" 'click'

"Stop what?" 'click, click'

"That annoying clicking sound!"

"I'm not making any clicking sound!" Sounds of rustling can be heard as the blonde gets up to travel over to the reclining brunette.

"Yes you are. You've been doing it ever since you got that stupid piercing. And that was three fucking weeks ago!" The blonde grabs the relaxed brunette's shoulders.

"Your the one that told me to get it pierced." The larger man sighs.

"Yeah.. but that was because I thought you'd look hot with a tongue piercing." The reclining man smirks suddenly,

"And also due to certain oral pleasures." The blonde cocks his head.

".. oh yeah." The smaller man chuckles.

"Need a little reminder?" The larger man grabs the brunette's hand and drags him off to the bedroom.

"Definitely. I think I'll need one tomorrow too. My memory's never been that good."

Several hours pass.

Two men can be seen lying in bed together, rumpled stained sheets twisting around their naked sweaty figures.

'click, click.. click, click'

"Stop it!" The brunette chuckles and stops clicking his tongue piercing against his teeth.

But both of them know that it'll start up again in several hours, after there both well rested. 'Cause it always leads to something much more pleasurable, and less annoying. Of course, their next door neighbors think the clicking sound is better then the sound of two men going at it like hormone driving teenaged men. Even if there both in their late twenties. Old habits die hard. Though, neither man plans on giving it up anytime soon.

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