Yin And Yang

By Redrum

What would you do if your friends and family abandoned you?
Would you isolate yourself from the human kind?
Or, would you run head on, taking more then you can handle?
This is how two brave young men handle their problems.
They appear so different yet they are completely the same.
Maybe this is why they are rivals.
Maybe this is why they can never be friends.
But in reality, oppisites attract.
Mirrors reflect.
In their minds they strive to be like the other,
Showing their affetion for the other, never knowing what true love really is.
In the end will they accept their differences?
Or will destiny never arise for these two men,
So different, yet so alike.
Love is a hard emotion to cope with, especially when they are both so stubborn to see what is right before their eyes.
Each other.

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