Without You, I Am Nothing

By Redrum

Your very presence makes my heart soar,
like the eagle flying over the mountain top.

Your soothing voice makes me smile,
as bright as the rising sun.

Your words of wisdom make me speechless,
like the fish as he makes his first breath.

Your loving touch makes my stomach flutter,
as if a humming bird beets it's wings inside me.

The loss of your presence makes my heart brake,
like the fawn that just lost her mother.

The loss of your soothing voice brings tears to my eyes,
as heavy as the steady downpour.

The loss of your words causes me to be silent,
like the small boy next door who is traumatized by death.

The loss of your touch makes my world come crashing down,
as harmful and painful as a blade piercing the flesh.

Without you,
I am nothing.

With you by my side,
I am complete.

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