Author's Notes: This is the kind of story where it begins with "You see.." But since I hate it when stories say that, I wrote a different kind of version.

Winter's Warmth

By Redrum

White crystals danced in the moonlight. Large gusts of wind flew over the lands, snow lifted from its bed and flew after the wind, weaving a graceful dance in the night. Frozen waters remained still and peaceful. Feather light snow fell from the dark grey clouds.

A lone figure leaned against the railing of an impressive building, one that was just hovering above the ground making a low and musical humming noise. Dark strands of chestnut peaked out from beneath a head of snow covered hair. Stormy blue eyes took in the magnificent view of the night. His long feathery lashes collecting as much snow as his chin length hair. A black leather bomber jacket did little to protect him from the harsh and freezing wind. Smooth black leather pants curved to fit his muscular thighs and calves as they tried not to shiver in the cold.

Another figure could be seen joining the first. He stood back a moment, he seemed to be taking in not the view of the winter twilight, but rather the brunette that stood before him shivering. Truly a beautiful sight.

Standing just behind the brunette, the new comer wrapped his long and masculine arms around the other man's waist. Their bodies aligned perfectly, not even a large gust of freezing wind could separate them. The large man rested his head against the snow covered brunette's shoulder. He could tell the man had been there very long, due to the snow that refused to be shook from the chestnut hair, and the rosy splash on the high cheekbones.

The new comers bright blond hair stood out in bright contrast to the man he was holding. A grey trench coat billowed around the blond's long legs. A slight smirk was slowly turning into a genuine smile as the brunette turned his head slightly, and caught the other man's lips in a passionate kiss. A heated tongue greeted frozen lips.

The brunette turned around fully, wrapping his arms around the blond. Trying to seek comfort and heat from the larger man he gently broke off the sweet kiss and rested his head against the large chest. The blond smiled again and picked up his brunette with ease.

The other curled into the heated arms as he was carried inside from the freezing cold. It would be a long time before the two figures would be going out into the cold again. Until then they lay in their warm beds, covered in sweat and delicious milky fluids to be washed off in the morning. Until then the lovers would remain warm.

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