Will You Accept Me For Who I Am?

By Redrum

I never thought someone could brake down my defenses, my walls.
I never thought I was capable of being loved,
of feeling love.
I never thought someone could think I was beautiful,
I was graceful.

I feel so confused,
is it love or just a crush?
I feel so vulnerable,
is it the price of being loved?

When I let down my defenses,
I let you in.
When I let down my walls,
I let myself feel vulnerable.

Will you be there in the long run,
when I need a shoulder to cry on?
Will you open up to me,
or will you shut me out as soon as I show my true self?

Will you accept who I am?
Will you accept what I have to give?
Will you accept my vulnerability?
Will you accept me for me?

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