Who Can Tell

By Deena

Zell entered the cafeteria and marched past the sullen lunch ladies who were spooning some kind of colorful slop reminiscent of mushed Funguars onto plates in preparation for dinner, past a group of Trepies working studiously on Quistisí latest assignment, past a couple of girls playing Triple Triad and straight to the back where Irvine Kinneas sat, surrounded by a hoard of simpering girls, or 'Irvies' as Selphie liked to call them.

"Okay chicks, time to scram," he announced, punching his right fist into his left palm animatedly. "I have urgent business with the Lone Ranger here."

Said Lone Ranger arched one eyebrow in silent question as a babble of protests rose up from the girls.

"Oh can it," Zell snapped, shoving a redhead off her seat next to Irvine. He plopped down beside the Galbadian gunslinger and frowned. "Itís important SeeD business, okay? Not everyone here is just a cadet, you know!"

Irvine sighed dramatically and tipped his hat. "Well ladies, it appears that our time is being cut short. My duties await."

Zell yawned floridly as the floozy of girls began their sniveling, airheaded good-byes.

"Bye loser," snarled the redhead who heíd pushed from her seat.

"You shouldnít talk about Irvine that way," Zell admonished.

"Oh shut up, you jerk-face!" the girl huffed and stormed away.

"Man! Those girls are worse Ďan a pack of Grats!" Zell slouched back into his seat and propped his right foot up on his left thigh. "So howís it goiní, Irvy olí buddy?"

"Two things Zell," Irvine began as he pinched the bridge of his nose in an attempt to remain patient. "Never talk to me when Iím with the ladies and never, ever call me Ďbuddyí."

"Eh?" Zell sat up and planted both his feet upon the ground nosily. He leaned towards Irvine and blinked owlishly at the gunslinger. "What are you tryin' to say? That you donít *like* me?! Letís not forget that you *didnít* kick Ultimeciaís ass with any of those chicks! Think of all weíve been though together, man!"

"Iíd rather not," Irvine muttered. He looked over at the blond resignedly. "So whatís this urgent SeeD business all about? New mission?"

"Oh that," Zell replied breezily, waving his hand in the air. "I just made that crap up to get rid of those dumb girls. I needa talk to you and you know that Iíd never be able to get a single word in with all those stupid bips babbling on."

Violet-colored eyes narrowed as Irvineís voice took on a chilly tone. "You interrupted my time with the ladies for nothing?"

"Itís not nothing, itís about love!" Zell blurted out. "I need your help, man!"

"Love, eh?" Irvine relaxed. "Well then youíve definitely come to the right man. Iím an expert at these delicate matters of the heart you know." He waited for Zell to nod in agreement before continuing. "So whatís troubling you? Donít tell me youíre still pining after that library girl."

"Rayla transferred to Galbadia Garden, remember?" Zell sighed. "I miss her, yeah, but Iím not Ďpiningí over her."


"Uh well..." Zell trailed off, fidgeting. "Itís kinda hard to explain. Maybe we could talk somewhere, like in private or somethiní?"

"Ahhhhh," Irvine drawled out, nodding understandingly. "So itís like that, eh?"

"Yeah, itís like that."

"Alright, how Ďbout this." Irvine glanced up at the cafeteria clock. "Iíve got a class in ten minutes with the lovely Instructor Trepe but after that Iím free. You wanna meet in my room in about forty minutes?"

Zell nodded gratefully. "Thanks man, youíre the best!"

Zell was busy shadowboxing outside Irvineís door when the cowboy finally sauntered up the hall.

"You been waitiní long?"

"Nah." Zell stepped aside to let Irvine pass. "How was class?"

Irvine slipped his key into the lock and unlocked the door. "Good. Too bad all instructors werenít as stunning as Quistis. Sheís one fine lookiní lady."

Zell rolled his eyes as he followed Irvine into his dorm. "Sheíd kick your cowboy ass back to Galbadia if she ever heard you say that."

"Thereís nothing wrong with appreciating a vision of true beauty," Irvine lectured. "A woman is like rare piece art or fine wine. She has to be savored and treasured and shown the utmost-"

"Yeah yeah, spare me the whimsical dialogue, cowboy. " Zell kicked the door shut behind him. "Next youíre gonna tell me that youíre a connoisseur of women, right?"

Irvine smiled placidly as he stripped off his coat and hung it up in the front closet. "I donít like to brag but you canít argue with the truth."

"Gee, not too modest, are we?" Zell flopped down into a cushy leather armchair and looked around. "Cool dorm."

"The ladies like it." He removed his hat and carefully placed it upon an end table. "You want something to drink?"

Zell bobbed his head in a nod. "Starburst pop."

A few minutes later, they were both settled and sipping cool drinks.

"So tell me about this love problem."

Zell, who really had no clue how to relate his dilemma, tried his best but ended up yammering away. "Well itís not really a love problem, I mean it is but not really. Or well not in the way that youíre thinking. But yeah, it deals with love but itís more about me, not, like me and a girl and love. At least I think itís not really about love. I guess itís a little bit about love but, well itís sorta hard to explain. I think it has more to do with, like self-realization or some shit like. But then again, love is kinda confusing so Iím not that sure. All I know is that...um...that..." Heat spilled into the blondís cheeks. "If you breath one word about this to anyone, Iím gonna bust up your head, punk!"

Irvine blinked. "Zell, I think you need a stronger drink. Red Bat wine, maybe?"

"I donít need something stronger, dammit! Just shut up and lemme think!"

Irvine exhaled loudly. This was gonna take a while, he could feel it.

Zell thought avidly for a few moments before finally reaching a game plan inside his mind. "Okay, hereís how itís gonna be. Iím gonna tell you how it happened and then you can tell me what you think and then Iím gonna tell you Ďbout the shit fuckiní up my head and then you can help me figure it out, Ďkay?"

'Smile and nod,' his inner cowboy advised him.

Irvine smiled and nodded.

"Good." Zell stretched his arms out in front of him, cracked his knuckles and then slammed his right fist into his left palm. "It happened the day before yesterday, on Saturday. I was in the library when this cadet chick comes up to me and asks if I could help her prepare for her SeeD field exam Ďcause sheís takiní it on Tuesday. So Iís like yeah sure, why not. I mean, itís kinda cool that people wanna train with us and get our help Ďcause weíre sorta like heroes now. Anyways, she tells me that her nameís Axia and sheís acting all chatty and nice with me and after we studied for awhile, she asks if I wanna to go out to dinner with her. I say yeah Ďcause I was totally starving so we head out to that Balamb fish ní chip restaurant. At first it was okay Ďcause we were just talking about family and friends and stuff but then she started getting all, like touchy-feely and shit. She starting doing this weird thing with her eyes and she kept rubbing my leg under the table and brushing up against me. I mean sure she was cute and all but I didnít like her like that. I just thought she wanted some help for her field exam so I started getting really freaked out Ďcause, you know, I didnít want *that* from her! Iís telling her about my field exam in Dollet with Squall and Seifer when she started getting...uh...frisky so I started blabbing on and on in the hopes that sheíd take the hint and leave. But she didnít Ďcause sheís crazy and so I kept talking about Seifer and Squall Ďcause I didnít know what else to do and Iís talking real fast and her hand was heading to, well, you know, and I was totally gettingí freaked out so finally I just yelled 'Get away from me you miserable wench!'"

Something suspiciously like a snicker disguised as a cough slipped out from Irvineís lips.

Zell ploughed on determinedly, oblivious to the amusement his anecdote was sparking. "I didnít mean to make a big-ass outburst out of it but it just kinda came out and I donít even know how. But man oh man, did her eyes ever bug out! She looked like a Jelleye or somethiní. Everyone in the restaurant started staring at us and then, boy did Axia get pissed off. Her face got real red and she started raving on about how sheíd never been so embarrassed in her life but then, outta the blue, she got all calm so I thought that she was okay but was I ever wrong! Instead of being mad, which I coulda kinda, sorta handle, she got all condescending and shit. She started, like, psychoanalyzing me and get this...she told me that I was gay and in love with both Squall and Seifer!"

Irvine blinked, confused. "Huh?"

"Yeah man, I know! Like, yeah right, as if Iíd really dig guys!" Zell chewed on his bottom lip apprehensively before peeking over at Irvine. "At least I donít think I do."

Irvine groaned loudly. "Zell, are here to ask me if I think youíre gay?"

"No man, no way!" Zell bounded to his feet and started pacing. "I just wanna ask you, uh, how you know if youíre gay. Not that I think youíre gay or anything but youíre the only one I can talk to. If I went to any of the girls theyíd prolly laugh me outta the place and I canít ask Squall Ďcause heís so, you know, so Squall and Seiferíd kick my ass into next week and you know a lot about love and I figured hetro-love, homo-love, itís all the same crap to me. I mean Iím down with alternative lifestyles and you donít seem like a homophobe, so youíre the obvious choice even though this is still so fuckiní weird to me and when I think about the way that-"

"Zell sit down and shut up," Irvine ordered, his eyes nearly crossing from watching the frenzied blond pace all over the place. "I get your point."

Zell plopped back down into his seat. "You do? Youíre not creeped out?"

Irvine briefly considered letting the blond know that he was bisexual but decided against it. Heíd wait and see what direction their conversation would flow into before disclosing any personal information. "No but hereís the thing. Why would you even bother considering what that girl said? Obviously she was pissed off. She doesnít know you anything about you. Who cares what she said?"

"Yeah I know." Zell began to unconsciously bounce up and down in his seat as he packed punches into his gloved hand. "I guess she just got me thinkiní. All this time I never thought about anything but makiní SeeD. I studied and trained so hard that I never had time for nothiní else. Rayla was the first person to like me in *that* way and it kinda surprised me. I didnít really know how to act around her. Sure she was cute and nice and everything but I never felt anything special for her. Sheís just like Selphie and Rinoa and Quistis, a really good friend-type girl, you know what I mean? At the restaurant, Axia told me that I had a huge case of heroís worship for Squall. And that got me thinkiní Ďbout when we were little kids at the orphanage. Remember how I used to follow Squall around all the time? I used to think he was so cool and Iíd kinda get jealous of Sis Ďcause Squall always wanted to play with her. But then she was gone and Squall moped around all the time and he never wanted to play with me anyways. And then there was Seifer. I know I used to be such a crybaby back then but I couldnít help it! I wanted Squall to play with me and I wanted Seifer to be my friend so bad but neither of them liked me and so I just used to get stuck playing house with Quistis. She always made me be the baby and I hated that! And then you were always at your secret club with Selphie and I tried to be strong so that Seifer would like me but he just kept beating on me and getting me in trouble and so I cried all the time. Seifer was such an asshole and he still is. But you know what the funny thing is? After Axia did her shrink routine and stormed off, I was walking back to the Garden and I saw Seifer talking to Fujin on the docks and you know what I thought? Even though Seiferís a first class shithead, heís actually really hot looking. *I* thought *that* about *Seifer*!!! Is that messed up or what? And you know what else is totally fucked? I passed Squall and Rinoa on the way to my dorm last night and they were kissing and I started thinkiní about what itíd feel like to kiss Squall. Squall! I canít believe that Iím looking at Seifer and Squall like theyíre a couple of hot chicks! I mean, I grew up with them, theyíre like my brothers or somethiní...arenít they? Does this make me gay? I canít stop thinking about them and what Axia said. You know what she told me about Seifer? She said I secretly enjoyed being bullied by him because I was enthralled by his power over me! That isnít true, is it? I mean, I hate it when Seifer picks on me and calls me Ďchicken wussí and Ďpansy-assí and stuff. So I canít explain why I suddenly feel attracted to him! I never once looked at him in that way before that stupid Axia came along. Damn her, sheís such a big-mouthed bitch! I hope she fails her frigginí SeeD exam!"

"Have a drink," Irvine advised. "and take it easy."

Zell grabbed his can of pop and drank noisily.

"First of all, itís only natural to appreciate attractive people," Irvine began, stretching out long legs in front of him. "Both Seifer and Squall are good-looking and lots of people notice that. Iíve noticed that, youíve noticed that, itís hardly a big deal. All that psycho-babble this Axia characterís been sprouting off means shit. Who cares whether you hero-worship Squall or like being bullied by Seifer or whatever. Thatís not the point. The point is that youíve been forced to revaluate how you feel about two people that youíve known nearly all your life. Whether this is actual lust or just a sudden appreciation for physical features, only you can tell."

Zell absently wiped a finger over the curves of his tattoo. "What if I dunno? This is all so frigginí confusing! I donít wanna have any weird feelings for them, dammit! Besides, both of them have girlfriends. Rinoa, I can kinda handle but Fujin? Sheíd kill me if she found out that I thought Seifer was hot. You know how damn tough she is!" Zell slouched back in his seat and sulked. "This sucks. I hate Axia."

Irvine studied the pouting blond as an idea began to splash around in his mind. "Well there is one surefire way to find out," he began, brushing a russet strand of hair from his cheek.

Hopeful blue eyes looked over at the gunslinger. "There is?"

"Your feelings will be resolved right away," Irvine assured. "Assuming that youíll actually go through with it."

"Of course I will," Zell declared, looking affronted. "What do I gotta do?"

Inwardly, Irvine grinned. "Kiss me."

Zellís mouth dropped open. "Say wha'?!"

Irvine repeated his request calmly.

Zell sputtered for a few minutes before finding his voice. "Why the hell should I kiss you?!"

"You really wanna get your ass kicked by Rinoa or Fujin? Itís not like you can just waltz up to Squall or Seifer and ask if you can fool around with them to see if you dig guys."

Zellís cheeks went scarlet. "But youíre saying that I can fool around with you?"

Irvine shrugged casually and took a swig of his Starburst pop. "Iím bi Zell."

Azure eyes bugged out. "Youíre shittiní me!"

"Why would I do that? " Irvine stretched out languidly, aware of Zell watching his every move. "I already told you that I appreciate beautiful things and that certainly includes guys. I find being with a guy equally as satisfying as being with a lady."

"Oh." Zell fidgeted for a few moments before blurting out, "How did you know that you liked guys too?"

Irvine winked at the younger boy. "I had some help figuring it out."

"Uh, right then." Zell strummed gloved-fingers upon the armrest of his chair while thinking to himself. Finally he looked up and met Irvineís amethyst gaze. "I didnít wanna mention it Ďcause I thought it might weird you out but I think youíre pretty hot too."

One slender eyebrow arched. "Ahh, the truth comes out now. Donít tell me this is some kind of seduction attempt upon my truly desirable person."

"Yeah, definitely modest," Zell muttered wryly.

"Modesty is just a facade," Irvine murmured. "Why should I bother with formalities when I know what I want?"

"And what do you want?" Zell felt compelled to ask.

"I think you know the answer to that, Zelly."

"Man, you canít be serious," Zell said slowly, looking slightly spooked. "I mean *you* and *me*?!"

Irvine rose to his feet and slowly started stalking towards the younger boy. "Whatís wrong with you and me?" he drawled out, a predatory look marking elegant features. "You just said Iím hot. Youíre curious and Iím willing. Think of this as an essential part of your education."

Zell bounced out of his seat and darted backwards. "But this is whacked! An attraction is one thing and I canít exactly help it but this? I didnít come here to frig around with you!"

The gunslinger smirked. "Thatís because you didnít know you could."

"Oh for fuck sakes-"

"What are you so afraid of?" Irvine demanded, stopping a few feet in front of the blond. He crossed his arms across his chest. "That you might actually like it? "

"No, itís not like that. Itís more like, uh..." Zell scrunched up his face as he thought. "I canít really see why youíd be willing to do this with me. I mean, itís not like Iím your type."

"Cute is always my type," Irvine proclaimed. "Why wouldnít I want you? Youíre cute, spunky, good with your hands-"

"But what about our friendship and all that crap?" Zell demanded. "Experimenting like this isnít exactly healthy." A sudden thought struck him. "And Selphie! What about her? You guys are practically joined at the hip!"

"Selphieís my best friend and sheís like a younger sister to me," Irvine told him calmly. "She and I have nothing together. As for you and me..." He caught Zellís eye and gave him a smoldering look. "I like to think of it as taking our relationship to a higher level."

"Man come off it, thatís totally cheesy! Are you really serious?"

"Of course I am," Irvine assured, indolently breaching the distance between them. "If I wasnít, then would I do this?"

In one fluid move, he yanked the short blond into his arms and shoved his mouth onto stunned lips.


Irvine wasted no time in making the kiss soft and gentle. He reserved tenderness for the ladies or at least until after sex. Instead, he was determined to show Zell the rough urgency, the sheer liquid ecstasy, that he always felt when with a guy. With fierce determination, he ate at Zellís mouth with sucking swallows, his tongue scribbling upon the juicy pocket of flesh with bold domination. Irvine tightened his hold on the blond, forcing Zellís body firmly into contact with his own.

Concentrated passion splashed between them as Zell began to respond. His tongue slashed against Irvineís, squirming wildly in the moist hollow of his mouth. His hands came up to grip Irvineís vest and shifted to caress the gunslingerís lean biceps.

Irvine reacted harshly, gnawing hard enough to bruise saliva-slick lips. He reached down to grab the blondís ass and forced it upon the rigid pole that was swiftly making its presence known. Rubbing his hips slowly against Zell, he softened the kiss and sucked at the younger boyís tongue with gentle, erotic slurps.

Zell tore his mouth away, panting heavily. "Oh fuck," he gasped. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!"

"You wanna stop, Zelly?" Irvine husked, bending his head so that his lips grazed the arch of Zellís ear. His cock was straining against the pliable leather of his Chaps, kissing the hardening tool arching in Zellís baggy denim shorts. "Things getting too hot for you?"

"Hell no, " Zell groaned, squeezing his eyes shut. His earlier protests had rapidly dwindled into scorching lust.

Irvine blew gently into Zellís ear, feeling the shivers run through the younger boyís body. "What about our friendship? Wonít this ruin it?"

"Fuck off Irvine!"

Grabbing Zellís ass, he ground his hips roughly. Heat coursed through stiff erections and sizzled into each other as Irvine tongued delicate flesh. "Tell me what you want."

"Do it to me," Zell commanded brusquely, jerking his hips clumsily in response. "Show me."

"You sure now?" Irvine licked his way down the side of Zellís neck and nibbled lightly. "There wonít be any turning back after this."

Instead of vocally answering, Zell roughly yanked Irvineís face up to him and crammed his tongue into the gunslingerís mouth. What he lacked in experience, Zell more than made up in enthusiasm. He slanted his mouth eagerly over experienced lips and succumbed to the intensely raw feeling of French kissing a guy. To further convince Irvine that he was damn serious, as well as damn horny, he managed to shove off Irvineís vest and fling it away.

"Shit yeah," Irvine groaned, pulling away slightly. He wanted to take his time with this but Zell was getting pretty fucking impatient.

Zell ran his hands over the smooth lines of Irvineís chest, fingers skimming over erect nipples. "Things getting too hot for you?" he taunted, repeating Irvineís earlier words.

Irvine slipped a hand between denim-covered thighs and roughly grasped the blondís throbbing erection. "I think not, Zelly," he growled, bending forward to lick at whimpering lips. "Iím gonna fuck you raw."

The blond arched his back, thrusting his hips into long fingers. "Uhhh!"

Satisfied that Zell had definitely gotten rid of all inhibitions, Irvine kissed the boy heatedly and dragged him into his bedroom. Their tongues tangled together as he hurriedly stripped Zell and shoved the boy onto his bed.

"Man, Iíve never felt this hot in before in my life!" the martial artist gasped, squirming avidly upon the black silk coverlet, his face scalding.

Smirking, Irvine slid onto the bed and straddled the blond. "This is only the beginning," he cooed, rocking his hips gently. He reached out to twist pert nipples, eliciting a deep moan from the younger boy. "Like that, Zelly?"

"Hell yeah," Zell panted, thrusting his naked erection up against slickly heated leather. "Keep going!"

Irvine collected two wrists and stretched the blondís hands up above his head, effectively immobilizing him. "Weíre gonna do this my way," he declared softly, leaning down to trace Zellís curving tattoo with his tongue. "Iím the teacher here, remember?"

Zell grunted and clenched his eyes shut.

A few wet licks later, Irvine languidly began to slide his body down Zell, letting go of solid wrists. His mouth soon found hardened nipples and he pinched one while taking the other in his mouth. Zell whimpered as he alternated between the two stiff knobs until both were coated in a thick glaze of salvia.

He moved down, his tongue scribbling well-defined muscles with drenched mouthfuls. Seizing hold of Zellís knees, he pushed them up and back so the blond was spread out, his feet planted firmly upon the bed. He stroked teasingly at tightly toned thighs, deliberately keeping away from the engorged shaft that was aching desperately for attention.

"Feeliní alright there Zelly?" He smirked, sliding his hands up and down tanned, smooth skin.

"Come off it," Zell gasped, arching his hips in blatant invitation. "Do me!"

Irvine leaned close, his mouth inches away from Zellís erect cock. "Do what?"

"You know what!"

He grinned at the sheer desperation in the blondís voice. Gliding his thumb across the tiny hole at the end of Zellís erection, Irvine used his other hand to roughly grasp the solid pole. He shifted his hand with deliberate slowness, sluggishly jerking it up and down the hard shaft. He pushed the throbbing member upwards and squeezed it gently while he cupped cum-churning balls with the other.

Zell was groaning, his hips bucking fiercely into Irvineís hands.

Irvine caught the tip of Zellís cock with his tongue. Salty pre-cum oozed out onto the wet muscle. His lips parted and without further teasing, he abruptly took Zell into mouth.

"Fucking hell!"

Gloveless fingers tangled into russet locks and Irvine obliged by pushing his mouth further onto the pulsating organ. His tongue swirled around Zell, the fleshy insides of his cheeks sheathing the blondís sex in a prelude of what was to come. Irvine tightened his hold around heavy balls, fingers stroking in an artless pattern. He slurped leisurely and precisely and his ministrations swiftly bore fruit.

Pelvis arching, body tightening, Zell came with a harsh shriek.

Easily swallowing the thick fluid, he continued to suck until Zell managed to catch his breath.

"That was unreal," the blond panted, his heart still racing.

"You havenít seen anything yet kiddo," Irvine said, moving upwards to kiss Zell.

Zell moaned against his mouth, his tanned hand coming to stroke the hardness in the front of Irvineís leather chaps. Irvine pressed deeper into those questing fingers, his tongue wavering wetly into the blondís mouth. He devoured his breath, eating of Zellís soft lips.

He slid his hand up the smooth skin of Zellís thigh, slipping it under to grasp one tight ass cheek. Sensual lips shifted to scribble juicy kisses upon tattooed skin. Pushing Zellís legs apart with his knees, Irvine skimmed his finger over the taut entrance of the younger boyís puckered asshole.

"Are you...uhhh...are you..." Zell broke off into a raspy cry as Irvine leisurely worked his finger around and into the rigid hole. Moist trails marked Zellís neck and swirled around his nipple as Irvine sucked.

"Hold on," Irvine murmured, raking his teeth against one pinkened nub. He unfolded his body from the smaller one beneath him and slipped off the bed.

"What the fuck?" Zell squirmed heatedly as he watched the lanky gunslinger take from his dresser a small bottle of amber-colored oil.

"Thisíll make is easier," Irvine replied in a husky tone, languorously slipping out of his leather chaps. He slid back onto the bed and over Zell, settling his hips firmly onto the blond. Two pulsating erections glided achingly over one another.

Both SeeDs groaned, their tongues snarling together as they exchanged another drenched kiss. Zell wound his legs about lanky hips and thrust his pelvis against the hot tool that was rubbing so deliciously against his own burning heat.

"Shit," Irvine muttered, working his hips. He breathed deeply into Zellís ear, relishing the shudder that it invoked from the smaller boy. His tongue darted out to trace the smooth curve.

"You...haah...you better do somethiní soon cowboy," Zell breathed thickly. "Other...ohhhh...otherwise itís gonna get messy."

Irvine smirked before taking Zellís mouth into another scorchingly moist kiss. Their hips moved together in a dry, humping fuck.

With a heavy pant, Irvine managed to pull away. He fumbled with the cork crammed into the bottle of oil before yanking the stopper out.

"Hurry," Zell ordered, his eyes clenched shut.

Smooth liquid coated two lengthy fingers as the lanky gunslinger moved to kneel between spread legs. A harsh cry escaped the blond while oil-slick digits began to probe at his tight entry.

Irvine was gentle, slowly entering the tattooed boy with one finger and then pausing to let him grow accustomed to the feeling. Another finger was added accompanied by raspy pants and thick moans. Irvine scissored his fingers and pushed them deeper, searching for that elusive hotspot...

Zellís entire body arched and stiffened. "Oh fuck..." he grunted, his eyes popping open.

Irvine withdrew his fingers slightly before thrusting them further inside. "Youíre ready now."

"Shit yeah," Zell grit out, his hands clenching around the sheets beneath him.

More liquid splashed onto his fingers as the Galbadian cowboy began to work oil onto the rigid surface of his erection. It was with great restraint he managed to complete the task and not linger over his own touch.

Sitting back, long legs spread into a V, Irvine grasped the younger boy by the hips and pulled him towards him. It was his favorite position, fucking like this. He was sitting up; Zell was flat on his back facing him, practically lying on top of his legs. Soon only his pulsating erection would bind them. In this position he could see every little reaction and watch his cock pump in and out of Zellís ass.

It was so fucking *hot*.

Tanned legs spread wide and flanked Irvineís hips as he brought the younger boy closer to his dripping dick.

"What the hell kinda position is this?" Zell demanded, his face flushed.

"My favorite," Irvine grunted, shuddering in pleasure as his thick pole kissed the tense rim of pink muscle.

The oil-slick fleshy head rubbed enticingly against Zell as Irvine languorously pumped his hips.

"Ohhhhh," Zell moaned, his hands moving restlessly upon the sheets behind his head. "Fuck me, cowboy. Hard."

"You want it," Irvine muttered, grasping Zellís cock into oily digits. He squeezed and ran his hand down the veined, leaking member. Then, while roughly fondling the blond, he thrust his pelvis and buried the tip of his cock into Zellís tight hole.

Zell shrieked, sinking his teeth into the full curve of his lower lip.

The cowboy grit his teeth and struggled not to move. He hadnít fucked a guy since before he had been asked to assassinate Matron. Zellís cute ass was strangling his meat and it felt so goddamn *fine*. He jerked the blondís dick harder while letting him adjust to the feeling of having a cock crammed into his ass.

"Feel okay?"

"Iím so full," Zell gasped, pushing into his hand. "Youíre so goddamn big!"

"Lucky for you, Zelly," he smirked, rubbing pre-cum onto the bulbous head of the blondís cock. He reached under to cup cum-filled balls and squeezed. Raising his hips and pulling Zell forward, he slid deeper into the younger boy.

They both groaned.

Zell stiffened, his back arching from the bed. The fluid movement pulled him slightly from Irvineís erection.

"Fuck," Irvine rasped out from behind clenched teeth.

This was too much. Folding his hands around Zellís thighs and pushing his legs apart, he thrust roughly, a full fuck that planted his pulsating meat against the blondís hotspot.

Azure eyes popped open. "Fuckiní hell!"

"Hell yeah," the Galbadian gunslinger hissed, yanking his tool out of the moist canal before shoving himself back in. He gripped smooth thighs harder and worked Zell hard onto his scorching, dripping erection.

Zell was nearly screaming, obscenities and harsh cries drooling from his bitten, raw lips. A crimson flush scribbled onto his face and splashed down onto his entire body. His own unattended hard-on shifted as his body was used so deliciously. He needed something...

"Jerk yourself off," Irvine ordered, as though reading his mind. He punctuated each word with a thick plunge and then began a series of sharp, short shoves. "That gets me so hot..."

Strong fingers closed around leaking flesh as Zell whimpered in viscous pleasure.

Irvine groaned at the sight and began to alternate between short jabs and moving his hips in small, tight circles.

"Ohhhhh God," Zell panted, his body pistoning up and down on the gunslingerís thick erection. Sweaty fingers clutched the headboard behind him while the other hand pumped his cock faster.

Oil and harsh cries and dense sex filled Irvineís room.

Irvine stabbed harder, feeling the familiar feelings of blazing desire puddle deep into his gut. This was so intense he could hardly stand it. He moved his hands from their position as purchase from behind him and fell backwards onto his back.

"Ride me," he demanded, still pumping his cock into Zellís luscious fuck tunnel. "Hard."

Zellís wide-eyed expression was quickly overcome by one of lust. He sat up, crying out in ecstasy as Irvineís cock rubbed enticingly against his prostate. He altered his position deftly, rearranging himself onto all fours, his knees flanking Irvineís hips, his hands pushing down beside Irvineís face. Zell raised his pelvis, the slick rod that was stuffed into him nearly slipping all the way out, before he slammed himself down hard.

"Shit Zell!"

And then they were falling into an artless rhythm, giving and taking, thrusting and jabbing, fucking and sexing. It was impassable and succulent and juicy and sweltering. Flesh slapped onto hard flesh, mouths open and hearts shrieking as one. Irvine took over the task of servicing Zellís cock as he watched the blond impale himself continuously.

They fucked like theyíd just discovered it; with a primitive, intense urgency that was drooling into their veins. It was too delicious for words.

There were only a few more minutes, a last couple of deep thrusts and then Zell tensed, throat bared and lips parted in a silent cry, before he came. Hard. Milky liquid splashed over lengthy fingers and onto taut flesh.

The erotic sensation of giving a handjob was one Irvine loved and it was enough for him to spill into a long awaiting orgasm.

The cowboyís lanky frame grew rigid, his back arching off the bed and shoving deeply into Zell one last time, before he too blew his load.

The blond collapsed heavily onto Irvineís chest and a satisfied silence spread throughout the room, broken only by heavy breathing.

At length Zell was able to voice his opinion.  "Fuck."

Irvine smirked as his racing heart slowly slid into a more sedative and normal pace. "So whatís the deal, Zelly? Think you like guys or what?"

The blond managed to raise his head. "Who can tell? Maybe a few more rounds of that and Iíll know."

Irvine slapped his ass. "Youíre lucky you got the best. Think Squall could do that?"

"Squall who?"

"Damn fucking straight."


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