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Betareader: Angel of Enigma

Whispered Screams


By Angry Angel

Seifer Almasy is the beloved son of two successful doctors. He is smart, athletic and good-looking, yet his life cannot exactly be labeled a happy one. He struggles with his sexuality and his identity, and is ultimately forced to change schools during his senior year. Though he is ambitious and energetic, he has no greater goal in life. None at all - except to escape from the seemingly so rough life that he's living.

Squall Leonhart is the oldest child of a deep-down broken family. He struggles to keep up a perfect fašade for the sake of those that he loves, paying a high price for a happiness that is nothing but an illusion. He is intelligent and talented, but he is also a loner for reasons that few could ever fathom. His childhood has been shattered, and though he'd have all reason to break free from the pain that binds him, he has no intention of leaving his past behind.

Seifer and Squall are two teenagers that are bound to meet and clash eventually, ultimately entwining their lives for better or for worse.

They may stand or they may fall, but one thing is for certain:

They will do so together.

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