By Kuttner

Squall was kissing him. Sweet, cool lips hard against his own. His own heat warming them as the kiss grew in passion. Squall pressed his body closer in a lustful way, inviting pleasure -

Then Seifer woke up.

It was dark in his dormitary room. Seifer could feel the tightness across his groin, the dream had aroused him. Oh, Squall, he thought dimly, why do I have to want you?

It was so dark here. Maybe he could still dream...

Seifer's hand slid into his pyjama's pants. He embraced the hot flesh of his thick penis, imagining Squall's touch; Squall's hand. The night made it easy. In his mind he saw Squall's hand tracing the shaft as he performed the action for himself, slightly squeezing. Rubbing himself with slow, purposeful strokes, Seifer pictured his rival positioned betwen his legs; Squall's head near to Seifer's groin, close by his pleasuring hands. He could almost sense Squall's breath on his erection, if he really tried. At every demanding stroke it became easier to imagine his lover in the darkness.

The fabric of his pyjama's was distracting him. He yanked them down his legs and kicked them off in frustration. With the blankets heavy on him he could nearly feel Squall's weight on his now exposed lower body. Seifer's hand returned to his penis, painfully hard. Spreading his legs, he stroked himself. Again Squall entered his mind's eye; Squall's lovely long finger's on his erection; Squall's pretty grey eyes watching him. Seifer's hand tightened on his shaft and his strokes quickened.

"Ohhh, Squall....," he murmered huskily, deep in his imaginings.

His pace was urgent now. He saw Squall's face; felt Squall's touch. A finger went to his mouth and Seifer sucked at it desperately, wetting it completely, knowing what it was for. The finger, Squall's finger, brushed lightly across Seifer's buttocks. Seifer moaned. The finger gently pressed against the entry to his anus, moving seductively at the hole, yet not penetrating. The touch there was playful, teasingly erotic. The firm hand on his penis became frantic and he was gasping from arousal. The finger stoked at his anus, probing only slightly inside him. It sent him over. Seifer saw Squall smile slightly as the hand stroking his member became wet with semen. Seifer's body jerked into the hand and he let out a restrained cry, the back of his mind telling him to keep his lovemaking quiet in this semi-private place. At his anus, he finally inserted his teasing finger inside, the feeling wrenching a second orgasm and spurt of fluid from his bucking member. The hand slowed, weakly stroking his shaft as his finger massaged the rim of his anus again, relishing in the sensations still shuddering though his body.

Eventually exhausted, the hand went limp, falling on the bed beside him; his penis softening. His other hand lay useless against the soft skin of his rump. A sigh breathed from his parted lips. And a wanted lover's name:



- End -

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