Notes: My first Irvine/Squall for Darksquall, for being my 300th hit.

Waiting For You

By Purple Penguin

Squall Leonhart stared out at the beautiful city of Esthar, the streets were lit up at night, and the sky was clear and beautiful. The brunette studied the stars, bored.

Five years since the end of the war, everything had changed. Cid had come back to garden and he taken command again, he saw how hard Squall was finding the job so he offered the brunette vacation. The headmaster called it time to rethink his job position, but Squall handed in his resignation and quietly left garden, telling only Quistis who had taken his job as commander.

For month he wandered from hotel to hotel, waiting for his money to run out, not knowing what to do. He’d never been anyway by himself before, he started in the Orphanage not by choice then he went to garden again not by choice, there was no where else to go at 5. Eventually to moved to Esthar to look for a job. It pays to be the son of the president of the most powerful city in the world. He got a job as the secretary of a presidential aide, which he suspected wasn’t a necessary job and his dad was just trying to help him. He was given a room free of charge, he got meals free of charge and he got 500gil for being Kiros’ secretary, which really meant sit at desk all day, open mail and talk to father’s lover when he had nothing else to do.

Life was easy and boring. At weekends he would take Lionheart and kill monsters outside the city, it was harder than he remembered because he wasn’t junctioned. Garden had taken back all his G.Fs even Shiva, he still missed her presence even after 5 years.

He knew his father had invited him to live there so they could make up of the last 17yrs. He had grown close to Laguna, although he probably spoke to Kiros more, his father was busier and a moron a lot of the time.

Selphie and Zell had tried to keep in contact, but he had to sell his mobile phone in the first few months. He knew Selphie had gone to Trabia to help with the rebuilding, Seifer had gone too because he felt responsible, Zell had grown close to Seifer so he went there as well. I wouldn’t surprise Squall if they were a couple now.

Selphie had told him that Cid had left garden and Quistis was made the new headmaster. She never mentioned Irvine, the brunette had wanted to ask but he didn’t want it to seem like he cared.

That was another reason he left garden, it was painful to watch the one person he had feelings for whore himself to every girl in the garden, and ignore him. He was being negative, Irvine didn’t ignore him, and they were friends, good friends but that made it worse because that’s all they were. It was his escape from work being with the man he loved, it got worse, with each moment he spent in the cowboy’s company the more he loved him. He knew he had to get out, he was convinced that if he breathed a word of it, Irvine would find out and their friendship would be over. The cowboy was straight and he knew it so well. He couldn’t bare it if Irvine hated him. He decided it was best to leave, he didn’t tell his friends, no one knew except Quistis and Cid. He told his ex-instructor to tell the others when he had left.

Squall was sure that after a few months away from garden, away from the cowboy that he would forget all about Irvine and move on. It never happened. Five years on and he still gazed out of the window wondering where Irvine was, if he was okay, if he was happy. He still had the dreams, in them he hadn’t left garden and Irvine had told him he felt the same way. At first he imagined the cowboy turning up one day, out of the blue and saying all the things Squall longed to hear. Of course it never happened and would never happen, it was foolish to think that now after all this time.

Irvine probably got married and forgot all about him, why shouldn’t he? After all they were just friends.

Squall had tried to get over Irvine, but it just made him all the more lonely, it didn’t help that his father and all cuddly with his lover. He was used to Laguna and Kiros being lovers but it didn’t stop him being jealous. Why did they have to be so happy while he was miserable?

The cowboy walked into his room on the train, dumping his bag on the small bed. All the rooms had beds, this was a long 9 hours journey from F.H to Esthar. He lay down on the bed stretching out and sighed. He hoped this wouldn’t be another waste of time. The president had let slip to Cid that Squall was living in the palace.

Five years ago, he and Squall had been really close; he made up excuses to be near the brunette. It took him a while to see it, in fact Selphie was the one that saw it first and she told him off for being dumb. After he realized, things had changed between them. He knew Squall finding the responsibility and work load hard to cope with, so he made sure he was in the brunette’s dorm when he got in from work everyday to give support, comfort, someone to talk to and once even a massage.

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