Disclaimer: This is a YAOI fan fiction featuring Seifer Almasy and Squall Lionheart from Final Fantasy 8. These characters are owned by Squaresoft……..you know the rest.

Rinoa is treated rather rottenly here, so if you like her you shouldn’t read this.

This is a PWP that has language, graphic sex, and some mild abuse, so take care, but it isn’t that bad, honestly. It's actually kind of funny.

Video Vixen

By Miss Dincht

Rinoa Heartilly believed that she had Squall Lionheart eating out of her hands. She was certain that the handsome SeeD Commander was head over heels in love with her. Indeed, she had no reason to believe otherwise, for Squall did everything a boyfriend was supposed to do for his girlfriend, and more. He did everything she asked without a second thought.

Rinoa couldn’t have been more pleased with herself. She had gambled on Squall, and he hadn’t disappointed her, unlike that horrible Seifer Almasy who had nearly ruined her life. Rinoa couldn’t imagine what would have happened if she had put all of her eggs into that basket. She supposed that she’d probably be lying dead in a gutter somewhere, or worse, living in a hovel on the outskirts of Winhill. Rinoa wrinkled her little, pixie – like nose at such a terrible thought. Oh, yeah, she’d definitely picked a winner when she sunk her claws into Squall Lionheart.

Rinoa watched, a smile plastered on her face, as Squall hurried around the room getting ready for a meeting he had with some dignitaries from Dollet. She’d come to his room early that morning (she came to his room at 8:oo AM sharp every morning) in the hopes that he would take her somewhere. Instead, Squall had informed her that he had an important meeting. He said that he’d told her about it the day before, but since it didn’t really concern her, Rinoa had forgotten all about it.

Rinoa was quite pissed that Squall was leaving her to go off to Dollet, but she wasn’t about to interfere. Squall was the breadwinner, and so she knew she had to make sacrifices when it came to his occupation. She wasn’t about to risk her future – or the mansions, the cars, the furs, and the diamonds – because she couldn’t stand to let Squall out of her sights for more than a few minutes. It was imperative that Squall work hard and do his job well, so she could live in luxury. She had grown up wealthy, so Squall couldn’t expect her to settle for anything less than the best.

Squall hadn’t said anything to her in the last five minutes or so because he was busy getting his paperwork for the meeting in order, and the silence made Rinoa uncomfortable. She didn’t like Squall to remain quiet for too long, because then he started to think too deeply, and she didn’t like Squall to think too deeply because sometimes he’d get this disgusted look in his eyes.

"I can’t wait for us to go on our vacation." Rinoa said. "Oh, Squall it will be so romantic. The two of us, the beautiful snow – capped mountains, the crystal, frozen lakes. You and I before a warm, crackling fire, sharing a hot cup of warm cocoa. Oh, my heart sings just to think of it." Rinoa said. Her eyes fluttered and she placed a hand over her heart. She leaned back in the chair she was sitting in and made as though she would swoon.

Squall mumbled incoherently.

Rinoa’s eyes snapped open. "Did you say something Squall?" she asked.

Squall looked at her with wide eyes and shook his head. "No, of course not." He said.

"Oh." Rinoa said. She grinned at her beautiful boyfriend. "I really wish you didn’t have to go."

Squall put on his coat. "I promise not to take too long." He said.

Rinoa pouted. "I know, but I want you here." She said.

Squall sighed. "I’ll be back in a few hours Rinoa." He said.

Rinoa frowned and shrugged. "Very well then. I guess we can go out later, but I'll be so lonely here all by myself." She said.

Squall nodded and scooped up his paperwork. "Just wait here for me. I’ll be back later." He said. Then he hurried out of the door.

Rinoa got up from the table and sauntered over to the couch. She grabbed the remote control from between the cushions and turned on the television set. She flipped through the channels, but there didn’t seem to be much on. The television shows all seemed so violent, like the shows that Squall liked to watch. Rinoa eventually found one of her favorite soap operas, and she settled in for a few hours of romance and excitement.

About an hour later, there was a knock at the door. Rinoa had been so engrossed in her soap opera that she chose to ignore it. The knock came again, louder this time, and so Rinoa was forced to get up. She cursed and stomped toward the door in a huff.

"What?!" she demanded as she opened the door.

The young Garden student looked at her with wide eyes. "I – Is, uh, the Commander in?" he asked.

"No, he isn’t!" Rinoa snapped. "What do you want with him?"

"I – I –I just…have h – his mail." The student stammered. He handed her several envelopes and a small package. Rinoa took them and slammed the door in the boy’s face.

Rinoa looked through the letters. Squall didn’t know that Rinoa went through his mail whenever it was possible for her to do so. It was the usual stuff, nothing special. There were bills, letters from clients thanking Garden for services rendered, a letter from Laguna, and a few pieces of junk mail. Rinoa tossed the letters aside when she had finished reading them and looked at the package. She was surprised to see her name scrawled across the front of it in a somewhat illegible handwriting.

"Oh." Rinoa said as she turned the package over in her hands. "What could this be?"

Rinoa gently began to open the package. Thoughts of jewels and chocolates danced through her head as she pealed back the wrapping. She was certain it was a gift from one of her many admirers. Every one at Garden knew she was off – limits, but she didn’t mind other boys looking at her and fantasizing about her. Rinoa knew boys couldn’t help but like her.

Rinoa finally managed to unwrap the package, and she was utterly disappointed by what she found inside.

"A DVD?" she said. She uttered a sound of disgust. She examined the disc and frowned. There was no indication of what it was. There was only a date scrawled across the front of it.

"That’s just a few days ago." Rinoa mumbled.

She turned the disc over in her hands. "What is this?" she demanded of no one in particular.

She sighed heavily and made her way toward the television, toward Squall’s DVD player. She slipped the disc in then sat back to watch it.

The screen stayed black for several minutes, and just as Rinoa was about to get up and turn the offending blackness off, the screen brightened and she saw the outline of a shape.

Rinoa’s eyes narrowed in an attempt to see it better. The figure looked like a man. It moved back from the screen and Rinoa immediately recognized who it was.


As if in response to her inquiry, Seifer Almasy’s screen image grinned widely, and the lecherous, shark – like smile made Rinoa shiver.

Seifer backed away from the camera slightly and began adjusting it, his naughty grin never wavering. He stood to his full height, and for a moment, all Rinoa could see was his bare chest and stomach. He had a stomach piercing, a silver bar in each rose - colored nipple, and a mid - sized tattoo just above his navel that said Hyperion in Old English lettering. Rinoa was utterly repulsed. She’d never seen Seifer naked, and if she’d known he had tattoos and freaky piercings she wouldn’t have even considered dating him. Squall’s body was still as pure and pristine as the day he was born.

Rinoa began to think of Squall, but quickly forgot him when Seifer stepped back a distance away from the camera. He was topless, but wearing black, bondage pants and black combat boots. There was a tattoo on the shoulder of each of his arms, and it looked as though there was a large one on his back although Rinoa could only see a small portion of that one when he turned to the side. Rinoa was offended by his trashy appearance, but she noted that his skuzzy looks coincided with his surroundings. He was in a small, dingy room. It looked like a room in one of those sleazy Galbadian hotels where the hookers and soldiers hung out. Of course, Rinoa had never seen the inside of one personally, but she had heard about them. She knew Seifer had taken a fall, but she’d never imagined that he’d fallen that low. She thought it served him right though. The crazed psycho had tried to kill her and ruin her chances with Squall.

Seifer moved off – camera, seemingly to go behind it because the screen began to move and slowly pan around the room. The walls of the room were grungy. The burgundy carpet was threadbare in places. It was utterly revolting. The camera stopped on a large bed by a window with filthy white curtains hanging alongside of it. There was a woman sitting on the edge of the bed, but the screen had become too blurry to really see her that clearly. The woman was also wearing a lot of makeup, and this distorted her appearance some as well. It was still quite obvious to Rinoa, however, that the woman was a whore, and Rinoa didn’t blame the woman for trying to hide beneath the layer of cosmetics.

The woman was pale, so pale in fact that her skin seemed to glow like moonlight in the dimly lit room. She was slim, but slightly toned. A black satin corset with lacey trimming was fitted around her waist. There was a dog collar fastened around her neck, and black ribbons decorated her shaggy brunette hair, pulling it up into two pig - tails. She was also wearing a pair of tiny lace panties, black thigh – high stockings, and black platform heels, the kind of heels that those porn stars Zell liked usually wore. The woman sat on the edge of the bed trying rather unsuccessfully to hide her face with one hand. Well, actually, Rinoa didn’t think the woman was trying to hide. It almost seemed like the slut was trying to play the coquette.

Rinoa uttered a sound of disgust. She had no idea what sort of twisted joke this was, but she was not the least bit amused. She didn't think she wanted to watch any more of this tape. She had no desire to see anything that would offend her delicate senses. She didn’t know what kind of evil games Seifer Almasy was playing, but when she told Squall about it, she was certain the shit would hit the fan.

Rinoa got up to turn off the DVD player. As she moved toward the television Seifer’s hand flashed across the screen as though he’d been reaching over the camera. The screen shifted slightly, and then the whore’s face suddenly came into crystal clarity. Rinoa hesitated, hand poised over the power button, as she looked at the heavily made up face. There was something very familiar about that face, and Rinoa felt a huge lump form in the pit of her stomach. She gazed at the corseted whore on screen for a long, long time. When the realization finally hit, it hit like the Holy Power of Alexander.

"Squall?!" she cried.

Rinoa clutched at her chest and screamed as the large blue eyes, aquiline nose, and full lips of her boyfriend, Commander Squall Lionheart, came to life on the whore’s powdered face. And it was in that very same moment that Seifer Almasy decided to come back on screen, front and center, grinning from ear to ear like a little boy who had the greatest, most special, most wretched secret in the whole wide world.  

Rinoa stumbled backward and collapsed onto the couch. She uttered a strangled sound and watched as Seifer turned from the camera and sat down next to her Squall – her one true love – on the bed. Seifer slid his arms around Squall’s waist and pulled the smaller man against him. Squall’s crimson stained lips pouted prettily as he pushed Seifer’s hands away. The blonde growled and pulled Squall’s hair. Squall, the Lion of Balamb, whimpered like a little slut and turned his painted face from Seifer’s leering grin. Seifer tugged on the strings of the corset, and Squall gasped. He smacked Seifer in the face and Seifer smacked him back, only harder. Squall pushed at Seifer’s chest and the strapping blonde sunk his teeth into the flesh of Squall’s shoulder. The brunette wailed.

As Rinoa watched the horrendous display, she tried to convince herself that the Seifer was forcing Squall to participate in these depraved sexual fantasies. If it wasn’t force, it had to be drugs, alcohol, something, anything that would prove Squall was not a willing participant. Yet, as Rinoa watched her boyfriend squirm with pleasure beneath the blonde’s hands, she soon realized that Squall’s dazed look was not the result of any drug or alcoholic drink. He was on a pleasure high, and if Seifer was forcing him it was only because he wanted to be forced.

Seifer grabbed Squall’s chin and turned Squall’s face so that he could gain access to the smaller man’s mouth. Seifer kissed Squall violently, sucking and biting the brunette’s lips before parting them and pushing his tongue between them. Squall’s shoulders slumped and little whimpers of pleasure emerged from his throat as the blonde devoured his mouth. Squall eventually drew back, panting heavily, and a fine, gossamer - like thread of saliva cascading down the side of his chin. Seifer’s hand grabbed Squall's genitals through the skimpy, black panties, and the brunette's eyes fluttered closed.

"Nooooo….." Rinoa cried. She fell from the couch and crawled toward the television, one arm reaching out as she went. "Noooooo! They hate each other! They hate each other!!!" she screamed.

Rinoa collapsed before the television screen and watched in horror as Squall worked his groin against Seifer's groping hand. Squall clutched Seifer’s shoulders and buried his face in the blonde’s neck. Seifer continued to massage the area between Squall quivering thighs and the brunette began to wail and moan like a shameless harlot. Rinoa felt as though everything she’d eaten that morning would spill out of her stomach and onto the floor. She didn’t believe it was happening. It was like a nightmare come to life.

Rinoa watched helplessly as Seifer leaned over and lapped at Squall’s heaving chest. The blonde squeezed Squall's genitals roughly as his tongue toyed with one of the brunette’s delicate, pink nipples. Squall was panting like a bitch in heat, a look of sheer, unadulterated joy on his powdered face. Seifer’s lips moved from Squall’s nipple to the column of his neck, and Squall gasped as Seifer sucked noisily on the skin beneath his ear. Seifer moved his lips, revealing a dark red mark on Squall’s snow – white flesh. Rinoa had seen similar marks on Squall before, but he’d always had an excuse.

"He said he got those fighting Grats!" She sobbed.

Rinoa tried to look away, knowing it could only get worse, but she couldn’t pull her eyes from the images on the screen. Not even the power of the Sorceress within could help her.

Seifer slapped Squall again. "Bitch." The blonde snarled as he shook Squall roughly. Squall, her Squally – poo, her Knight, moaned like a little slut once more.

"You know what I want, you fucking slut. I want you to get me ready so I can fuck you." Seifer said.

Rinoa’s ears burned to hear such foul language. A coughing fit overtook her, then a shrill scream erupted from her parched lips as she watched Seifer unbutton his pants, reach inside them, and pull out the largest, deadliest looking cock she had ever seen. Rinoa thought she was going to go blind, but unfortunately for her, she did not.

"No! No!" Rinoa cried. She clutched frantically at the screen, but the images displayed there did not waver.

Seifer grabbed the back of Squall’s head. The blonde licked his lips and smirked as he pushed Squall’s head toward his exposed groin. A painful moan rose from Rinoa’s throat as she watched Squall’s tongue wrap around the swollen tip of Seifer’s cock. Seifer looked into the eye of the camera and grinned as Squall’s mouth opened to take in his enormous rod.

Rinoa clutched at her throat and tried to breathe when Squall’s mouth descended over Seifer’s dick. Rinoa clawed at the television in some vain attempt to stop what was happening, but the figures on screen paid her no mind. Squall took Seifer's pulsing cock deep into his mouth, his lips wrapping around it tightly as he began to suck. The slurping and sucking sounds were appalling, and Rinoa placed her hands over her ears in an attempt to drown them out.

Squall’s slender hand moved to the big balls beneath the cock in his mouth. Squall squeezed the heavy sac, then began to massage it in slow circles. Some of Squall’s hair fell over his face, and Seifer swept the stray locks back with his hand. That same hand then traveled over Squall’s shoulder and down his back. Seifer tugged at the black strings of the corset then slipped his hand over the firm mound of Squall’s ass. Seifer’s fingers slipped beneath the black thong and between Squall’s cheeks, and Rinoa couldn’t even begin to imagine what the blonde's fingers were doing there. When Squall suddenly moaned around Seifer’s cock, Rinoa quickly figured it out. Seifer closed his eyes and licked his lips as Squall began to suck on him with fierce determination. Squall’s hand traveled from Seifer’s balls to the base of the blonde’s cock, and the brunette begin to pump the part of Seifer’s dick that he couldn’t fit into his mouth. Rinoa gagged and thought of how many times she’d kissed Squall, and her mind reeled when it occurred to her that her boyfriend could suck a dick better than she could. Rinoa’s vision began to fade and her heart constricted, making sharp pains shoot up her arm.


Squall gasped around the object in his mouth. The brunette lifted his head and Seifer’s throbbing organ slid from his lips. Squall tried to move, but Seifer grabbed Squall's hair and forced the brunette to stay in that position. Seifer began to swear, all sorts of foul, unmentionable words filling the air, and then he moaned as what seemed like a gallon of cum exploded from his cock. Squall closed his eyes as the blonde's cum splashed against his face. The white liquid fell from the brunette’s swollen lips and cascaded over his chin in thick rivulets. Seifer wrenched Squall up by his hair, and the two young men kissed. Seifer began to lick the cum from Squall's face, and the brunette moaned softly as Seifer's tongue slid across his flesh.

"Fucking slut." Seifer growled when he'd lapped up all traces of the white liquid. He grabbed the little panties Squall was wearing and pulled on them until they popped. Squall pushed at Seifer’s chest and the blonde slapped him once more.

Rinoa trembled, fear clutching her heart, as she watched Seifer move back some on the bed and pull Squall back with him. Seifer laid back and waited, a smug smile on his face and his hands behind his head, as Squall got to his knees and climbed on top of him facing the camera. Squall moved his ass in a circular motion over Seifer’s cock until the massive organ hardened once more. Squall then lifted his ass and leaned forward, his hands gripping Seifer’s thighs. Seifer grabbed his meat then positioned the engorged tool between Squall’s legs. Rinoa thought she would die.

Rinoa began to shake violently as she watched Seifer’s cock disappear into her boyfriend’s writhing body. Squall wailed and moaned like a trollop when Seifer began thrusting up into him, and the horrific sounds nearly shattered Rinoa’s eardrums. Rinoa watched in shock as Squall rode Seifer’s massive cock, the brunette’s own hardened little member bouncing wildly from the movement. Seifer was cursing like a sailor, but his cruel, nasty remarks only seemed to encourage Squall. Squall leaned forward and lifted his legs so that the bottom of his high – heeled shoes touched the mattress. He moved his hands behind him and scrambled into a sitting position. Squall worked Seifer’s cock shamefully, rolling and shifting his slim hips like some schoolyard tramp. Rinoa peered into Squall’s lust – filled eyes and swore she could see hearts dancing around his head, and she screamed for what must have been the hundredth time that day. Squall reached down with one hand and began to massage his balls. With Squall’s cock out of the way, Rinoa could actually see Seifer’s dick sliding in and out of the dripping orifice between the brunette’s legs. Rinoa screamed. She had never been a witness to such debauchery.

The torture continued for what seemed like an eternity, and Rinoa was soon rolling around on the floor writhing in pain. At some point, Seifer knocked Squall off him. He smacked Squall a few more times then forced the brunette to his hands and knees. Seifer shoved his cock back into Squall’s hole and began to fuck the younger man brutally. Squall’s arms collapsed from under him and his head slammed into the bed. The brunette clutched at the sheets and screamed like a harlot as Seifer rammed into him from behind.

"You….fucking….bitch." Seifer growled as he fisted a hand in Squall’s hair. "Such a nasty….little…..slut."

Squall buried his face in the sheets

"Why….are you…..such a…..nasty……whore, huh, Squall?" Seifer snarled.

Squall moaned in answer and tried to scramble away. Seifer grabbed Squall’s hips and pulled the brunette roughly against him.

"You….wanna…..have your……cake….and….eat it to, don't you…..Squall? Such a….greedy…..boy." Seifer said as he smacked Squall's ass.

Squall wailed.

"Don't…..worry though…..baby, it's….okay. I……..understand. I know…..you have….to play…..that role." Seifer said.

Squall moaned.

Seifer grinned. "Look at…..you. Fucking…….slut. You just…..love being……my little…..whore, don't….you? Always…….have." Seifer said.

Squall whined pitifully and Rinoa felt her mind slipping away.

Seifer chuckled. "Yeah, you…..like……it. You like…..when I……stick my….dick in you." He said. He pulled on the strings of the corset and Squall moaned. "Who……does it……belong……to bitch?"

Squall whimpered.

"Huh, Squall? Whose……hole…..is this?" Seifer said, amusement in his voice.

"Y – y - you…" Squall managed through his piteous cries.

"Speak up……bitch. Who….does this……hole……….belong too, Squall?" Seifer snarled.

"S – Seifer." Squall breathed. So quiet it almost couldn’t be heard.

Rinoa blacked out.

Finally, the blissful nothingness had come to claim her.

Rinoa didn’t get to see the end of the video.

Rinoa was spared seeing her boyfriend cum all over the sheets. She was spared seeing Seifer roar with glee as the cum exploded from his cock and splashed all over Squall’s back, the pearly liquid cascading over Squall’s smooth flesh in thick streams. Rinoa didn’t see Seifer wrap his arms around Squall's waist and pull the smaller man close to his body. She didn’t watch as Squall turned his head slightly so the two young men could kiss, and so she was spared another image of their tongues slipping and sliding against each other desperately. Rinoa did not look on when Seifer grabbed Squall’s cock and began to massage the soft flesh, or when Seifer broke the kiss and Squall whimpered in disappointment. Fortunately, she did not witness it when Seifer looked up into the camera to grin one last time for his audience.

Footsteps approached from outside of Squall’s apartment. A code was punched into the lock. Squall Lionheart walked into his living room. He was exhausted from his day at Dollet, and he was eager to get some rest. The young man gasped when he saw Rinoa sprawled out on his living room floor in front of his television set. Squall had forgotten that she was in his apartment waiting. Squall knelt down beside her. She was breathing, but she was catatonic, her brown eyes staring into oblivion. Squall wondered what could have happened, and then an image on the television screen caught his attention. Squall covered his mouth with a slender hand, and his blue eyes went wide. A deep blush reddened his cheeks as and his hand fell from his gaping mouth.


Outside in the hallway, SeeDs and students alike ran for cover.

And somewhere in Galbadia, in a dingy apartment room, a tall blonde lay – hands behind his head – on a large bed beside a window. The blonde was grinning from ear to ear, but soon enough he began to laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and LAUGH……….

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