Sex, drugs and alcohol... What more could you ask for? Oh, yah! BOYS!!! I love mind games and that's what this story is. I guess we could say that Seifer is the Sexy villain in this one and that Squall and Zell are the pretty little victims. YAY!!! For the most part, scenes can be easily figured out and explained. Some things I just threw in. So don't think about it too hard! ^_^)


By Kumaguro

Zell was rudely awoken by the feel of his heavy clothes being thrown on his face. A hated and sometimes, feared voice was recognized through the thick layers of clothing.

"Wake up, Chicken-Wuss, today's your big day."

Zell knew it was Seifer but was reluctant to acknowledge him. Maybe there was a small chance that if Zell played asleep, he might go away and come back later or if he was lucky, not at all? Fat chance!

"Get up, baby!" Seifer said as he yanked the clothes and blanket off of Zell.

Zell lunged at the covers, grabbing what fabric he could to cover himself and it was quickly obvious why.

"Whoa, Dincht... Since when did you sleep so... uninhibited?" Seifer smirked.

"Up yours, Seifer, I don't have to be up till 8. I have my alarm set and the exam is not till tomorrow so back off and goodbye." Zell said as he covered himself and lay back in his bed.

Once again, Zell had the covers yanked violently off of him. He followed them with both speed and grace, raising from the bed as though this was already some sort of routine.

"Hey!–" But Zell never finished. Not only were his covers ripped from him, his bed was being violated. His head almost ran into Seifer's, stopping an inch away, realizing that Seifer was perched on his bed.

Zell let out a fast pant, leering at Seifer's grin but to no new avail.

"Aw... Kitten... Today, we play." Seifer said before closing into Zell's mouth and sucking on it. Zell attempted to lean back to pull away but this just gave him more of a disadvantage than sitting did as Seifer covered his body with his. Zell felt the friction of Seifer's heavy jeans and shirt on his smooth own skin, Seifer's jacket draping over the two.

Seifer continued to kiss on Zell as he tried to fight Seifer's tongue from entering his mouth. This could have been a lot more effective if he hadn't tried to speak., separating his teeth Zell tried to force Seifer's tongue out of his mouth with HIS tongue, causing them to wrestle. But then... Zell realized that he could bite what was in HIS mouth so he did. Seifer pulled away, pushing down on Zell's chest, putting all his weight into his hands.

"You little bitch! You're gonna pay for that!"

"I'm not your bitch, Seifer. And I'll never be your bitch. If you think that was bad, just try to do anything else to me." Zell stopped right there. He had realized that what he said could also be taken as an invitation, next to a threat.

"I'll get you for this."

"Get me? Get out. Get lost. Go. Leave."

Seifer planned on it anyway. He got up off of Zell, straightened his clothes and ran a hand through his hair. He shot that 'you-can't-hurt-me' grin at Zell who attempted to glare back. Zell let out an exasperated growl and hid his face under his pillow. He could hear Seifer about to leave as well as address him.

"Don't think I'm lying; today IS your big day. It's just early, yet."

Zell shrugged off what Seifer said and decided that he wouldn't be getting any more sleep in so he might as well get on with his day. He sat off the side of the bed and looked at his alarm clock. 6:30 a.m. He turned the alarm off and got up, realising that Seifer never pulled the door closed behind him. And Zell had an audience. Three female and two male passers-by turned spectators. They were all so silent, no one feeling an urge to laugh or anything. Zell walked up to the door, not closing it but opening it fully. There he stood, naked and radiating energy as if he were the Quezacotl he had junctioned in training.

"Anyone wanna piece of this?" Zell said, addressing his 'adoring' public.

Two of the three girls began advancing to Zell but were pulled back by their friend. Zell went back in his room and closed the door behind him. He looked at the clothes that Seifer had collected and examined all of them. Every piece he would need... Socks, boxers, jeans, shirt, belt... Weird...

"He went through my drawers? The bastard.." Zell muttered to himself as he put the clothes on.

When he was dressed, he gave his hair a few quick combs then put a dab of gel in the palm of his hand and applied it to his bangs. He looked in the mirror to comb his hair up when he noticed his swollen lip.

"...Bastard." Zell muttered again, putting his tongue on his the small crack on his bottom lip but quickly pulling away, wincing, scrunching his face from the sudden pain. "Ohhh... He is SO gonna get it from me." Zell stopped himself again, thinking that again, his words could be twisted to sound like an invitation rather than a threat.

Not long at all after that, Squall was greeted with a similar rude awakening. The smoothly rigid edge of his GunBlade tracing his jaw and neck spooked him a little but he could show no reaction at the risk of getting cut.

"I know you're awake." Seifer snarled, trying to get a reaction out of Squall.

"Then I'm awake and there is no need for you here." Squall replied in a loathing tone.

Seifer pushed Squall's GunBlade closer to his neck and Squall let out a slight gasp. Seifer smiled, thinking that his victory was already taking place. Squall rolled away from the GunBlade, never opening his eyes to his hated nemesis.

"I want you to look at me, Squall."


"I said look at me!" Seifer commanded as he sat next to Squall on his bed and grabbed Squall's hair, turning him to face him violently.

Squall still had his eyes closed with a smirk on his face. Seifer tugged a little harder to get Squall to open his eyes. This must have been part of some charade they played every morning... Squall opened his eyes and smiled largely.

"Yup. Still ugly."

Seifer forced Squall into the wall behind him, pinning him there with his left hand and wielding the GunBlade with his right.

"Put my sword down, Seifer or I'll have to take it by force."

"I dare you to try."

"Tomorrow... Before the SeeD exam."

Seifer let Squall go. He turned away disgustedly as he sighed in anger.

"You're making me wait one more day?"

"What's one more day, babe?"

Seifer ran a hand through his hair in angst.

"I don't understand why you have to keep putting it off is all. You keep saying you want to fight me but you never wanna just go out for even twenty minutes and just have it out!"

"I will. I promise. Tomorrow. No exceptions."

"Better. And you'd better put up a pretty damn good fight, too. I don't wanna be disappointed."

"I guarantee you bloodshed."

Seifer smiled and looked over at Squall.

"Whose blood?"

"We'll see."

Seifer smiled again and leaned into Squall. He grabbed Squall's lower lip between his teeth and sucked it out as far as he could before indulging fully into a full out kiss on Squall's pink lips. Squall gently gripped Seifer's chin and pulled him in closer to the kiss which he joined in. Seifer pulled away and looked deep into Squall's eyes.



"I'll show no mercy."

"I'm counting on it. Now go before anyone gets suspicious."

"Please... You know as well as I do there is nothing going on between us..."

"Good. Now go and goodbye."

Seifer smiled and left. Squall lay back on his bed, taking a deep breath and exhaling.

Later on, Seifer was called on by Quistis to meet her in the class room. He showed up 10 minutes late on purpose. Quistis knew Seifer would do this but was still not impressed by his smug attitude that he didn't do anything wrong. She sat, waiting at her desk.

"You wanted to see me, instructor?"

"Of course."

Seifer sat down on the edge of Quistis' desk. She looked at him through the brim of her glasses with a satisfied smile on her face.


"I just wanted to see you."

"What the hell are you talking about, Quistis?"

"I mean I wanted to 'see' you again..."

Seifer turned away, embarrassed.

"At least take your jacket off, stay a while."

Seifer turned back to face Quistis. He had a sweet smile that slightly exposed his glimmering teeth and silver-blue eyes. He leaned onto Quistis' desk and put a finger to her lips. She gripped the tip of Seifer's glove between her teeth. Seifer pulled his hand away as it came out of the glove. It rest, dangling in Quistis' teeth before Seifer took it with his bare hand and removed his other glove. Quistis leaned back in her chair and took a deep breath, her chest growing to display for Seifer. He knew it and smiled. Then he took off his jacket and threw it on the desks behind him. Quistis leaned forward again and so did Seifer. He reached to the top of her red outfit and pulled down the zipper until her shirt was open.

"Black bra?"

Quistis looked at Seifer seductively.

"Don't you like it?"

"Yeah..." Seifer said airily as he began stroking Quistis' neck and collar. "You're so... so..."


"Mmm...yeah, the whip is a nice touch, though..."

Seifer leaned in and perched his lips on Quistis. Quistis sucked back, standing up to get a better reach of Seifer. She put her hands on his bare arms, rubbing gently. Seifer let out a quick moan that caused Quistis to giggle but they never parted lips. Quistis could feel Seifer's firm, bare hands brushing against her waist and ribs. She pulled him in close, holding him tight. Seifer wrapped his arms around Quistis and pulled her into him. The kiss ended with soft pecs at each other's lips and a gaze. Quistis smirked at Seifer.

"Who else have you been kissing?"

"What do you mean?"

"Who else have you kissed today?"

"That's not important." Seifer snapped as he got up off of the desk and gathered his jacket.

"Was it Squall?" Quistis started as she took off her glasses, her eyes following Seifer who was leaving.

"....Bitch." Seifer muttered as he left, slamming the door behind him.

Quistis sighed and zipped up her shirt, leaning back into her chair, closing her eyes.

"Oh, Seifer, you're hopeless..."

Finally, it was time for class. Seifer was already at his seat in the back. He watched as Squall entered the room and sat at the desk next to him. Squall peeked at Seifer. Seifer smiled sweetly and winked at him. Squall turned away with a smile on his face. Then Zell entered the room. He got a good look at Seifer and dreaded the thought of having to sit in front of him. Zell was seen talking to the girl who sat at the front of the class. The girl smiled and shook her head slightly. Zell looked desperate as he went to his seat. He sat down trying his best to ignore Seifer at any cost.

"What was that about, Chicken-wuss?"

Zell whipped around to face Seifer, a deadly glare in his eyes.

"You shut the hell up, Seifer! Leave me alone!"

Zell went back to his seat and turned on his computer. He felt Seifer's gloved fingers rustling his hair from behind him.

"Aw, come on, baby, teww me wassu-maddo?"

Zell turned back around and slapped Seifer's hand away violently. This time, his look was that of pure hatred.

"Don't touch me, you jerk! I said leave me alone!"

"Getting a little on the defensive side aren't ya, Zell? Aw, look, you made your lip bleed."

"No thanks to you, asshole." Zell said as he sat back in his seat again. "And for your information, I was trying to get the seat farthest away from you."

At that, Zell felt something heavy on his shoulder and neck. He gasped lightly, knowing that it was Seifer's face buried under his ear.

"Why would you do that? I would miss you so much." Seifer whispered as he sank his teeth into Zell's neck.

Zell did nothing to stop him. A few students were watching and Zell's expression was that of being pissed more than uncomfortable or shocked. Seifer pulled away his teeth, tugging on the flesh between them. He smiled and sat back down in his seat. Zell pretended that the whole thing never happened and went to work. Seifer smirked at the students. It let them know that he wasn't titillated at all, just bugging Zell.

Half an hour into note-taking, Zell felt a light tapping at the back of his neck. He tried his best to ignore it.

"You... can't... ig... nore... me... Zell..."

"Yah... I... can... jerk..."

"Not... if... I... own... your... ass..."

"Fuck... you..."

"Would you do that for me?"

Zell jumped from his seat and faced Seifer again.

"You sick, disgusting fuck! Do you have nothing better to do than friggin' harass me?!"

The class was dead silent. All attention was drawn to Zell and Seifer. Zell was panting, Seifer, smirking.

"You're drawing attention to yourself, Chicken-wuss."

"And don't friggin' call me that, jerk! Or you'll be eating these puppies for lunch!" Zell shrieked as he pushed his bare fists into Seifer's face.

"A knuckle sandwich?" Seifer asked as he nibbled on the side of Zell's fist. "Mmm... Tastes like chicken."

"BASTARD!!!" Zell yelled at the top of his lungs as he launched himself on Seifer, knocking both of them onto the floor, attempting to punch him.

Seifer held Zell above him at a length so that he could not reach his face. The smile on his face was confident and made Zell angrier by the second. He spat at Seifer and that was it for him. Seifer let one hand go of Zell and took a good, clean punch to Zell's face. He fell off of Seifer.


"Hey, hey, hey! Knock it off, you two! Don't make me pull you from the exam tomorrow 'cause you can't behave!" Quistis yelled.

She split up the boys and pulled Zell off of the floor. He dusted himself off a little, looking at Seifer dejectedly.

"What about me, baby– uh... instructor?"


"Aren't you going to help me up?"

"I think you're old enough to know how to get off the floor on your own, don't you?"

Seifer sighed and rose from the floor. He went back to his desk and saw Zell leaving the class room. Then he looked over at Squall who was still looking at him with no real expression. Just a look.

Quistis followed Zell out of the room.

"What's wrong?"

"He won't leave me peace and I hate it!"

"What is he doing to you?"

"Look, instructor, I don't feel comfortable tattle-tailing. There's nothing I or you or we could do. He's just writhing in the fact that he can intimidate me right now."

"Your lip is bleeding rather badly–"

"I was GONNA go fix that but you stopped me."

"Don't blame ME, Zell Dincht, I'm just trying to help."

"You wanna help me? Then let me skip the rest of class to train for the SeeD exam tomorrow."


"Thanks, instructor." Zell smiled without stretching his lip wound any further. "I'm just gonna get my bag."

The two went back into the class. Quistis went to her desk and Zell went to his, avoiding eye contact with anyone, especially Seifer. But when he got to his desk and gathered his things in his bag, he could hear a soft growling sound coming from Seifer. He couldn't help but look so that he could look weirded but that was a mistake. Seifer kissed in Zell's direction and winked at him. Zell dismissed this and left the room. Squall looked at Seifer questionably. Seifer just smiled.

Later on, in the training room, Zell found himself in the Secret Area, staring into nothingness. There was no one else there. It was so quiet, peaceful, almost disturbing.

"What did he mean, my big day? What does he plan to do to me?" Zell thought about what went on earlier. "And why the hell... would SEIFER kiss me?"

He ran his gloveless hand through his hair then examined his palms. Tiny white scars covered his hands all over and ran up and down his fingers.

"Careless..." Zell said aloud. "Fastest hands in all of Garden– or all of Balamb for that matter... And I couldn't even take on Seifer. Am I so weak? Just the dumb blond everyone thinks I am? I have a brain... Geez, I know how to use it... Why the hell do I keep on acting in front of everyone like I AM?" He sighed and reached behind him. He pulled forward a pair of fighting gloves. He put them on as if it were the first time. They were tight and hard to move his fingers in. "Guess this'll be my trademark from now on... Unless I... Hmm... Yeah!!!" Zell leapt off of the rail, ran out of the Secret Area and headed out of Garden as fast as he could.

Two hours and 300 Gil later, Zell returned to Garden. He tried to stealthily get back to his room and was successful. He entered his dorm and waved to his roommate before attempting to rush into room.

"Hi, Selphie."

"Hey, Zell, what's that on your face?"

"A... tat."

"You tattooed your face?! Why couldn't you just get your ears pierced or something less obvious?!"

"I've never been the 'less-obvious' type. Besides I've been WANTING to get this tattoo so bad for soooo long..."

"Well, I like it, too... It's real exotic. Kinda like that hair."

"Oh, you wanna talk about hair, Miss Locks-defy-gravity?"

Selphie giggled.

"So, getting around any better yet?"

"Better, yes. Good, no."

"Ah, you'll get used to it... Anyway, I'm gonna call it a night, so, I'll catch you later, alright?"

"You're going to bed at 4:00 in the afternoon?"

Zell blushed. He just wanted to let the redness of his tattoo fade before anyone saw him pinken.

"D'ah, I guess not... I'll just... God..."

"Zell, what's wrong?"

"Nothing that can be helped... So, it's okay... I'm gonna just go back to the Training Centre. You're welcome to join me if you like."

"Mmm...maybe later, okay?"

"Sure thing. Later."

Then Zell left for the Training Centre. There, he ran into Squall who was also fighting solo.



"So, kill anything?"

"Yeah. What's with that thing on your face?"

"Just a little decoration to express myself..."

"...It's nice."

"Hey, thanks, Squall."

"....Whatever." Squall said as he left, continuing his hunt/training.

Zell also continued his battles.

9PM rolled by and Zell finally left the Training Centre, tired and bleeding slightly. He went to his room and got in the shower. When he got out and dried, he went to his room, walking past Selphie's room but she wasn't there.

"...Weird." Zell muttered as he went into his room. Then he gasped at what he DID see. Seifer was laying on his bed, looking at him. Zell's jaw fell as did his towel. He bent down to pick it up and hide himself.

"Too late, baby, I already got the show."

"What are you doing here?"

"I missed you."

"No, really. You missed bugging me, right?"

"Actually, I wanted to confirm the rumour that you defaced your mug."

Zell leered.

"Get... lost."

"Aren't you forgetting something?"


"Today's your big day."

"What the hell are you talking about?"


Zell stood still.

"I said 'come here.' The sooner you listen, the sooner I'll leave."

"That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me." Zell said as he approached Seifer, still hesitant.

He sat next to Seifer on his bed and Seifer pulled him close to him, bringing Zell's head toward his. He looked at the tattoo with great interest.

"I'm sorry about what happened today."

"No, you're not."

"Yeah, you're right. I just wanted to hear what that sounded like out loud." Seifer said as he started tracing the tattoo with his forefinger. "Fuck, you're sexy."

"Well, sorry, Seifer, I don't swing that way."

"Neither do I. I'm just not afraid to admit that I think you're attractive."

"And KISS me?"

"That's called control, bitch."

"That's called sick. Just go and leave me alone. I'm gonna pass that exam tomorrow and then I'll leave this place and I'll never have to see you again."

"You sure you won't miss me?"

"Not in the least."

Seifer pulled Zell into him again, this time, planting his lips on the tattooed boy. He kissed and forced Zell into it until Zell realized that he couldn't pull away. But oh, how he tried... Finally, he gave up trying to push away from Seifer and just let his mouth hang open, giving Seifer no friction or fight. That wasn't fun... Seifer pulled Zell's head away from him slowly and looked at Zell.

"You're not much fun to kiss, you know..."

"So why do you insist on doing it?"

"Because you're going to be hot for me, Zell. When you leave, you'll be thinking of how much you want me, I promise you."

"How can you prove that?"

Seifer let go of Zell's face. He sat up and took off his coat. Then he motioned for Zell to approach him which, surprisingly, he did.

"Do you know what I'm gonna do to you?" Seifer asked.

His words felt like a cold snake slithering down Zell's spine.

"No... But I'm kinda curious to find out."

Seifer pulled Zell in gently, giving him a NICE kiss this time. He had placed his lips over Zell's and sucked them up and down until they slowly began to open voluntarily. Zell refused to do any of the work and allowed Seifer full reign of his mouth. Once Seifer pried the blond's lips open, he slipped in his tongue, licking the inside of Zell's lips and along his teeth. These motions coaxed Zell's jaw to unlock, loosening it enough for Seifer to slip his tongue in further, his lips pressed firmly against Zell's. Seifer massaged the inside of Zell's mouth thoroughly. It felt so good that Zell's whole mouth tingled. And he started playing with Seifer's tongue inside of his mouth while Seifer continued the invigorating mouth-job. In time, Seifer stopped the now supposed make-out session by simply sucking Zell's tongue into his own mouth then releasing it. He started to pull away from Zell but the tattooed boy was reluctant in ending the kiss. He threw himself on Seifer, pushing him to the bed, making soft kiss marks everywhere he could. But Seifer soon counteracted the boy on top until he became the boy on the bottom. He kissed Zell a lot less thoroughly and a LOT more aggressively although the only discomfort Zell felt was in his thighs (and a little up) since Seifer was kneeling his shins against them. Both young men seemed quite involved with each other but this wasn't really the case with Seifer. When he pulled away from Zell again, he started kissing down the pinned boy's neck and on his chest. Zell's heavy breathing soon became pants of delight. Upon his re-ascent, while on Zell's neck, Seifer whispered to him seductively.

"A little hot under the towel, are you, Zell?"

Zell choked at the question.

"What do you mean?"

While Seifer continued to kiss Zell, he pulled a thin rope from his pocket and took one of Zell's wrists and started tying the rope around it. To distract Zell from this, Seifer put his lips back on his, talking through their mouths.

"Why did you start wearing gloves?"


"Then why the tattoo?"

"To take the attention away from the gloves."

"It looks like it's gonna taste so good when the swelling goes down."

"I'll let you know."


Seifer dragged the tied hand above Zell's head and took the other hand to join it. He wove the rope around the post at the bottom of the bed and furiously wrapped the other end of the rope around Zell's free wrist before Zell even knew what was happening. He pulled his lips away from Seifer.

"What are you doing?"

Seifer sat up on Zell, putting all his weight on the younger man's thighs that were underneath his shins. Zell couldn't move at all. Seifer looked down at Zell then grabbed the top of the towel. He was like a wolf viciously taunting his prey before moving in for the kill and there was nothing Zell could do to stop him. Seifer unhooked the catch in the towel and slowly began to open it. Even through the towel, he found what he was looking for.

"HOLY SHIT!" Seifer yelled in astonishment, looking at the extreme bulge under Zell's towel.

Zell looked at Seifer, protesting his actions to his fullest extend.

"What the HELL are you doing, Seifer?!"

"Fuck, Zell, you must be a stallion!"

"Leave me aloooooooone!" Zell shouted, trying to fight off Seifer.

"Whoo! Who woulda though Zell Dincht– THE Zell DINCHT could become so aroused by one kiss? And from a GUY!"

"Fuck you! It was a good kiss! Why the hell did you stop?!"

"Because it was never my intention to please myself by kissing you. Besides, my tongue got tired."

Seifer looked down again at Zell's bulge and noticed a constant quick rise and fall. A slight pulse.

"Hey, look at that, it's alive!"

"Seifer, please! I'm so embarrassed right now! Just... go. Please?"

"Zell, after tonight, this incident will never have happened. What are you afraid of? Besides, you don't look like you have anything to be embarrassed about.." On those last words, Seifer yanked open Zell's towel far enough to prove himself right.

"DON'T! I'll fuckin' KILL you!"

"Oh my– That's fuckin' AMAZING!"

Zell stood tall but not in the least bit proud. He couldn't stand Seifer looking at him in such a vulnerable state. It was humiliating beyond anything Zell had ever felt before and the pain of his humiliation tore him apart. Naked in front of Seifer. Along with evidence that he liked it. Could it get any more pathetic than this? A tear found its way out of him. Seifer kissed between Zell's pecs before kissing up to his lips then wrapping the towel back around the weeping boy's waist then untying him slowly. Zell wanted to hit him so hard but something stopped him and he didn't know what. Seifer got up and got his jacket. He looked over at Zell who was gnawing the rope off of his right wrist. He sat on the bed next to Zell.

"Want some help?"

"I'll get it, thank you." Zell said through his clenched teeth.

Seifer didn't listen. He took Zell's wrist, removing his glove by biting on the fingertip much like Quistis would do. He fixated his attention to the knot around the other boy's wrist, picking at it with his fingernails until it came off. He slowly took the rope off and shifted his gaze to Zell whose gaze had just been met. Without a word, almost on instinct, the boys met lips again, caressing gently for but a few seconds. Seifer pulled away, hiding his lips inside his mouth as he drew a deep breath then stood up.

"So... You didn't get anything out of it?" Zell asked as he watched Seifer about to leave.

"Maybe a little. But I'd never tell you."

"I wanna know!" Zell said loudly as he got up off the bed. "Did it excite you in the least?"

Seifer lay against the wall right next to the doorway. He didn't know how long this conversation would last. He huffed.

"If you wanna know, you're gonna have to check it out yourself 'cause I'm not tellin'."

No more words after that. Zell reached down to feel Seifer and was about to look up defiantly but there was something wrong.

"Your jeans are too thick of a material."

"I guess you'll never know then, will you?"

"Yes , I will!"

What Zell did next surprised both of them. He grabbed Seifer's belt and pulled it away from the towering young man's body then immediately forced his other hand down the front of his pants. Again he tried to look up at Seifer defiantly but the look was shock. The same look graced the always-cocky,-always-the-bad-guy Seifer. Zell had a firm grip on Seifer and felt something else firming. He wasn't excited before but he sure was getting there.

"Let go."

Zell was too horrified to move.

"I said let go!" Seifer yelled, pushing Zell away from him. He put his jacket on finally and left the bedroom.

Zell followed him out.

"Seifer, wait!"

Seifer violently turned around.


"How was this my big day?"

Seifer smiled evilly.

"You'll see tomorrow."

"Do I get a kiss before then?"

That smile never left Seifer as he walked back over to Zell, holding him, breathing hotly up and down his neck, cupping his lips over his Adam's apple, licking up to his chin then finally kissing the shaking boy. After a thorough sweeping of his mouth, Zell pulled away and grabbed tight around Seifer's body, resting his head on his chest.

"You like it, don't you?"

"I know it's wrong but I can't help myself–oop."

"What 'oop'?"

"Why am I telling you this?"

"It doesn't matter. See, that's the beauty of junctinoning a GF."

"We don't remember... So why did you...?"

"You'll see tomorrow."

Zell desperately kissed Seifer one last time. It was the last because Selphie stepped out of her room.

"Hey, Zell, I didn't know you were in– Oop."

The boys tore apart.

"H-hi, Selph!" Zell shouted as he pushed Seifer out of the room altogether. He whispered to Seifer. "Till tomorrow, then."

"Zell, what was that?"

"He dared me I couldn't get drunk from kissing him since he's knackered!"


Zell smiled mischievously.

"I'm messing with you. Once you get to know Seifer better, you'll understand. He's petty and preys on weakness."

"So why were you kissing him?"


"No, Zell, really."

Zell huffed.

"I'm weak." He said sorrowfully as he returned to his room.

Selphie grabbed for the towel around his waist as he was about to close the door behind him. But she missed.

"Dang. Thought I had it!"

Zell came back out of his room and looked at Selphie seductively.

"You want my towel?"

"I was only playing with you, Zell."

"So, you want my towel AND you wanna play with me?"

"Well, I– Grr... That's not what I meant!"

"So, you DON'T wanna play with me?"

"I just wanted to grab your towel."

Zell walked slowly up to Selphie, maintaining that sexy look.

"So... Grab it."

Selphie choked.


"You said you wanted my towel and to play with me."

"I'm not gonna take it NOW..."

"Fine. Here." Zell took the towel off and handed it to her.

Selphie started panting, convincing herself that even peripheral was a godsend. She looked at Zell longingly as he started back for his room again, leaving the door open. Selphie never followed. She stood still, surprised, smiling. Finally Zell came back, holding Selphie, his open lips grazing across hers.

"Do you wanna cuddle?"

"Uh-huh..." Selphie managed as she melted into Zell's firm grip.

He carried the gentle doll into his room and rested her on his bed. Selphie ran her fingers through her hair. She couldn't believe this was Zell! Zell lay next to Selphie and kissed her lips.

"You know, these are the cutest pyjamas I've ever seen."

"Thank you..."

Zell straddled over the delicate girl, lifting her shirt above her head and throwing it on the floor. Then he removed her pyjama bottoms and threw them with the shirt.

"Wow, do you ever have a cute body..." Zell said as he leaned into kiss Selphie's neck before pressing his body against her. Selphie wrapped her arms around Zell as he lay next to her. He held her tight, nuzzling his head between her neck and collarbone. He sighed blissfully, his breath brushing against Selphie's bare skin like a smooth, cold wind. They cuddled as promised and went to sleep.

The next morning, Zell awoke to the feel of himself sucking on something. He opened his eyes to see what it was. EYES! No, it was Selphie, at least. He'd been kissing her for a while, he though. He drew his lips back into a smile.

"Heh. 'Mornin'"


"You taste good."

"You feel good..."

"What time is it?" Zell asked through a yawn.


"Cool, I have an hour before I HAVE to get up."

"But you need to get off of me,'kay?"

"Okay. Sorry." Zell said innocently as he rolled off of Selphie.

"It's nothing against you, it's just that you rolled on top of me like five minutes ago and started putting a lot of pressure on my little bladder."

"Okay, go then."

"Thanks," Selphie said as she got up, pecking Zell on the lips.

Then she put on her pyjamas and left. Zell lay back on his bed facing the ceiling. He thought about what he was doing. He wasn't kissing Selphie in his dream... It was... Seifer?!

"What the hell?!" Zell said, leaning up on his bed. "Why the hell would I... What the hell happened last night? Can't think about that right now. The exam starts in a few hours and I can't afford to fail at this point. Seifer will be the end of me if I don't pass. Why did I...? Can't THINK ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW!" Zell shouted as he got up from his bed.

He started looking for his clothes angrily. Later on, he left for the cafeteria with Selphie for breakfast. On their way, Zell noticed Seifer enter Squall's room. He thought nothing of it. He knew Squall could hold his own. Then, some of the gossipy girls walked passed Zell and Selphie.

"Hey, Zell, who's the new dish?"

"My girlfriend."

Those words took Selphie more by surprise than the girls. She turned to Zell.

"Wha- uh, yeah, I'm the one that gave him that hickey on his Adam's apple."

The two kissed and then continued for the cafeteria.

"Good day, ladies." Zell said with a smirk.

He wrapped his arm around Selphie. He was wondering earlier how he had gotten a bruise on his neck but at least now he had an answer.

Back in Squall's room, Seifer had sat next to Squall on his bed, looking at Squall who was sleeping peacefully. Seifer reached over to the night stand next to Squall and took the necklace with the lion/cross. He held the Griever between his thumb and forefinger, exposing the sharp, pointed tip. He brought it down to Squall's face. With it, he traced the boy's fragile features. He dragged it across his lips, his chin, his eyes, before going down to his neck and poking it, almost jabbing Squall's skin. Squall's eyes opened fearfully. He gasped. Seifer retracted the necklace and waved it in front of Squalls' face. It was grabbed grumpily.

"Well, no excuses today, baby."

"Get my pants." Squall said as he sat up.

Seifer walked across the room and opened the closet. He pulled out a pair of pants and a t-shirt. Then he went for the small cubby and gathered some socks and underwear. He threw everything at Squall on the bed. Squall got up, removed his nightshirt and started putting the clothes on. Seifer watched as the nightshirt had dropped to the floor, leaving Squall completely naked. Seeing Squall was nothing like seeing Zell naked but then again, Squall didn't have a hard-on.

"...Wonder if you did..."

"What?" Squall said, looking at Seifer as he put on the t-shirt.

"...Nothing. So, we're gonna do it this time."

"We're gonna do it this time."

Seifer couldn't handle himself. Squall was naked from the waist down and even though he was well endowed, he knew that Squall was capable of better. Before Squall managed to get on his boxers, Seifer got to his knees, grabbed the brunette's hips and kissed just below his navel. Squall moderately rose to life. Seifer stood up and watched the growing organ.

"Are you gay or something, Seifer?"

"Nope. This was just an experiment. But you can't tell me there isn't something about you, I mean, come on, I just kissed you on your tummy."

"It's 'cause I'm a virgin. I've never been exposed to that kind of real stimulation."

"Come on, for sure, you..." Seifer quick verbalizing and started demonstrating. He formed a circle with his fingers and tugged the air in front of him, making a strange squeaking noise.



"Nope." Squall said as he finally got his boxers on, opening them when they got to his hips to accommodate his free member.

"That your first erection, too?"

"Nope. Second."

"Who gave you the first?"

"You. Can't remember when, I just know it was you."

"Damn, you're innocent." Seifer said as he pulled Squall in for a soft kiss.

Squall pulled away to get finished dressing.

"Get me my weapon."

Seifer opened the case that Squall's GunBlade was in and reached to get it.

"When did you get so bossy?"

"When did you decide to become such an asshole?"

Seifer raised an eyebrow in question.

"What you did to Zell Dincht."

"Oh, come on, I play with him all the time." Seifer said as he forced the GunBlade in Squall's grip. "So drop it. Okay? I don't answer to anyone and I sure as hell would not answer to you."

"Fine. Let's go."

Ten minutes later, the two young men found their fighting grounds. It was rocky terrain above the mountains not far from Garden. The two faced off, ready to duel. They forced the tips of their GunBlades into the ground and kneeled. Squall closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around his waist. He started focussing his energy, asking the gods for all the strength they could muster for him. This was going to be his ultimate fight. Seifer took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his hair then the dirt.

"You promised me blood."

"And you'll get it."

"You ready?"

"I'm ready to die if it comes to that. But if I draw your blood, you have to kiss me."

"Ooh, cut me now..." Seifer said sarcastically.

"It will be the last time. And if you violate that, I will kill you."

"Deal." Seifer replied, pulling his Hyperion out of the ground.

Squall took his GunBlade out of the ground. The two charged at each other. As the GunBlades made contact, small bolts of light emerged from the weapons. The swords were practically thrown, cutting the air and striking with the loud clank of metal. The sparks proved that the weapons were backed by passion and strength. The two seemed to dance and writhe in each other's fire for the fight. The duel continued intensively beyond anything else ever performed by the other ever in their lives. Squall flailed his sword at Seifer and vice-versa, each one blocking them in succession. As the minutes went by, the battle intensified. Seifer sliced the air just in front of Squall, forcing him to jump back. Immediately after, he raced toward Seifer with his hand facing him. Seifer mimicked the same and whispered a spell name.


To frighten Squall and throw him off, the magic hit his GunBlade, forcing him to fall to the ground. After he recovered, he opened his eyes, ready to get up. But there was Seifer, his Hyperion raised in the air.

"You promised me blood AND I'M GONNA GET IT!!!"

Squall felt one forceful thump of his heart as he watched the weapon make its descent. Then, contact. Squall's face absorbed the blow by following the scrape. He looked back at Seifer, fresh blood streaming from his face. He planted his feet, gripped his GunBlade and dragged it across the hard ground below him, causing the sharp metal to heat up as it created friction. When it ran out of ground, Squall made the swing at Seifer, cutting his face in the opposite direction of his own wound. Squall had put so much momentum on the thrust that he fell into Seifer. The GunBlades dropped. Squall was in Seifer's arms and his lips. He'd drawn blood. The kiss was subtle. The two were latched onto each other's lips, not moving, just gently sucking. Their eyes were closed and their hearts pounding, breath racing. This was the last time Seifer was allowed to kiss Squall and he would make it worth it. He'd woven his fingers in the hair behind Squall's head to gain control. He treated Squall so gently that Squall could feel himself drifting. Seifer held him enough to support him and not break the bond. Maybe, he hoped that if he made the kiss feel good enough, then Squall would take back what he said earlier. He didn't want this to be the last time for real.. Squall's lips were too soft to just not kiss anymore... Seifer indulged himself completely in Squall's mouth and began to move his head left and right. He hadn't shaved. His stubble brushed harshly against Squall's chin, forcing him to pull away. At first, it was a bit of a challenge because Seifer refused to let go just yet. Squall took a deep breath through his nose and blew into Seifer's mouth, finally breaking apart from him. Seifer looked at him hungrily and hurt, Squall looked at Seifer angrily. Though it was a little hard when he looked at the blood spattered up his forehead and making what resembled a mask around his left eye. Squall could feel the blood on his face and thought he must look like a mess. Seifer took hold of Squall's chin.

"Is it bad?" Squall asked, sounding self-conscious.

"You still look good to me." Seifer drawled as he leaned in to kiss Squall again but to no avail.

"That was your last time."

"But you're the one that broke."

"You didn't shave! It hurt!"

"If you don't kiss me right now, I'll make you fuckin' miserable, Squall and you know I will."

"Who said I couldn't kiss you? I just said you couldn't kiss me."

"That's unfair."

"I drew blood, didn't I?"


"Stick out your tongue."

"What? Why?"

"Do it."

Seifer did as he was told. He at least knew it would relate to a kiss. Squall wrapped his lips around his rival's tongue and sucked hard, pushing in and out like he was giving Seifer's tongue a blow job. Seifer ignored Squall's threat from before and joined his lips to the brunettes. Like a reflex, Squall withdrew and punched Seifer across the mouth. Seifer glared at Squall.

"That was your only warning."

Seifer ignored that. He grabbed the back of Squall's head with both of his hands and pulled down. The boys went down. Squall's forehead came in brutal contact with Seifer's bent knee. He blacked out.

The next thing Squall knew he was in the infirmary. Quistis came to get him and on their way to class, Quistis made comments about him and Seifer.

"Whatever sick thing happened between us anymore will never happen again. We've both got the scars to prove it."

"So you don't mind if I go after him?"

"It's not MY call..."

"Well, I was never too sure whether you two were an item."

"We're not gay. At least I KNOW that I'm not."

"How so?"

"The next time you're riding Seifer like a cheap thrill, ask him."

The conversation ended there. They entered the class. Squall went to his seat, peeking shyly at Seifer. Seifer smiled and licked the brim of his teeth before using them in a full-out smile against him. Squall could never resist that smile. Then Zell came in the class, sat in his seat, turned around, looked at Seifer, thought and turned back around.

"Something wrong?"

"I'm not tellin'."

Seifer leaned over Zell's shoulder.

"Does that line seem at all familiar?" Seifer breathed under Zell's ear.

"....Yeah. How did you figure?"

All Zell could hear was Seifer chuckle. The sound got softer as Seifer returned to his seat.

"What the hell is wrong with me?!" Zell yelled at himself mentally. He'd pieced that there was an ulterior motive to making sure it was Seifer in his dream by looking at him and hearing him chuckle so devilishly made him want him to do it again and breath down his neck. "Stop it, Zell!"

Quistis informed her class of the agenda and dismissed them. Squall went to the Fire Cavern and caught his new Guardian Force, Ifrit. Then came the time to round up for the SeeD exam. Squall was the first to make it to the front. There, Quistis told him that Zell Dincht was a member of his squad.

"The guy has no concept for conservativeness." Squall stated, trying to get out of the squad.

"At least he wears his uniform properly." Quistis remarked with a smirk.


Then Zell appeared, showing off his karate skills and flaunting how well he fit his uniform.

"Yo, Squall, I saw you got Seifer pretty good. But it looks like he did you one better."

"Shut up, Zell or something might happen during the field exam today."

"Now, Squall, don't threaten him." Quistis interrupted.

"Or else what? He'll drop a few rounds on me?" Squall sneered, looking at Zell with his arms crossed.

Zell approached Squall with an arched eyebrow and a disturbed pull to his lip.

"Maybe I will. Or maybe I'll just mess you up the same way Seifer did before today–"

"FUCK YOU, DINCHT!!!" Squall yelled as he thrust himself at Zell.

Quistis blocked the boys from fighting. Then Seifer showed up with Fujin and Rajin.

"Whoa, easy, fellas, no need to fight over me." Seifer said in his most innocent of voices.

"TIME." Fujin stated.

It was time to be run through the procedure. Once that was done, everyone proceeded to the parking lot, got it the car, left Garden and set for Balamb. Once there, everyone got in the vessel and made off for Dollet. While waiting for Xu to show up and give precise background and useful information, Zell started a small workout before he was stopped by Seifer's tenor voice cutting his focus.

"Settle down, Chicken-wuss. Why don't you come and sit on my lap?"

"Eeeww..." Zell said as he sat down.

Xu came to the front and gave the instructions. Once that was over and all the ships reached Dollet, everyone got off and Seifer led his squad to the Central Square in spite of the Galbadian soldiers that kept showing up. Seifer was getting frustrated just protecting the circle. He was bobbing his head back and forth while sitting on the edge of the fountain. Zell was a little concerned . It looked like he was going to get sick by doing that.

"Seifer, everything alright?"

"You're all I have left, Chicken-wuss."

"Don't call me that, jerk!"

Zell took a swing at Seifer but his fist was grabbed and he was pulled into the scarred-faced boy. Seifer held Zell tightly. Zell tried to fight away but he was sort of enjoying it.

"Ung. Stop."

"Tch tch tch tch tch... Shh..." Seifer soothed Zell's tense mouth muscles and placed his lips on the blond.

"Mm-uh." Zell managed as he gently tried to push away or make it seem that way. He complied but pretended that he was pushing away from Seifer. Seifer licked inside of Zell's warm mouth, coaxing his tongue to play with his own. Zell let out a desperate whine as he grabbed onto the back of Seifer's neck, rubbing the back of his hair, joining in the kiss. He didn't want this even though it felt so good. He had no idea why but he couldn't help but kiss with him...

"That dream..." Zell thought... "That dream felt like this... But why?"

Zell couldn't think much longer. Seifer's powerful tongue turned Zell's brain to mush as the smaller blond fell into Seifer's mouth progressively deeper all the time. He'd leaned in so far that the boys lost balance.

Squall was so disgusted with Seifer's display that he couldn't bear to watch what he was doing to Zell.

"That's exactly what he did to me–" Squall's train of thought was interrupted by the sound of a splash coming from the fountain.

Squall immediately thought that the boys fell in and so he looked, hoping in part, that Seifer and Zell would be soaked so he could say 'That'll teach you.'

But, wait! They weren't in the water! The sound of the splash was from Zell's extended arms hitting the water, supporting himself and Seifer under him. Seifer had a grip around Zell's torso, thus never breaking the bond of their lips.

"Damn," Squall thought. "That Dincht can pull ANY thing off. He's so versatile..."

Squall watched the two young men kiss, becoming more aroused by the minute. Wishing he could join. He was fortunate when that feeling passed as he saw the boys pull away from each other, just looking at each other hungrily.

"Can you pull us up?" Seifer asked, interrupting Squall's thoughts yet again.

"I... could but it's gonna be a little tricky." Zell said almost seductively.

"Why's that?"

"Because you're using my body for support..."

Seifer lift his lips up to Zell's, talking huskily.

"Among other things..."

Zell kissed Seifer only briefly before raising one of his hands out of the water and starting to enter Seifer's shirt. But Seifer's hand whipped around from the back of Zell's body and grabbed his hand before it could venture further. The boys looked into each other's eyes.

"Not here." Seifer said sternly.

Zell smirked and held tightly onto Seifer's hand as he slid off of the man under him. As he slid, Zell went down to his knees and cupped his lips around the slight bulge in Seifer's jeans.

"Stop it!" Seifer shrieked. "Just pull me up."

"Or else, what, Seifer? You're gonna do to him what you did to me.?" Squall interrupted the boys.

"You know, this is kinda cool." Zell started, "You're at my mercy. You can't let go on the count of falling in, you can't pull yourself up at the risk of pulling me in with you and you can't–"

"I will make it completely worth your while to pull me up."

And Zell did so. He tugged Seifer back to a seating position and perched himself back on him. After a few more minutes of some serious necking, Zell pulled away and looked into Seifer's eyes.

"So... What are you gonna do to make it worth my while?"

"Tonight, you're gonna see. You're gonna love the surprise I have for you..."

"You've planned something for me?"

"Hey, Seifer, how come you never had surprises for ME?" Squall asked jealously.

"Because we always hated each other. Zell likes me. He's too intimidated to know what he wants." Seifer started as he looked into Zell's eyes... "He thinks he wants me."

Zell was shocked. He'd never expected to hear such a thing from anyone. For the first time since Seifer had kissed him primarily, Zell realized that he had been kissing Seifer. He pulled himself up, disgusted with himself. Suddenly, he felt dirty. Hurt, he walked to the other side of the fountain and started dumping water on his face, scrubbing his lips with the back of his glove. He felt a hand on his shoulder. He felt angry, almost violated that someone had the nerve to touch him right then but it was a sympathetic grip which could only be Squall's. Seifer could never hold him that way. Knowing who he would see, Zell slowly turned around and looked with a gentle smile.

"You have time to get over it. Okay?"

"It's wrong. I don't want–"

"Zell..." Seifer interrupted as he approached the boys. "Do you wanna forget about this incident?"


"Well, there IS something you can take for that..."


Seifer reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box. Squall's eyes opened with fear as he caught the label. He knew it was a fake. It was what Seifer had used on Squall the first time as well. Seifer opened the small box and pulled out a small, white, pill-looking tablet. He raised it to Zell's face which was grabbed by the anxious blond. Zell tried to take the tablet but Seifer never let it go. Zell looked into Seifer's eyes. Seifer gestured for Zell to split his lips which Zell did. Seifer raised the tablet to Zell's lips.

"Don't take it, Zell."

"I need to forget, Squall, just leave me alone."

"I'm serious, he–"

"He said can it, Squall." Seifer harped, glaring.

Squall turned away, showing his surrendering hands in compliance.

"Okay, fine. After he takes that pill, you won't be MY problem anymore."

Zell held the tablet between his teeth before moving it behind them.

"What are you talking about?" Zell asked, turning to Squall.

It was too late for Zell to get an answer. Seifer grabbed him and forced his tongue into his mouth, pushing the pill to the back of his throat. Zell could feel that he was about to choke on the pill so he swallowed hard, dryly choking the pill down. He pushed Seifer away and coughed. Squall watched in horror and sympathy while Seifer watched confidently.

"What the hell was that for?" Zell managed as he leaned over the fountain, scooping up some water and sipping very little to ease the pill the rest of the way down.

"If Seifer just did what I am pretty sure he DID do... I'd say he got himself a new pet." Squall informed Zell as he approached Seifer in a defiant manner. "So, did you, Alsamy?"

Seifer reached into his other pocket, this time pulling out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He looked into Squall's eyes.

"What do you take me for, Leonhart?" Seifer replied as he put a cigarette to his lip then looked over at Zell.

Zell was sitting by the fountain, running a hand through his hair, looking pensive, lost deep in thought. Nervous. Squall also looked over. He felt sorry for Zell. Seifer was manipulating him and was on the verge of convincing Zell that he wanted men. That he wanted Seifer.

Seifer struck his lighter and lit his cigarette, inhaled and blew a puff of smoke in Squall's direction while he kept his eyes on Zell. Squall coughed and made his way away from Seifer, toward Zell. He sat next to Zell who was now hiding his face from the world.

"You still wanna see my gun?"

"...............Yah, sure, fine. I don't care. Whatever."

"Okay, then." Squall replied giddily as he stood up.

At first, Zell wasn't going to look up but he noticed the movements of Squall's feet didn't match the supposed motions of unsheathing a weapon. He looked up to see Squall undoing him pants, smiling. Zell jumped up and hit both of Squall's hands away from his pants, grabbing the zipper and pulling it back up.

"I don't wanna see it!" Zell said sillily.

After Zell redid the catch of Squall's pants, he glided his hands around Squall's waist until his hands met behind his body. He hugged Squall and Squall put his arms around Zell and squeezed as well.

"But you said you WANTED to see my gun..."

The boys laughed.

"Wow, Squall, there are so many things I'd never though I would see you do..."

"Like what?"

"Well, for one, SMILE... And... would you have whipped it out?"

"Why not? Seifer's seen it, what's one more guy?"

"D'oy... And HUG me..." On that, Zell parted from Squall, officially surprised.

"Why not? I'm fond of you, Zell. I don't hate you."

Zell scratched the back of his head.

"S'cuse me, fond?"


"Alright, I'm leaving that one alone. Hey what's that noise?"

"Probably more Galbadian soldiers." Seifer said as he threw his cigarette butt to the ground.

"Well, I'm ready to take them all on." Zell said as he rolled up his sleeves a little further.

"Hide." Seifer instructed.

The others did so and they all followed the soldiers to some sort of a communication tower, meeting Selphie and really ugly monsters along the way.

Just as everyone thought everything was safe, they all got chased back to the ships by a huge robotic crab-like machine. Luckily, they were rescued by Quistis and her heavy artillery in the end.

"Thank you, instructor." Squall said, breaking the uneasy silence lurking in the ship.

"Don't sweat it. I'm just glad you made it out alive. Seifer, can I see you for a minute?" Quistis said, signalling to Seifer to follow her upstairs.

Seifer shrugged and stood up, following Quistis outside. Then came that awkward silence again. There was only Squall and Zell in that small room.



"Where did Selphie say she was going?"

"Just the other side of the ship, I think. She wanted to see the dolphins."

"Okay. So are you guys really going together or what?"

"Nope. Nope, nope. We're just, uh... friends, I guess. Why?"

"Just trying to make conversation..."

"Whoa. Squall Leonhart trying to make conversation..."

"Fine, just forget it."

"No, no, it's cool... So, what do you wanna talk about?"


"Next subject, please."

"Look, I'm sorry for what he's done to you but it doesn't have to go that way."

"What part of 'Next subject, please,' did you not understand? I don't wanna talk about it." Zell said on the defensive.

"Zell, you know the point of me pretending to flash you was because I wanted you to get your mind off of it, right?"

"So? And what did that pill do to me?"

"Look; it's a long story and I don't think now's a good time."

"He hurt me so much, Squall... And I want him to do it again... It feels so dirty."

"What was it? Was it that you kissed a guy or that you kissed Seifer?"

"I... guess that it was Seifer. The kissing was nice. It always feels nice to have an extra set of lips to suck on and a mouth for your tongue to fuck."

"....'Mouth for your tongue to fuck'... Never heard that one..."

"So what happened between you two?"

"What are you talking about, we were never seeing each other..."

"Oh, well, I thought that you–"

"We don't even like each other. I guess you're just right. It IS nice to have an extra set of lips to suck on... It's satisfying."

"Exactly. It doesn't matter whose lips they are." Zell said, not even thinking of the invitation that came with his statement.

"So, you're just into satisfaction?"


"So if we were to kiss, everything aside, the fact that we're both guys aside, you wouldn't mind any more than if you were to kiss Selphie?"


"I miss kissing Seifer... I miss his lips and the roughness of the suction his mouth created..."

"Yeah, he IS good. I'M better but he IS good..."

"Be warned, though... He will come to you whenever HE feels like it."

A distressed smile appeared on Zell's face. That simple thought both honoured him and frightened him at the same time. Squall drew a deep breath. He was going to give Zell a little pep talk. But a sharp pain stabbed him in the rib and caused him to cough in pain. He couldn't find any words other than curses.

"Ow, fuck..."


"Aw, it's nothing, really, just a little stiff is all."

"Hmm. Squall?"


"When that Anacondaur put the squeeze on you, I know it wasn't my imagination when I thought I heard something snap. Now what was it?"

"....Just a rib or two. I'll be fine. I'll just have to take some down time when we get back."

"Why wait?" Zell implied as he got up from his seat and approached Squall.

"What do you mean?"

Zell sat next to Squall which they both found to be somewhat uncomfortably close.

"I can fix you up. Just tell me where to touch you."

"Guy... That is wrong."

"Oh so you'd rather Mrs. Kadowaki touch you?"


"....Right side. Two bottom ribs."

"Lift your shirt." Zell said as he removed his gloves and rubbed his hands together.

Squall did so. He hurt too much to refuse. He was out of his own magic like "cure" so he became dependant on anyone else to heal his wounds and ease his pain. Even if it WAS Zell. Zell realized that he had no access to Squall's ribs. The armrests were blocking him. Squall saw this and immediately stood up and in front of Zell with his hands gripping the bottom of his shirt, lifting it enough to expose a swollen bruise on his ribs.

"Eee... That musta hurt."

"Uh...yah! Now fix it. This looks weird."


"Well, can you imagine if someone came down and saw us like this?"

"Oh, you have a point. *Ahem.*"

Zell placed his hands lightly over the bruise, barely making contact. Already he could hear Squall sucking in the pain.

"Hurt you pretty good, didn't it?"

"Just do your thing, man."

"Tsk. Fine." Zell agreed and put delicate pressure on the bruise, forcing another whine out of Squall. "Tsk. SIT." Zell demanded as he got up and grabbed Squall, sitting him in the seat behind him. He got on his knees. "Lift it."

Wow... Zell was... demanding... Squall did as he was told and mercilessly, Zell put ample pressure on the bruised area with his blunt fingertips causing less than silent screams of pain from Squall.

"OW!!! You're hurting me, you fuck!"

"Just do as I tell you, Squall!"

"And what if I don-Wa–AHHHH!!!!"

Zell forced his hand toward Squall to intentionally make it hurt more and he succeeded. Squall tried to fight Zell off but was in far too much pain. He screamed for mercy as he began crying, wailing, begging for Zell to stop. But Zell only looked at Squall spitefully, angrily. Squall returned the look with fiery tears streaming from his face.

"Stop it, you fucking--AHHHH–!"

"You shut the FUCK UP, Squall!"

"I hate it– I hate you so much!"

The pain was too intense. Squall was literally, crying, bawling as Zell continued to force his hand into Squall's side. Squall tried to hold back his tears but he just cried like a child.

"Why are you doing this to me, Zell?" Squall asked, his voice breaking.

"Because you're gonna tell me what that pill is gonna do to me or I'm gonna make this the most painful experience of your LIFE!"

Squall cried out loud for a few minutes as Zell put even more pressure on him, almost hoping that someone would hear his desperate cries and catch Zell and stop him from hurting him. Finally, he was able to answer.

"Because we use GFs, we can't remember very far back so the drug intensifies what you are experiencing so that you DO remember how good it feels without actually being able to understand what you're doing! If you take it for a long time, you don't forget!"

"What's the drug called?"


Suddenly, Squall felt that Zell had immensely softened his grip on him and was actually stroking his tender spot.

"I reset your bones... Thank you."

"Zell... You hurt me so much..." Squall said, his voice still breaking, his tone hurt yet sincere.

"And now I can make it better, okay?" Zell's tone was also sincere.

"Do you promise?"

"Yes." Zell said, closing his eyes, focussing his energy.

He began whispering a mantra that Squall only somewhat recognized but he didn't care for that especially. He could feel a gentle heat on his skin that felt exquisite, riding on invigorating. He just knew that anything would feel better than the pain caused by the Anacondaur then more-so by Zell. Squall leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He let Zell work his magic, applying (at least) gentle pressure with a delicious heat that started mending the wound, bringing bliss to Squall's body. Zell's whispers soon faded and the heat almost began to die. Squall's wound was now fully healed. He opened his eyes and looked as Zell started to remove his hands from him. Zell looked up at Squall who had a pained look on his face.

"It's not better?"


Zell put his hands back on Squall's ribs where the wound used to be, massaging the soft skin in his grasp. Squall WAS better but he wanted Zell's hands on him again. He was enjoying the treatment. He purred for Zell who shifted his massage more to the sides of Squall's torso, gently pinching handfuls of loose flesh. Squall was finally able to take in a much-needed deep breath. He exhaled in a relaxed sigh as Zell's hands grazed upward, warming the sides of Squall's pecs, occasionally grazing his nipples on either side. The friction, the warmth, the touch, the... passion... Zell was sincerely focussed on warming Squall's tight skin, not particularly caring what he may be touching although he knew what he was touching. Zell wanted to see if Squall was enjoying him touching him. He looked up at Squall's face. Squall sure was enjoying it. His eyes were relaxed shut and his breathing was deep. And Zell could swear that there was a smile on his lips. Zell, too was enjoying the feel of his actions and wanted to take it one step further. He ran his hands down to Squall's pants and settled his hands on his behind, pulling himself into Squall's still-exposed stomach. Squall opened his eyes and gasped when he felt... lips on his tummy. He looked down, seeing Zell indulged in his ordeal of gently sucking, nipping, licking... just... kissing him. But that didn't last. Soon, Zell nuzzled his way up but couldn't go much further. Zell pulled away. Squall's shirt wouldn't lift anymore. Squall helped him out. He lift his shirt up to his neck, allowing Zell full access to his nude torso. Zell looked into Squall's eyes before diving into Squall's pecs, sucking on his nipple, licking around him while his hands remained busy massaging his thighs. Squall was completely melted in front of Zell, wanting more from him. And Zell wanted to give it to him. He raised himself again, this time, planting himself on Squall's lips which were already ready and waiting. Squall thought he would have the advantage of an open-mouthed kiss but Zell had done him one better, actually devouring Squall's mouth, sucking Squall's lips through his teeth, tasting him for the first time..

"Lips to suck on..." Squall thought before everything left his mind.

After it became obvious that Zell was calling the shots, he changed the pace a little. He locked his lips with Squall's and stuck his tongue in the weaker boy's mouth, moving it around as if he was trying to find something... or accomplish something. After a few minutes fo gentle probing, Zell forced his tongue in and out of Squall's mouth which accommodated him fairly. Squall closed his lips around Zell's tongue to allow him to do as he was. But what Zell was doing felt so fun. Squall played with Zell's tongue inside of his mouth with his tongue, massaging it as it poked inside his warm cavity.

"Wow... A mouth for your tongue to fuck..."

Gradually, Zell's hands shifted from Squall's thighs to his chest, rubbing and pinching his skin, grazing the backs of his fingertips against Squall's hard nipples. But this kind of heaven was not destined to last...

Zell slowly- SLOWLY- pulled away from Squall, his lips being the last things to be removed. He gazed into Squall's eyes which still had that sad, hurt look.

"What's wrong?"

"I wish it wasn't you..."

"I know... I know how you feel."

"What time is it?"

Zell checked his watch.

"17:25. Why?"

"That pill is going to start taking effect at the celebration dance tonight."

"How do you know?"

"It takes effect after 5 hours. Until then, you just don't know anything is going to happen. But once the drug is in your system for the first time, it only takes a minute and a half to kick in. So you're lucky, you won't remember this kiss."

"Why will you?"

"Seifer's had me on that pill for a good year now... I'd say I've done my homework..."

"You say it'll take effect during the celebration. How can you be so sure we passed?"

"Because we kicked ass."

The boys laughed. Zell sighed.

"One more little one for YOU, then?"


Zell raised himself again, kissing Squall's lips, tugging them into his mouth with his own lips and rubbing Squall's taut nipples again.

"...Hey, Zell, you should come outside and–" Selphie started as she came down the stairs. "Stop kissing boys!"

Zell quickly pulled away from Squall. Squall put his shirt back down. Everyone blushed.

"Yo, babes!"

"Hi, Selphie."

"Um... I don't even have to ask. You have your things, I have mine..."

"Squall doesn't believe that your lips can get a hickey from kissing."

"Oh? And how do we explain the shirt being lifted?"


Both boys couldn't think of a cover for that one... But Zell thought of a cover.

".....Purple nipple."


"So, why are you back down here?"

Selphie looked deeply disturbed.

"I saw the Squad B captain and instructor Trepe... doing it!"

"Aww.. There, there..." Zell said, semi-sarcastically as he sat in his own seat and crossed his arms.

Selphie sat next to Squall. There was that awkward silence again.



"So, what are we wearing tonight? You know, assuming we passed." Selphie asked to break the tension.

"We will have official SeeD uniforms waiting for us in our rooms." Squall replied.

"Cool. You know what , Zell?"

"Yes, babe?"

"I'd been thinking; if we pass the exam, then we get to go to the graduation party which means we have to dance. So I will need a date."

"And you'd like me to be your date?"

"Well, yeah, I mean, everyone thinks we're going out anyway, it makes sense."

"Sure. Hey, Squall, you worked out who you wanna take yet?"

".....No, I'm thinking of going stag."

"You think Seifer will ask you to go with him?" Zell said, annoying Squall. "'Cause I gotta tell ya, buddy, after what happened today, I don't think you can expect to see him in your room anymore..."

"Shut up, Zell before I kick your ass."

"You were right, though, he is a DYNAMITE kisser."

"What's all this about?" Selphie threw in.

"I said shut the fuck up Zell or you can expect to LIMP on the dance floor tonight."

"You'll just have to shut me up yourself, Squall, because my lips can just keep going especially after that little workout on yours."

Squall got up and unsheathed his GunBlade. He placed the tip at Zell's neck.

"I said... 'Shut... up.'"

"And I said... 'Make me.'" Zell drawled, gazing into Squall's eyes.

"What do you want from me, Zell?"

"I want you to admit you have a thing for Seifer."

Squall yelled and repositioned his GunBlade, forcing the blunt end into Zell's neck, adding extra force by pushing the sharp end with his gloved hand.

"Don't make me fuckin' kill you, Zell. You're one step away." Squall said through his teeth.

"Good to see we hate each other again." Zell replied, smirking.

Squall sighed of frustration and returned to his seat. Seifer started down the stairs and to a seat next to Squall. He crossed his arms and sat back with his right ankle rested on his left knee. Everyone was looking at him, knowingly yet questioningly. He had the biggest grin on his face that made Squall burn with anger. A few minutes later, Quistis came back down to join the others. Squall looked for any dishevelled hair or anything of the sorts but there was nothing.

"Hmm... She cleans up nicely," Squall though...

Shortly after, everyone returned to Balamb. Seifer took on ahead of the others, taking the car.

"What a DICK, man! Now we gotta walk back... And after all that hard work today..."

"Hey, Zell, can you bitch and walk at the same time? You'll get 50% more accomplished that way." Squall said humourously.

"Hey... Don't make me make you less of a man, now." Zell said, waving a fist.

"Let's just go, alright? I'm tired and I'm hungry and I smell like bleach." Selphie interrupted.

"'Kay... Let's go." Squall said with a smile.

In good time, the group made it back to Garden. There, they were met by Quistis and Headmaster Cid.

"Well, how do you think you did?" Headmaster Cid inquired to Squall.

"Well, sir, I believe that my team did very well. Zell is an awesome fighter and I am honoured that I got to fight alongside him in the chance that I may graduate and become a SeeD tonight."

"Wow, Squall, you think?" Zell asked shyly.

"I know." Squall said as he excused himself away from everyone.

Squall met up with Seifer who prompted him.

"What went on today stays with you or I will be wearing your teeth as a necklace."

"Agreed. I'm just trying to forget it altogether."


Squall left when he saw that Seifer was about to be harped at for his performance earlier. Then an announcement came on asking all SeeD candidates to report to the Headmaster's office as soon as possible. Squall was in no real hurry but walked swiftly as if there were a spring in his step. When Squall was about to open the elevator door, he heard loud, heavy footsteps behind him. He didn't even have the chance to turn around and look to see who it was before a blue streak with pale skin and blond hair whizzed past him and into the elevator.

"C'mon, let's go!"

"What, couldn't get here any sooner, Zell?" Squall inquired.

"Naw, I was trying to get some hot dogs."

"Oh." Squall replied as he entered the elevator then closed the door.

The ride up seemed slower than usual and the silence was unbearable.

"You have real soft lips."

Squall said nothing.

"Well..? What do you think?"

"I think that thing you did with your tongue was incredible."

"WHAT?! What the hell convinced you to say THAT?!"

"You told me I HAD REAL SOFT LIPS!"

"No, I didn't! You're hearing things! I asked if you think we both made it!"

"......You did NOT, Zell, you admitted that you think I have nice lips."

"....Fuck. I'm sorry, I didn't mean for that to slip out like that..."

"No, no... Thank you.. I've never been told that before. It's nice to know if I ever start seeing somebody."

"But you're not..."

"I come off badly..... I guess..."

"Well, you know, I'M not seeing anyone myself... So, kissing someone is okay if they want me to..."

"That's good 'cause the same rules would apply to me."

Again, that awkward silence.

"So you like that tongue thing?"

"Yeah... I wouldn't mind having it done to me again..."

"And I wouldn't mind doing it again."

"Doesn't it hurt for you? I mean 'cause I get all that nice friction and you have to keep poking your tongue in and out real fast and long and doesn't it cut on your teeth?"

"I dunno I'd have to do it again to find out for sure."

"Well, you could try on me..."

Squall barely had time to finish when Zell pushed his lips into his and forced his tongue into Squall's mouth. Squall was somewhat shocked at the speed of Zell's response but he just closed his eyes and held Zell's hand which was on his cheek, pulling Zell's body into his with the other hand.

Zell poked his tongue in and out of Squall's mouth a few times, sucking hard before abruptly pulling away. Squall was bothered by Zell's sudden ending of that wonderful kiss.

"It's because it can't be Seifer anymore, isn't it? You think you can use me to satisfy your need to face-fuck?"

"Hey, who's doing the face-fucking, Zell? And it is not true! I'm the one that broke it off with Seifer and I'm fine with it.."

"So why did you look so envious when he was kissing ME?"

Squall turned away so that he didn't have to look at Zell.

"...Because I wanna be the one that has someone. Not Seifer... I know it's petty but that's what I want is to have somebody in my life."

Finally, the elevator stopped. The boys got off on the third floor and were informed that they passed their exams with flying colours. Squall agreed to meet Zell and Selphie at the dance and went to his dormitory to rest.

An hour before the celebration, Squall woke up. He just lay there, naked, looking up at the ceiling.

"I wonder who'll be there..." Squall softly asked himself. "I know Seifer will be... Maybe he'll wanna give me a kiss goodbye... No... he values his life more than he EVER valued me... But to let him kiss me..." Squall started as he looked down, hoping that the thought of Seifer would arouse him... But nothing... "...But ZELL..." Squall continued, feeling a tightness in his lip. A smile twitched and Squall could feel something else stirring. He looked down at himself, seeing what he considered a monster coming to life. "No... Not Zell... God..."

Squall could no longer think. Every time he tried to force himself NOT to think of Zell, his erection grew bigger and at the thought of his erection, it became more proud.

"Oh, God, this has to STOP!" Squall cried desperately.

He KNEW the only two ways to be rid of his.. that.. thing were to wait it off (which Squall had NO idea if he COULD or not and how long it would take) or... take after Seifer's disgusting display of jerking it. Squall wasn't too excited about going to the dance but he still wanted to go and get there on time. He leaned back on his bed and took a deep breath then closed his eyes. Unguidedly, Squall reached down to his forbidden place and winced when he made contact that drove a hot flush surging through his body. He wanted to stop but had to finish what he involuntarily started. One by one, his fingers wrapped around his arousal until his thumb met from the other side. His eyes were clenched tight as he made a first stroke down his shaft. At first, his up-and-down motions were slow but progressively sped up as the unwanted pleasure started to set in and his hips thrust in rhythm with his pumps. He gritted his teeth and clenched his eyes tight as he squeezed himself harder, stroking harshly, treating his body with the utmost disrespect. He started gasping, finally remembering to breathe.

"It's sick... so sick..." Squall told himself as he strained his eyes to his activity.

He watched as the tip wept but hardly enough to complete the... *ahem*... task at hand.

"How do I... *pant, pant*.. sto.. *sigh* How can it STOP?!"

Squall was desperate to stop. What could make this go away sooner? What aroused him and forced him to do this in the first place anyway? Zell! The thought of Zell and that kiss!

"Of course!"

Squall could think about those wonderful kisses he got from Zell earlier and how passionate he was about touching him perfectly.. Oh, so perfectly... Like the feeling that flowed into his sensitive erection. Squall held his breath before panting and forcing gasps, finally holding his breath. He'd thought about how much he wanted to feel Zell's hands on his body, his lips on his mouth, his tongue... anywhere... his strong hands... where his are.

"NO!" Squall shouted as he gasped, and felt the pressure at his tip loosen as he released his precious fluid into his hand and over his tummy.

For the next few minutes, Squall sat motionless, regulating his breathing, waiting for his heart to stop pounding, thinking about what he had done...

He sighed.

"All that... over Zell?" Squall asked himself aloud. "What does Seifer enjoy about this... this... Forget it, I have to get ready."

Squall got up and went into his small bathroom. There, he turned on the cold water. He'd reached his hand to the hot water tap. He froze and thought. Then he just stepped into the cold shower.

"I don't deserve to be warm... not after what I did... not after WHY I did it... I don't deserve to feel comfort. I just have to get rid of the filth on me... at least for now..."

Squall showered in the cold water, making him sluggish even as he hyperventilated. He was hardly able to reach the shampoo to his head without gasping for air as the icy water thumped against his chest.

Eventually, Squall was able to make it back to his room and get dressed. He was so cold it took what seemed to be an unbearable amount of time to get his clothes on. At least it only took a few combs to get his hair done. After one last glance in the mirror, Squall made off to the dance.

After chatting with some people and drinking his champagne, Squall was somehow hurled onto the dance floor by some strange girl. Before the dance even had the chance to end, the girl ran off, leaving Squall in the middle of the dance floor.

"Better get out of here before anyone sees me." Squall told himself as he turned around. "Especially if Seif-" He was stopped. He almost ran into someone. His mouth almost fell into that person's. "Don't kiss me or else I'll have to make your death a PUBLIC execution."

"But I think the show would be well worth that last kiss, don't you?"

"You kissed me for the last time this morning."

"Hmm... We'll see about that..."

"Get out of my way, Seifer."

"Fine. And YOU just watch yourself."

"Don't threaten me."

"Don't tease me."

"We'll see."

"We'll see."

Seifer left Squall and his lips ached to be touched by his. He lost the chance.

"Maybe later, I can convince Ze– Stop it, Squall!"

Finally the "Dance of The Balamb Fishes" ended and Zell slowly pulled away from his date as the next song began. It was a hip-hop, funky song that made Zell's eyes light up.

"Awwwww... YEAH!!! This is my song!" Zell exclaimed as he seized the middle of the dance floor.

Everyone around Zell cleared a circle to allow him complete access to the floor. They knew he would put on a great show. Zell started slowly with rigid motions that resembled a serious pro. He used some karate techniques and some slick motions, obviously originals. He moved flawlessly with the music as everyone had expected, including Squall who watched from a distance. Zell must have understood the song inside and out to move with it so well. He almost seemed to provoke the beats as he shifted his body in every-which-way in a dance– one INCREDIBLE dance! His smile was so cocky, not only did it turn on all the girls, but some guys– straight guys found him... sexy.

The one-man show continued for a few minutes before Zell took a few second break and made an announcement.

"Hey! Everyone I taught that dance to! Get on over here and dance with me! It's YOUR turn to show off!"

A... group? Dance? Yep. Two girls walked alongside of Zell then two guys closed off the sides, followed by two more girls then two more guys.

For three seconds, the line stood still. Then the music changed pace and everyone joined in a very cool, very well choreographed number, obviously thrown together by Zell and certainly not at the last minute.

"He sure is passionate about what he likes to do..." Squall thought to himself, feeling a slight tug in his lips. "Knock it off, you sick fuck! Damn Seifer and his erotic ideas!"

Squall just watched the dance. They were awesome. During the conclusion piece, the people dancing alongside of Zell took one step back to give him way. He did one killer dance routine before raising himself to his feet again and noticing that Seifer was approaching him with eight other people as well. Two guys were on either side of him, followed by two girls, followed by two guys then finishing with two girls.

Seifer wasn't wearing his trademark trench coat... Something was up... Seifer's smirk was implication enough that he had something prepared for Zell. It worried him. He turned around to see his dance troop who hadn't moved. Maybe they ALL had something ready for Zell. He turned back to look at Seifer.

"Oh, no! The genders line up! That means..."

Zell's thoughts left as Seifer's squad started their dance which was not too dissimilar from Zell's. Through the corner of his eye, Zell could see his line of dancers countering the line in front of them. He was familiar with the dance. He'd invented it.

"Why the hell is Seifer doing it? And how did he KNOW how to do it?"

He joined in. Why not? It was HIS dance. The rivalry of sides captivated the spectators, especially Squall who watched almost longingly, mentally slapping himself to keep in the frame of mind that he wasn't interested in Zell and his perfect moves or his devil-may-care smile or his taught, muscular build, that defy-normality hair and tattoo... those smoothly calloused fingertips, those soft lips...

"I'm not! I'm not interested in ZELL!" Squall screamed to himself.

He couldn't watch anymore. He went out to the balcony to get some air but wound up conversing with Quistis.

"Who are you more jealous of?"

"I don't know what you're talking about..."

"Are you jealous of Seifer being with Zell or are you jealous of Zell being with Seifer?"

"Neither. I'm not into boys."


"....I don't know."

"Well, who do you have feelings for?"

"Well, I keep telling myself neither so my judgement is heavily clouded on the subject."

"Alright, I'll see what I can do to help. But you gotta join me in the Training Centre, alright?"

".....Fine. I'll be there at midnight."

On that, Squall made off for his room and then to the Training Centre.

Meanwhile at the dance, Zell had been completely traumatized when he remembered that the steps included intertwining of the lines, leading him and Seifer together. It was part of the dance. He couldn't chicken out now. He cursed himself for making the routine so erotic to satisfy former sexual tensions.

"I KNEW it would come back to haunt me!" Zell told himself as he advanced, followed by his line, then Seifer's line advanced.

"Who's gonna–"

Zell didn't even have the chance to ask who would lead. Seifer's hands were already on his waist and his mouth around his neck, twisting the flesh and sucking it up before those silver-blue eyes looked into his electric blue ones. The dance went on with sweeps and pushes, resembling a rejection but always coming back for more... Zell played his part of pushing Seifer away quite well but as part of the dance, he told himself, he would always pull him back into him.

The end of the song seemed like it was never going to come. But finally it did, resulting in 18 very tired people. The final steps included the leader holding the follower. The kiss was always optional.

Seifer held Zell's chin and looked longingly into his slit-open mouth.

"Would you kiss me in public?" Zell asked, sounding flushed.

Seifer checked his watch and smiled. He looked into Zell's eyes. He watched the shy boy's pupils dilate and his cheeks blush. In his firm grip, he could feel Zell's heart thump. It was time. The drug was setting in.

Seifer leaned in and wrapped his lips over Zell's mouth, sucking gently, licking inside of Zell's cheeks, giving soft kisses to those pert lips.

Zell put his arms around Seifer and gave into the kiss just as Seifer began to pull away. Zell opened his eyes and saw the mischievous smile on his face. Then he looked around him. Everyone was leaving... He and Seifer were kissing in the middle of the dance floor.

"Damn... Seifer let everyone see it... Oh, but I want him to kiss me SO BAD..." Zell told himself as he leaned into Seifer and kissed with him once more. After a few more minutes, Zell pulled away and licked his lips, avoiding eye contact with Seifer. But his chin was pulled up and he was forced to look deep into those gorgeous tell-all eyes.

"So now you belong to me." Seifer's deep, sexy tenor voice struck erotic chords inside Zell.

"Mm-hmm" Zell managed, trying to remain unexcited.

"And you'll do whatever I want, right?"


"Good. Tell Squall about the new SeeD rooms." Seifer said as he walked away.

"Hhh..okay..." Zell said as he... blushed.

Zell couldn't find Squall anywhere so he waited in front of the dorms. Eventually, Squall returned and saw the exhausted look on Zell's face.


"Where the hell were you? I was looking everywhere for you."

"Tried the Training Centre?"

"Not dressed like this... Erm..."

"Sorry I made you wait. What's up?"

"I came to tell you that now that we're SeeDs, we have our own rooms. Yours is across from your old one. Cool? G'night. I'm going to sleep." Zell started as he began to walk away.

"Are you mad?"

"Just... Tense."

"I have something for that."

Zell stopped and turned around, inquiringly.

"I got some booze for the '"after party" party.' Care to join me?"

"...Sure. I got nothin' better to do..."


Squall escorted Zell to his new room. Zell was the first to walk in and started looking around. Squall walked into his new room and shut the door behind him. Zell turned to look at Squall but there was... Seifer!


"What? Ah!"

"Well, well... I wasn't expecting you to bring him... This'll make things a little more interesting."

"What are you talking about?" Zell whispered.

"I'm putting Squall on for tonight. I was gonna make this the last time he thought well of me."

"If that's what you're gonna do to me, then give me it. I want it."

Without thinking twice, Seifer reached into his pocket and tossed the small tablet box to Squall. Squall fidgeted with the box before finally getting it open. When he did, he promptly swallowed a pill and got to his knees and went under his bed. A few seconds later, Squall surfaced with a bottle of whiskey. He opened the bottle and swung it back. He looked over at Zell who was glued on Seifer's lips. They both looked so into it. Squall was hurt. He'd hoped that by inviting Zell back with him that HE would be the one kissing him. He sighed. The soft sound was enough to attract Seifer's attention. He pulled away from Zell, pushing on his lips. Zell wanted more, though. The drug was so strong and his urges were stronger.

"Hang on, there, boy, we'll satisfy that frustration soon enough, alright?"

Zell froze. What did Seifer mean? Someone was gonna get laid? There were only three guys. That would mean....

"Aw, no..."

"Squall, you wanna kiss this gentle boy?"


"Aw, come on, sure you do!" Seifer insisted as he threw Zell into Squall.

"Aw, I'm sorry, Squall."

"It's okay, I got you."

The boys heard something cock. They looked at Seifer who was loading his GunBlade. The two lost their breath.

"Are you SURE you don't wanna kiss him for me?"

Squall thought for a second then grabbed Zell and took him into his small bathroom.

"Hey, what are you–"

"Just COME!"

Zell complied.

In the small room, Squall pushed Zell into the sink and put his lips to Zell's. His soft whisper tickled over Zell's open mouth.

"Make him think that this is what we want."

"What? You mean like pretend we enjoy it?"

The door started to open. Seifer popped his head in the door to see Squall towered over Zell in a kissing fit over the sink.


Squall pulled away from Zell and started attacking Zell's jacket.

"Oh, I can't wait to..." Squall suddenly felt dizzy. "get you out of this jacket so I can... lick you all over."

Squall accomplished his task. He ripped Zell's shirt wide open and pressed his lips on his firm pecs, his arms snaking around his waist.

"We shouldn't do this here."

Squall pulled away, breathing heavily.

"You're right. Let's take the bed."

Squall peeled off of Zell and took his hand. He was going to leave the bathroom but Seifer, stunned, was blocking the way.

"Care to step aside?"

Seifer did so. Squall took Zell to his bed and layed him on his back, his shirt wide open. Squall straddled over Zell and put his hands on Zell's chest. This was the first time he'd had the opportunity to do that and it felt nice. He leaned down on Zell, kissing his neck and collar bone. Seifer sat down on a chair next to the bed and took off his jacket, ready to enjoy a show.

And a show was exactly what he was getting. Squall worked his way down Zell's body, hugging his pecs with his lips and poking his nipples with his tongue.

"Oh, god... Squall I'm gonna get a fuckin' hard-on."

"Mmm... Good. Maybe you'll let me play with it..."

Zell sighed of sexual frustration. Seifer braced himself for a night of wild entertainment. Squall went up on Zell and the two kissed, Squall keeping control, rubbing his fingers along Zell's naked torso, occasionally pinching at the flesh caught under his pant line. Both boys moaned out loud and Squall would suck Zell's lips from his face and take a deep breath before doing it again. The two looked deep into each other's eyes, completely ignoring Seifer who watched, his jaw gradually falling. Squall pushed his hips into Zell a few times before raising himself enough to start taking off his own jacket with Zell's assistance. Squall whipped it off completely and threw it on the floor. Then he plastered his naked torso around Zell's who welcomed the warm body in his ready arms. The lips met again and the hands began exploring. But exploring was easier done when you could see what you were doing so Squall pulled away from Zell and tore at his belt.

"God, I want you so bad!"

"Oh, god, Squall, I want you, too! I want you to touch me there, okay?"

"Thank you."

Squall finally got Zell's pants loose and was about to put his hand in when he suddenly hesitated.

"...But first, I want you to kiss me."

Squall did so without protest. He knew that Zell wouldn't make him touch him. They were faking it and didn't want to take things too far. While his tongue was inside the blond's mouth, he decided to do a little something for Zell. He stuck his tongue in and out of Zell's mouth, massaging him friskily. Zell made a circular aperture that fit nicely around Squall's tongue. Squall sat higher on Zell and rubbed his hips hard against Zell. The show went on for a few minutes until Squall felt a hand woven through his hair and it hurt. Squall let go of Zell, stopping the humping and now, sucking air through his teeth in pain.

"Seifer, back off, okay?"

"You shut the fuck up, Zell. You don't think I know this is an act for my benefit?"

"And what if it isn't, Seifer?" Squall asked as he got off of Zell.

He saw the GunBlade in Seifer's other hand. He sat up.

"We'll find out tomorrow, won't we?"

"What do you mean?" Zell asked as he sat up and re-buttoned his pants.

"Do you have ANY idea what I just did to you two?" Seifer asked, sounding rather annoyed.


"I do." Squall replied. "But like you said, we'll see tomorrow. In any case, you can be out of our lives by noon."

"You bet. Now, come on, Zell, I'm bringing you to your room."

"Okay..." Zell replied as he snuck out from under Squall.

"Why can't he stay if he wants to? It WAS his choice to come for a drink in the first place."

"Actually, Squall, you kinda just made my night so I won't be needing that drink anymore."

"Well... If you say so... I guess..." Squall said as he sat back on his bed. "It IS after all, YOUR call."

"Some other time, then?"


"Okay, let's go, Zell." Seifer insisted as he pulled Zell out the door of Squall's room, closing the door behind them.

Squall threw himself on his bed, frustrated.

"What the FUCK was that!?" Squall repeated in his head over and over until he could finally be tired enough to fall sleep.

The next morning, Squall woke to loud banging at his door. He answered it and there was...


"It's.... kinda embarrassing to be here..."

"Come in."

Zell walked in the room as if he were ashamed about something.

"Have a seat."

Zell sat on the corner of Squall's bed and ran a hand through his hair.

"You're up early..."

"Rough night's sleep."


"What happened last night? Did we kiss or did we–" Zell started but stopped.


"...Or did I just dream it?"

"...I don't know... I don't know what happened..."

"How do you feel? Does it feel like something happened?"

".......Yesterday was the graduation..."

Squall sat next to Zell. He put his chin on his hands and his elbows on his knees.

"My lips DO feel like they've had an intense workout..."

"Mine, too... And since Seifer agreed not to kiss me again... It wasn't him..."

"How did you remember that?"

"When you plan something long enough, it gets drilled in. That's why we learn the same things for a week. We forget thanks to the GFs." Squall reviewed.

"Huh. So do you think we did it?"

"Well, judging from the way that I feel, SOMETHING must have gone on..."


"So... Should we... find out?" Squall proposed.

"What do you mean, like?"

"We... could... I dunno, kiss..."

"Sure. Maybe it'll help us find out if we did it..."


The boys leaned into each other... They were about to touch lips but each hesitated to take the final step. The lips never touched.

"You sure you wanna do this?"

"Yeah..." Zell said as he took that last step and latched his lips onto Squall's.

Squall joined his lips to Zell's and put his hand on the tattooed cheek.

The embrace was spectacular and almost... familiar... Zell pulled away from Squall, licking his bottom lip.

"So I guess we did... It felt pretty good."

"Mm-hmm..." Squall agreed as he dove into Zell again.

Zell never protested. In fact, he wrapped his arms around Squall's waist and pulled him in closer. He poked his tongue inside Squall's mouth and massaged the inside as Squall sucked the wet appendage further down his throat. When Squall swallowed, the suction of the kiss drew some of Zell's saliva into his Squall's mouth. Zell pulled away, self-conscious of whether or not Squall would accept his spit in his mouth. He looked deep into Squall's eyes as he saw his Adam's apple drop down then back up.

"Yummy... You taste so good."


Squall leaned into Zell again but was stopped with a stern hand.

"We can't do this, man..."

"....You're right... Can't believe it feels so GOOD, though..."

"Tell you what, I'll see you outside... I hear we already get out first assignment today..."

"Yeah, that's right..."

Zell got up and Squall followed. Zell went to the door and Squall followed. Zell hesitantly leaned in and pecked Squall on the lips.

"*Ahem* Bye..."

"Yeah, bye..."

Zell left. Squall... stopped himself before he followed.

"What the HELL is WRONG with me?!" Squall asked himself as he punched his fist through the wall. "Why the fuck would I... would I go after Zell like that? Am I so fuckin' sick that I want a man that badly?! Not me! It would ruin me..."

"Was that... Do I... DID I... go to... Squall?! To kiss?!" Zell asked, hunched over the rail in the Secret Area. "Wow... It felt... so... good..." Zell chuckled. "Bet I could get him to do it again... He seemed so submissive and wanting... Because... of Seifer... Because of that frickin' pill... But things will be different when we leave. Seifer will..." Zell felt a weird pinch all over his body. "What... What is this?" Zell's breath escaped him. After a few minutes, he caught his breath then made his way back to the dormitory.

Zell had intended to meet Squall back in his room but Squall ran into him upon his exit.



"I was on my way to see you."

"Oh? Why?"

"I had a question... The thought of Seifer makes me hornier than girls ever did. Is that the drug entirely?"

"I... think... I... um... Yeah... It is. It is the drug. What he uses is powerful stuff. But don't worry. He won't use it on us every day. Or, rather, he wouldn't use it on YOU every day. One tablet costs him 135 gil a pop. He may have a lot of money, but he isn't rich. But HE uses it every day."

"So, he's a user?"

"He's the biggest user in all of Garden."

"Does anyone say anything?"

"No. It is not a destructive drug. Like we say, it is an enhancing drug. It helps you remember. But for the cost, it's just better to teach material than to pass out pills every day."

Zell looked like he was in a trance. He didn't seem to be listening to Squall anymore.

"You okay?"

"Hmm?" Zell said as he looked into Squall's eyes instead of his lips.

"What's up?"

"Nothing... It's nothing..."

"It IS. What is it?"

Zell blushed.

"No. I'm not telling."

Squall slowly inched Zell back into a wall behind him. He ran the back of his fingertips down Zell's tattoo, jaw, neck and chest, staring deep into his eyes. Even with the light touch of the backs of his fingers, Squall could feel Zell's heart pound.

"Tell me."

Zell took a deep breath and exhaled.

"I think you know."

Squall pushed away from Zell.

"I want you to say it."

"I want to kiss you."

Squall grinned. Then he looked to both sides to make sure that no one was watching before leaning into Zell, about to kiss him. Zell took Squall's waist and pushed himself off the wall, counteracting Squall and placing him on the wall with his hand still on his waist.

"...But it has to be a quick one because we don't want anyone to see."

"You are such a Chicken-Wuss..."

"Don't call me that..." Zell growled as he dove into Squall's mouth.

Squall wove his hands around Zell's waist and pulled him in closely. He let Zell know that despite everything, he wanted to kiss him. And Zell wanted it, too. He made the kiss so passionate and intimate... The boys found themselves falling for each other. But before things got too intense, Zell pulled away from Squall, a small trail of drool trailing between their lips.

"I feel like a curious little school-girl who just hit puberty."

"Me, too."

"Do you wanna come by later?"


"Okay, wear something comfortable."

"Alright. I'm back off to the Training Centre so I'll see you in a bit." Zell said as he put his hand back on Squall's waist, leaned in and pecked him on the lips.

"Mmm... Bye."


And then , Zell left. Squall decided to forget about what he was doing and clean his room for later.

After an hour of pushing furniture and clothes around, Squall plopped himself down on his bed, exhausted. He closed his eyes to rest them a little bit.

"*Yawn* I'm so tired.. That party sure wore me out last night..."

Squall took off his jacket, pants, and socks leaving on only his T-shirt and boxers. He lay back on his bed and fell asleep.

Not long after, Squall was awoken to the feeling of a tongue tracing his jaw, neck, collarbone... and a hand gently pocketing his manhood. Squall never opened his eyes as he felt soft lips and hot breath graze up the side of his face and over his eyelids.

"Oh... Zell... This is heaven..." Squall said, even though he took the hand off of himself...

But as Squall's hand moved the other boy's hand off of him, that hand took Squall's and put it above his head. Squall opened his eyes to see Seifer's angry, focussed face glaring at Squall's wrists as he tied them furiously to the top of the bed. Squall gasped. Seifer looked at Squall and grinned evilly.

"Not quite Zell, there, hon."

"What are you doing here?!"

"Well, I came to ask you a question."


"So, you like Zell, huh?"

"I'd be lying if I said no..."

"So, what does he do for you that I didn't?"

"Oh, god... Seifer... He's just... just my compensation..."

Seifer ran his hand up under Squall's shirt.

"Is that so? For what?"

Squall sighed inward before letting out a soft moan as Seifer placed his tongue on his neck.

"For you! Oh, GOD, Seifer!!"

Seifer ran his hand up and down Squall's torso.

"Did he ever do anything to you like THIS?"


Seifer straddled over Squall, rubbing his body so gently that Squall became aroused by the mere touch of Seifer's hands.

"So what was it that he does better that could convince you to drop me for HIM? You get a look at his stiff wood?"

"What? NO!! I don't want him for that!"

"Then, why DO you want him, Squall? Why don't you want me anymore?" Seifer asked as he took off his jacket and began unzipping his royal purple, cross-checked sleeveless.

"I don't want you because... you USE! Because you make me feel things that I don't want to! Because you don't let me live my life the way I want to!"

Seifer only smiled.

"I didn't take it this morning. I was saving it for you."


"What are you gonna do, Squall? Scream?" Seifer urged as he pinched Squall's hard nipple then leaned down, his mouth to Squall's... He whispered devilishly. "I DARE you to scream..."

A tear fell from the corner of Squall's eye as he watched Seifer take the pill box from his coat pocket and take a pill. Seifer leaned back down, lowering the pill to Squall's lips.

"What are you gonna do to me this time?"

"Dear Squall, I believe the question is what am I NOT going to do to you this time..."

Squall's lips parted gently and Seifer dropped in the pill. Squall choked it down, another tear rolling down the side of his face.

"...But don't worry, I won't kiss you..."

"If you didn't take it, that means I'll remember something and you won't!"

"Exactly. Now count with me. One, two, three, four, five..."

Squall joined in reluctantly. Every number counted was another lick from Seifer on his torso.

"How come bliss has to be such pain for you, Squall? Why don't you just accept it for what it is instead of what you think it should be?"

" all the good things...feel dirty..."

"And how do I do that?" Seifer said as he glided his hands upward, setting his warm, naked torso on Squall and his tongue in his neck. Then he looked into Squall's eyes. He watched the pupils dilate and the expression on Squall's face flush for a second. He grinned. "One minute, twenty."

Squall's head shamefully turned to the side as Seifer slid down his body. Another tear fell as he felt his silk boxers being pulled off of him.

"It sure is cute, I'll give you that..." Seifer said, looking down at what he had uncovered.

Squall could be heard sniffling.

"Come on, Squall, it's gonna feel so good."

Seifer knew he said something right. He watched as Squall rose to life even more-so now.. He smiled before leaning down and swallowing Squall whole. Squall yelped at the sudden shock then started to panic.

"Seifer, don't! Don't!! PLEASE!!"

Seifer didn't listen. He held down Squall's legs and sucked and bobbed in all the right places, sending signals of bliss to Squall.

"Somebody help me!!! Please! Seifer, stop! I'm begging you!"

A game went on between Seifer and Squall's semi-compliant body, Seifer held Squall down and licked along Squall's shaft, sending vigorous sensations through Squall's body.

"Oh, GOD!!!"

Squall felt himself firm within Seifer's mouth, the tension building. His body began to fidget as Seifer...pleasured him. There was that word that crossed Squall's mind... Pleasure... It felt... good.

"NO!" Squall screamed as that tension rose too far again, ripping though his entire body.

Squall released in Seifer. He looked down to see Seifer's reaction. At the same time, Seifer looked up to see SQUALL'S reaction. Squall was shocked, horrified, sweaty... Seifer was cool, cocky, sure... Squall watched as Seifer swallowed, licked his teeth, smiled and began ascending back on him. Seifer took a mouthful of flesh from Squall's tummy and nibbled and kissed it then licked up to Squall's raised chest and hard nipples. Squall felt leather gripping his strong, but less strong, member, gently massaging it back to rest. Squall closed his eyes. He was disgusted with himself.

"What do you have against pleasure, Squall? Huh?"

"I shouldn't feel pleasure. Not unless it's with someone I love."

"You don't love ME?"



"Seifer... Please leave me... Even if it's just like this. Will you please leave me?"

"No, Squall, you don't understand... I will never leave you. I will always be with you. Because I love you. I love you so much..." Seifer professed his words as he held Squall's face and leaned into him, kissing his salty-teared cheeks.

Squall could feel his whole body fall in pain for those words... New tears were provoked and were promptly licked away by Seifer's lustful tongue.

Squall let out a hurt sigh... Seifer untied the rope from Squall's wrists and put his shirt back on. Squall sat up and held Seifer's face, looking deep into his eyes. He kissed Seifer passionately and with everything he felt inside of his heart. Seifer wrapped his arms around Squall without ever kissing back, but indulging himself in Squall's actions. Squall held Seifer tightly and kissed him from his forehead down to his navel. Seifer moaned at the pleasure he was experiencing and Squall writhed in his enjoyment. Eventually, he kissed his way back up to look at Seifer's beautiful face but there... tears?

"What did I do wrong?"

"......You didn't say it back."

"..........I know..." Squall whispered as he bowed his head.... He thought for a moment before breathing the words past Seifer's parted lips. "I love you."

Seifer held his lips to Squall's, taking a deep breath to his nose. Squall kissed Seifer with everything he had and yet, Seifer never kissed back. Squall pulled away.

"I want to give you permission to kiss me again."


Squall was shocked at Seifer's adamant answer.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I made a promise to you and I will keep it."

"Then make a new promise to me. Be mine."

".....You don't want me, Squall..."

"Yes, I DO!"

"No, you only THINK you want me. Because of 'it'."

"No! 'It' helped me remember how wonderful kissing you felt! It was always ME that wanted it!"

".....Would you have remembered the time I raped you?" Seifer asked solemnly.


"No..." Seifer swallowed. "I didn't think so. I try to block it out but seeing your face always reminds me of it... Until I get you angry at me.. Then I pretend that I never got that close to you..."

"You did WHAT to me?"

".....I overstepped my bounds for control. When it was over, I felt... Well... I felt... I liked it... I liked having that with you. That's why I started you on Tsunami. To think that what went on was two friends becoming closer friends... Up until yesterday, I thought we would always have that... Then when you said I could never kiss you again, I panicked. That's why I struck you. I thought that if you were injured enough, that you would have to stay... with me..."

Fresh tears flooded from Squall. He couldn't even look Seifer in the face to ask his question.

"When did you... HOW could you... DO THIS TO ME?!"

Seifer got up and zipped his shirt back up.

"I'm so sorry... But focus on your hate for me. Then tomorrow, when you wake up, you can have forgotten about me and maybe be in Zell's arms." Seifer hoped as he put his coat back on.

"Fuck, Seifer, I don't want ZELL, I want YOU!!!"



There was silence.

"....Why did you come here, Seifer?"

"I was jealous. I thought I'd lost you. To Zell Dincht."

"It was because you gave us the drugs and they took affect when we were with each other..."


"Yes. Now, do you believe me? Will you kiss me?"

"Yes, I trust you, but no, I won't kiss you, Squall..." Seifer said as he was about to leave.

Squall took Seifer's hand, stopping him, forcing Seifer to look at him.

"What can I do to prove that I love you?"

"Nothing. Do nothing. That will prove it." Seifer left.

Meanwhile, Zell got back to his room and hopped in the shower. He worked up a lather in his hair with his kiwi shampoo. He had his eyes shut tight and was humming himself a tune, leaving him handicapped of three of his senses; sight, sound and smell. Once his hair was rinsed, he felt... Hands! Hands on his face from behind. Zell opened his eyes despite knowing who it was. He felt one of the hands snake toward his mouth and push a tablet through his lips. He opened them and let the pill in. He filled his mouth with water and swallowed the pill.

"Why are you here?" Zell asked.

Seifer's arms wrapped his arms around Zell's wet body. Zell felt skin pressed flatly against his, arms snaking to his chest, a jaw resting on his shoulder, hair rubbing against his neck, sending shivers down his spine.

"Oh, god..."

"I'm here to ask you something.".


Seifer ran his hands up to Zell's pecs, holding them and kissing the trunk of Zell's neck. Zell moaned.

"Who makes it more for you? Me or Squall?"

"Unh... You.. Always you..."

"What do you mean, 'always'?" Seifer asked as he let his right hand trail downward.

"I'm not Squall. I'm not at all like innocent, little Squall. I'm into a few things... I hate you so much that the thought of being with you... my rival arouses me. You arouse me. You always made it for me." Zell started as he closed his eyes, leaning his head back.



"So you ever thought of me jerking you off?"

"Yeah.. But it was only me... MY hand... in the end..."

Seifer licked up to underneath Zell's ear, forcing erotic groans from the tattooed blond. With his hand still on Zell's chest, Seifer felt the heavy thump of Zell's heart. Zell's eyes dilated.

"Oh, god..."

Seifer kissed Zell's jaw and cheek.

"Oh, yeah..."

Seifer's left hand began to massage Zell's pectoral muscles as his right hand wrapped around Zell's hard arousal. Zell groaned again. He couldn't believe Seifer was doing this!

"Why did you give me such a hard time before?"

"How was I to know YOU would join ME in the shower? Ahh.... Mmm..."

Seifer stroked Zell gently, holding him against him, Zell only taking in the sheer enjoyment of the actions... Seifer writhed in Zell's moans and ecstatic twitches. He held, tugged and kissed, bringing the younger man to near climax.

"So, you're leaving me today?.."


"You gonna miss me?"


"Why not?"

"Because I'll have a fill-in."

"You're using Squall to replace me?"

"Yeah... He's doing the same thing.. I KNOW."

"You're very smart, you know that?" Seifer said, pulling Zell closer into him, squeezing him hungrily, nibbling his neck. "I like smart. It's so sexy." He growled.

Zell moaned blissfully.

"Oh, god, Seifer, FINISH me!" Zell begged as he gripped onto Seifer's hands.

With Zell's aid, Seifer stroked faster and harder, sending Zell to heaven and back. Both young men were breathing heavily until Zell finally screamed out loud.

"AAH! YES!!"

Zell released in the shower, the water diluting his seed as it went down the drain. He watched it leave, satisfied... As did Seifer who watched over his shoulder, his hands still on Zell.

"That is some impressive shit, Zell."

"That was fuckin' incredible, Seifer."

Zell turned around and promptly kissed Seifer. Seifer held him tight and kissed back, passionately. Then Zell pulled away and began his descent, keeping his tongue on Seifer's body until he reached Seifer's manhood. It wasn't hard... or... hot... Zell took a deep breath and was about to take Seifer in his mouth but Seifer stopped him. Zell looked up. Seifer took Zell up, off his knees and held him tightly, gazing into his eyes.

"I appreciate the thought but I can't right now..."

"Okay. Thank you, anyway, too..." Zell said as he leaned into Seifer.

Seifer took Zell's jaw and turned the blond's head to give himself better access to the tattoo where he then placed his whole open mouth in a seeming attempt to eat it. Zell let out a sigh of sexual frustration when he felt Seifer's relatively cold tongue graze his closed eyelid. Seifer did a thorough cleaning of Zell's tattoo before stepping away and giving the smaller boy one last kiss on the lips.

"I WILL think of you, you know?"

Seifer smirked.

"I know. I count on it." Seifer said, clicking his tongue as he left the shower.

Zell smiled and rinsed himself off, blushing slightly as he placed a hand on his cheek. Then he got out of the shower and ready for his first day as a Mercenary SeeD member.

The time was now 11:30AM. Seifer sat in his room on the edge of his bed. He had his Hyperion spread across his lap, holding a single bullet. He glanced at his clock and watched the time change to 11:31.

"29 more minutes and Precision Leonheart is out of my life for good."

Seifer took a cloth and buffed the bullet before inserting it in the barrel then closing it. Then he buffed down the gun.

"....All because of me... It's ALL because of ME!" He raved as he swung his Hyperion into the wall.

Then, there was a knock at the door.

"WHAT?!" Seifer yelled.

The door timidly opened and Squall's head popped in.

"What do you want?" Seifer asked with resentment.

"I came to say goodbye."

Seifer looked away and waved a hand almost in a manner that showed dismissal. Like Seifer didn't want to see Squall ever again.

"Let the healing begin, please, God?" Seifer prayed silently, hoping Squall would leave.

But Squall entered the room and extended his hand to Seifer.

"Regardless, I AM going to miss you."

Seifer said nothing. Squall put his hand down. Then he began to leave when he noticed the GunBlade.

"When I come back, I expect you to have practised for our next battle."

Squall watched as a soft smirk graced Seifer's lips.

"...So there's no reason to toss it away like that."

Seifer stuck his tongue between his lips to moisten them, then swallowed.

"I'll do that. And you keep training, too, 'kay? And don't leave yourself open again or I might have to cut ya."

The boys smiled. Seifer was trying to be funny? Whoa...

"Well, I'm leaving, unless you wanna snag a kiss for the road." Squall hinted to Seifer.

"I'm not gonna kiss you, Squall, you know why..."

"Because you've kissed me enough? Or that you think I'm still going to kill you if you DO?"

"No, because I'm not going to let you leave with me still having feelings for you..."

"Why?" Squall asked as he approached Seifer, semi-seductively, "Afraid I might like it?"

"Don't try to convince me that you're 'that way,' Squall, not just before you leave me."

"Why do you never just say I'm leaving? You always say I'm leaving YOU..."

"Well, you ARE... You're leaving me regardless of my feelings for you."

"Why don't you just kiss me? One last time. Just for me."

"Because it would hurt too much to see you go afterward. You proved after our fight that we can't stay kissing forever. Believe me, I TRIED!"

"What if I could make it worth your while?"

Seifer scoffed. "I dare you to try."

Squall removed his gloves and approached Seifer, taking his hands. He positioned himself above Seifer on the bed, straddling over Seifer's knees. He removed Seifer's gloves and took two of the digits in his mouth, sucking desperately. He licked so cat-like that Seifer was surprised that Squall, innocent Squall could suggest such things with his tongue. Squall removed his tongue and gazed deeply into Seifer's adoring eyes.

"...Did I enjoy it?"



"That's why I wanted you to think that it was only kissing."

"Why are you finally telling me this?"

"Because now that you're leaving me, I figure there's no need for secrets..."

"....If you won't kiss me, will you at least take your clothes off?"

Seifer chuckled.


"Please? I'll do it, too..."

"What will this prove?"

"That there's nothing we're hiding from one another. And... maybe for old time's sake... You might let me remember something.... if it comes to it..."

Seifer slowly took off his jacket and held Squall tightly, gazing deeply into his eyes.

"You have no idea how much that would mean to me..." Seifer whispered as he grazed his lips against the scar on Squall's forehead.

The boys pulled apart and stood up. And instead of undressing themselves, they would take turns undressing each other. They removed their boots and socks. Squall unzipped Seifer's shirt and opened it, admiring his perfect tan, his perfect muscles, his perfect form... Squall looked up to his perfect eyes... removing the shirt completely, retracting his hands while grazing his fingertips along Seifer's trunk. Both were titillated from the feeling. When Squall's hands made it back to the front of Seifer's body, they immediately went for the belt. Once that was open, Squall opened the catch and the zipper on Seifer's pants. Squall looked up to Seifer. His review was hungry... lustful... passionate. Squall tucked his hands inside of Seifer's waistband, tugging his pants down. When they made it past Seifer's buttocks, they fell easily after that. Squall brought his hands back to the front of Seifer, finally pulling down the black satin boxers. Seifer stepped out of his clothes. Squall took a step back to admire the whole tan, the whole view, the whole... vision.

"Absolutely gorgeous... You're beautiful..."

Seifer ignored the compliments and went straight for Squall's jacket. Once he removed that, he tugged Squall's shirt up, Squall helping by raising his arms. Seifer got the shirt off and looked at the white torso, holding it, kissing it... up to Squall's neck. Squall pushed away, looking into Seifer's eyes, asking for him to finish the job. Seifer leaned in and worked ferociously on Squall's belts. When they both dropped to the floor, the pants and boxers fell next. Squall stepped out of his clothes and Seifer stepped back to take in his view as well.


"I guess it's just anxious..." Squall said on account of his arousal.

Seifer walked into Squall, holding him, kissing his ear and then hugging again. He put the smaller boy on the bed and straddled over him. Squall pulled Seifer down to kiss him. Squall kissed but Seifer didn't. Though, he kissed Squall's jaw, his neck, his collarbone, his chest, his nipples, his sternum... Everything was left with a wet feeling which froze Squall with the gentle breeze. Seifer kissed till his lips met the base of Squall's throbbing shaft. He let his tongue glide down to the tip where he then placed a singly kiss. Squall whined. He wanted attention. He wanted REAL kisses. He wanted to show Seifer that he could make it worth his while... Seifer was just about to go down completely on Squall but the younger boy's insistent body language refused him that chance. Squall's arms forced Seifer's shoulders up, doubling for Seifer to look up at him. Squall's eyes asked Seifer to get off of him. Seifer read the expression as a desperate attempt to get out of the situation so he stood up, off of Squall. Squall quickly followed Seifer off the end of the bed and got on his knees, digging his fingers into Seifer's strong thighs. At that point, Seifer assumed that he misread Squall and was going to allow him to do as he wished. He sat on the edge of his bed and Squall settled himself comfortably between his lover's legs. He took a deep breath, formed a ring with his mouth and dove it over Seifer, taking him in completely. Seifer jumped at the sudden situation. Squall swallowed Seifer even further than Seifer had done on him. Seifer could feel his tip at the back of Squall's troat, driving him wild with the sensations of Squall's mixed sucking and swallowing, his muscles contracting rhythmically over Seifer's strong manhood. Squall soothed Seifer, never creating severe tension but always sustaining that forceful pleasure. Squall pulled back just enough to breath. Seifer moaned, as did Squall. Squall's moan created a reverberation over Seifer, sending thrills up his entire body, forcing him to groan aloud. Squall smiled around Seifer's erection before removing himself. He was ready. Seifer was ready. They both knew it. Squall got off his knees and wrapped his arms around Seifer. He kissed him, but again, Seifer didn't kiss back. Squall thought he'd almost felt it, but he was soon proven wrong. He pulled away and looked into the lustful, silver eyes. Seifer closed his eyes and opened his hungry mouth, devouring Squall's neck and jaw line. Squall moaned harder than Seifer, completely immersed in bliss! He took it in for the first time! Squall was enjoying the things that should feel so good! The next thing Squall knew, he was on his back with his legs wrapped around Seifer's waist. Seifer looked down adoringly as he descended, nabbing Squall's flesh in his teeth. Without another word, Seifer entered Squall a little less than gently. Squall yelped and looked down to see if it was really happening. Then he looked into Seifer's eyes. Seifer was towering over him, confident, gorgeous... Seifer leaned down and whisked his lips across Squall's, sucking them up in the process. Then he thrust himself into Squall, revelling in the friction created by Squall's small body. Seifer hit a sweet spot within Squall, forcing blissful sighs from the now not-so-innocent boy. Both boys writhed in their give-and-take positions for pleasing each other. The breathing got heavier and Squall could swear that he saw Seifer smiling which caused him to smile at the thought of it. Seifer focussed his gaze on the vision under him. The heavy breathing and warm sweat and the smell of sex drove both boys wild with desire. Seifer kept hitting that special place within Squall and the look on his face was priceless. Squall's eyes were shut loosely, his head falling back, his mouth wide open with a lustful smile... Seifer kissed his throat and continued to push into his lover. In good time, Squall wanted to try something different. He found a way to control the muscles in his body, putting special pressure on Seifer within him, pushing him over the edge. Squall looked at Seifer and grinned wickedly. Seifer closed his eyes and groaned, his orgasm ripping through him like a knife through flesh.

"OOOOOOOOOHHHH, GOD!!!!!" Seifer screamed as he released within Squall.

Squall also screamed but for his own reason. Hot seed filled deep within him and it was like nothing he'd ever felt before. It was certainly nothing he would let himself feel before...

Seifer was satisfied. He was finished. He had it with Squall again. And Squall wanted it this time. He collapsed on top of Squall with a deep sigh, losing all the air in his lungs, also pushing the air out of Squall as well. Squall held Seifer on his chest.

"That was the most absolute incredible... WOW!!! *pant* I've never had a fuckin' orgasm like that before!"


Seifer pulled himself up off of Squall a little bit and kissed him. Gently, perfectly. Seifer wasn't aggressive, only passionate. Squall took in Seifer's lips as best he could, indulging fully in his ordeal. Seifer strangely pulled away, looking concerned.


"You didn't shoot."

"No big deal..."

"No, it IS..." Seifer said as he climbed down Squall's body until he met with that beautiful, freestanding member.

Squall watched as Seifer wrapped his hand around his erection, at first, pumping slowly, almost teasingly. Then the movements sped up and Seifer looked so focused and determined to make that weeping organ cry for mercy that he worked toward his goal. With vigorous strokes and soft blowing on the tip, Seifer achieved his task. Squall shrieked as he felt his own orgasm peak within– and with-OUT him. He looked at Seifer who was keeping his tip warm by holding it in his mouth. Seifer pulled away and swallowed, grinning at Squall as he went back up and kissed him, letting Squall taste himself. It was sour and not very tasty but he didn't think very much of it. He got Seifer to kiss him again and it was good. It almost felt like Seifer was saving up fantastic kisses to make this one make up for lost time. He held Seifer's face and kissed in a way that almost seemed like there was a sense of gratitude attached to it... Then Seifer pulled away, miserably.

"*Ahem* You should take a shower... You want to be clean and you don't want to be late, right?"

"...Yeah..." Squall agreed as he got up, walking toward Seifer's bathroom.

Seifer watched the naked boy walk into the shower, still spilling seed from his behind. He looked down at his sheets and the floor then smirked.

"Totally worth it."

It was now 11:55. Squall made it to Seifer's door and got one last kiss goodbye.

"I'm gonna quit using it..." Seifer said between kisses.


"Because there's something better out there."



That kind of comment certainly deserved a kiss and Squall poured his soul into a goodbye kiss for Seifer that he would never forget.

"Are you on it now?"

"Yeah... But only today..."

"Well, I know you'll remember THAT one..." Squall said as he watched Seifer melt into the floor.

Squall pulled Seifer up and held him, looking into his eyes.

"Remember to be ready for that next battle."

"I will." Seifer growled against Squall's mouth.

One last kiss and Squall took the door knob. He opened it and gave Seifer one last peck on the lips.

"Goodbye, lover."

"Goodbye... Lover."

Seifer tucked a little box in Squall's front pant pocket. Then Squall made off to the Front Gate.

Zell met with Squall for their first mission. He raced to the Front Gate on his T-Board and jumped off of it, landing on Squall, tackling him to the ground.

"What the hell are you doing, Dincht?!"

Zell pinned Squall down and put his face to the brunette's. Zell was panting heavily.

"We're going to Timber!"

"What's your point?"

Zell hunched down and whispered in Squall's ear.

"You ever heard of 'Morning Glory'?"

"...Yeah... The drug that allows you to hallucinate during sex so you can think you're with someone else." Squall said, semi-curious.

"I'm getting it! At two gil a pop!"

"No way!" Squall yelled, excitedly, pushing Zell up, off of him, then getting up, himself. "How did you pull THAT off?"

"I talked to an old friend of mine. Turns out he's the one that makes it."

"Wow..." Squall started as he gazed into Zell's eyes, fitting his hands into the blond's back pockets. "So, is it gonna be you and me?"

"I hope so... It's up to you."

"That's gonna be amazing."

"I know."

Then, finally, the boys were able to catch the train along with Selphie. The boys went to the special SeeD cabin. Zell entered first and bounced up and down on the couch while Squall closed the door.

"You read Weapons Monthly?"

"Nope..." Squall responded as he fished the small box that Seifer gave him out of is pocket.

"What's that?" Zell asked curiously.

"A gift from Seifer, I suppose." Squall replied as he opened the box.

Inside, there were two small white pills and two light blue ones. There was also a note. Squall opened the letter.

"Dearest Squall,

There never seems to be an easy way to say goodbye. So I found the perfect little gift for you. Zell. I don't expect you to wait for me. I know you love me and that means everything I need it to. I love you, too. Take a blue and a white pill and think of me. When you get to Timber, there will be a package of blue waiting for you in the hotel. I don't mind if you are with someone else, although I'll be wishing it was me more than anything.

Be free, Squall, enjoy life, enjoy pleasure and bliss. I'll be thinking of you and how happy you made me today and always.

I love you.


Squall held back a tear but let out a smile.

"What? What's it say?" Zell asked, stretching out his neck in a vain attempt to see what was written.

Squall approached Zell seductively, handing him a white and a blue tablet.

"It says these are for you..." Squall started as Zell took the tablets, "And you're all for me..." He growled seductively as he sat in Zell's lap and kissed him violently.

Zell somehow non-verbally convinced Squall to pull away.

"We didn't take them yet."

"I know..." Squall smiled. I wanna know what YOU're like before I start taking Tsunami AND Morning Glory..."

"That would be so cool... So are we just taking the white one, then?"

Squall smiled, took his white tablet and put it to Zell's lips. It was immediately swallowed. Zell gave his to Squall and handed him the blue one for safe-keeping. Squall swallowed the white one and planted his lips firmly on Zell's before quickly pulling away.

"I fucked Seifer today."

"You WHAT?"

"I...let...him...have his way with me and holy shit, it was incredible."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because he was beyond mind-blowing. But you're a ball of energy waiting to go off and you're so versatile and I wanna give YOU a test, too."

"Are you serious?"

"I wanna fuck you like crazy."

"Alright, then... You can get things started, then."

Squall got up and locked the door. While returning to Zell, Squall removed his jacket, gloves and weapon. When he got to the couch, he dropped to his knees and began opening Zell's pants. When they were open, he pulled open Zell's red silk boxers and pulled the throbbing organ out to be exposed. No words were exchanged before Squall took a dive into Zell's manhood. Zell reacted out of shock, gasping surprisingly. Squall just kept his eyes closed as he sucked, bobbed, licked, stroked, tasting the firm flesh between his lips. Zell watched as Squall pleasured him. He didn't even seem to be focussing on giving him pleasure. He just looked like he wasn't thinking of anything... Like he really knew what he was doing. Zell certainly believed that Squall was doing everything right! He moaned and his whole body tingled at the new sensation. Zell had never been experienced like this before.

"No one before you..." Zell thought... "No one wanted me... wanted IT..."

The boys felt the Tsunami settle in their bodies. At this point, things would be memorable. Squall ignored the effects of the drug and stuck on Zell like flies on honey. Zell felt completely invigorated. Squall pulled away.

"Not yet..."

"Just tell me when you want me to get you off."


Squall went back down, holding the erect member in his mouth. He didn't suck or stroke very hard, allowing Zell to feel pleasure without having to climax.

"Oh, god, Squall, you're amazing. I don't want you to ever stop..."

Squall took Zell in completely, sucking a little hard, dragging his lips down to the tip, then kissing it.

"Okay, Zell, I won't stop."


Squall put his lips on the extreme tip of Zell's strong arousal before looking up at him. Zell looked a little worried when he saw Squall grin. Squall sucked the tip ferociously which made Zell afraid he would get a hickey there. He groaned loudly in sexual frustration before Squall stopped sucking but never broke the bond. Then Squall blew a little bit of air INTO Zell, causing him to scream out, his entire body starting to fidget and buck into Squall's mouth. Zell settled back down to his seat and Squall played fair again, just kissing, licking, sucking, stroking.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... God, Squall, fuck me now! Fuck me HARD!"

Squall got up, off of his knees and smirked at Zell.

"You're gonna have to undress me first."

Zell slid off of the couch and went to his knees, immediately ripping at Squall's belts, pulling him in closer with every hard tug. Both belts dropped with satisfying thuds. Squall watched as Zell feverishly worked at his pants, succeeding. Squall sat down on the couch and pushed off his boots. Then Zell was able to remove his pants. He reached his hands up to Squall's waist, pulling the boxers down. Zell got up and stepped out of his shoes and pants before pouncing on Squall and his lips. Between kisses, Zell managed to take Squall's shirt off and kiss down to his nipples, swirling his tongue around in a way that made Squall beg him to stop teasing him. Squall pushed Zell away far enough that he could remove Zell's jacket and tank top, licking at the base of his neck. Squall supported Zell as he made a descent to the floor, kissing Zell on the way.

"Did you bring anything?"

"Rubbers." Zell replied breathlessly.

"Why did you come so prepared?" Squall asked as he started humping his arousal against Zell's.

"Oh, god... This is... Unh! I figured you'd wanna do it with me if we were both on Glory!"

Squall kissed up Zell's neck.

"Where are they?" Squall growled.

"In my bag."

Squall reached behind him and tossed the bag beside Zell's head before descending on the blond once more. Zell found it extremely difficult to focus on getting a rubber out with Squall sucking on him. But at one point, Zell managed to get it out. He ripped the wrapper open with his teeth and Squall came back up on him. Squall hovered over Zell completely. Zell reached his hands down and slid the latex over Squall's incredible manhood. Then Squall propped Zell up from under him, wrapping the blond's legs around his waist.

"Are you ready?"

"Squall, before you, there was... I've never..."

"Alright... I'll go gentle."

Squall slowly inserted himself inside of Zell. The blond's whole body tightened, almost trying to force Squall out of it.

"Oh, god, Zell..."

"I'm sorry, Squall..."

"No... Don't be.." Squall soothed before pushing himself in completely to Zell.

Zell let out a loud yelp through his clenched teeth, his eyes closed tightly as well.

"Squall, I'm gonna remember pain!"

"No, you're not, you'll know only pleasure now. And I'm gonna give it to you."

"Okay, I trust you..."

Squall leaned down and kissed Zell, he held his legs next to him and Zell had his fingers digging into the carpet. Squall slowly thrust into Zell, each time, drawing less loud winces from the tattooed boy. When the whining stopped, Zell found that there was a place inside of him that Squall was touching, forcing his erection to stand even prouder. Zell started to moan blissfully, as did Squall, occasionally leaning down to kiss any parts of Zell that he could. Squall managed to get himself back to Zell's lips. The suction was so great that Squall thought he would never get his lips back. When he opened his teeth to stick his tongue in the penetrated boy, he was surprised to have Zell's tongue already forcing it's way into his mouth and giving him very much the same treatment as Squall was showing Zell a little further down.

Then Zell felt... a hand wrapped around his free member. It was stroking quickly, up and down as if it needed Zell to climax. The hand wrapped harder and tugged mercilessly but it never hurt. It felt wonderful. Zell felt himself about ready to release.

"I jerked off to the thought of being with you."


"Last night before the dance. Then watching you move made me so... Even if Seifer hadn't made us do all that stuff and say all those things, I would have done it."

"You're such a liar."

"Innocent little me?" Squall asked, his lips near Zell's.

"Not so innocent anymore, Squall..."

"Good. Now I can stay with the sexiest blond in all of Garden."

"Stop saying things like that. You already got me."

"Come on, Zell, you're the biggest tease on Garden and now that you're gone, I can have you all to myself and everyone can just be jealous. Are you ready, Zell?"


Squall grabbed Zell like an animal and jerked him wickedly as he pushed into him, maintaining a perfect rhythm. He leaned in and kissed Zell, feeling his strength drained to that one place.

"Come on, Zell, shoot. That way, next time, I'll let you fuck me."

The words aroused Zell to the fullest extent that his body could handle. With a loud groan, Zell released between himself and Squall. Squall brought a sticky hand up to Zell's mouth and put a seed-covered finger in the blond's mouth. Zell took in the digit and sucked it clean, then swallowed before licking him lips. Squall smirked.

"Mmm... Good boy." Squall said seductively as he leaned off of Zell.

Zell's eyes followed Squall as Squall removed himself from the boy. Zell groaned at the sudden discomfort.

"You didn't go."

"That's okay, it felt great anyway."

"Wouldn't you rather blow that tension?"

"Twice in one day?"

"I already did twice today... C'mon, Squall let me finish you off. Let me blow that tension."

Squall leaned back and allowed Zell to remove the protective latex and wrapped a hand around Squall's base. Then he inhaled the tip, creating a hot seal around Squall's anxious strength. Zell stroked a few times and sucked forcefully.

"Zell, I'm ready."

Zell pulled up sightly and looked up and Squall.

"Mmm... Good."

Zell went back down on his lover and licked from the base to the tip before covering it completely. Squall let out a loud groan and his whole body convulsed, releasing in Zell's mouth. Squall looked down to see what Zell would do. Zell was still on him, sucking the organ clean, swallowing all the evidences of what went on in that small room.

The boys got up and stood there naked. They each pulled the other in for a kiss.

"Thank you," they said together before taking in another kiss.

Then they pulled away. Squall grabbed his boxers and wiped Zell's chest clean of his seed.

"Haha... I'd almost forgotten you're the tidy one..."

"Yah, I don't want Selphie to see... Although, at this point, I don't really care." Squall started as he looked into Zell's electric blue eyes. "I wanna tell the world that I got you AND Seifer!"

"Wow... I could say the same."

"We must be the luckiest guys in the world."

"I think so."

"Me, too."

The boys kissed again but were disturbed by the knocking at the door.

"Guys? Can I come in? I'm bored out there and it sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun in there!"

"Just a minute, Selph!" Zell said as he scrambled to get is clothes on.

"We just gotta put the furniture back!" Squall said as he tried to get one of his belts on.

Zell grabbed the other and put it around Squall's waist, buckling it like a pro. Zell used his grip around Squall's belt to pull him in for one last kiss then went to open the door.

Selphie walked in and sniffed the air.

"Hmm... Smells like sweat. You guys musta had one heavy training workout."

"Uh... Sure... Yeah." Squall replied with a smirk directed at Zell.

"Hey, Selph, are you alright?" Zell asked, concerned about Selphie's dizziness.

"I don't feel so good..." Selphie started before falling into Zell's arms.

Zell put Selphie down on the couch before starting to feel dizzy himself...

"What's that... that noise?" Zell asked before passing out on the couch as well.

Squall stood in the middle of the floor, worried about what was happening.

"Is this... a trap?" He managed before collapsing to the floor.


To be continued?
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