Warning - Yes, this is a non-sap, non-humor Seifer mpreg.  Impossible, but true.  My mind is just that warped.

Unwanted Care

By Sukunami

Curled in a mass of blankets, Seifer attempted the apparently impossible task of warming his body from its chilled state despite the heated day outside.  It didn't matter anyway.  He knew the moment that he'd find some kind of comfort, it'd be time to run to the bathroom for the event of trying to puke out his stomach.  Not like there was really anything in his stomach to lose, but bile could most possibly slip out and like hell he wanted that on the sheets he was sleeping on.  He didn't want to move, let alone clean anything.

Rolling onto his other side, the blonde pressed his face into a pillow, wrapping an arm underneath it to block air from his nose and mouth.  After a few moments, he eased his hold to enable himself to breathe once again, cursing the fact that it was hopeless to commit suicide that way.  The human body simple wouldn't allow it.  And really, Seifer didn't want to die.  He just wanted this hell to be done with, or better yet, to have never begun.

If possible, the room seemed to get colder with a very familiar chill.  Trying to ignore that coldness, Seifer kept his eyes closed in the hopes that it would go away and leave him to his misery.  Unfortunately, that never worked.  Growling with an anger that did better to warm him than the blankets, Seifer sat up and fixed piercing green eyes on the intruder into his room.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing here?"

With an expression of calm boredom, Squall looked up from his position of leaning against the doorframe.  "Raijin and Fujin are worried about you."

Teeth clenched, the blonde swore silently to deal with his 'friends' later.  "Isn't that sweet of them, but we both know you don't give a shit, so get the fuck out of my face."

"You're ill."

"Oh, no.  I'm far worse than ill, Squally-boy, but that still doesn't make it any concern of yours.  Go back to your princess and fantasy palace where you belong."

"What's wrong?"

A practiced smirk came easily to Seifer.  "You don't really want to know, do you?  Just trying to be Mister Good Guy Hero like always.  Well, there's no way in hell I'm going to tell you anything, so go home and get out of my life."

"... ..."

"Go home, Leonhart!"

When the brunette still didn't move and only focused his cool gaze of gray-blue on his rival, Seifer grabbed his pillow and threw it at the stoic man before realizing how ridiculous the 'attack' was.  Squall didn't even try to block or dodge the pillow, the item thumping against his face and chest, then dropping to the floor.  A hand covering his face, the blonde silently wished that someone would strike him down before he did something else stupid.

"What do you want from me?  Don't you have enough to prove your godlike superiority?"

"... ..."

An arm encircled tightly around his midsection, Seifer focused on the corner of the bed.  "If I tell you, will you leave me alone?"

"... ..."

"Swear on your blade that you'll leave and I will tell you."

"I won't leave you like this."

"Why not?  There's no good blood between us.  Only spilt blood."

The brunette moved from his spot at the door and stepped closer to the bed.  "Tell me.  Maybe I can help."

Seifer snorted at the offer, wondering why the savoir of humanity would even bother with him.  Then again if he told the SeeD commander, there was the fairly good possibility of the man either running in terror at Seifer's situation or else doing him the favor of killing him and ending it all painlessly.  It didn't really matter.  Squall was worse than persistent when he found something that actually interested him, so there was probably no escape from telling the man everything.

"Ultimecia was from the future, yes?  Don't you think she knew the outcome to our little battle for the world?"

"The past can be changed."

"Perhaps, but she knew very well about the good possibility of losing to SeeD.  Only Edea's resistance to being controlled by the sorceress kept her from killing you and the rest of the kiddies sooner.  Because of her foresight, my mistress made certain to have a backup plan incase of her demise."  Lifting his gaze to focus on Squall, the blonde sneered and announced, "She created a clone of herself, and lucky me as the ever loyal knight, I get to carry the bitch."

The stoic expression broke into confusion.  "Carry her?  How?"

"Fuck if I know!  She did her magical wonders and now I'm pregnant with her 'gift' to the world.  That's all she would tell me along with the little tidbit that I can't get rid of the fucking thing since it's protected by magic or some other crap like that."  Falling back flat onto the mattress, Seifer stared up at the yellowed ceiling and chuckled darkly.  "A pregnant whore, that's all I am."

After a time of stark silence, Squall said, "Come with me to Esthar."

"Go away, Leonhart, and forget that I even existed.  Don't worry, I'll kill the monster once it comes out of me."


"Shit, were you even listening to me or did you go scampering off to that little pink, happy place of yours?  Ultimecia is growing within me as we speak!  I won't let her fuck this world up again."

"You don't know that."

Flaming green eyes narrowed as Seifer attempted to glare at the man from his prone position.  "What?!  Do you think that I don't know what's been done to my own body?"

He shook his head.  "It's her clone only in body, not in mind."

"Don't be naive, Squally-boy."

"Either way, you need care.  Come with me."

"What don't you understand about the words, 'leave me fucking be'?"

"I can't."

Before another word could be spoken, Squall raised his hand with the soft whisper of 'sleep' and the blonde found himself wrapped in the cool wisps of the spell that he couldn't resist due to his weakened state.  Eyelids closing against his command, he muttered a curse as darkness took him in her arms.

Groggy from the spell induced sleep, it took Seifer several long moments to understand first why the room was so bumpy, and then the reason behind only half of his body feeling warm.  Finding himself resting against Squall while in a first-class compartment of a train was the last thing he expected.  The arm of lean muscle wrapped around his waist was certainly another unwanted oddity.

"Get off me, queer," he muttered while shoving the smaller man away.

Squall let himself be moved, crossing his arms indifferently over his chest.

Frowning, Seifer looked out the window to notice an expanse of water.  "Where the hell are you taking me?"


Green eyes widened slightly.  "And why would I be stupid enough to go there?  You should realize that I'm on the 'kill first, ask questions later' list in that country."

"Someone in Esthar owes me big."


"So, you need care that their technology can best offer."

Seifer snorted.  "Listen, just give me the gil to make it back to Galbadia and I'll forget about your kidnapping attempt."

"... ..."

"Leonhart.  That wasn't a suggestion."

"... ..."

"What the fuck do you want from me?!"

Cool gray-blue eyes focused on the man.  "To be safe."

"I was fine by myself, and I will be fine on my own without any of your so-called help."

A dark eyebrow arched in a manner that asked, 'is that so?'. 

At the critical gaze, Seifer clutched the fabric of his shirt that had gotten even looser over the past few months, forget the torn pants that were only held up by rope.  "This isn't your concern, Leonhart.  I thought that at least you would understand that I don't want people mixed up in my business."

"Even if it means your death?"

"Then she'd die with me and everyone will be happy.  Or rather, they probably wouldn't even notice the service."

The quiet mercenary shook his head, silky strands of brown brushing his forehead.  "Not everyone."

Growling at the bothersome persistence of his rival, Seifer sat back in his seat and massaged a temple.  "I'm not getting out of this, am I?"

"... ..."

"How do you know that they won't kill me?  Especially considering what I happen to be carrying."

"I won't let them."

"Oh, and you're so certain that they'll bow down to your greatness?  Get your head out of your ass, Squally-boy.  Once that king of theirs learns about me, there will be soldiers all over us."

Closing his eyes, a small smirk was the only response Squall offered to relieve such worries.

The sound of the front door being unlocked immediately woke the dozing mercenary, a frown coming to his lips once noticing the blanket on him that hadn't even been in the room when he had first sat down on the couch.  Squall soon entered the large apartment, bags of groceries causing him to walk a little less gracefully than normal.  The brunette briefly looked at Seifer to see he was awake, and then continued into the adjoining kitchen without a word.

Pulling off the blanket and dropping it to the floor, Seifer pushed himself up from the couch with some effort.  He walked to the low wall that separated the kitchen from the rest of the room and also served as a bar area with stools placed under the extended counter space.  Leaning on that flat surface, he watched as Squall unpacked the numerous bags of groceries.

"What crap are you going to make for dinner?"

"Any requests?"

Resting his head on the counter, Seifer replied peevishly, "No.  Don't know what I want."

"Eggs mixed with soft sausage?"

Seifer frowned at the realization that it sounded really good.  Nice and spicy.  "Fine.  If that's all you can handle."  After a few more moments of watching the commander unpack, he said, "You know, it's boring as hell here.  I'm going out for awhile, maybe pick up something to entertain myself during this prison sentence."

Not even pausing in his task, the brunette said over his shoulder, "Take the cell."

"No, I don't think so."

"It's about to rain.  Call if you want to be driven back."

"I'm not taking the damn phone, Leonhart.  And stop treating me like some prissy girl that can't handle some water."

"Take the cell," he said in a tone that clearly meant, 'take it, or I'm going with you.'

Growling, Seifer grabbed the cell phone from its charger.  "Fine!  Enjoy this while you can, Squally-boy.  I'm going to kick your scrawny ass once I'm one-hundred percent again."

Seeing that there wasn't going to be a response to the pathetic threat, Seifer huffed and headed to the front door.  After putting on his dark gray trench coat, he stepped out into the cool, early evening air and dug his hands deep into the pockets of his coat.  Though he had mentioned buying something, Seifer knew that he wasn't going to be able to persuade himself to walk into some brightly lit store.  In Garden he had taken great pride in his ability to get any woman with a smirk and a nod of his head in the direction of the nearest bedroom.  The personification of sex, some called him.  But now with his potbellied figure, Seifer could already hear the laughs of the women he would preposition, and the idea of it only worsened his mood.

As he walked without aim, Seifer fingered the cell phone in his pocket.  For over two months the persistent, overbearing commander had been taking care of him, and the blonde was near certain that one of them was going to be murdered before the due date in another four months.  More than likely, Squall was the one destined to die young.  No matter the insult or the amount of thrown punches, Shiva's Lover was colder than ever and never broke his typical frozen front.  It was frustrating Seifer to no end.

Hugging his trench coat tighter, he reluctantly admitted that he owed plenty to the commander.  Who knew the bastard could cook.  Nothing fancy, but it still tasted better than good.  And of course with Squall's family connection to the damn president of Esthar, they got the highest quality in living arrangements and food without worry of cost.  Better yet, the apartment complex was located in the outer rim of the main city, thus few people were around to question the two young men living together, Seifer close to looking obviously pregnant.  It would be an understatement to say that this current situation was nicer than what he had back in Galbadia.

"Thus once again, I owe my life to Squall fucking perfect Leonhart," he growled out while looking up at the sky lined with dark clouds, just in time to have several large raindrops smack him in the face.

Cursing his luck, Seifer stopped and hesitated before turning back to the apartment easily a couple of miles away by now.  But before he had taken ten steps, the clouds broke into a heavy downpour where anything further than several feet was blurred behind the curtains of water.  Pulling his trench coat up over his head to block out some of the rain, Seifer made way to a clump of trees that did little to shield him for the downpour.  Since being implanted with the growing clone, the blonde suffered from a permanent chill and the thorough soaking from the rain certainly wasn't helping any.

For nearly twenty minutes he stood under the thinly branched trees, clutching the cell phone in his hand with a near crushing hold.  He didn't want to call for a ride back since the act would only prove the commander right about taking the phone.  But walking in the downpour in his condition would be infuriatingly slow going, not to mention the potential that he could seriously hurt himself by falling in the street that had been turned into a shallow river.

After another ten minutes of waiting and the only change in weather being an addition of wind, Seifer flipped open the cell phone and dialed the apartment.


"Damn it, Leonhart, what are you still doing in the apartment?  I'm freezing out here."

<Where are you?>

"I don't know.  Turn left after the apartment complex and follow the road.  I'm about forty minutes out walking distance."

There was a click of disconnection from the other side, Squall not even vocal enough to bother with a 'later' or 'be there in five'.  Seifer was very tempted to throw the phone into the water flooded streets, but he didn't want to have to explain how he lost the cell.  Instead, he settled on growling out every minute Squall wasted in fetching him.  Six snarls later, white lights momentarily blinded him before Seifer could discern the black jeep from the dark, rainy evening.  Pushing off from the tree he had been leaning against, he strode up to the vehicle as the passenger door was opened for him from the inside.

The sodden blonde climbed into the jeep and had a towel immediately tossed into his lap.  After drying his face with the blessedly warm and fluffy material, green eyes focused on the silent commander.  There was nothing.  No smirk, no glint to his eyes, or anything else that could suggest Squall wanted to shove a 'I told you so' in his face.  Just the same expression as the day the brunette had kidnapped him.

"Thanks."  The word left him without thought, barely louder than the sound of the jeep's engine.

Squall glanced over then, the ice harden eyes softening for a brief moment.  "No problem."

While sitting back and enjoying a good laugh over the latest non-fiction book about the Third Sorceress War, Seifer was interrupted by loud knocking at the front door.  After sending a glare in that direction and failing to set the door ablaze, he dropped the book onto the side table and pushed himself off the couch with an annoyed groan.  It took some effort as he walked to the entrance, then opening the door enough to look outside and yet still hide his bulk.


Blinking, Seifer couldn't hold back a wide grin.  "Baby girl.  And hey, Raijin.  What the hell are you two freaks doing here?"

With the door opened wide for the two friends, Fujin launched forward to hug the blonde roughly.  After a squeezing moment, she leaned back to poke the large midsection and grinned knowingly.  "FAT."

"Phft.  Don't have to tell me about it.  Get in and close the door behind you, Raijin.  It's too fucking cold outside."

While the twosome were kicking off their shoes, Squall entered the front area looking unsurprised at the additional people.  "Dinner will be ready in five.  Might as well sit at the table."

Following the softly spoken order, Seifer led his friends to the table and sat heavily in his typical chair, the added cushion doing wonders for his back since he finally surrendered to Squall's suggestion.  "So, what are you guys doing here?  How'd you find me?"

The small woman and large man blinked simultaneously, the latter speaking first.  "Squall didn't tell ya?"

"Tell me what?"

"He's called us plenty to keep us updated about your condition.  We've been worried, ya know."

Seifer glared at him.  "What?  Why didn't you ask to talk with me?"

"'Cause ya always say, 'go mind your own fucking business.'  But we thought Squall would at least mention us or something."

"As if he says more than his daily allotment of twenty words."

Raijin chuckled.  "Anyway, we wanted to help out, ya know, so he got us jobs here in Esthar.  We haven't found a place yet, but--"

"Stay here," Squall offered while placing down a couple plates of chicken and pasta.


"Yeah, Fu's right.  Ya already helped us out enough."

The commander stared at the two silently before returning to the kitchen.

Seifer picked at the dinner, trying to not look pleased about the excellent smell.  "That there is Leonhart's way of saying you don't have a choice.  And this place is large enough to hold another ten people."  Pointing his fork at the two friends, he added forcibly, "You're staying."

As they surrendered with a sigh and a nod, Squall came back to the table with a large tray of garlic bread and another plate of the pasta dinner to place in front of Fujin.  The white haired woman grabbed the extended arm without warning, then pushed up the long sleeve to reveal a blood redden bandage.  Frowning, she looked up into the cool gray eyes questioningly.

"Shit, why haven't you cured that yet, Leonhart?" Seifer asked around a piece of chicken.

The brunette shrugged before jerking his arm out of the tight hold.  "It's nothing," he muttered and walked back to the kitchen for his own dinner.

Instantly the red, one-eyed gaze turned to the blonde, Fujin obviously not happy with Seifer.

"It's not my fault he doesn't want to cure himself.  And I certainly don't have any of those brain rotting GFs in me, so what the hell am I supposed to do about it?"

The twosome looked at him with confused gazes, Raijin eventually speaking for them both.  "Ya don't know?"

"Know what?"

"About Squall.  He--"

A plate was set down noisily as the commander took his seat adjacent to Seifer.  Expressionless eyes focused on Raijin for several moments before Squall began to eat his dinner without a word.

Clearing his throat, the large man changed the subject and asked instead, "So what about you?  Only two months left, eh?  I'll bet you're happy 'bout that."

Though curious about the secrets between his supposedly two best friends and his rival, Seifer decided to go with the flow for the moment and talked about the pains of pregnancy.  With Squall gone during the day to work under his father in the attempt to repay him for some of the special treatment they were getting, Seifer knew that he would have plenty of time to drag the truth out of his posse members.  Whatever it was, it could wait until then.

His ramblings about problems with finding decent clothing was interrupted by a quiet, "Ow, fuck."  At the curious glances of Fujin and Raijin, the blonde explained, "The damn thing is trying its hardest to kick me in the groin."

Amused expressions quickly formed, a soft glint in the woman's eye warning Seifer about a coming request.

"Before you ask, no, I'm not going to let you feel it or any of that other pregnancy, girly crap.  Just do like I do and pretend I'm only getting really fat, soon to have a blessed liposuction."  After taking another bite of bread, he said, "Forget me.  What slave labor did Leonhart get you signed up for in town?"

"Ow!  Shit, Fu, what the hell was that for?"  His hand rubbing the tender, redden ear, Seifer glared up at the standing woman.  Barely five seconds after the commander had left for the day, she decided to smack the blonde along side the head without a sign of warning.

"What did you do to Squall?"

Seifer didn't even blink at the shift from her typical stilted way of speaking.  "Nothing different than usual - we fought.  And it's not my fault he sliced his arm on the table."

"Did you even help him?"

"No.  He didn't ask for it."  Seifer stood up from the couch to tower over the slim woman.  Too bad his swollen belly ruined the intimidating stance some.  "And I don't appreciate being criticized by a traitor who set my fucking rival on me.  What right did you have to do that?"

Fujin's expression soften slightly.  "You wouldn't let us help you."

"When did I become some kind of charity case?!"

"You could've died."

"I should have died!"

It was deadly silent for a time, Raijin then walking out from the kitchen after finishing the dishes from breakfast.  "Ya know, we've been talking to Squall and we think he's right."

Seifer covered his face a spread hand.  "Don't tell me you fell for that 'clone in body, not mind' shit of his."


"He's insane, and you two are even crazier to believe him.  This thing inside of me will die before it takes its first breath."

"Squall won't let you."

Blazing green eyes turned to the white haired woman.  "As if I care what that fag wants."

She matched his glare.  "Do you even know what he's done for you?"

"I know that he's getting a kick out of making my life hell."

"You ungrateful shit," Fujin growled out as she shoved the larger man back down onto the couch.  "That man gave up SeeD along with the Headmaster position and GFs because of you.  He dropped Rinoa and his friends because of you.  He came crawling back to that deserting father of his because of you.  And you have the fucking gall to say he made your life hell?"

"I never asked him to!" Seifer bit back.

"Oh, shut up.  One night I've watched the way you've treated Squall and I'm sick of it.  He gives you a clean place to live.  He feeds you real home cooked meals.  He panders to your every little whine, and you have a huge snit-fit whenever he doesn't.  When the hell did you become such a pathetic prick?  Why can't you just accept what Squall is offering you?"

Anger barely held in check, the blonde spoke through clenched teeth.  "Don't put this on me.  I have enough shit to deal with that I don't need Leonhart on my conscience."

"You are so blind."  Abruptly turning on her heels, Fujin called out, "RAIJIN.  LEAVE."

While the small woman went to put shoes on, Raijin held back and scratched the back of his neck nervously.  "I just got one question - if the reverse happened, would ya help Squall even if he didn't want it?"

"I respect people's wishes."

"Right.  Well, we'll get back to ya 'bout where we'll be.  Take it easy, ya know."

Not even bothering to watch them leave, Seifer got up from the couch and stormed back to his bedroom.  Sitting down on the corner of the bed, he crossed his arms tightly around his chest such that they didn't brush against the hated mound of life, and then stared at nothing while trying to figure out Fujin's outburst.  She hadn't scolded him like that since the war, and only on a rare occasion in the years before that.  While there was the decent point that he was treating Squall like shit, the bastard deserved it for making the blonde his personal mission in life.  They were rivals, not 'cry on my shoulder' type of friends.  Who knew why the guy wanted to shove his unwanted care onto the ex-knight, and Seifer didn't really give a fuck.

Sick of half-dancing in the hallway with his need to use the bathroom for the third time in two hours, Seifer decided that the showering brunette would just have to suffer with someone intruding in his space for five minutes.  He was taking too damn long anyway.  Opening the door, Seifer was momentarily surprised by the lack of steam but green eyes were then immediately attracted past the clear glass of the shower stall.  Blue-gray eyes were unfocused as he stared at the tiled floor, Squall sitting in the corner of the shower while distractedly rubbing a thumb along the fresh scar on his forearm.  The reason for entering the bathroom was completely forgotten as Seifer watched the inattentive man, for the first time in almost a year seeing the icy front shattered into nothing.  A weird shiver of hurt crossed the blonde's chest as he witnessed the thus far skillfully hidden misery of the stoic man.

The head plastered with dark hair shot up suddenly, stormy eyes immediately focusing on Seifer.  Instantly the frosty shields were back in place, the pain of the man almost appearing an illusion.  But Seifer wasn't so quick to believe in the reality of that frozen mask.  Gracefully and without shame, Squall stood up and rung out water from his longish hair while turning off the shower.  Stepping out onto the fuzzy mat, he put on a robe before using a towel on his hair.

"Need something?"

Green eyes narrowed in thought.  "Why are you doing this?"

The quiet man faltered at hearing the question, probably not expecting it after these five months.  "I wanted to."

"But why?  After all I've done to you..."

A small, almost nonexistent smile appeared.  "Because I care whether you live or die."

"Squall.  I know I've joked about it, but I've been...  Do you have a thing for me?"

With closed eyes, he nodded once.

Legs feeling weak, Seifer leaned against the doorframe.  "Shit.  But I'm straight.  What did I do--"  He was interrupted by a rare, quiet laugh.

Wet feet padded noisily on tile as Squall stepped forward.  "As if love could ever follow simple lines."

The brunette didn't pause as he stepped through the doorway left unblocked by the larger man.  There was no touching, no other words as Squall walked past, leaving the confused man behind as he went into his bedroom.  Seifer stared ahead for a long moment before the thing inside of him kicked in just the right spot to remind him of the dangerously full bladder.  Stiffly he walked into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind him.

Slowly dull green eyes opened to stare at the ceiling above him, noting that it was whiter than usual.  Actually, the whole room was glowing that irritating white before Seifer blinked several times to bring his vision into better control.  Letting his head drift to the side, he found Fujin and Raijin sitting nearby, the twosome thus far not noticing the awakened state of the man.  He tried to form a name, but a sad croak was the only thing that followed.  It was enough, though.

"Seifer," the one-eyed woman started softly.  "How do you feel?"

Seifer shrugged, then managed, "Dry."

Fujin nodded with a tender smile before pouring a glass of water.  While helping him drink the cool fluid, she said, "It's all over."

The drugged clouded mind took several moments before figuring out what she meant.  The cesarean...  "The bitch?"

"Squall already took her far from here."

Drowsy eyes instantly cleared at the news.  "No.  Kill it."

"Seifer.  The girl had green eyes."


"Don't you see?  She wasn't a clone.  Ultimecia lied.  The girl, she had your eyes."

Green, not golden... but that could change with power.  "Means nothing."

"Squall thought you would say that."  Sighing, she asked, "Will you listen now about his theories?"

Seifer looked away from the woman, but it was obvious that he was trapped in the bed of the president's personal medical facilities.  Unlike the months previous, he couldn't just walk or waddle away from the crap he didn't want to hear.  Certainly nothing that came from the addle mind of the rival that had to turn fucking queer on him.

"There must have been a true Ultimecia at one point to base the DNA on what was placed in you.  Squall was thinking that it's the true sorceress who could be the dangerous one, while your offspring could eventually be the only one able to fight her in the future.  Or maybe her descendents will be the ones to rebuild the future destroyed by Ultimecia."

"Or helped destroyed."

Fujin nodded.  "We can't be certain on which side this child will go to, but you can't blame her before she has the chance to prove herself."

Seifer scoffed.

"Squall wants to try to raise her.  Maybe change the possible future that Ultimecia came from."

"Arrogant prick."

"That's your title, asshole.  Either way, I don't think he could stand by and let your child die."

"Not mine."

Another frustrated sigh, but she didn't argue.  "Before Squall left, he told me something he wanted you to think about.  He asked, 'What if this child becomes Ultimecia because she was rejected by her father?'."

Eyes closed, Seifer briefly thought it over.  Thought about the poetic irony of Ultimecia being the child he detested and would soon hunt down to kill.  The child that could mature into a sorceress filled with fears and hatred who would be determined enough to go back into time to punish the man, the knight that scarred her more than anyone.  Place a copy of herself within him for perhaps a second chance at happiness, or more likely to further destroy the man's life.  And then she would eventually lose to the man who raised her and maybe cherished her because he couldn't have the same love from her father...

An amused smirk coming easily to his lips, he replied hoarsely, "Fine by me."





Author's Whining -- Yes, not a sappy mpreg for once.  When I decided to go for the challenge of a Seifer mpreg, this was the story idea that first came to me for some odd reason.  Personally, I think Seifer would tend towards the angry mood swings and 'why, oh why me?' type thoughts without considering the feelings of anyone else around him.  If he had a relationship with Squall, he'd probably be different, but obviously I didn't feel like going in that direction.

Not certain if I'm going to do a sequel to this.  If I did, it'd probably get sappy which I don't want, or else I'd just make people hate me more for having Seifer try to kill his daughter. ^_^;  Sorry, but that's where the flow of this story is taking me.

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