Un Amore di Fratelli, Un Odio di Fratelli


By Anonymous

It is the year 2034. It is an age of sorceresses and demons, kings and knights. In the kingdom of Esthar, there was death and chaos. The demon army led by the sorceress Adel was steadily advancing on the kingdom. With their defenses down and the kings failing health, the kingdom was easily overrun.

Unbeknownst to Adel, the king had sent his only son, Laguna, to Galbadia along with his guardians, Kiros and Ward. For eighteen years the crown prince of Esthar grew to manhood and, in the year 2052, he led a rebellion against Adel and retook Esthar.

With the sorceress dead and the demons exiled, Laguna was crowned king and his wife, Raine, whom he met in Winhill, was crowned queen. For five years they ruled their kingdom justly then, on the sixth year, the queen gave birth to a son. He was named Tristan.

Six years passed before the queen gave birth to another son. This child was given the name Squall. Though Laguna was exstatic over the birth of his second son, he was also fearful of the day when his true heir would be named. The king knew that many kingdoms had fallen in the past due to sibling rivalry.

Time passed and the boys grew. Soon, all thoughts of a rivalry between the brothers was lost in the back of Laguna's mind as they became inseperable. But much to the kings dismay, he would soon find that even though Squall adored his brother, and Tristan loved Squall equally as much, the day would soon come when they would fight each other to the death.

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