Author's Notes: Much work with Anney undecipherable on this, and got much help too! I needed something to help be get back into my writing groove, and the idea came from a chat that me and anney had. and this is NOW BETA-ED! thanks laughingwolf!!

Ultimate Magic

Side Story

By Hecate's Brat

Monster's POV

I could tell it was gonna be one of those days.

I woke up, with sunlight glaring in my eye. It wouldn't have been so bad if I had two eyes. But then again, maybe it would have been. I would have been double blinded. The sun streaming in through the bit of shade that we call our home normally would be a lovely sight, but not today.

I glared at the sun with my eye that was blind. I could hear movement from a different part of the house, and I winced when I heard the wife yell out at me.

I knew what it was gonna be about too: the lack of me bringing home food for the past couple of days.

I don't see why she just can't teach the children to fight and kill for themselves.

I mean, when I was their age, I was already doing it. Personally, I think she babies them too much. I get up and stretch my limbs and tail.

I float to the living area and see the offspring. They disgust me. They're a pile of oozing gummy babies. They aren't really babies, but they act like it. They should have developed some sort of spinal column... but my wife keeps babying them. I have to turn away from my wife's spawns, and instead, I turn to see her.

My wife and I use the term lightly, I mean, by all rights, if I wanted, I could kill her, the spawns and find someone new, but I'm a creature of habit.

"Hello dear." I say.

And that's when the torrent of verbal abuse starts. I wonder if Balamb has something to protect abused creature husbands... probably not.

I listen half-heartedly. It's the same thing, it always is:

'You didn't bring home the food.'

'You nearly got killed.'

'You're bloody and leaking on the kids.'

Blah blah blah.

I agree to go out and hunt for food, but before I leave, she tacks something else on the end to the usual tirade.

"If you don't come home with food tonight, don't come home at all!"

If I had two eyes with those brow things, I'd be making a comical face with one brow raised, one eye opened further than the other. Instead, I just flap my tendrils at her and float out.

I'm sure my kids think I'm a real tough one now, the dominant one of our species!

I leave and go toward the plains.

Not much out here and even the bug bites are not enough to bring home. I guess, I could if I make a few trips, but I don't want to hear anything else out of that harpy's mouth.

I start to rummage through the foliage and try to find something small for myself to eat, when suddenly I smell something.

It smells meaty, and big.

I just hope it's not one of those stupid big things with the sharp teeth and the big tails.

I've always wondered how they do things to survive. They don't look smart.

My animalistic senses tell me that they're coming this way. Oh goodie. Now I can maybe surprise them and get them all at once.

I hide behind some bushes and watch as they go past.

There are two smaller ones and a tall one.

They have funny looking scales, fur or whatever it's called for their kind. One has red fur; the other has black and the other like blinding yellow sun! Now, that was a reason to kill the tall one if for no reason at all, I mean, his fur was the same colour as the sun that woke me with its blinding light.

I came out at them screeching. Of course they were surprised! One of them carried power just like mine. Okay, maybe not, but I can imagine and play myself up.

And too my great happiness, they froze.

Unfortunately, it didn't last long. The dark furred one threw an ice blast at me, and it healed me! I felt so good, so revived!

She also yelled at the red furred one to "get back", in which she did after staring at her appendages for a bit.

I went for the smaller ones. They would have been easy to take out, I thought.

They ran, leaving the big one, but I followed them. Once I caught up to them, I began to fire my icy energies at them. They went down like new reeds in a swelling pond. I knocked the red furred one out!

That's when I heard a deeper noise behind me.

I turned and became aware of the big one saying things to me. He looked really angry and it sorta upset me. I mean, I was getting ready to off the two smaller ones, and here he was, yelling at me.

I floated forward, ready to have words and maybe let the appendages fly a bit, when suddenly the ground shook and gripped my tail and knocked me down!

I was in shock! I was mad! I was very angry! How dare that stupid beast do that to me! I'm a thing, minding my own business, hunting for my family!

I got back up, anger seething through me. I wanted to hurt this stupid male thing for knocking me down.

I wailed and flew at him.

I could see fear flash through his eyes and I knew I would win! His tricks couldn't keep me down, not for long anyways!

He said something and the ground began to rumble again, obeying him! Suddenly it launched me into the air, far away from them.

All I could see was a dizzying wash of sky and ground over and over again.

I landed hard. My left flap hung oddly and it hurt like a bugger. This little adventure would take a few days to recuperate from. I looked around me, and noticed sullenly that I was, in fact, in front of my home.

I pulled my self up and floated back into the living areas.

There, I saw my wife, glaring at me. She opened her mouth to yell at me and I looked at her. I looked long and hard.

She looked at me, her mouth open ready to say something. But it never came.

Instead, she glared at me and floated away.

I however was still hungry. I looked at the jelly babies and grinned. Dinner was going to be good.

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