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Ultimate Magic

Genetics of Sorcery Essay

By Hecate's Brat

Written by: Chloe Zerbma

Year 5 Cadet of Galbadia Garden,

Member of Sorcery Guild, Apprentice Level 5


Genetics of Sorcery

The idea of genetics and Sorcery and how the Knighting all work together, has been something that has been sought after for a long time.

Working in conjunction with Dr. Odine and Lunatic Pandora Laboratories, we have been searching for the genome that deals with Sorcery. This research has then launched more work into finding how the Knighting process works with it.

Below are the findings:

When we first started working with the biology and genetics of Sorcery, we thought it would be quite simple and easy.

You look for the genome that causes Sorcery and see how it interacts. Of course, that was Dr. Odine's simplified version of it.

The work we discovered was by far much more complex and much harder.

The first thing we looked at was Sorceresses and their magic.

We came to the conclusion that there are in fact, two types of Sorceresses and their magics.


Sorcery Types

First we will discuss the types and the powers for each in relation to the body. Of course, most powers are of different types, much like the magic that is drawn from enemies, but on a much grander and more powerful scale. Not to mention that the powers themselves can be used in different ways, as so seen by the Sorceresses.

The first type of magic base in a Sorceress is the Natural type.

Dr. Odine's research has found that with many Natural Sorceresses that they are born with it. There is trace magic found throughout the body, even at a young age. However, the full powers do not come fully developed until puberty.

The body becomes used to the magic, since it has had trace amounts since birth, and when the powers are fully functional, the body is able to deal with the release of said powers better.

The transition of full powers is much less complicated and the body can handle it better.

Carrier Sorcery is based on a different type.

It is still within the body and has trace amounts growing up, but a Sorceress of the Carrier type would only get their powers after the death of another Sorceress.

Carrier types have been found to have a harder time dealing with powers once they have received them. There is no date or specific time when they get their powers, as these types of Sorceresses get their powers from another's death.

Since the fact that they have no time to deal with the powers being absorbed into their bodies, the shock is much greater. In these cases, a Knight is usually set up with this type of sorceress. The Knight would then take on part of the transition of power and help with the added emotional stress.

If there is no Knight present, madness in some form usually happens. It is usually better for Carrier Sorceresses to be paired up with a Knight as soon as possible once they get their magic, to help combat the onset of madness.

Carrier magic is usually dormant till the death of another with sorcery. The gene is activated after the death and release of the passing of powers.

When Sorcery magic is passed on to a Natural Sorceress, they usually get the full amount of powers from the deceased. With Natural sorcery, the power is in a way part of the person's soul. You gather their information of the power once you take it into your body.

There is usually a ritual to help the apprentice take the new powers in, and get accustomed to the new powers fusing with their own.

However, with Carrier Sorceresses, they will usually not get the full amount of power, as they don't carry the right gene for full acceptance of powers.

It is preferred to have a ritual for Carrier Sorcery, which usually helps with dealing with the acceptance of new powers.

For Natural Sorceresses, once they have had control of their powers and feel confidant of their use of their powers, they sometimes may wish to not have use of a Knight anymore.

In the case of a Natural Sorceress, it would be pointless to give a Knight up. More will be talked about this in the Knight portion of this paper.

However, with Carrier Sorceresses, they should always have a Knight. It is better over all for them. Again, more will be talked about this in the Knight section.

The genetic makeup of a Sorceress is simple, yet complex.

There are many factors that should be taken in to play.

The Sorceress gene is a dominant one to the XX chromosome.

The gene for the Carrier Sorceress is homozygous recessive. Heterozygote is an unaffected carrier.

Below is a Punnett Square of how the Sorceress gene works.

Punnet Square

the XX is for female

RR = (Sorceress)

Rr = (unaffected carrier)

rr = (Carrier Sorceress)

The XX + RR genomes result in a Sorceress. (RR was used, as it is easier to see)

On the Y chromosome, there is a suppressor gene. It is at the very bottom of the Y allele. This gene usually stops males from becoming a Sorcerer. However, there are mutations in the body daily and also when developing in uteri.

If the tip of the Y allele is broken off, or does not develop properly, the Suppressor Gene is nulled, resulting in a Sorcerer.


Over the period of 40 years, Dr. Odine has been studying the sexes in the Sorcery community.

By Dr. Odine's studies, he has determined that there are approximately 1000 Sorceresses and 10 Sorcerers. This is for a total population census of approximately 2 million people.

Since the term Sorceress is more dominant, there are many pieces of research done in this dominant manner. The term can be used interchangeably unless someone wishes to say otherwise. Others however may state for either sex.

Of course, the study of the amount of Knights has had almost as much scrutiny, and will be looked at now.



To become a Knight is often what a young boy would dream of. It is seen in many times the epitome of what one should become.

To become a Knight however, there is much to taken in.

The apprenticeship of a Knight starts young, often in Gardens through out the world.

There they train their bodies to be in excellent condition, for whatever needs it may have. Often, they will be used in fighting means. Of course, it depends on what type of power the Sorceress has.

They train their minds as well. They study in tactics, healing, offensive and defensive arts. The apprenticing Knights are screened regularly and randomly for drug use and for psychoanalytical tests. If for any reason, an apprenticing Knight fails the psychoanalytic tests, their chances of becoming matched with a Sorceress is lowered.

The mind must be able to withstand as much or more than what the Sorceress might need.

The Knight is often seen as a "safe guard", a protector of sorts for the Sorceress, if need be. It is also often thought that the Knight is a power source or a reserve of power for the Sorceress. If the Sorceress if feeling weak, she should be able to call upon "reserves" from her Knight and vice versa.

There are rare occasions of the Knight being a Sorceress/Sorcerer, and in those instances, the power is amplified at least 100 fold. Of course, this is under the assumption that the Knight/Sorceress combinations are both Naturals.

If the combination is of Carrier/Natural nature, the power will be strong, but not as strong as it potentially could be.

If the combo is of the Carrier/Carrier nature, the power will be weak and there may be more complications.

It has often been thought that the power can be drawn both ways within that party. The Knight can call upon baser magic to use to strengthen themselves and their attacks if need be, and vice versa.


It has been asked often "How do you become a Knight"? And "What does a Knight do"? And those answers are here.


How do you become a Knight?

Through training at one of the four Gardens around the world. Usually, it is best to start young. However, applicants are always being sought after.

The apprenticing Knight should grow to be an outstanding individual.

However, there have been times, that just through sheer luck, and the choice of a Sorceress that one could become a Knight.

Three things are needed to have a knight or to become a knight.

1. Body -- this is usually sex. The parties, sorceress and knight candidate would have sexual intercourse.

2. Soul -- this would usually come into play with sex. If the union is truly wanted between the two parties, this will happen naturally.

3. Blood -- this would have to be of the lifeblood of the involved parties, and not a lot is needed.


What does a Knight do?

A Knight is an equal part to the Sorceress bond. They help heighten the other's power and strength, and in turn have their powers and strength heightened as well.

Magic of a Knight, no longer needs to be drawn from enemies, but is drawn from the Sorceress, if she is Natural. If the Sorceress is a Carrier, then some magic will be needed to drawn.

The will to live is stronger, and if in battle, the need to protect the other member of the Sorceress/Knight bond is strengthened, and often done so willingly.

There have been times where, if the need to protect the other is gone, the bond between the two begins to dissipate.

This is why some sorceresses have had a Knight, and then repudiated them. Once you become powerful enough you don't necessarily need the stabilizing aspect of the Knight.

The Knight is seen as a counter balance, to keep away the insanity that is often brought on by having too much magic. It is more of a counter balance for Carrier Sorceresses

It is seen as being extremely needed for Carriers, as they have to wait till a death has happened to attain powers. It has been said that gaining powers is very orgasmic, and pleasurable, and many times, Carriers, if they didn't have a strong Knight with them, have said that they would have willingly killed to gain those emotions again.

This brings in the next part of this research.


The Stability of Minds under Power

There has been much debate about how stable the mind of a Sorceress is.

Dr. Odine has provided much with his testing, and questioning of those who didn't want to participate, not to mention much digging through past histories within the Sorcery Community.

It has been found that those who are a Carrier Sorceress have a higher chance of becoming mentally unstable every time they get more power.

However, it could be just the one time that is the 'straw that breaks the Chocobo's back'. With this in mind, there is a greater need to have a Knight present for when a Carrier attains their magic, or at least shortly there after.

The belief and much seen results of mental break down with Carrier Sorceresses are to be of the fact that they don't have the release of Power at puberty. Most Sorceresses who were Carriers usually gained their Powers at a much later date, thus, causing them to become unstable.

With the onset of puberty, they don't have the powers being released, and therefore are not accustomed to the amount of power going through their system.

It should also be taken into fact that when a Carrier Sorceress receives a power, that the sensations that go through them are akin to an orgasm. The body is drenched in pleasurable emotions, often the Carrier Sorceress then needs, much like a junkie, to find that sensation again, which could lead to murder.

This is where a Knight would come into play.

If a Knight were to be there when the Carrier gains their powers, the Knight could take in the emotions and sometimes feed them to the Sorceress.

It is rare to have Natural Sorceresses that have a mental break down. It is still advised that a Knight be with them, however, after a while, the need is not so great, and the two may part ways, if they wish.

It is often noted, that if the partnership is contained, the two may be across great distances and still have the bond work.

In any case, when a Sorceress seeks an apprentice, there are many factors taken into consideration.

The environment of the apprentice is one.

Their basic personality and reaction too many things they may encounter.

Many apprentices go to the Sorcery Guild for training, unless a Sorceress decides to take them 'under his/her wing', so to speak.

Those who go to the Sorcery Guild are put through training much like a Knight would, but these would be dealing with the magical sides of things. If there are findings that the apprentice should not be taken the Guild has permission to stop their powers from reaching fruitation.

Below are some other things that should be factored in to any case, and if they can be dealt with before the Sorceress gains his/her powers, then they may not have their powers sealed.


Other Things That Might Factor In

Abuse -- there is many different forms of abuse. Abuse is the improper use of power by one person to the detriment of another.

There are six forms of abuse

There is:


(Striking, punching, pushing, shoving, throwing objects, smashing precious collections.)


(Forcing hurting, forcing unwanted forms of sex, rape)

Types of Rape:

Power rape: 75%

This most common form of rape and is usually based on the assaulter's desire for power and control, in which the offender "seeks power and control over their victim through intimidation by means of a weapon, physical force or threat of bodily harm. Physical aggressiveness is used to overpower and subdue the victim. Other characteristics are as follows:

Aggression, premeditation, the offender is in a state of anxiety, offences are repetitive and may show an increase in aggression over time, language is instructional and inquisitive, feelings of inadequacy, bodily injury is not intentional, minimal evidence

Anger rape: 20%

The rapist uses sexuality as a means of expressing and discharging feelings of pent up anger and rage.

Aggression, physical trauma to the victim, assault in impulsive and spontaneous, offenders mood is one of anger and/or depression, offences are episodic, language is abusive, assault is short, usually a great deal of bad relationships in the rapist's past.

Sadistic rape: 5%

Most hazardous: victim usually does not survive. Physical force becomes an erotic stimulant for the rapist.

Physical force is eroticized, assault is premeditated and calculated, the offender's mood is one of excitement and agitation, offenders are ritualistic-bondage, torture etc, language is commanding and degrading, victim is kidnapped assaulted and disposed of, victim suffers physical trauma to sexual areas of their body, in extreme cases the victim is murdered and mutilated.

Types of attacks:

Blitz: the victim is singled out by the rapist

Confidence: use of deceit and betrayal of the victim.

Rape- a force of will in a sexual nature, upon a possible candidate for a knight, would be damaging. If one member of the party rapes the other, they gain a hold on the other party. Since rape is such a violent act, it is usually damaging emotionally, which is part of the soul. This would usually be understood as having 'two of the three' needed for becoming or having a knight.

When a person goes through rape, they build a wall against it happening again, in some form. If rape is done, the knight or sorceress, or whoever was raped, will inadvertently fight against the other member of the party, if it was them.


(shouting, rage, put downs, comparisons with previous partner)


(isolation from friends, confining to house, smothering, constant telephoning to check up on another)


(keeping a partner poor so partner has to ask for essentials keeping total control of finances)


(selective use of scriptures)


If any form of abuse is found, all precautions to remove the apprentice from them will occur, as well as councilling and therapy.

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