This part, isn't part of the actual story, but a sideline. It is something that will be referred to at various parts of the story.

I felt that I should add it for you all to read.

I tried to make it seem as official and still layman's term as possible.

This also should add fire to the thoughts that some of you might have about how bad things can get, and what more might happen.

If anything, i wanted to put this in to better ensnare the reader to my little mind and its world.

It isn't part of the story line persay, but it does affect it.

It is your choice to read it or not.

Ultimate Magic

Anti-Sorcery Act (ASA)

By Hecate's Brat

Anti-Sorcery Act

After much debate about how to deal with the subject of Sorceresses, and their growing instability, as so decreed After Ultimecia, there has been a conclusion sought. The terms are both for male or female.

This would be the ASA, or the Anti-Sorcery Act.

The Anti-Sorcery Act was compiled by the leaders of the world to be put into effect, should the need arise, and only if the needs were dire. The ASA was compiled after the defeat of Sorceress Ultimecia, in the Second Sorceress War. The times used in the ASA are stated as S.W.U. for Sorceress War Ultimecia, and S.W.A. for Sorceress War Adel.

It was stated that, should the acts of the Sorcerers become too unpredictable that this act would be put into play. As was needed with Sorceress Adel and then later with Sorceress Ultimecia.

The design of the ASA was to put a halt to unruly, mad or power hungry sorceresses. This may mean by peaceful means, or by war.

If the disruptive sorceress is detained and the actions brought against them are an independent act, they will be tried and dealt with. Their punishment would be dealt with on a case-to-case basis, as no two Sorceresses are alike.

If the investigation reveals more than one party, the ASA will go into the next level.

Level 2 of the ASA is that all known and unknown persons with the trace magic of Sorcery would be detained and brought in.

They would then be interrogated individually.

This is usually costly and takes many months and much manpower. No other means have been found to find and secure such a large amount of persons. Dr. Odine is still looking into finding a way to do so, but has had no luck, and no willing participants in his endeavours.

Should investigations at Level 2 be fruitful, and then all who were detained, would have a file created on them and may leave. Those of the guilty party will be incarcerated and have to wait for their verdict.

In the file, the basic information would be held, as well as any type of Magic use or Power type. Their location and actions would then be watched for further classifications for our records.

If, however investigations were unproductive and nothing gained, a full class action would result in the termination of powers by force, and would be sent to Level 3, if needed.

Level 3 is if the user of Sorcery is unwilling to give up their powers, they then will be detained at The Lunar Gate. They will be dispatched into the sealing chambers and sealed in space, until their powers can be removed.

Once their powers can be removed, they will be sent back down to the planet and would be able to resume a normal life.

**There has never been a Level 3a, 3b or Level 4 advancement for large groups of users of Sorcery. We on this panel hope that it would never have to come to this.

Level 3a on a larger scale would be horrific for the Sorcery community. Level 3 en mass, would mean that all detained would have their powers removed at the Lunar Gate, guilty or not.

Level 3b on a simple scale would mean for the Sorceress to be stripped of her powers and have her reproductive systems sterilized. In the case of males, they would be castrated.

Also, to further obstruct the process of reproduction means of Sorcery, the parents of the Sorceress would be sought out and be sterilized as well. This would also be in effect for any siblings or next of kin of said Sorceress, after much genetic research. If there is no cause for sterilizations, a file would be made, and reports once a year would be made, either by the family or by an appointed SeeD

Level 4, would be mass genocide, and would be a last resort.

For a Level 3a, 3b or a Level 4 to be active, all seats, including, but not withholding The Sorcery Guild would be of 100% vote in.

To initiate Level 1 of the ASA, a case would be brought up to the board of Directors, which would hold two head of state from every country or location of merit (this could be a capital of a state, or a town), and two members of every Garden.

20 of the 26 members must come to an agreement that the ASA must go forward.

For Level 2 to be able to go forward, 28 votes must be in agreement for it to proceed.

For Level 3 to be able to go forward, there must be 33 votes needed.

The Sorcery Guilds have no say in this, but may argue in defence of the defendant

If Level 3 is to be reached, it is understood that the Sorcery Guild will co-operate fully and may seek asylum within one or more Garden.

Level 3a is the same the voting powers of Level 3.

If Level 4 were to be reached, all seats would need a 100% agreement. The Sorcery Guild would have a chance to try to veto choices, and change minds, however they see fit. If for some reason, their choices prove faulty, the member who pushed for the veto will then become part of the case, and tried justly. Their seat will be stripped from them and a new member will be chosen


Attendants from their respective regions.

Galbadia region/ land mass
: 2 from Deling City
: 2 from Galbadia Garden.
: 2 from Dollet Dukedom
: 2 from Timber
: 2 From Winhill

Balamb region/ land mass
: 2 from Balamb City
: 2 from Balamb Garden

Esthar region/ land mass
: 2 from Esthar City
: 2 from Lunatic Pandora Laboratory
: 2 from Esthar Garden

Trabia region/ land mass
: 2 from Trabia Garden
: 2 from Shumi Village

Centra region/ land mass
: 2 from Centra Garden (immobile)
: 2 from Centra City

Space and Sea regions
: 2 from Fisherman's Horizon
: 2 from Deep Sea Research Center
: 2 from Lunar Base
: 2 from Ragnarok Space Station

Sorcery Guild

This is a special mention, as it is dealing with their "livelihood". There is a Sorcery Guild on every continent, which would account for a total of 5. When meetings take place, there should also be 2 members from each Guild. A total of 10 members should be present.

*In a case of a member of the Sorcery Guild being a member of a Garden, that member may only take place for one or the either. A member cannot take a seat for both seats.

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