Two Knights

Part 4

By Sukunami


I felt better after talking to the President of Esthar, or Laguna, as he wants me to call him. With Squall just disappearing from the Garden, I couldn't stop the images of him jumping off a building or using a razor. For the Ice Prince, he seemed confused and frightened the last time I saw him. I had to make sure he was all right.

While Laguna didn't admit it, I know Squall is there. It makes me a little jealous that the brunette now has a father he can run home to. Although, he is one odd bird. 'Why do you love Squall?' he asked. I guess Squall told him everything. The old man was certainly shocked by my answer. What was I supposed to say? 'It was true love the moment I saw him!' or something like that? Give me a break.

A knock at the door forces me to sit up on the bed. "Yeah!"

The door opens and Quistis walks in. Her hands fold nervously together.

"Seifer, I wanted to apologize to you."

This is too good to pass up. "For what?" I say with a sneer on my lips.

"For… assuming you wanted to hurt Squall."

"Ah, you're just saying that because I saved his ass."

"That's not why!" I give her my 'oh, come on' look. "Well, maybe. We had no idea that Rinoa… I mean, Squall seemed happy with her--"

"Yeah, whatever. Apology accepted. You can run along now, Quisty." I don't feel like being the outlet for her guilt. Anyway, toying with her just wasn't that fun while a certain brunette was still on my mind.

Quistis didn't move though. "Seifer, do you and Squall really… that is…."

"What, want to fuck each other's brains out?"


"Listen, it's something between him and me right now. Don't you have a product of inbreeding to comfort right now?"

"She left for Esthar to find Squall."

I glare at the woman, trying to keep myself calm. "What?"

Quistis takes a small step back. "She… she wanted to make up with Squall. She doesn't believe what you said about the love spell. Although the rest of us talked--"

I don't let her finish as I storm out the door. "Damn it, that fucking clueless witch." And I let my mouth continue with a tirade of curses while I imagine the ways I should kill the whore if she harms Squall again.

A few hours later, I'm at the entrance of the President's building. This city must have been designed by a three year with crayons. I would have been here sooner if I hadn't gotten lost. A guard looks at me with hostility. Of course he would know my face.

"What do you want here?"

"Tell the President that Seifer Almasy is here."

A short time later, the longhaired brunette comes from the building. "Hello, Seifer. What brings you here?"

"Is that slut still here? Did she do anything to Squall? Is he okay?"

Laguna holds up his hands a bit defensively, not prepared for my anger. "Woah, one question at a time, please. If you are referring to Rinoa, she was here but left shortly after. She didn't even meet with him."

Air rushes out from me in relief. Laguna must have protected Squall.

Laguna eyes me a bit, then he asks, "Would you like to come in?"

"Ah, no, I shouldn't. Thanks, though." Squall is most likely still here. He left the Garden to be alone and I don't want to intrude his space.

Before I can turn around to leave, Laguna is suddenly behind me and pushes me forward. "Nonsense, my boy. We're about to have dinner."

I am herded into room that is filled with books and directed to sit on a couch.

"Really, Mr. President, I shouldn't be here."

"Sit. And I told you to call me Laguna. I won't respond to anything else."

Reluctantly I sit down. At least Squall isn't around. I should still have a chance at leaving before he sees me here.

"So, why did you rush on over here when a phone call could have sufficed?"

I shrug. Because that would be logical and I wasn't exactly thinking at the time. And if Rinoa had been here, I could have released some pent up stress.

"Well, Squall is just fine. No relapse, if that was what you were thinking. From what Squall told me of the cure, it sounds like a good thing."

No need to tell me. I was there, holding him up and feeling every shake of his body. No one should go through that twice. But considering the torture I had put him through, maybe he has experienced it twice.

"I insist you stay for dinner."

"I doubt Squall would agree with you on that subject. He left the Garden for reason, you know."

Laguna waves a hand lazily. "I know, but he thinks entirely too much. This is something between you two. You both need to talk it out. Or perhaps something more enjoyable."

"You aren't suggesting--"

He smiles far too broadly. It has to be a mistake that this is the father of Squall Leonhart.


Laguna and I look up to see Squall standing in the doorway. Damn.

"Squall, you're early."

"What is he doing here?"

"He came to check up on you. Heard about Rinoa's appearance and ran on over. You should have seen the way the guards were shaking in their boots."

I can't really see Squall's expression from here, but I doubt it's friendly. Getting up from the couch, I say, "I better leave."

"No, you are staying for dinner. I'm the President here, and my word rules."

The statement is too childish for me to reject or hate him for it.

"Whatever…" and the brunette heads down the hall.

"Right then. Off to dinner."

To say dinner was awkward wouldn't do it justice. Laguna rambled on about the most inane things, blissfully unaware of his surroundings. Squall ate his food silently, his expression completely unreadable. That could have been a good thing for me. I only replied when Laguna forced me to. At least the food was excellent.

Once all the plates had been cleared, I hint strongly that I should go, but Laguna ignores me and continues on with his admittedly amusing but long stories. Finally I break down and say simply, "I'm leaving now."

"Oh, didn't you know? There aren't any more trains out of Esthar tonight. Something about maintenance. You'll have to stay here." Laguna puts up an admirable front of innocence.

I look at Squall, ready to plead my case that I didn't plan this. But he just looks blandly at his father, seemingly unfazed.

"Well, I want to get up early tomorrow. Squall, show Seifer a guestroom when you two are ready to call it a night." And as simple as that, we're left alone.

"Squall, really, I didn't mean to--"

He suddenly pushes back his chair and stands up. "Let's go."

I follow him blindly down hallways, not bothering to ask questions. They wouldn't have been answered anyway. He stops in front of a room and goes inside. The open door is supposedly my invitation to enter. Right away I can recognize it as Squall's room. Bare necessities and extremely neat despite someone living here.

My eyes wander back over to Squall who takes off his shirt and starts folding it.

I can't keep the shock out of my voice. "What are you doing?"

Placing the shirt on a dresser, followed shortly by his necklace, he replies, "I thought that would be obvious. We're going to fuck."

It was extremely difficult to process those words with his voice. "Just like that?"

He shrugs and begins to undo a belt, surprisingly the only belt holding up the jeans.

"Ever consider that I wouldn't want to?"

He looks sidewise at me, almost a hurt expression. "I thought…"

Leaning against the still open doorway, I sigh. "Sure I want you, but not like this."

Squall wraps his arms across his naked chest and hair falls over his eyes. "I don't know what I want."

"Listen, why don't you just show me another room for tonight?"

After a couple moments of silence, he moves towards the exit and me. But instead of going into the hallway, he closes the door and stares at me. Or rather, my lips. Taking the hint, and 'logically' deciding that I deserve a little good night kiss for being such the upright guy, I lean down to kiss him lightly. When I pull back a little, he pushes forward to deepen the kiss. My body moves on its own, wrapping arms around him to hug him closer. As I feel his lips with my tongue, my hands stroke the naked flesh of his back. As with our first kiss, he grants my questioning tongue entrance. Too soon, I notice I'm getting aroused. I forcefully pull back from lip contact and try to push Squall completely away, but at some point his arms had reached around my waist. He wasn't letting me go anywhere.

"Squall." Damn, the lust is too apparent in my voice. "Don't do this. I don't want you to regret this…or us…."



I place my forehead against his chest. The strangest sound comes from my lips--a quiet laugh. "I never knew you could be noble, Seifer."

"Hey, it's been known. Just not with your tight ass around."

I move in closer so I can place my cheek on his sweater. "I need this."

He hesitates before answering. "Why?"

"I need to know that it isn't just lust. If it's something more."

"Then we should wait--"

"No. I'll just think too much." I turn up to look into his green eyes, a vague smile on my lips. "Didn't Laguna mention that?"

"You better stop." The huskiness is back in his voice as he places a hand on my cheek. "You'll break your face if you smile too much."

Our lips meet again in a chaste kiss. Trusting him not to run off, I release my arms from around his waist. Tugging on his sweater, I say, "Off."

He pulls it quickly over his head and then throws it onto the ground, inside out. "So, how do we determine who is on top? Jan Ken?" He starts unbuttoning his slacks.

"I'm on top."

He raises a blonde eyebrow. "Sure you know where to put your thing?" When he doesn't get a reply, he shrugs and slides down the pants. Always thought him more rebellious than a white briefs type of guy. "Well, you better have lube. Don't care how tiny you are, it'll hurt."

Ignoring the insult, I go to the bathroom and grab a bottle from the medicine cabinet. Turning around, I get a look at Seifer in all his maleness. How could I not with him posing like an idiot? To get him to stop, I toss the bottle at him and proceed to remove my slowly tightening jeans.

"Massage oil?"

Folding the jeans and placing them on top of the shirt on the dresser, I explain. "Better to massage Rinoa to sleep than have sex with her."

"Hey, I didn't think she was that bad of a fuck, at least when her mouth stayed shut."

"You didn't have to please her."

He nods his head in a 'that's true' position. I strip off my last piece of clothing, and the black briefs are tossed into a hamper in the bathroom.

There is moment of examining and appreciating before Seifer smirks and hops onto the bed, pulling me along. On hands and knees, I straddle over him as brown hair frames my vision of him. A strong hand pulls my head down to kiss him, and as it deepens, I lower my body onto him, making certain the right things were touching. I move my hips slightly, rewarded by a throaty moan.

We are like this forever, our hands exploring while our lips don't break contact. But I can't let Seifer have his release before I'm ready. I place a knee in between his thighs. He moans annoyed at me when I pull up from the kiss.

Taking the bottle from him, I whisper, "Close your eyes. No peeking."

He looks at me warily. Perhaps he has never been on the receiving end of this. I will have to file that for later since tonight I want to make those annoying dreams of mine real. His eyelids close and he waits tensely.

Placing some oil on my fingers, I lubricate myself. Putting more on my palm, I place the bottle aside and then quickly apply the oil to Seifer's harden member. His eyes open wide in surprise, but before he can think too fast, I lower myself onto him.

My breath leaves me. Damn, that hurts. I probably did it too quickly, but it was worth the expression on Seifer's face. And it's not like I haven't dealt with pain before.

After a few attempts, he speaks. "Squall…I thought--"

Still adjusting to the invasion, I hiss through my teeth, "I said top, nothing about receiving."

He places strong hands on my waist to steady me. "Damn, you're amazing."

"Let me guess. The tightest you ever had, or some crap like that."

He lets out a breathy laugh. "Honestly, I don't know. My head is too fuzzy. Can you move?"

Although I was almost afraid to, I moved up slightly and back down, his member amazingly going in a bit deeper. With his help, a rhythm starts up. The pain recedes enough for me to feel a good deal of pleasure, too. But it was Seifer's expression that made it for me. After all these years, it was I who made him look like he'd died and gone to heaven. Eventually he grows inside me slightly and warmth spreads through my bowels. Something resembling my name emits from his mouth.

With half closed eyes and a lazy smile, he notices I hadn't released yet. He strokes the rod with a callused hand, his other hand teasing a kernel of a nipple. Moments later my vision explodes. I open my eyes later to see his come-covered chest as I lie against his raised knees. Wet dreams would never be enough now.

After a few minutes to normalize my body functions, I crawl off Seifer and stand up wobbly.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Like hell I'm sleeping with you like that." My ass is a bit sore as I walk, promising to be worse tomorrow. I moisten a rag, wipe off my anus and thighs, not surprised by the touch of blood. I rinse off the cloth.

"How can you even move after that?"

I go back to the bed and start cleaning his chest and lower areas. "Every time after Rinoa, I'd have to go to the training center to work out the anger or else go mad from it." I shrug. "Guess I worked up the stamina that way."

He grabs my wrist, making me look at his face. "Do you mean it?"

"That I have stamina?"

"No, you dunce. Do you really want me to stay tonight?"

I feel some heat rise to my cheeks at his intense stare. "I assumed--"

"Yes or no, Squall."


He plucks the rag from my hand and throws it to the floor somewhere. I cringe a bit inside at the action, but forget about it when he kisses me. He pulls down the comforter on the far side of the bed, moves over, and then pulls down the rest of it for me to get into bed. I turn off the light on the nightstand, and then out of habit, lie down near the edge of the bed.

"Uh-un, over here." Seifer places on arm under my side and by bending his elbow, rolls me to him.

Instantly I tense at the contact. With the passion of lust gone, I instinctively want to go back into my shell. But Seifer always knew how to lure me into the open. A gentle hand rubbing my side and the feel of his rising chest soothed me soon enough. I suddenly felt extremely tired. Not from the recent exertion, but emotionally drained. For the first time in days, I fell asleep on a bed.

"Squall, are you up?! It's already--OH! Um…I...well…breakfast…later."

I don't open my eyes until after a door closes. The warmth I was holding confuses me until I hear a familiar deep chuckle. As sleep disappears from my mind, I look up at Seifer who is desperately trying to hold in his laughter.

"Was that Laguna just now?"

At the sound of my voice, Seifer bursts out laughing. "His face… Oh, sweet Hyne!"

Strangely, it doesn't bother me much that my father found us in bed. He had been the one to suggest it, after all. I try sitting up but an arm keeps me down.

The laughter draining away, he says, "Stay there. You're fine. Maybe this way we can get breakfast in bed."

"What time is it?"

"Um, close to ten. What's with that look? Check the clock for yourself if you don't believe me."

I've never slept this long. No wonder Laguna came to check in on me. "Let me up. I should shower before hunting down my father."

"Um, a shower sounds nice. Have anything exotic smelling to wash your hair with? You deserve more than that generic shampoo smell."

"I don't enjoy smelling like food or flowers. Now, if you don't mind."

He releases his hold on me only to flash a predator grin. "Don't mind at all."

"No. I just want a shower, nothing else."

The grin widens. "Hmm, what is going through your mind? I didn't say anything at all."


I roll a bit and then sit on the edge of the bed. Seifer grabs my arm before I stand up. I almost tell him off, but the seriousness in his voice cuts me off.

"Squall." He puts his forehead against my back as I stare straight ahead. "Did you find your answer?"

I don't know what to answer him. Yes, lust was a major part of what drew me to him, but last night showed me it was the little things like right now that I really desired. The feel of his skin against mine. The gentle, warm breath flowing over me. His ability to know the things I hide, even from myself. But it frightens me too much, this need of him.

"What if I said 'I don't know'?"

I feel the shuttering breath he lets out more than I hear it. I didn't realize how much he was leaving himself open with that question.

"Then I'd have to say you are in trouble."

"Why is that?"

"You won't get rid of me as easily as you did Rinoa."

Something inside me snaps into place. Those words made in slight jest still told me want I needed to hear. It was more than just lust for him as well. And he won't desert me.

"What if I don't want to get rid of you?"

He is quiet and I can imagine his green eyes wide in shock and hope.

I run my free hand through sleep tousled hair. "I've never done a real relationship thing, but if it's you…"

Before I know it, he pulls me onto my back and stares down at me. "You serious?"

"I'm willing to try." And I smile.

"Heh, I tell you, you'll hurt yourself doing that." He kisses me from an awkward angle. "Go shower. You smell like sex."

I don't bother replying. The shower is short and I dress quickly in the jeans from yesterday and a gray stone-washed shirt. When I'm about to leave, I notice Seifer spread eagle on the bed with a far too satisfied grin on his faced.

"Would you go clean up already? Someone could be in the hallway."

"What, embarrassed about your lover? Don't worry. They would just be jealous."

Sighing, I give up and quickly slip out of the room. This certainly wasn't going to be a fantasy romance. Guess that would be difficult between two knights, anyway.



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