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Training Skills

Part 19 - I'll Fly With You...

By Rain

~ I still believe in your eyes
I just don't care what you've done in your life
Baby, I'll always be here by your side
Don't leave me waiting too long, please come by
I still believe in your eyes
There is no choice, I belong to your life
Because I live to love you someday
You'll be my baby and we'll fly away
I'll fly with you ~


"Because I don't want to leave you," Squall said after a moment.

I couldn't stop the genuine smile that spread out over my lips.

"Dance with me," I said, reaching across the table to grasp Squall's hand in mine. He looked at me hesitantly for a minute. Then he stood up and followed me nervously down the stairs.

Once we reached the dance floor, I led Squall out into the middle and wrapped my arms around him. I could feel him stiffen as I pressed the length of our bodies together, pulling him closer. He looped his arms around my neck and swallowed.

"Relax, baby," I murmured.

Just as our bodies began to move, the music changed and "I'll Fly With You" played over the speakers. Squall seemed to relax after a minute or two, and we started moving to the low, driving beat.

I tightened my hold around him and started grinding our hips together slowly. Squall sighed and lifted his beautiful face, meeting my eyes with a half-lidded gaze. I felt myself harden and I leaned down to capture those pouting lips.

Squall tasted sweet as he opened his mouth for me. A hot, slick tongue greeted mine as they entwined together. I felt as though I were floating high up in the air, to a place where only Squall and I could go. My heart threatened to burst when I felt the low vibration of Squall's moan against my chest. I wanted to be with him, in him, around him; I wanted to consume him. His tongue teased mine with an innocence that made my head spin. It was as though this were our first kiss. There were no barriers surrounding us; there were no lies or any source of confusion. It was just Squall and I on the dance floor, dancing so close you couldn't tell where we started and ended.

And still we kissed with a passion that hadn't been there before. Squall's arms tightened around my neck and our bodies continued to move together as the bass of the music pulsed through our veins. Our tongues slid together in a loving embrace, hot, and wet, and oh-so- perfect. I could die now and it wouldn't bother me in the least.

Eventually, the need for air broke us apart. Squall pulled back gasping, his lips swollen from our kiss. His pink tongue darted out to lick his lips, and it was then that I felt his erection pressing against mine deliciously.

"Seifer," he moaned, his voice becoming lost in the low bass. I wouldn't have heard him if our faces hadn't been inches apart.

"Squall," I said as I licked my lips. I dropped my hands down to his bottom and gave him a tight squeeze. He closed his eyes and his mouth dropped open in an 'o'. I rocked my hips up against him, creating desired friction and rubbing our arousals together.

Somehow, my right leg ended up between his legs, and he started rubbing his arousal against my thigh. The look on his face became pure seduction, and he seemed to forget about everyone else on the dance floor.

Squall has become my little minx.

"Baby...?" I asked, unsure of why I had called him. He licked his lips in answer and placed his hands on my shoulder. Then, he arched his back slowly, rubbing his bottom and arousal against my leg. I groaned from the sexual image of Squall rubbing against me. Dimly, I sensed people watching us, but I was too caught up in the game of seduction Squall was playing. Perhaps Squall isn't as innocent as I thought...

"You little minx," I growled, grasping his hips and then running my hands up the length of his back. I moaned when his body stretched backwards, revealing his sleek stomach that just called for a belly ring. He continued to move his body to the beat of the music, never losing direct eye-contact with me.

"Seifer," he groaned when I pushed him up and attacked his throat. I lavished his sweet skin with my tongue and teeth, enjoying the slightly salty taste that lingered there. "Seifer," he groaned again, still moving his body to the bass of the music. "I-I." Squall gasped when I rubbed my palm over his nipple. I wanted him so bad, all I could think about was throwing him down on the dance floor and taking him right there.

"Seifer!" Squall cried when I began thrusting with him. He grasped my shoulders tightly and I knew he was close to the edge. As much as I wanted to see him climax, I could sense people watching us, enthralled by the scene we were making. Reluctantly, I pulled away from him and led Squall off of the dance floor. I couldn't tell if it was the bass of the music thrumming through my veins or the desperate pounding of my heart that had every nerve in my body vibrating, but my cock was so hard and I was in desperate need of release. When I glanced behind me at Squall, I could tell by the expression on his face that he needed release more than I did.

Before Squall and I started fooling around, I used to frequent this club a lot. I knew almost everyone, which gained me instant access to one of the rooms set up in the back. I could sense Squall's confusion behind me when one of the bouncers nodded at me and held open a large black door for me. Inside, a long hallway greeted us and I could feel Squall's nervousness begin to settle in.

"It's okay, baby," I reassured him.

The music from the club didn't fade out much here, but it was enough so that I didn't have to shout to be heard.

"Where are we going?" Squall asked timidly; his innocence quickly returning.

I had to grin.

"Somewhere private." Once I said that, I stopped in front of a red door and pulled it open. Inside a king-sized bed was placed in the center, covered with black silk sheets and a couple of red pillows. On the left side wall there was a small bar, stocked with various hard liquors and soda. I pulled Squall inside and locked the door behind me.

"Want something to drink?" I asked, gesturing towards the bar.

"No," he shook his head, sitting down on the bed tentatively. He refused to meet my eyes and I sighed inwardly.

"If you're not ready, baby, we can wait," I said. "I love _you_, not your body."

It was true. I loved Squall, not his body--even though little Seifer was screaming at me for the moment.

"I-It's okay, Seifer," he said, meeting my eyes hesitantly. I walked over to him and kissed him, pouring all of my love into the kiss.

~ Squall ~

~ I still believe in your eyes. I just don't care what you've done in your life. ~

The music was much softer in this strange room, but I could still hear the words that were being sung. I couldn't help but relate to it.

"If you're not ready, baby, we can wait," he said. "I love you, not your body."

My heart warmed at the sound of his words. I don't know what had gotten into me on the dance floor, but I'm glad that Seifer had enough sense to stop things from proceeding further. Being with him tonight and just talking to him made me realize how much he really cared for me. I...wanted to be with him again. I want to be able to trust him again. I...know that he loves me.

"I-It's okay, Seifer," I said, looking up into his emerald green eyes. He walked towards me and kissed me with an intensity that made my heart pound. When he pulled away, I was panting from the force of his kiss. "I...I want to trust you," I said truthfully. "I just..." I still felt unsure about everything. I love him, I really do...I just...what if he does hurt me again? I want to trust him...

"It's okay, baby," Seifer said, placing two fingers on my lips. "We don't have to do anything you don't want to." He kissed me again, slowly and gently. I melted against him and pressed my arousal against his in reassurance. I still felt a little hesitant towards his trust, but I wanted to make him happy by offering him my body.

~ Seifer ~

~ Oh baby, every day and every night, well I said everything's gonna be alright. And I'll fly with you. ~

I could tell Squall still felt hesitant towards trusting me. As much as I wanted to bury myself inside him, I knew he wasn't ready, so instead I settled for something a little different. I pushed Squall against the bed and placed myself between his legs. Stormy-gray eyes gazed up at me, half-lidded and filled with a mixture of love and lust--love being the dominant emotion; along with a bit of agitation and uncertainty. I kissed each of his wrists and placed them above his head, holding them down. Then I settled some of my weight on top of him and kissed him slowly, in a way that demanded nothing. I released one of his wrists and traced the tips of my fingers up the side of his body, sending shivers down his back and a soft moan from his throat. I delighted in the arousing sounds, needing to hear more of it. I wanted to worship Squall's body. I wanted him to be able to trust me again.

I released his other wrist and slipped my hands underneath his shirt, gently tugging the material over his head. I raked my eyes over his lean muscles appreciatively, enjoying the milky-white skin that was nearly flawless except for a few scars. I bent my head and nuzzled a rose-colored nipple with my nose, inhaling sharply. The scent of strawberries assaulted me and I wondered if Squall had used a woman's body wash. Then, I no longer cared when I captured one of his nipples between my teeth. I flicked my tongue across the hardened bud, slowly, causing the lithe body beneath me to start writhing against the sheets.

"Seifer," he gasped when I rubbed the palm of my hand over his other nipple. "Please..."

"Please what?" I smirked, releasing his nipple for a moment. Squall groaned at the loss and pushed his chest up to demand attention. I would have loved to hear Squall beg for it, but right now, this was about Squall's pleasure, not mine.

I recaptured his nipple and traced circles around it with my tongue. Squall buried his hands in my hair and arched his back, pushing my head closer. After a minute, I switched nipples and traced one of my fingers down the center of his chest and towards his stomach. He shivered beneath me and I smiled, flicking my tongue faster around the hardened nub.

"Seifer," he whimpered when I began kissing a trail down his chest towards his stomach. He was warm and alive beneath my tongue. Small beads of sweat had gathered on his heated skin, flushing the milky flesh a light red. I placed my palms on his hipbones as I dipped my tongue into his belly button. He squirmed a little and moaned when I blew a stream of cool air across his damp skin. I kissed him tenderly on the skin below his belly button. Then I began undoing his button and zipper, slipping the tight material down his slim legs.

"You're so beautiful, Squall," I said, admiring the view of his naked form beneath me. His chest was rising and falling with his pants; his stormy gray eyes were half-lidded and clouded with lust; his arms were stretched out above his head, giving me an excellent view of his taut, smooth stomach. "Mine," I whispered, looking down at his hard, hard arousal: a bead of pre-cum gathered at the tip, glistening against the dull lighting of the room.

I steeled my nerves and licked my lips, unsure of why I had decided to do this. I looked up at Squall's face: beautiful features twisted in pleasure, and I came up with my answer: because I love everything about Squall Leonhart, I'm willing to do things I've never done before.

As I thought that, I lowered my head and sucked his erection into my mouth. I felt Squall stiffen for a moment before a moan escaped him. I told Squall once I didn't go down on people, but now I'm willing to share anything and everything. I wanted him to know I'd do anything for him.

"Seifer," he groaned, fisting his hands in my hair. I looked up, my mouth never leaving his arousal, and watched as his chocolate-colored head tossed back and forth. I placed my hands back on his hips, preventing him from thrusting into my mouth.

I watched Squall's face as it twisted in pleasure. At the same time I adjusted to having a cock in my mouth. It wasn't as bad or as submissive as I thought. When I saw Squall's mouth drop open in an 'o', I realized how much power I had over his pleasure.

Wrapping my right hand around the base of his cock, I began to slowly stroke him, while tasting his bittersweet taste on my tongue. I sealed my lips around the head, flicking my tongue into the slit. Squall groaned and tried to push his hips up, but I held him down and continued to tease his arousal. Why hadn't I done this in the first place? I thought as I began to bob my head up and down.

"Oh, God, Seifer," Squall moaned, his breathing becoming ragged as I increased the pressure around his cock. "Oh...oh god, don't stop, please," he begged, sending fire to my loins as he continued his sexy pleading.

I stroked his arousal faster and faster, meeting my hand with my mouth as I stroked him. I could feel his arousal pulse in my hands, indicating that he indeed was feeling pleasure.

Then I inserted two fingers into his passage. He cried out in surprise and pleasure, pushing his hips down to meet my intruding digits. I wanted to tell him how fucking hot he looked like that: hands buried in my hair, his hair plastered across his damp forehead, eyes shut as pleasure tinkled through him. He seemed to want more of my fingers, so I added another one and aimed for his prostate.

"SEIFER!" He cried, loud enough to alert everyone in the club that I, Seifer Almasy, was the god of sex.

I smiled around his cock and began pushing my fingers in and out of him. His hips were now free to do as they pleased, seeing as how my hands were now occupied. He took quick advantage of the situation, however he leaned more towards my fingers, seeking the digits buried within.

"Harder," he whimpered softly, rocking his hips to meet my fingers. I groaned around his arousal when his inner muscles clenched my fingers. How I longed to bury my cock in his tight channel...

I gave it to him harder, ramming my fingers in and out of him. I struck his prostate with every thrust, sending new cries of ecstasy bursting through his mouth. Then I made swallowing motions with my throat, earning another moan from my vocal lover. I bobbed my head up and down faster and faster. At the same time, I increased the speed and roughness of my fingers.

Squall took it all: twisting on the bench sheets, bending his legs at the knees and spreading himself open for me. I rammed my fingers in and out of him harder and harder, needing to hear more of his loud throaty cries.

"Oh, God," Squall cried, continuing to push his hips down. I watched him throw his head back and arch his back, creating a slight 'u' shape that was barely an inch off the bed.

I increased the suction on his cock, and soon, his body was trembling as he started his release. A hot, bitter stream of cum exploded into my mouth. I swallowed it all reflexively, watching as his eyes squeezed shut and my name came screeching out of his lips. The passage around my fingers tightened, and I continued the hard thrusts with my fingers, continuing to pleasure him until he collapsed in a boneless heap against the bed.

I removed my fingers from his body and released his cock. Then I crawled up the length of his body and kissed him tenderly.

"Beautiful," I whispered, stroking his damp hair lovingly as he gazed up at me.

"You didn't cum," he said hoarsely, noticing the hard bulge that still stretched out the front of my pants.

"It's okay," I reassured him with a gentle kiss on top of his nose. "It's all about you tonight, sweetie."

He crawled into my arms and wrapped his arms around my waist. With his head buried against my shoulder, he whispered, "I love you" in a soft voice.

I smiled and kissed the top of his head.

Then he pushed me backwards against the bed and straddled my hips. He rubbed his bottom against my cock, but I immediately shook my head.

"Not yet, baby," I told him gently. "I know you're not ready yet," I said when he tossed me a confused expression. "Think of this as a re- learning period."

Squall seemed to be exhausted from his climax, because he yawned and settled himself on top of me. I chuckled when I imagined Squall being a contented kitten. He moaned softly and nuzzled my neck with his nose, and in a few minutes, he was fast asleep.

I'll never let go of this beautiful creature again.


~Every day and every night, I always dream that you are by my side
Oh, baby, every day and every night, well I said everything's gonna be alright
I'll fly with you ~


To be continued...



Disclaimer: The song, "I'll Fly With You" is sung by: Gigi D'Agostino

AN: The lemon was horrible, I know. I haven't written one in awhile so please forgive me. I'm also sorry this took so long. Laziness settled in and I just couldn't write. ^^;; Gomen nasai. I will try to start posting faster, I promise.

~ Rain ~

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