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Training Skills

Part 5 - Swallowing Information...

By Rain

I gave a sharp gasp when Seifer placed my hand on his erection. He moaned, softly, when I gave him a gentle squeeze; he was so hard and big, my body anticipated the feel of his erection deep inside of me. I looked up at him, and licked my lips, wondering if we had gotten to that part of the lesson yet. He seemed to read my mind, because he shook his head no and moaned deep in his throat.

"Not yet, Squall," he said. "I've got other plans for you."

My breath hitched and my heart pounded faster; the anticipation of his words caused my body to react, instantly. I was surprised that I could recover so quickly, but looking up into Seifer's green eyes, I wasn't surprised to find myself hard again.

The moons pale glow illuminated Seifer's strongly chiseled features. His pale lips were curved up in a lecherous grin, and his honey-blond hair remained slightly disheveled.

He was an erotic fantasy come to life.

I watched as his hands trailed down to the button of his pants. He undid his belt, then his button, and lowered his zipper, inch by inch. I could hear each tooth as it slowly descended, revealing dark blue boxers, hidden underneath.

"This is something you have to learn on your own," he said through gritted teeth. "I don't perform this on others, but I have a feeling that you'll enjoy this..."

He cupped the side of my face with his hand. I could feel his thumb trace gentle circles around my cheekbone, before he placed his other hand on my shoulder, urging me to get down on both knees.

"If I remember correctly," he said, and paused, for dramatic effect, "you seemed to like the taste of my cum."

For some reason, his words didn't embarrass me at all. It did the exact opposite; it turned me on.

I understood what he wanted me to do.

"Suck it, Squall," he said, unnecessarily.

I licked my lips and felt my mouth hunger for his taste. I raised, both of my hands, up to his boxers. I used one hand to push aside the silky material, and the other one sought out Seifer's hard length. I felt his arousal twitch against my hand when I wrapped my fingers around it, slowly drawing it out of its confines. I could see a drop of clear pre-cum gathered at its tip, and with one last look at Seifer, I brought my tongue out and licked the essence away.

"Squall..." he groaned, fisting his hands into my hair and pulling my brown strands, tightly.

I moaned, deep in my throat, when the taste of his need lingered on my tongue. He was salty, yet sweet, and highly arousing. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do, so I used my right hand to hold the base of his erection, and my other hand spread, open palmed, on the floor in front of my knee. My tongue circled the head of his erection, stroking along the velvet soft tip in leisurely circles. Seifer's hands gripped my hair more tightly, urging the full length of my mouth closer to his swollen arousal.

"Take it all in," he urged from above me. I raised my eyes, catching his gaze, and pushed the tip of his cock into my mouth.

"More," he moaned as he threw his head back and his mouth dropped open in pleasure. "Fucking _suck_ it, baby."

My cheeks turned inward as I sucked the head of his cock, tasting new beads of pre-cum gather on my tongue. I pushed my tongue into his slit, searching for more of his wonderful essence. He made a choked sound of pleasure, and I smiled around the erection in my mouth. I gave his arousal one last hard suck, before completely engulfing the length of his erection.

"That's it, baby," Seifer groaned, pushing his hips forward into my mouth.

I moaned in delight, sending pleasurable vibrations down Seifer's length. I could feel his entire body tremble in pleasure, and I began to slowly bob my head up and down; the length of his erection sliding, easily, in and out of my warm mouth.

"Harder, Squall." Seifer pushed his hips forward, again; the tip of his cock brushed against the back of my throat, and I fought the immediate urge to gag.

My hands reached around Seifer, where they cupped the firm globes of his ass. I wrapped my tongue around the underside of Seifer's length, and pushed his hips forward so he could thrust into my willing mouth.

"Fuck," he hissed, gripping my hair tighter and thrusting slowly into me. I used my teeth to rake the tender flesh, softly, bringing out a low moan from the man above me.

The sensation of Seifer's erection inside my mouth was strange and foreign, yet perfectly right in its own way. I was bringing Seifer pleasure; the taste of his passion emblazed on my tongue. I logged away every pleasure-filled gasp. When I would try something different, I'd gage his reaction to the direct stimulation; he seemed to love a hard, long suck on the tip of his erection. And his body would tremble when my tongue swirled around the head of his cock. Just from the feeling of Seifer receiving pleasure, from me, was enough for me to ignore the hard ache between my legs.

"Suck it harder," Seifer said between gritted teeth.

I looked up at him, meeting his half-lidded green eyes. I dropped my right hand from his bottom, and then wrapped it around his erection again. I squeezed the velvet flesh in my hand, and began to stroke his length, over and over. My mouth would follow my hands movements, making sure to keep constant pressure on Seifer's hard erection.

"Mmm," Seifer moaned, never breaking eye contact with me. "You look so fucking sexy like that."

I didn't see how I could look sexy; my legs were folded under me; my hand and mouth were wrapped around his cock; and I could tell my cheeks were turned inward and flushed. There was a pulsing sensation against my lips; beating in time to my own heart beat, so I knew that my lips were badly swollen--not to mention, I could feel some of my saliva dripping down my mouth...and he told me that I looked sexy?

He groaned, deep in his throat, and I increased the suction and speed upon his arousal. Soon, he was slamming his hips against my mouth, shoving the entire length of his erection, deep into the back of my throat. I allowed the harsh treatment, delighting in the sounds of pleasure Seifer was making. Then, he sealed himself against my mouth, and a warm stream of liquid coated the back of my tongue, over and over again. The sound of my name came from his lips, as his body shuddered from the force of his climax.

I swallowed each shot of his climax eagerly; the bitter taste of his need like fine wine. I continued to suck his softening length, milking him for all he was worth, until I was sure I had gotten each shot.

"Not bad, Squally," Seifer panted. "You've got some real talent with that mouth of yours."

Seifer pulled me up to my feet and traced my swollen lips with his index finger. "I don't give head, but there's something else I want to do to you..."

"What's that?" I asked, completely mindless to the lusty gaze Seifer was giving me.

"You'll find out tomorrow night," he said. "I'll come over to your room at midnight."

I blinked at him.

I was still hard.

I opened my mouth to say something, but Seifer was already pulling open the door.

"Remember," he said, grinning at me lecherously, "You may not climax by your own hand, unless I give you permission." And then, he was walking out the door, leaving me to stand there speechless.

Seifer would never know if I climaxed or not, so if I _really_ wanted release, I could have it...

But...for some reason...I decided to follow his instructions.



I needed a cold shower.

The next day, all I could think about was: what was going to happen tonight? I've never done sexual exploration before, but so far, everything that Seifer and I did wasn't too surprising. Perhaps it was my body's natural instincts; it knew what to do to give and receive pleasure. I couldn't think of what Seifer had planned for me next, but the only thing I could think of was the final act.

Would Seifer and I finally have sex tonight?

I hoped it was true. If Seifer's fingers felt good inside of me, what would it be like to have his cock inside me? He was big, and his erection would be able to touch more places than his fingers...

My erection quickly swelled to life; I could feel it pushing against my loose blue jeans.

God, what was he doing to me? Just one thought of him, and I was as hard as a rock.

Before the Ultimecia incident, I'd never looked at Seifer in this way before. And at the thought of him, I never grew aroused like how I did now. What had changed? Was it me or was it Seifer? I know I'd changed a little since time compression, but its only been recently since I've had these thoughts; was I gay? Is that what had changed? If I hadn't stumbled upon Nida and Seifer, would I have ever looked at Seifer in the same way that I did now? And how did I look at Seifer? Were we going to be one of those fuck buddies that Irvine once talked about at dinner? Or were we going to have a more than friends' relationship?

If we did have a more than friends' relationship...would I mind it at all? And if our sexual encounters stopped after we had sex, would I mind losing the companionship?

I could feel my heart pound as questions began flying around out of nowhere. No one has ever made me so confused in my life, not even Rinoa. I knew I felt something for Seifer, but I couldn't define what it was. As I sit here thinking about it, a part of me longs to see Seifer stroll into the room. Not because I want him to fuck me, just having his presence around is enough.

Is that odd?

Is that normal?

I'd never felt something like this before...or maybe I have. I longed to see Seifer, the same way that I longed to see Rinoa snap out of her unconsciousness, minus the drama. I just wanted to _see_ him.

The intercom 'beeped' and I snapped out of my thoughts. I quickly shoved some of my papers away and hit the switch, saying, "Yes" at the same time.

"Squall," said Quistis, "Selphie wants to begin planning for the next Garden festival. She wants to know how much funds there are so she can begin to make estimates."

I rubbed the bridge of my nose and sighed. The last time Selphie planned the Garden Festival, Rinoa pushed me off the balcony and I felt like they had planned some sort of drug intervention.

"Tell her I'll send the estimate as soon as I log on," I said, shutting off the intercom.

I glanced at the clock on my desk and blinked, surprised. I'd been sitting here doing nothing for the past two hours.

I shook my head and began going through my paperwork.

Seifer seems to be occupying more and more of my thoughts every day. I can't decide whether or not that that is a bad thing.


To be continued...

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