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Training Skills

Part 3 - Following Orders...

By Rain

I was surprised when I heard Seifer's question; I wasn't expecting another lesson so soon--not that I was complaining.

He held me close and rubbed his arousal against my body. I couldn't believe he was hard, again; it didn't take him long to recover.

"Well, Squall?" Seifer purred. "Do you think you can handle lesson number two?"

I could handle anything he had to dish out.

I told him that.

"You're not going to freak out, are you?" He asked.

Why would I freak out?

I raised a quizzical eyebrow at him, urging him to elaborate more.

"You're not uncomfortable with what we just did, are you?" He sounded almost...concerned.

I shook my head.

He let out a sigh of relief, before recovering his arrogant composure; the change process confused me, but I didn't get the chance to analyze it, because Seifer's hands were on me, again.

"This time," Seifer moaned as his hands moved across my chest and began unbuttoning my white shirt, "I want to see _all_ of you."

He was having trouble with several of the buttons, and eventually, he ripped my shirt until the buttons popped off. I should have been annoyed, but I wasn't. His rush to see me turned me on all the more.

"W-What do you want me to do?" I panted.

"Just sit back in the chair, and enjoy the ride," he said.

I found myself reclining against my chair, again. When I shrugged my shoulders to slide off my shirt, Seifer stopped me.

"Keep that on, but remove your jeans," he said.

I did as I was told and glanced down at myself.

My opened shirt was pushed to the side, revealing my creamy white chest and firm abdomen. My semi-erect cock nestled between my thin thighs; I always wanted to gain some weight, especially around my legs; they were almost shapely, like a woman's leg. I blushed when I felt Seifer's hands on my knees.

"I know you've masturbated before," Seifer murmured, his breath warm on my skin. "But have you ever touched yourself," his right hand slid along my inner thigh, and slipped beneath my balls, to rub against my entrance. "Here?"

I immediately reddened.

I understood that in homosexual relationships, the male penetrated the other male's...backside, as Seifer had been doing to Nida. But I never thought of _touching_ myself there. I couldn't see how that was pleasurable, even though I wanted Seifer to fuck me like how he fucked Nida.

I shook my head.

Seifer smiled.

"My innocent Squally," he said. "Do you have any lube?"

"Lube?" I asked. I didn't know what that was.

"Do you have lotion or something? It'll make this easier," he said.


"I have hand lotion in my drawer," I replied.

Rinoa left it in my office one day, and I kept forgetting to give it back to her.

Seifer rummaged through my drawers and brandished the white bottle of lotion. He opened it up and told me to hold out my hand.

I did as I was told and he poured a small dollop of lotion on my hand; it was unscented.

"Now, rub it around your fingers," he ordered.

I shrugged and smeared the cool liquid around my hand. When I was done, he told me something that made my eyes grow wide.

"...What?" I asked, unsure that I had heard him correctly.

"Finger yourself," he said. He took my hand and pressed my index finger against my entrance. "Use this finger first."

I looked at him like he had grown three heads; I couldn't believe what he was asking me to do.

Finger myself?

"Do it, Squall," his voice was husky with desire, and suddenly, I wanted to please him.

My index finger rubbed against the tight ring of muscle, before pushing in and sliding inside, slowly. The penetration was strange, but not painful. Seifer urged me to push in more deeply, so I complied; the mouth of my entrance swallowed my finger, and I kept pushing until I reached my knuckle.

"Now pull out, slowly," Seifer ordered.

I did as I was told and moaned a little from the sensation. It was strange and foreign, but my body didn't seem to mind it. My finger brushed my inner tissues as I pulled out slowly, and pushed back in. I spread my legs a little wider, almost shamelessly. I heard Seifer groan and I looked up to meet his eyes.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to see you like this," Seifer panted.

I was surprised by his confession; I wasn't aware of his attraction towards me.

"You're not aware of a lot of things," Seifer said, reading my mind. "Add another finger."

I didn't hesitate when I added another finger to the first. I could feel my entrance stretch a little, but I ignored the slightly burning pain. It wasn't so bad, having two fingers inside of me. In fact, it felt quite good as I pulled my fingers in and out. My breathing became a little harder as I felt my arousal begin to grow, again. I didn't have to look up to know that Seifer was watching me; I could almost feel his eyes on my entrance, where my fingers were moving in and out.

"One more, baby," Seifer groaned.

I added a third finger and moaned at the sensation; I felt so much fuller, and my passage stretched even more. There was even more pain, now: a dull ache burning against my passage. I told Seifer this, and he assured me that it would go away once my body adjusted.

"Relax," Seifer told me.

I forced my muscles to relax, and as soon as I did, I was in heaven. It felt so good as I moved my fingers in and out. I couldn't decide which felt better: stroking my erection, or stroking my inner passage. I pushed my fingers in deeper and faster. I could hear Seifer breathing heavily, but it was nothing compared to the breathing my body had taken on. I threw my head back as I drove my fingers, faster and faster, in and out of my highly aroused body. I could feel my hand rubbing against my inner thigh as I stroked myself from within. Soon, I was moaning continuously and pushing back against my fingers.

A shadow came over me and I opened my eyes; only now realizing that they had slid shut. I felt Seifer's hand cover my own, and he stopped my ministrations, almost reluctantly.

"You're so hot, baby," Seifer groaned. He buried his face against my neck and began nibbling on my shoulder.

My hand sought out Seifer's hard length, and wrapped around his stiff member. The velvety skin burned against my hand, and I began stroking him like I had done before.

"Mmmm, you're a fast learner," he said.

A rare smile crossed my lips.

Then, I gasped. Somehow, Seifer had gotten lotion onto his hands, and his fingers were now pushing into my body. I groaned at the sensation and pushed my hips down, against his fingers. Having his fingers inside me felt more pleasurable than my own, and they were much larger; they stretched places my own fingers failed to reach.

Almost unconsciously, I hooked my legs over the arms of my chair, spreading myself wide for Seifer. He moaned when I did this. I could feel his head turn down, to see where his fingers were melting into my body.

He lowered himself onto his knees, between my spread legs. I chanced a look down and saw his eyes fixated with my puckered entrance; he seemed to be entranced by what he saw.

"You really are a virgin, aren't you, baby?" Seifer groaned, pushing his fingers harder into my body.

I threw my head back and moaned in pleasure. My arms moved around my neck and gripped the back of my chair, tightly. At the same time, Seifer's fingers touched _something_ and I screamed so loud, I was sure that everyone in the Garden could hear me.

Bright lights distorted my vision. I could feel my inner muscles clench up around Seifer's fingers. I didn't know what he was touching, but every time his fingers pushed into my body, he struck something that made my cock and body ache for completion.

"Seifer..." I panted, unable to say anything more.

"Does that feel good, baby?" Seifer asked. He didn't really need me to answer that question, did he?

"Oh God," I moaned, pushing my hips down harder as he fingered me, faster, and harder, and deeper.

My hands gripped the back of my chair, tightly. I could feel the arms of my chair digging into my thighs, all from the pressure of pushing against Seifer's fingers. I thought I would die from the sheer pleasure he was giving me; it felt so much better than stroking my arousal. I moaned his name, over and over, like some kind of mantra. Every nerve in my body came alive, suddenly. And then, it came over me: a tidal wave of pure pleasure.

A warm jet of pleasure exploded from my pulsing cock. I caught my lower lip between my teeth as each stream of passion splashed against my stomach, over and over again. It was so much more intense than my other orgasms; I had a feeling that I should expect that from every encounter I had with Seifer.

I opened my eyes when my body relaxed from its pleasure-filled orgasm. I could see Seifer standing in front of me, still hard; the tip of his arousal gleaming with pre-cum. I wondered how Seifer wanted me to take care of that, but he took matters into his own hands, literally.

He settled back down onto his knees and stroked his cock, furiously, between my legs. His arousal was just inches away from my entrance, teasing me, and teasing him. I think he knew that if he wanted to, I'd let him fuck me, right here, right now. But Seifer seemed determined to take this slow, even though I had a feeling things were moving along quite fast.

I watched his expression as he stroked his own cock. His eyebrows were drawn together, in pleasure. A thin sheen of sweat covered his forehead, and his half-lidded eyes met mine, directly.

"Do you want me to cum for you?" He moaned.

I wasn't used to dirty talk--not that I had any experience doing it. But I had a feeling that Seifer seemed to enjoy it. And it turned me on as well, too.

"Mmmm," I moaned, just for him. "Cum for me, Seifer. I want to see you cum."

That seemed to do it for him. His body stiffened, then quivered, and I felt the warm splash of his release against my entrance.

He settled back onto his ankles as he panted and tried to recover his breathing. After a moment, he looked up at me and smirked.

"You're just full of surprises, aren't you, Squall?" He asked.

I sent him a confused look.

He just shook his head as he continued to smirk.

"What time is it?" He asked, suddenly.

I glanced at the clock on my desk, and said, "Two-thirty."

"Shit," he said, reaching for his pants and pulling it on. "I was supposed to meet Nida for lunch."

My entire body stiffened; were Nida and Seifer really a couple? I thought they weren't. And if they were...what just happened between us?

"Nida?" I asked, my voice coming out shakily--not what I had intended.

Seifer didn't seem to notice. He pulled his pants up and started buttoning it. "Yeah. He wants to make sure no one knows that he's gay."

"Oh," I said, lamely.

Why did I suddenly feel so jealous?

"I'll see you later," Seifer said, and then, he was out the door.

I glanced down at my _almost_ completely naked body and blushed.

I couldn't believe what had just happened.

Over the next few days, I didn't see or talk to Seifer at all. I didn't regret what had happened between us, but I was beginning to think that Seifer had; was he trying to avoid me?

I've seen Nida around, but he still doesn't look at me; he looks at the ground whenever I pass him.

I don't _think_ there's a relationship between him and Seifer. I hope there isn't; I don't want to interfere with someone else's relationship.

I've been thinking about Seifer, a lot; more so than when I first became fascinated with him. I still don't know if it's just lust that I feel towards him; I got a taste of what he has to offer, but my body still craved for something more. A part of me thought that my mind wanted something more, too. I didn't know if I had any feelings towards him, but I found myself searching for him around the hallways.

I hoped he wasn't avoiding me...


To be continued...


AN: I hope this lemon wasn't horrible, too. I'm really sorry, if it was. I'm still sick. *sniffles*

~ Rain ~

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