By Rain

There was a kinky side to Squall Leonhart. I was surprised when I first began to discover this. How could someone who had been completely clueless towards sex suddenly become a nymphomaniac? Ever since Squall became more comfortable with me, we have been having sex like rabbits - not that I was complaining. I rather enjoyed the imagination Squall possessed. Our sex life was anything but boring.

However, there was one thing I was unwilling to do.

I've always been rather possessive over Squall. Despite what some may think about Squall and I, our relationship was based off of love rather than lust. It took me awhile to admit it, but I loved the bastard, and I knew the bastard loved me. So, you can understand why I wasn't too keen on sharing Squall with anyone else.

Yes, one of Squall's fantasies consisted of bringing Irvine and Zell into our bed. I held nothing against his two friends; I dared to say I considered them friends myself. But to share the one whom belonged to me was not part of the question. No one could touch Squall except me. No one could claim Squall except for me. I've never been one to share my possessions, especially something that meant more to me than the world.

Of course, Squall understood and he never pressed the issue. I think he already knew that I was unwilling to share him with anyone else, but he got me thinking. I hated to admit that it would be an extreme turn out to watch him get fucked by Zell and Irvine. As much as I wanted to keep Squall untouched by anyone else, I couldn't keep the mental image of Squall and his friends going at it out of my mind.

After a long mental struggle, I finally decided that there was no harm in granting Squall the one fantasy I never fulfilled. Hyne knows that Squall has done so much more for me in the past. It wasn't an issue of me worrying that Squall would leave me for one of them, because I knew that he wouldn't. His heart, body, and soul belonged to me. It was a matter ofme claiming him. I wasn't willing to share that piece of heaven with anyone else.

I tightened my hold around Squall's waist as we approached the unsuspecting cowboy and the chicken-wuss standing outside the library.

Last night I had told Squall that I'd agree to the foursome on one condition: no one was allowed to cum inside of his ass or his mouth except for me. It was a territorial kind of thing. After making sure that I was completely alright with it, Squall quickly agreed to my condition and preceded to show me just how much I was appreciated.

I was still feeling possessive over my lover, though.

"Are you sure you're ok with this?" Squall whispered once we were a few feet away from Irvine and Zell.

"Yeah," I assured him, "Just remember what I said."

He nodded and offered me that small, rare smile that was meant for me and only me.

"Hey, look! It's Squall and Seifer," said Zell as he noticed our approach.

Irvine turned to look at us and smiled, allowing his brown eyes to swoop up the length of Squall's body.

"So it is," he said lazily as he tipped his hat slightly.

If it weren't for the fact that Irvine was rather easy on the eye, I would've smacked him.

"I. . .uh. . . Seifer and I. . ." Squall trailed off and looked at the red carpet, blushing. This action caused Irvine and Zell to raise their eyebrows at me. I shrugged and looked at Squall. My lover was nibbling on his lower lip and he seemed to be at a loss for words.

I sighed. "What Squall is trying to say is: do you want to fuck?"

Irvine and Zell just stared at me, while Squall began to shift from foot-to-foot.

"Well?" I said impatiently. If they didn't agree, I was ready to pick Squall up into my arms and carry him to our shared dorm room. We had skipped our morning-sex for the first time, deciding that our 'activities' with Zell and Irvine would last longer if neither of us came that morning. I was certain that Zell and Irvine would agree. Who could resist a once in a lifetime fuck with Squall Leonhart? It was once in a lifetime because I was only willing to share Squall with them once.

"Would you mind repeating that?" Zell was staring at both Squall and I in disbelief.

"Yes, I do mind," I said in irritation.

"Seifer. . ." Squall looked up at me and gave a slight shake of his head.

"Would. You. Like. To. Fuck?" I said slowly.

I can be such an ass when I feel like it.

Zell crossed his arms over his chest and glared at me. "What makes you think I'd want to fuck you?"

"What makes you think that I want to fuck you?" I retorted. "I'm flattered, chicken-wuss, but your ass is too stink for me."

"Seifer!" Squall looked at me again, as if to say, 'If you don't want to do this, we don't have to.'

"Fine, fine," I relented. "The truth is, Squall and I have fulfilled almost every fantasy we could come up with, except," I looked at Zell and Irvine, "having multiple partners."

Zell's blue eyes widened as he turned to look at Squall, "Is he serious, Squall?"

Irvine's interest was piqued and he looked at Squall in silent observation.

". . .Yeah," Squall answered in a soft voice.

Irvine smirked and said, "Well, I'm game."

Zell turned his wide eyes on Irvine, "What?!?!? You know that Seifer's just gonna kill us after. I mean, c'mon now! This is Seifer Almasy. Mr. No-one-touches-Squall-except-for-me-or-else-I'll-render-you-limb-to-limb!"

"So, I guess you're out," I said.

I tightened my hold around Squall's waist and turned to head back towards the dormitories. Irvine followed with a smirk still on his face. And then, Zell shouted, "Wait! I didn't say that!" I turned my head back to see him running towards us, causing the chains on his loose-shorts to jingle.

"Are you seriously not going to kill us after?" Zell asked as he eyed me suspiciously. "This isn't a test, is it?"

I smirked and was about to retort, but Squall jabbed me lightly in the ribs with his elbow.

"No," I grunted in annoyance, "but there's certain rules that you need to follow."

"Like what?" Zell crossed his arms over his chest again.

I cursed myself for finding his stance adorable.

"First, no one is sticking anything up my ass," I grunted, "and second, no one cum's inside of Squall's ass or in his mouth. If one of you do, I'll cut your dick off, and don't think that I wouldn't do it."

I was dead serious about that last remark.

"Psh, figures," Zell mumbled. "Why do you put up with this egotistical, territorial jerk, Squall?"

"Watch it, chicken-wuss," I growled.

"Fine," Zell muttered, "Anything else?"

Squall looked up at me and I shook my head.


The four of us resumed our journey to the dormitories in silence.

"Seifer, it's ok if you don't want to do this," Squall said again when we were standing in front of our dorm room.

"Baby," I said, lowering my voice so that only Squall could hear me. "It's ok." I placed a tender kiss on his cheek, before I looked up and glared at Zell and Irvine's watchful expressions.

I straightened and entered the access code to the room. I locked the door behind me when everyone was inside.

"Shit, Squall! You've been holding out on us, man!" Zell exclaimed as he looked around our large room.

It paid off to be dating the commander.

Our room was three times the size of a normal dorm room. There were several large windows adorning one side of the room, a small kitchenette, and a completely furnished bathroom. Once Squall and I started sleeping together, we had moved in a queen-sized bed and placed it in the left-hand corner of the room. On the right hand side, a dresser with a TV perched atop it had been placed next to the bathroom, along with a small sofa. And on the walls we had mounts that held up our gunblades.

I enjoyed the look of envy on Zell's face.

I stepped away from Squall and shrugged off my trench-coat. I could feel several sets of eyes on me as I headed towards the couch and took a seat. I looked at Zell and Irvine and smirked.

"Enjoying the view?"

I was dressed in my usual black and white vest and beige pants.

Squall licked his lips and sent me a sultry look, clearly in answer to my question.

"Could you pass me a beer, Squall?"

Normally, I would've referred to him as 'baby', but I'd be damned if Irvine and Zell heard me say that. Squall seemed to understand and he nodded, heading into the kitchen to grab me a beer. Even though the kitchen was only a few feet away, I used the opportunity to growl, "If you make him bleed, I'll kill you" to Irvine and Zell.

Squall returned and handed me the beer. I thanked him quietly and set it down on the dresser beside me, before pulling Squall onto my lap and capturing his lips in a deep kiss.

Squall moaned and granted me access to his mouth. He straddled my lap, keeping one leg on each side, and wrapped his arms around my neck. I wrapped my own arms around his waist, pulling him close enough so that our chests pressed together. Then I explored his mouth, twining our tongues together and tasting a piece of heaven. There was always something special about our kisses; they held a deep emotion, something that no words could ever express.

I groaned when I felt my arousal begin to stir. Squall began to rub his bottom against my crotch, torturously.

A slight gasp echoed through the room and I opened one eye to glance at Zell and Irvine.

They were staring at both Squall and I, transfixed.

I smirked around the deep kisses Squall and I were sharing, sending them a look that said, "Well? What are you waiting for?"

Irvine and Zell began to tug off their clothing.

"Perhaps you'd like to watch this, baby," I murmured against those luscious lips that were pressed against mine.

Squall blinked and opened his eyes. Then he turned his head slightly, watching Irvine and Zell undress.

"Maybe you should help them," I continued in a low-husky voice, "give me a show, baby."

Squall moaned and stood from my lap. I held back my own moan at the look in Squall's eyes; they promised gratification to my request.

I watched as Squall approached the two undressing men. There was an unconsciously sexy sway to his hips; the black leather pants gripping the firm globes of his ass. As he walked, his bomber jacket slid off his slim shoulders, falling to the floor, forgotten. I reached for my beer and opened it without looking at it, keeping my eyes focused on Squall, Zell, and Irvine.

"Need some help?" Squall asked in that sexy-seductive tone he had picked up.

I could see the surprise on both Irvine and Zell's faces; neither was used to the sultry-sex-kitten inside of Squall.

Irvine had thrown his cowboy hat to the floor. I saw Squall smile as he placed his hands on Irvine's chest, slipping his hands up to his shoulders and relieving him of the familiar brown-coat he was always wearing.

Squall licked his lips as Irvine looked down at him, allowing a half-smile to curl at the sides of his mouth. Zell tugged his shirt over his head and refocused his blue eyes on Squall and Irvine, whom continued to stare at each other even though Squall was bringing open his vest with his nimble fingers.

I took a sip of my beer, enjoying the view far more than I initially thought.

I nearly choked when Squall tossed Irvine's vest to the floor, and then buried his hands in Irvine's long, brown hair. Their lips met halfway. Squall tilted his head up, while Irvine brought his face down.

Zell whimpered and I saw his arousal straining against his dark blue shorts.

"You're a big boy, aren't 'ya, Zell?" I smirked.

Zell fixed me with a glare before Squall broke off his kiss with Irvine and turned his sultry-smile on Zell.

Squall unbuttoned Zell's shorts at the same time Irvine tugged his pants down his legs, revealing that he wore nothing underneath. Zell, however, had on white and yellow chocobo boxers.

I chuckled and Zell blushed as Squall bent down on his knees, tugging the boxers down to his ankles. Zell stepped out of them and Squall straightened. Zell reached for Squall by grabbing his shoulders and tugging him forward. At first, I was surprised at Zell's aggressiveness, and then I was concerned about Squall's safety. But then I decided that Zell hadn't gotten any in a long time, so it was understandable. And if he hurt Squall, he knew full well that he would face my wrath.

Right before Zell tugged Squall down to capture his lips, I cleared my throat and said, "Wait a minute, chicken-wuss." I smirked when Zell turned to look at me in surprise. "I didn't hear you say, 'Please'."

I enjoyed the look on Zell's face immensely. He was torn between wanting Squall and submitting to me.

For a long moment, Zell stood in front of Squall, cock hard and ready against his stomach, glaring at me. His legs were unsurprisingly muscular; his golden skin stretched over the hard muscles smoothly. I once again de-graded myself for finding the chicken-wuss attractive.

". . . Please. . .?" Zell muttered through clenched teeth.

I smiled and said, "What was that? I didn't hear you."

His blue eyes narrowed dangerously at me, but he said, a little louder, "Please?"

I took another sip of my beer and made motions with my hand, indicating that he could carry on.

Zell immediately attacked my smaller lover. He claimed Squall's lips in a deep, long kiss. I watched as their mouths moved together, seeing small glimpses of tongue as they exchanged a spit-swapping, heated kiss. His strong arms wrapped around Squall's waist, pulling him close. His arousal was pressed hard between their bodies.

Irvine moved behind Squall, rubbing his own hard cock against Squall's ass. He placed his hands on Squall's hips, holding him in place. Then he began showering kisses along his smooth neck.

I was enjoying my beer and my view far too much to join in on their activities.

As if reading my mind, Squall broke off the kiss with Zell, sending me a questioning look.

"Give me a show," I mouthed to my beautiful lover.

I saw understanding fill his storm-colored eyes, before they widened in absolute pleasure. Irvine had reached around Squall, unbuttoning his leather pants and sliding them down his legs, while Zell took hold over his hard arousal, giving it a gentle but firm stroke.

"You've been holding out on us, man," Irvine said as he raked his eyes up and down the length of Squall's legs. His auburn-colored hair was becoming loose from his usual ponytail, causing stray wisps to stick to his cream-colored back. His legs were almost as shapely as Squall's, only longer and with a bit more muscle.

"Make it last, cowboy," I answered, "this is the only chance you'll have to taste him."

Squall moaned and his eyelids fluttered shut as Zell bent down on his knees in front of Squall's arousal. Irvine was working on Squall's white shirt, easily pulling the material off of him.

All three men were now naked and touching each other. Zell was licking his lips, on his knees, running his hands up and down both sides of Squall's legs. Irvine had his hands running all over Squall's smooth chest, tweaking a nipple and hardening it instantly. And Squall was caught between the two, arching his back in utter pleasure.

I could feel my arousal pulse within the confines of my pants as Zell swiped his tongue across the head of Squall's cock. Squall gasped and threw his head back, resting it on Irvine's naked shoulder. I moaned and began unzipping my pants, pulling my cock free of the restricting material.

"You're beautiful," Irvine murmured to Squall.

Squall turned his head slightly, allowing another kiss to initiate between the two. I saw him gasp into Irvine's mouth as Zell wrapped his lips around the head of Squall's erection. Then Squall lifted a hand, holding the back of Irvine's head. A moan rumbled from someone, but I wasn't sure whom.

"Seifer," Squall gasped, trying to focus his bluish-gray eyes on me. ". . . Please. . ."

I smirked and stood from the sofa, unable to resist the pleading tone in Squall's voice. I forced my cock back into my pants, but didn't bother to zipper it up. Squall's eyes were half-lidded upon my approach. I smirked and his lips parted open, pleadingly. I stood next to him and claimed his lips in a hard kiss, washing away the taste of Irvine and Zell, determined to fill his mouth with my own flavor.

Squall sighed and wrapped his arms around my neck, kissing me slowly, sending all of his passion into me. Then he broke off the kiss, whimpering. I looked down and saw that Zell had swallowed Squall's erection, taking everything in on one thrust.

I raised an eyebrow when a slender arm, which didn't belong to Squall, reached out and tugged on the vest that I was wearing. Irvine grinned, lowering his lips to Squall's earlobe, sucking it in between his lips. His soft-brown eyes continued to smile at me, and his auburn hair had fallen loose from its ponytail. Cascades of his silky hair fell down his creamy back and several strands covered Squall's pale shoulder. I hated to admit it, but Squall and Irvine looked good together. Irvine had one arm wrapped around Squall's chest, his other deftly pulling my vest open; his chin was resting on Squall's shoulder, and Squall had his head tilted back. The auburn-colored silkiness of Irvine's hair just added to the visual. Its golden-tresses glimmered in the light, almost like a halo surrounding the two of them.

I pulled off my vest and threw it across the room.

Squall smiled at me, and then gasped, his eyes falling shut as Zell continued to work on his arousal. I looked down to see Zell on his knees, his mouth opened wide to accommodate the thick length buried deep within his mouth. His golden skin was a few shades darker than Squall's, and I could see his shoulder muscles flexing as he used his arms to support his weight.

Then my attention was distracted when a strong hand grabbed my chin, tugging my face towards a mouth that ravished my own. I opened my eyes to see Irvine's face. His eyes were closed and his long lashes fluttered as he kissed me, fighting for dominance as I smirked against the kiss. I could hear Squall whimper and felt his hands settle on my shoulders, holding on tightly as I pushed my tongue into Irvine's mouth.

Irvine's kisses were different from Squall's. He fought hard as our tongues collided violently, crashing together in a fierce kiss. I could feel my lips throb from the pressure, fighting to maintain superior over the cowboy.

He didn't taste like Squall, either. Squall always tasted sweet and fresh, while Irvine was bittersweet, too experienced for his own good. I had almost forgotten why I loved Squall so much. Not only because he completed me in a way that no one else had, but because Squall was my secret treasure, untouched and inexperienced, an innocent angel who's soul hadn't been tarnished.

I pulled back from the kiss, noting the trail of saliva that connected our mouths before breaking off with a splash. I gave Irvine a smirk before focusing my attention on Squall.

It didn't fail to make me harder from the expression on his face.

Squall's eyelashes were fluttering with pleasure, barely managing to keep his lusty gaze open. His bottom lip was caught between his teeth, and his wild brown hair fell in a tangled mess around his face. A dark blush had shaded his pale cheeks, proof of the pleasure that was surging through his veins. A light sheen of sweat covered his forehead, and soft little moans were coming from his swollen lips.

"Move him to the bed," I ordered Irvine and Zell, aware of Squall's inability to support himself. He was leaning against Irvine's chest and I could see his slender legs trembling from his passion.

I always knew Zell was a little cocksucker.

Squall whimpered when Zell released his arousal and stood up. Then he crushed his lips against Squall's, stepping backward while he pulled Squall forward.

I took a seat on the couch again, content with just watching the show for a minute longer.

Somehow, the three of them managed to make it to the bed. Zell ripped at the covers, throwing them on the ground and wrinkling the white sheets. Irvine placed Squall in the center of the bed and he and Zell sandwiched Squall in the middle, all of them on their knees as they touched each other.

Zell placed his hands on Squall's hips, grinding his erection against Squall's ass. Or should I say, 'my' ass, because that ass belonged to me.

Squall moaned and pushed back against Zell, encouraging him to continue the friction. Irvine kissed Squall gently, far more gently than the way he kissed me. He wrapped his arms around Squall's shoulders, bringing their bodies' close enough to align their cocks together. Squall placed his hands on Irvine's shoulders, squeezing tightly as they rubbed their arousals against each other.

Then I saw Zell slide a hand in between his body and Squall's body. I watched Squall pull away from the kiss, throwing his head back as Zell penetrated him with a finger. He spread his legs wider and pushed his hips down to meet Zell's intruding digit, silently asking for more without verbalizing it.

Inwardly, I was pleased. Squall would only beg for my cock or my fingers to penetrate his body. 

"Give him more," I told Zell, "I want to hear him scream with pleasure."

Squall rolled his head on Zell's shoulder, enough for me to see his whole face. Through his half-lidded gaze, he smiled at me and licked his lips; his pink tongue slid along his plump bottom lip, leaving a trail of glistening saliva as he moved to the top lip. He did it agonizingly slowly, driving me crazy with his wordless seduction.

My little sex kitten had come out to play.

Zell inserted a second finger, and at the same time, Irvine lowered his head to capture Squall's right nipple. Even from this distance, I could see his tongue flicker against the hardened nub, fast and hard, causing Squall to cry out and arc his back, not knowing which direction to push his body; up or down, back or forward. He settled for dropping his hands to the bed and fisting the bed sheets, gazing at me as Irvine and Zell assaulted his body.

"Squall likes it hard," I told Zell, encouraging him to fuck Squall with his fingers, harder and harder.

"Seifer. . ." Squall moaned as Zell complied, rolling his hips to force Zell's fingers in deeper.

I grinned at Squall, sending him a knowing look. If I had been Zell, Squall would've been begging me to fuck him. As it was, he was still begging me to bring him pleasure, but not in so many words.

"You're ignoring Irvine," I said to Squall, motioning towards the longhaired man who was still sucking and licking at his nipples. "It's not nice," I added with a lecherous look, "Perhaps you should apologize by giving him attention. . ."

Squall caught my hidden message, sending me a look that said, 'you asked for it', and pushed Irvine off of him, much to the cowboy's surprise; maybe he thought Squall was a gentle lover - I mean, he was, but my kitty had awakened from his cat nap and he wanted to play with his ball of yarn.

Squall dropped to his hands and knees, pushing his ass high in the air, encouraging Zell to keep fucking him with his fingers. Then he reached for Irvine's ankle, pulling him close enough to start nipping at his calf. As the sex kitten I had become fond of, Squall alternated between kissing and biting Irvine's leg, causing Irvine's erection to jump as pleasure arced through him. Squall's pink tongue slid against the creamy skin of Irvine's leg, licking at it like a cat would lick at its fur. Just watching his pink tongue slide against Irvine's skin made my cock pulse with need.

Needless to say, I enjoyed the view from the couch, somehow managing to ignore my arousal. Zell had added a third finger to Squall's channel, pushing his fingers in and out, harder and faster. I could just imagine what Zell was viewing: Squall's cheeks spread wide, allowing ample view of his puckered entrance. Zell was watching as his fingers melted in and out of Squall's body, the same way that I did whenever I got the chance. If I closed my eyes, I'd be able to see my own fingers, bunched together, sliding inside of Squall's stretched entrance.

I groaned and began to unbuckle my pants, forcing those images out of my mind. I focused on Squall and Irvine, smirking a little at the visual. Squall was still on his hands and knees, pushing against Zell's thrusting fingers - but his mouth had traveled from Irvine's calf to his inner thighs, where he was ravishing the creamy skin with his swollen mouth. Squall's gaze was focused on Irvine's face, which was twisted in pleasure at Squall's tease. Quite shamelessly, Irvine had spread his legs wide, allowing Squall room in between his thighs. I stifled a moan when Irvine pushed his body downwards, inching his arousal closer to Squall's mouth.

"Suck it, Squall," I commanded in a husky voice.

Squall moaned and stretched his body like a cat, looking over his shoulder at Zell, who was still pushing his fingers in and out of Squall's body.

"Squall wants you to fuck him, Zell," I said, "That is, only if you know how to use your dick. If you don't, move aside and I'll fuck him myself."

Zell glared at me, even though his fingers were still moving inside of Squall. And Squall sent me a look that said he wouldn't mind if I fucked him myself.

Unfortunately, Zell withdrew his fingers and positioned his cock at Squall's entrance. Squall mewled in happiness and returned his attention to Irvine, licking his lips as he gazed at the hard cock that stood a few inches away from him.

Irvine had raised himself to his knees and his hands had buried themselves in Squall's hair. Squall was on his hands and knees, rubbing his entrance against the head of Zell's cock, and slowly lowering his mouth to Irvine's arousal. Zell was gripping Squall's hips firmly, slowly pushing into the tight heat. And I slid my pants down my legs, wrapping a hand around my hard, hard arousal, focused on the erotic image laid out on the bed.

As Squall's lips enveloped Irvine's erection, Zell pushed in, stretching what hadn't been stretched with his fingers. Squall moaned and took them both in, opening his mouth wide to accommodate Irvine's cock, and pushing back against Zell's invading arousal. I gave myself a light stroke, groaning, not from the pleasure, but from the sultry look on Squall's face.

Squall was watching me through his long eyelashes. Irvine's cock was slowly melting into his mouth. I groaned as half of the thick length was exposed. I knew the image of Squall with a cock in his mouth was intimately erotic, but seeing it first hand was another story. I could see his saliva coating his swollen lips, adding to the visual, even as Irvine threw his head back in pleasure.

"So. . . tight," I heard Zell hiss, focused on the point where his erection and Squall's body met. I blinked for a moment, surprised to see Zell's muscles bunched from the effort of holding himself back. Maybe Zell wasn't as dumb as I thought. If Zell hurt Squall because he was careless. . .

"Oh, shit!" Irvine gasped, "Fuck, Squall, are you ok?"

My eyes zeroed in on Squall, who had deep-throated Irvine's cock with skill. I smirked and said, "Squall is quite talented with his mouth."

Irvine wiped the sweat off his forehead with his arm. His long hair clung to his back and shoulders, and his eyes were focused on Squall.

At that moment, I felt like a lion watching his cub with pride.

Irvine and Zell would come back wanting more, but Squall belonged to me and I loved having what others couldn't have.

I stroked myself slowly as I watched the three of them on the bed. Zell had buried himself to the hilt, and he was now thrusting into Squall with leisure. Squall was bobbing his head up and down, sucking Irvine off to the slow pace that Zell had set.

Then Squall looked at me, his cheeks turned inward from sucking Irvine's cock, and I knew my kitten wasn't enjoying the steady pace. He wanted it hard and fast - to know that he was getting fucked.

"Fuck him harder," I instructed Zell, "I said you could fuck him, not make love to him."

Zell growled and gripped Squall's hips, tightly. Then he started building his pace, using long thrusts that drove in deep and hard. Squall moaned his pleasure and pushed back, needing more. He closed his eyes and sucked on Irvine's cock, moving his head up and down, enjoying the hard flesh in his mouth. I could only assume Squall was in heaven. He wouldn't admit it out loud, but he loved cock - maybe almost as much as he loved me. And at the moment, he had a cock in his mouth and his ass.

Squall whimpered as Zell started to pound into him harder. I could hear their bodies meet, again and again, sending the slapping noises throughout the room. Irvine was pushing his hips against Squall's mouth, enveloping his erection in the moist heat of my kitten's mouth. And Squall was taking it all, giving pleasure to both men with his body.

I watched as Squall's body trembled in pleasure. His cock was hard and dripping with pre-cum. I saw his hands fisted in the bed sheets, using it as an anchor to the Earth. A fine sheen of sweat covered his body; moist and smooth, moving in time with the other bodies' thrusting into him.

Zell increased the speed of his thrusts, causing Squall to release Irvine's arousal. He threw his head back in pleasure. Saliva dripped from his lips down to his chin, and he cried out as Zell nailed his prostate. He looked at me, eye's pleading, wanting me to touch him,needing me to touch him.

Irvine started stroking his own erection, eyes fixed on Zell pushing into Squall's body. His hand moved faster, bringing him closer and closer to the edge. Squall looked up at him, mouth parted in open invitation. I growled from the couch, which made Squall smile and close his mouth. I knew he loved the taste of cum, but I'd be damned if I let one drop of another mans cum enter my lovers' body.

Squall offered Irvine a sultry look, and then the cowboy was coming with a loud cry. Warm liquid burst from his cock, coating Squall's beautiful face with its sticky essence. Irvine buried one of his hands in Squall's hair, while the other continued to stroke his trembling erection. I could see Squall resisting the urge to lick the cum off his face, even though the white fluid was slowly dripping down his forehead and cheeks, tantalizingly close. I never pictured Squall with cum on his face before, but he looked absolutely delicious with the liquid trickling down his face.

"Seifer," Squall whimpered, looking at me, pleadingly. Zell was pounding into him mercilessly, and Squall was pushing back against him, meeting him thrust-for-thrust. I knew my lover was close to climax, and I knew that he wanted the cum on his face. I decided to take care of his problem and stood from the couch, approaching him. Squall moaned and licked his wet, swollen lips as I neared him, now able to smell the cum on his face. Irvine moved to the side, panting. Then my cock was seized in greedy hands, forcing me onto the bed in front of Squall. I barely had time to settle on my knees, before Squall was feasting on my cock. He swallowed my length into the warm recesses of his mouth, sucking hard enough to bring a loud moan from my lips.

"Is that what you wanted, baby?" I whispered huskily.

Squall nodded and bobbed his head up and down, eager for my taste as I dripped pre-cum into his mouth.

I looked down at him and stroked his hair, lovingly. His tender-gray gaze met mine through his long bangs. Then his wicked little tongue pushed against the slit of my cock, bringing forth another moan as he used all of his talented skills on me.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Irvine slide under Squall on his back. A second later, Squall released my arousal with a 'pop' and something that bordered a scream burst from his throat.

I could only assume Irvine was sucking him off.

Squall cried out as Zell fucked him and Irvine sucked him. He looked up at me, cum all over his face, eyes half-lidded, with whimpering moans coming from his swollen lips. With his lower lip caught between his teeth, he gazed at me as pleasure arced through him. There was a dazed expression on his face, brought on by the double assault of pleasure.

Then the sex kitten returned and he retook my cock into his mouth. I groaned as I watched Squall bob his head up and down, some part of me unable to digest what was going on. Zell was focused on Squall's bottom, but he released one of Squall's hips and rammed two of his fingers into Irvine's opening. The cowboy jumped in surprise, and then relaxed as he adjusted to the sensation. Squall wrapped a hand around the base of my cock, stroking my arousal as he brought more and more pre-cum into his naughty mouth.

And I was enjoying it all.

The pleasure of Squall's mouth as he molded his tongue against the underside of my erection, caressing the velvet tip with the back of his throat, making swallowing motions was enough to have me panting with need. And the visual of Squall's body trembling in pleasure: his ivory-colored skin covered in sweat; his hips red from the pressure of Zell's hands; his bottom was almost heart-shaped against Zell, a little feminine, but undoubtedly masculine. He looked so sexy, shivering as pleasure washed over him, wave after wave. And seeing Irvine's long, naked body stretched out underneath Squall, and Zell's muscular body thrusting into my little sex kitten, were too much and I started my release in Squall's mouth.

Pleasure erupted from my cock, again and again. I felt - rather than heard - Squall moan as each shot of cum washed down his throat, the vibrations sending another jet of cum into his mouth, claiming and marking what already belonged to me.

"Squall. . ." I moaned as my passion dripped into his hungry mouth.

Squall looked up at me and released my cock, smiling. He had been unable to swallow all of my cum, because some of it dripped down his wet chin. Irvine's cum still lingered on his face; while I was tempted to wipe it off, I couldn't help but think how sexy he looked with it on.

Then Squall began moaning, over and over; the sound of his voice a sweet melody against my ears. Zell was pounding into him furiously now, probably making Squall feel as though he were never leaving his prostate. He clutched the bed sheets and looked up at me, whimpering, "Seifer" as he started his release.

After spending night after night of making love to Squall, I memorized the expression on Squall's face whenever he climaxed. His mouth always dropped open in a silent cry, his eyes always managed to remain half-open as he watched me, and his face was always so beautiful in the throes of passion, so different from the emotionless mask he always wore for others. I was glad that neither Zell nor Irvine could see his face. That look was for me and only me.

I leaned down and captured his lips in another kiss. I could feel Squall's body being rocked back and forth from Zell, before the movements stilled and I blinked open one eye to look at Zell.

The blond-haired punk had pulled out of Squall. Irvine was now stroking Zell's cock, and Zell was doing the same to Irvine's cock. Both were on their knees next to each other, sharing a heated kiss as they both began to climax.

Stream after stream of liquid rained down on Squall's backside. I watched as both of their faces twisted in pleasure: mouths connected and eyes shut tightly. Their bodies trembled as cum poured out of their cocks, sliding down Squall's back and onto the bed sheets.

Squall collapsed against the bed in exhaustion. He was breathing hard and his body was flushed all over; the normally porcelain skin was now a light pink, covered in sweat and other bodily fluids.

I started to get hard again.

Gently, I rolled Squall onto his back. He blinked up at me, tiredly, though he managed a contented smile.

"Just like a little kitten," I murmured, brushing my lips against his swollen ones, "once you've had your milk, you curl up into a little ball and go to sleep."

Squall's smile broadened and he licked his lips. "Mmmhmmm, I love your milk."

I smirked and kissed him tenderly, knowing that that had been the kitten's final appearance.

Forgetting about Zell and Irvine, I placed myself in between Squall's spread legs. His eyes had slid closed, but he smiled softly as I pressed my weight against his warm body. I rubbed my re-hardened cock against his inner thigh, kissing him slowly, allowing our tongues to slide together lazily.

"Mmmm, take me, Seifer," Squall moaned, wrapping his slender legs around my waist. Even though he was exhausted, he still willingly offered his body.

I positioned my cock at his stretched entrance, and then slid into the hot caress of his body.

Our kisses remained slow and passionate. I rocked into the tight glove of his body, giving him slow, but deep, strokes. Squall moaned and wrapped his arms around my neck, trying to pull me closer than I already was.

Every inch of our bodies was touching. I pushed into him with agonizing slowness, feeling the need to be tender towards him.

I gave him another loving kiss as we moved together, sliding my tongue into the hot sweetness of his mouth. Our tongues slid together, twisting and caressing. When the need for air threatened, we broke away, panting.

"Seifer. . ." Squall moaned, meeting my gaze with his dusky-blue eyes. They always turned blue whenever he felt loved or contented.

I smiled and gave him a chaste kiss, saying, "I love you" before kissing his exposed neck. I felt Squall tilt his head to the side, encouraging me to ravish his sensitive spot with my tongue.

I felt his arousal begin to grow and it pressed against my stomach. I didn't increase the pace of my thrusts, but I could already feel myself nearing orgasm.

I pulled away from his neck and reached in between our bodies, wrapping a hand around his stiff cock. Squall moaned and began pushing his hips down to meet my thrusts. I gave him a tender look as I stroked his arousal.

"Gods, Seifer, I'm gonna cum," he moaned, throwing his head back as I squeezed his erection harder.

I felt his inner muscles clenching and unclenching around my cock, signaling me of Squall's approaching release. I pushed myself into his constricting heat harder and deeper, but not increasing the speed of my thrusts.

Soon, Squall whimpered my name and released all over my hand. His impossibly tight channel became even tighter, and I released my own essence into his body.

Both spent, I just barely avoided crushing Squall's body as I rested on top of him. I could feel his entire body shaking from orgasm, and I managed to look up and lift up a hand, pushing back damp bangs from his blue eyes.

"You okay, baby?"

Squall nodded and offered me a weak smile. "Just tired. . ." He yawned like a small child, gazing at me with sleepy eyes.

I snorted and reached out blindly for the blanket, intending on covering us both with it.

When I couldn't find it, I looked over my shoulder to see Zell and Irvine seated on top of it, smirking.

"Did you forget we were here?" Irvine asked with a saucy grin.

I narrowed my eyes and glared at the two of them. "Get off the blanket," I growled.

"Are you cold?" Zell asked, "You okay, baby?" he mocked.

They both laughed.

I reached for the blanket beneath them and pulled, causing the two idiots to fall on the floor.

"Owww, we were just playin'," Zell grumbled.

"Yeah," Irvine nodded. "I think it's great that you treat Squall so tenderly."

Zell shook his head. "Who knew both of you guys were the romantic type. . ."

"You can leave now," I hissed, angry at the fact that they had witnessed something intimate.

"Aww, man, are you serious? I'm too tired to walk back to my dorm room." Zell climbed onto the bed, but he was promptly pushed off with my foot.

"Fine, you can sleep on the floor." With that, I tossed them two extra pillows and an extra bed sheet. I could hear Zell grumbling to Irvine, but I ignored him and returned my attention to Squall.

"Did you hear that, bab-" I stopped speaking when I noticed Squall was fast asleep with a soft smile still on his lips.

I let my own smile cross my lips, before I bent down and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead.

"Ohhh, how cute!" Zell teased, poking his head over the mattress.

I tossed him another glare while I reluctantly pulled out of Squall's warm body. Even in his sleep, he gave a small protest; a whimper coming from his slightly parted lips. I settled down on the bed beside him, reaching for our pillows and placing one beneath Squall's head. Then I covered the both of us up with a blanket and Squall snuggled against my side, instinctively.

I smiled again and closed my eyes, only to have them fly open because of the sunlight.

I reached for a nearby pillow and threw it on the ground, saying, "Close the blinds, chicken-wuss."

"STOP CALLING ME THAT!!!!" came Zell's loud voice from the floor.

I immediately turned on my side to look at Squall, hoping the blond-dumbass didn't wake him up. . .

Squall just snuggled up closer to me, sighing contentedly in his sleep.

I smiled.

Then I told Zell to shut the hell up and close the damn blinds.

~ Owari ~


AN: That is the longest lemon I have ever written. . . I hope I never do that again. It was such a horrible lemon, too. I've never written a lemon with more than two people before, so please excuse the suckiness. ^^;;

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