Notes: I imagine this is OOC. Sorry. Zell just... eludes me. So I had to pretty much create my own Zell. NC-17 for mature content. ^-^ Just a short little piece for my own amusement.

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To Kiss, To Dream

By Sniffles

So, you know what I discovered today? Well, I discovered two things really. 1. Rinoa is a bitch. 2. Squall tastes really good. Okay, okay, I should explain. You see, it started earlier today. Squall and I were training. We train every morning together. We're buds y'know, that's what buds do. Anyway, I'm having a great time, watching Squall's ass everytime he rushes a creature (As a bud I don't suppose I should have been checking out his ass, but who can resist?), when I get an .. uh, erm... *cough* woodie. I really shouldn't stare at his ass so much. It never fails, I always get way excited. Now normally, when this happens, I just excuse myself on the premise that I need to relief myself. Then I head to the nearest tree and jack off. Problem solved.

Not this morning though. I ran behind the nearest tree, sure, but he followed me. Christ, it was embarassing. I didn't notice him, and to make things worse I cried out his name when I came. When I turned around and saw him standing there with that unreadable expression on his face I nearly crapped my shorts. Hell, I might have. I haven't checked and things did get awfully warm.

He stood there for a few tense moments, then he stepped forward. I couldn't speak, I was too busy freaking out. But you know, he didn't beat the crap out of me. Instead he placed his hands on my waist, and then he leaned down and kissed me.

He kissed me.

God it felt so good. I didn't want it to end. But it did, when we heard screaming. We broke apart and there was the bitch. Boy, did she throw a fit. I don't remember much about it. I was too stunned by the kiss. But I do know he left immediately after their screaming match ended and I was left alone.

Alone with his fucking gunblade. He left it behind. So I picked it up and took it to my room. I could have left it at the training center's lost and found box, but Squall is practically married to that thing. So instead I took it to my room, kissed it's handle and dropped it on my bed. It smells him y'know. Gunpowder, salt and this sweet scent that follows Squall around everywhere. It follows his gunblade too.

A soft knock at the door... is it him? Feeling nervous and shy I wander to the door and pull it open. Yep. It's him. He looks so fuckable.. uh, I mean... good. "My gunblade."

I nod and step back. He enters the room and closes the door behind him. "Squall, about today-"

Before I can finish my sentence his lips are on mine and I can't breathe. Heaven couldn't taste better. His tongue licks at my lips and obediently my mouth cracks open. Immediately his tongue is in my mouth, probing the inside of my cheeks and dueling with my own tongue.

God, I'm so turned on I could burst right here and now. Just from kissing. Am I desperate? Just a little. Nobody wants to fuck the cute guy. His hands are fumbling at my belt, and before I can protest or consent my shorts are hanging on my knees and he's falling to his knees.

I open my mouth to ask him to slow down, but the words come out in a groan as his lips engulf the head of my arousal. Ohhh... sweet.... I almost come right there, but his fingers squeezing roughly at the base of my shaft stops me. His fingers, little devils that they are, gently stroke my shaft and balls while he works on me like I'm a lollipop or something. Ohh. wow. It feels..


I close my eyes and bury my hands into his hair. I urge him on, my hips thrusting. I don't last long. I hardly ever do. With a shout I feel my head buzzing as the intense pleasure grips me. You know that cloud... nine? Well I'm soaring WAY past it.

My body slumps and I can't hold myself up anymore. I sink to the floor and his arms are there to catch me. He pulls me close and kisses me, thrusting his tongue in my mouth. He tastes of.. me. My seed. Oh man. I can feel myself hardening again. It's just too erotic. I've had dreams like this but wow, the reality is so much better.

Suddenly, Squall disappears and with a little moan I just drop forward. My head hits the floor and I realize that yes, it was just another fantasy. Oh man. I'm just too insane. I can't tell the difference between reality and dreams anymore. I reach down and lightly stroke my shaft. It felt so real though... so real.

I find myself wondering what would have happened at the training center today if Rinoa hadn't interrupted. Would Squall have done what he just did in my fantasy?

Pathetic Dincht. Just pathetic. Dreaming about your best friend. But he did kiss me.... what does that mean?

With a little sigh I get up and stumble to the bed. I flop down, pushing the gunblade carelessly to the floor. I lay, face down, and close my eyes. What did the kiss mean? Why did he do it?

Ah, who cares. I don't care why, I just want to know when. When will it happen again? When will my dreams finally come true? I'm tired of dreaming about him. I want to feel him writhing beneath me, I want to feel him pumping over me. I want to feel it all... with him.

I suck in my breath and hold it.

It doesn't take long before spots fill my vision.

Maybe when he comes to pick up his gunblade I'll... I'll ask him. I mean, he was the one who kissed me. Maybe he's not as closed to the idea as I thought...

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