Together In Death

By Purple Penguin

Quistis Trepe led her group of students into the training centre; all of them were equipped with their weapons. This would be their last training session before they become SeeDs. Most of the students followed without question but of course the two trouble makers Squall and Seifer lagged behind, the blonde making suggestive comments and Squall telling him to shut up.

They came through the trees, Squall smacked the others hands away from him.

“Such passion, if only you’d use that passion in other way.” He winked and squeezed Squall’s ass suggestively.

“If you’re quite finished boys.” The instructor said, gesturing to the rest of the class.

Once Quistis had finished speaking everyone paired off and went to do some one-on-one practise. The blonde woman kept an eye on the two gunbladers as they walked of together.

Squall stood ready for a fight while Seifer circled him, taunting him. The blonde rushed forward with his blade held high. The brunette dodged the move easily. He was always cautious of the dirty fighting blonde.

“What’s the matter Squally? Can’t you take the pressure?”

“Don’t call me that.”

Seifer lunged at Squall hacking and slashing at his face. “You can do better than that.”

Squall dodged Seifer’s hits but he didn’t hit back yet.

“Aww Squally, Don’t you want to hurt me?”

The brunette growled and threw a few pathetic attempts to hit his rival. The blonde dodged and countered, he grinned as Squall cursed. While the brunette was off guard he cast a fire spell sending Squall sprawling across the ground.

“Seifer! Stop that now!” The instructor started to run towards them.

The blonde brought the blade down on Squall, as the same time the brunette got up and lashed out with his blade. Both boys ended up getting impaled on each other’s gunblade. All sound disappeared from the training centre; the instructor and cadets stared in horror as the bodies sunk to the ground.

“Oh....Shit.” The blonde whispered. They fell back, looking up at the sky lifelessly.

“Oh hyne! They’re dead!”


Squall sat up shaking his head. He stared up at the horrified and scared cadets.

“Now look what you’ve done!”

The blonde sat up beside him and scowled. “That was not my fault. You shouldn’t have got up; I knew exactly what I was doing.”

Squall snorted. “Yeah right.” He got up out of his dead body and looked down at it. “Damn, I liked that body as well.”

Seifer smirked. “So did I.”


Squall moved aside as a medical team hurried towards their corpses. A doctor put her hand through Seifer’s sprit body.

“Hey, watch it.” He jumped up and stood beside Squall.

“So what now?”

“Couldn’t we stay here, we could always possess someone.”

Squall rolled his eyes. “You’ve been watching too many movies.”

“Well excuse me if I’m not the expert on being dead.”

“You should be by now. How many bodies have we been though?”

Seifer and Squall were angels most of the time, bodies were expensive these days and when they did get a suitable body each Seifer seemed to either die or kill Squall.

“What can I say? Guess I just like you dead too much.”

Everyone else got along fine with no problems but then they didn’t have Seifer to put up with. Hyne was mean to Squall; he had made Seifer his soul mate so there was no running away.

“Come on let’s go.” They both rolled their eyes at the over-dramatic white light.

“You don’t have to put on the special effects for us, we’re regulars!” Seifer shouted into the light.

Squall stepped into the lift and pressed the speaking button.

“Names?” A posh voice asked them.

“Seifer Almasy and Squall Leonhart.”

“Oh hyne, not you two again. What happened this time?”

“It was Seifer’s fault.”

“It was not.”

The man sighed. “Okay you can enter. Are you going to try again or was that the last time?”

“If at first you don’t succeed...”

“33rd time lucky”

The lift stopped high above the clouds. The guard at the Golden Gate smiled at them. “Welcome home.”

“Hi Bert.”

“I almost expect to see you two now.” He opened the gate and handed them a leaflet. It told them the places where bodies were been sold that day.

“Squall? How about we do it differently this time?”

“How’d you mean?”

“I’ll choose your body and you can choose mine.”

“No! No way. You pick bodies based on muscles and cock size.”

“What wrong with that? Everyone will want you and I’ll get to be smug because you’re mine.”

Reluctantly Squall agreed. “Fine but we split up for this and I’ll meet you back at the front gate tomorrow okay?”

“Great.” The blonde grinned.

Seifer’s quest. At the auction house of bodies.

The blonde walked around ogling the bodies that were for sale. There was a special on ex-wrestlers. Seifer had made a list. so far he had:

Number 568. He was 5:10 with chocolate coloured hair that came down to his shoulders, his eyes were a nice blue and he was very well endowed. All the bodies had muscles, which suited Seifer perfectly.

Number 259. He had bright blue hair and eyes to match. He could just picture Squall complaining about it. Squall was so hot when he was pissed off.

Number 972. He had light brown skin, jet-black hair that fell around his waist, brown eyes and again he was nicely endowed.

The blonde looked around until it was time to start the auction. Of course no one here had any money so chances were used instead. You got 500 chances at life about you went to hell. Chances were the currency here. When you lived your life and died of old age, you could start again but it’s expensive, at 400 chances. Most of the sellers were saving up their chances to live again after death.

Seifer had spent 98 of his so far, Squall had warned him about spending too many. The brunette had only spent 53. Sometimes he wondered if maybe Squall was using sexual favours to get his own way. The brunette was so hot in sprit form that he got his own way a lot.

Seifer looked up as one of the bodies on his list came up for auction. Two other sprits in the room also wanted it but Seifer stayed ahead of the bids.

“Sold to Seifer Almasy, body 568.”

He grinned. Squall would be so pleased with this.

Squall’s quest.

Squall walked around a market of bodies. Stalls and stalls of them were laid out in front of him. He checked out all the good-looking ones. His requirements were different to Seifer’s, although cock was important to him too. He thought that eyes were important, the body had to have nice eyes.

The brunette stopped at a stall that had a suitable body. It had long sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice smile.

“How much?”

The guy behind the stall gave Squall the once over. “36 chances.”

“I’ll give you 25 for it.”

“No way.”

Squall pouted, putting on his best sad puppy look and he leaned back on the table behind him to show off all his best features. “I can only share 25.”

The guy was practically drooling. “27.” He offered.

“I’ll take it.” Squall smiled.

Later at the front gate.

Seifer stood beside Number 568 absently playing with the long brown hair, he really loved that hair. He looked up as Squall approached carrying a body.

“Oh Squall, it’s perfect. How much?”

“27 chances.”

“What!?” How?”

“You just got to know how to barter.” He studies his new body with interest. “Hmm, surprisingly good. “How much?”


“How much Seifer?” Squall asked sternly.

“56 chances.”

“What!? You have to stop killing me if you pay that much for a body.”

“Come on; let’s go order us a new life.”

The new life.

Seifer and Squall lived together in a town called Kalm in their new bodies. Squall had ordered Seifer to get a nice safe job and not to learn a weapon so they could live longer. They had only had their bodies for a few months and things were good so far. Seifer the horny pervert hadn’t let Squall leave the bedroom yet, he said he was making up for lost time. Squall’s only complaints were that they hadn’t got jobs yet because they hadn’t left the house for long. The brunette had cut his hair to how it was in his last body. Seifer had cried all night about the loss of Squall’s hair.

One day Squall was watching the news about dangers in their town.

“Squall, I’m going out.”

“What!? No wait Seifer! It’s not safe.”

The blonde stepped out the door and straight into the ultimate weapon. “Oh...shit.”

It killed him on the spot.

“Seifer!” Squall sighed as his lover was vaporised. He couldn’t live without his soul mate. He walked up to weapon. “Kill me now.”

And it did.

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