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Time after Time

Chapter 14 - Andon (lantern)

By WanderingTonberry

“You have no idea how beautiful I find you, do you? How perfect your body fits against mine…The way your skin feels beneath my hands…”

Seifer ran his large palms down the naked skin of Zell’s back, whispering gentle words to the nighttime air. His long fingers trailed down each segment of his spine, tracing and mapping with precision. His fingertips drifted lower, tracing the lush curve of a firm behind. Beautiful indeed…

The smaller blonde boy stirred in his sleep, his downy brows knitting in curiosity. “Mmm…? Seif?” He rolled fully onto his stomach, turning his hazing blue gems to fix upon his boyfriend. Yes, definite boyfriend…Oh how wondrous it was to say such things. He smiled slowly, throwing an arm over the great expanse of Seifer’s chest. “Hullo.”

“Did I wake you, Little One?” Seifer smiled, not in the least guilty of his actions of waking the smaller boy. Picking up Zell’s palm within his own, he pressed small nipping kisses to the soft underside, before flipping his hand over. He placed a tender kiss to the top of Zell’s hand, sighing.

“Yeah, but it doesn’t really matter…”

“Good. Because I sort of hand something in mind for the two of us tonight.”

“Ohhh…? What would that be?”

“Well…I figured since Selphie has suddenly gone MIA on us, we might as well enjoy this little moment alone. I could show you a few things…And maybe we can…Figure out what you like best.” The older boy wagged golden arches suggestively, grinning in the pale light of the camping lantern on the crate beside their joined cots.

“Y-You…You mean…”

“It’s completely up to you, though. No pressure, alright? None in the least! I wouldn’t even dream of making you do anything you wouldn’t desire to do.”

Zell made a face, glaring at his gorgeous boyfriend. “No pressure, huh? So why do you keep going on and on about there being no pressure?!”

“Well…I was sort of hoping you’d say yes.”

Zell heaved a dramatic sigh. “No pressure, huh? Geez…”

“So…Is that a no?”


“Well…Take your time.”


Seifer bit his lower lip, tilting his head. He smiled down upon his little love, just petting his soft locks. Just like a baby chocobo’s feathers…He sighed, burying his face within the sweet smelling hair. “Have I ever told you that you remind me a baby chocobo?”

“I do remember you sayin’ something ‘bout that.”

“My own chickie. Come here.” Seifer lifted Zell and placed him to perch upon his stomach as he brought their chests together. His fingers found their hold again within Zell’s hair, petting and stroking. “Perhaps I should have been a rancher. I seem to have an affinity with birds.”

“That’s not funny, Seif.”

“I’m being serious! Have you ever known a Chocobo to turn and bite me in the ass?”

Zell muffled a giggle against Seifer’s shoulders, remembering exactly which event he was referring to. Once back when they had all joined the Garden, they had been taken on a field trip to a Chocobo ranch right outside of Trabia. They had all taken turns riding the females and a rather uptight hen had bit the bottom right off of Squall’s pants. Ah, memories!

“Squall was sooo mad…I thought he was gonna burst, ya know? His face was all red!”

“See? Aren’t memories grand? Hey…What’s your earliest memory?”

Zell paused for a moment, pushing himself up enough so that his elbows rested against Seifer’s chest. “You know…I’m not too sure! I sort of remember the ocean…Lots of seagulls and sunshine. We were all at the orphanage together!”

“Orphanage…Matron’s orphanage…”

Both young men sat silent for several moments, thinking about events that had transpired years and years before. Somewhere in the dancing shadows of the lantern and the sweet melody of the wind outside their tent, memories were reawakened to both.

Her long black dress swirled around her as she wrapped a tender arm around the shivering boy at her side. “Perhaps you should come inside now, Seifer…He’s not going to come back. He has a new family now…You should be happy that these people are going to love him just as much as you and I do.”

Seifer bit his lower lip, quickly wiping at the tears that came dangerously close to spilling over onto his cheeks. “But how can I be happy if he’s not here? How do we know that they’re gonna take care of him right?? Who’s gonna comfort him when it’s all dark and stormy outside??”

Matron sighed softly, picking up despaired youth in her arms, letting him rest his worried head against her shoulder. “His new parents will see to all his needs…And when that special family comes, it will be your turn to go and live just like Zell does now.” She slowly ran her black-lacquered nails through the soft golden locks, watching the dying sun play off the natural red highlights in the boy’s hair. “He’ll be happy in his new home…Just remember that.”

The boy tightened his arms around his caretaker’s neck, snuggling closer for some desperately needed comfort. Blinking swollen eyes, he let his lingering thoughts escape from his quivering lips. “But he’s all alone…He left me and Midori behind…”

“You remember all that??”

“Well, yeah…Sure my memory is known to be a bit fuzzy, but it’s all commin’ back now…Like how we used to play together in the flowers or in our little fort…” Zell smiled, tracing circles over Seifer’s chest, just letting his fingers wander wherever they desired to explore. “Or that time we had that little fight with Selphie about playing some game…You kissed me a lot.”

Seifer’s alabaster cheeks pinked a little at the distant memories, his mind revisiting each one in turn. “Well, you can’t blame me for wanting to touch you. You were just so cute! Those impossibly large eyes the color of the bright blue sky…Hair as soft and similar to that of a baby Chocobo…Skin the color of fresh milk, just like what Matron poured for us every morning with our…eggs.

“We ate eggs a lot…”

“I know. That’s probably why I can’t eat them now. Just the thought of eggs makes me sick…I think we can blame Sephie for that one.” Seifer paused for a moment. “Has it ever occurred to you that Selphie has been the bane of all our problems ever since we were kids?? Of course, back then it was a lot smaller…Eating eggs every other day, wanting to play a game of some sort…Bothering us so that she could draw us ‘all pretty like’ with crayons…And now! Leading us out to the middle of nowhere so that we can bond! Honestly…”

Zell readjusted himself on his perch, gazing down thoughtfully at his handsome boyfriend. “But can ya honestly say that we would be like this if it weren’t for her crazy ideas?” He leaned down to press a soft kiss against Seifer’s lips, smiling all throughout the gentle meeting.

“Perhaps you have a point there…You know…You never did give me your answer…Do you think it’s too soon to be doing anything less than…innocent?”

“Ya know…Maybe I just might want to do a little something…” Zell teased, a blush smeared over his cheeks like finger paint. “After all…I’m somehow naked and sitting on top of ya… Sorta kinky, don’t you think?”

“You have no idea…”

“Actually, I think I do…You’re poking me again!”

Seifer groaned, lifting Zell off his body to place him back down on the warm sheets. Even in his absence from the spot, the sheets were still toasty with his body heat. Seifer turned onto his side, taking one of Zell’s hands in his own, pressing it against his lower abdomen. “Don’t be afraid to explore…I promise there isn’t a single thing you could do to offend me right now.”

A smaller, quivering palm stroked over pale white skin, unconsciously noting the differences in texture as it slid down and up over the expanse of the young man’s body. “Seif…” Zell bit his lip, letting his fingers rest in the course patch of hair cradling a more than impressive erection. Perhaps formidable was more the word he was looking for…

Seifer moaned softly in encouragement, rubbing his nose against Zell’s neck. His own hands mimicked Zell’s hesitant actions, caressing smooth skin. “Let me give you a little example…Shh, just follow my lead.” Seifer took Zell’s member within his hand, running his fingers down the length of the shaft and back. He took his time, knowing that there was no need to rush. His fingertips traced the slick head of Zell’s sex, teasing with barely contained affection.

“Unnn…Seifer…Wha…Oh…” Zell shook himself from his euphoric haze, getting over his small bout of shyness for the moment to return the sweet favor in his boyfriend’s interest. Starting off gently, Zell began by stroking the large sex with careful strokes, doing his best to keep them even. The deep- throated moans vibrating against his neck kept him encouraged as he fondled his much taller…more ‘gifted’ lover.

“Ahh, shit!” Seifer pressed his lips roughly against Zell’s lapping at the corners of his mouth, his hand moving to match the rhythm of his own jerking hips. His kisses were thorough, leaving Zell’s lips swollen and wet with their shared saliva. By the time they both had found release in each other’s hands, Zell was almost certain that Seifer was trying to eat him alive.

“You’re cute when you come, you know.”

Zell let an eyelid flicker open as he smiled shyly. “You were lookin’? I was sorta caught up in the moment…”

“Of course I was looking! Wouldn’t have missed it for the world…So passionate…Give me a kiss, baby.”

The smaller boy complied, spooning against his lover with a dreamy smile spread across his lips. “Mmm…That was nice…I like it a lot better than when I’m alone. It’s a lot more intimate…Like you can feel the emotions hangin’ in the air.”

“I didn’t know you had a philosophical side…You just keep on surprising me, don’t you?” Seifer lovingly ran his palms down Zell’s back, pausing to squeeze a delicious round cheek in his passing. “There’s so much more I could teach you…The things I know would shatter your mind with the delight alone.”

Zell leaned up on one of his elbows, giving Seifer a weird look that could have spoke volumes had he decided not to open his mouth right after doing so. “Do ya know how creepy that sounded?! Like some weird sort of sex demon or somethin’! I swear, if you do one more Irvie impression I’m gonna have to hit ya!”

“How’d you know I was imitating Irvine? Was it that obvious??” Seifer chuckled lowly, his deep voice sending pleasant shivers down Zell’s spine. “Just kidding. I hadn’t planned on that coming out as it did. Perhaps it’s more romantic nature making a fool out of itself exactly when I don’t need it to.”

“Ya know…Just keep giving me those little kisses and I’d gladly call you Casanova!”

“And I thought I came up with corny phrases…”

“Hey, I was trying to be encouragin’ like!” Zell punched Seifer lightly in the shoulder, grinning toothily despite his protesting words. Silences met the two young men as their laughter died down. Perhaps it was a trick of the light, but somehow Seifer looked different. It was at that moment that Zell wondered if angels did fall from heaven. If they ever did, he was sure that they’d probably look like Seifer. An angel’s wings which have been shredded too badly to fly back up to the white gates, but not so much as to lose their shimmer and grace. That was Seifer Almasy.

Seifer whispered into Zell’s ear gently, wrapping a strong forearm around him. “I want to make love to you right now…If you’d let me, I’d be more than honored. You don’t have to say yes though.”

Zell wrapped his arms around Seifer’s neck, his eyes sparkling like gems in the faint light illuminating their temporary home. His words were soft, yet still somehow heard. “But what if I said that’s what I wanted too?”

The older of the two was silent for a moment, cuddling Zell closer to his naked body. “Then I suppose I would have to say that it was good that I came prepared for this little camping trip.” His lips ran over the silky skin of Zell’s neck and up to his ear where he nipped and tugged gently at his earlobe. He pulled away gently, smiling down at his sweet little boyfriend. “Hold on for just a minute…” Seifer reached down beneath their cots to remove a small tube from the side pocket of his duffel bag.

Zell moved his arms to wrap around Seifer’s waist as he shifted, not desiring to give up the warm and intimate contact with the one that made his heart pound. He was gently pushed back to lie on the joined beds, his legs spread with slow and affectionate care. Zell was sure that he could see fear in those cunning oceanic eyes…But fear of what? Making love? Surely that couldn’t be it. Seifer was much too handsome and wild to NOT have done this at least once…

“Seif…What are you scared about? I really do want this you know…You won’t hurt me. I know you won’t because I trust you. Trust you with my life just like I do when we’re on the battlefield.”

All the apprehension Zell had sensed melted from Seifer’s face and body, letting him scoot between his own spread legs. Zell closed his baby blues, just taking in the sensations of a slippery finger tracing over his tightly shut entrance and a warm hand patting his left thigh. His hands smoothed over the sheets, tracing unconscious patterns over the cotton as he waited for the first breach. The intrusion was barely noticed as he melted against the thin mattresses beneath his prone form.

“Enjoying yourself?”



With one digit stroking the soft inner lining of Zell’s tract, a second prepared to join its mate. Seifer leaned down over his little boyfriend, pressing soft, chaste kisses to Zell’s lips. But as the preparation continued, the kisses began to evolve into a war of lips and tongues. When the frantic pitch began to sing through their blood, the two lovers parted for just long enough so that the final step could be taken. Seifer reached for Zell’s hand and placed the open tube within it.

“Do me the honors, little one.”

Zell sat up, his body a tight nerve of arousal and excitement. He squeezed a liberal amount of the lubricating gel into his palm before the tube found itself on the floor next to their shoes. He rubbed his hands together briskly before thoroughly coating the swollen shaft before him. “There… All done.”

Seifer held his breath, leaning back on his hands as he thought out his next course of action. “How do you want to do this? I mean, do you want to be able to look at me, or would you rather just bury yourself against the bed?”

“See you of course! I want to know who’s poppin’ my cherry, dammit!”

Seifer arched a brow at the explosive response, but smiled. He expected no less from the little firecracker he was proud to call his own. “Alright then…In my lap.”

“E-Excuse me?? We’re not gonna lie down…or something…?” Zell’s voice quivered just a bit as he hesitantly positioned himself over Seifer’s lap, his tract fluttering in desperate anticipation. “How come we’re doin’ it this way?”

“Because I want to hold you in my arms, darling. I’ll go slow at first so you can get adjusted with the joining.” Seifer’s hands slid down Zell’s taunt body, guiding him lower little by little till the swollen head of his member met Zell’s moist entrance. Inch by inch the smaller body was lowered, the sounds of labored breathing filling the tent.

“O-Oh f-f-fucck…Mmm…” A small manic little grin appeared on Zell’s face as he pressed a hearty kiss to his lover’s lips. “Nobody ever said it felt this good…Nnnn…” His hands tangled in Seifer’s short hair as best as they could, desiring something to hold onto to offer him a soft of stability.

“You’re not in pain?” Seifer’s breath was heavy, his muscular chest heaving at the snug, heated silk gripping him insistently. He allowed his arms to tighten around the smaller blonde. Seifer buried his face in the crook of Zell’s neck, his scent warm and delicious.

“A l-little…But I’m gonna guess it’s supposed to feel that way…”

“Right you are…Tell me if I start to hurt you, and I mean it. Tell me.”

The barest of nods was Seifer’s only answer as he tried his best to first pull out, then nudge back in. Zell’s body was a little stubborn at first, but within mere moments, the two bodies melted against each other. Between languid strokes and breathless kisses, soft words of love were exchanged.

“My little one…My sweet…”


Seifer’s abdomen muscles clenched as he neared his limit of pleasure. He moved a large hand down between their sweating bodies to clasp Zell’s shaft, which rubbed slickly against his belly. One sharp cry met another as they shared their moment of completion. Falling back onto the ruffled sheets, soft kisses were given in thanks and love. The flame in the lantern began to dim a bit more with each passing moment till the oil in the base ran out completely. In the darkness two lovers held each other, neither willing to separate from the other.

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