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Time after Time

Chapter 10 - Shunkan (moment)

By WanderingTonberry

Woodrow shuffled uncomfortably on his stomach as he dragged himself through the brush. Had he been in his normal robes, this would have upset him to a rather interesting degree. But something about these garments he and his troops wore…What had Selphie called them? Camouflage wear? He shook his head, ducking lower on the soft soil to avoid getting hit in the face with an immensely low-hanging branch. Did branches really grow this low to the ground? Oh that’s right…Pine trees.

The intelligent little Tonberry managed his way under a stone outcropping that led to a sheltered clearing, which could have easily held 20 Tonberries. Or simply, one Tonberry King. He shook his head. Why was he out here? Oh, that’s right. He was the dependable one. Damn. He hated being dependable.

Woodrow Starfish III stood up dusting off his espionage garb. He looked closely at one paw, then shook it figures. What had he crawled in?? He stripped down and quickly wiped himself off. Digusting beasts…Leaving their little ‘gifts’ behind…Honestly! He pulled on a new set of camouflage robes, waddling over to their scout for the latest report.

The honored Tonberry cleared his throat, speaking in their native tongue. Using the human language was quite pointless. It was so…so…primitive. He tapped the scout on his shoulder.

<How goes the watch?>

<Not so bad, Captain. I think we have something for General Tilmitt this time.>

<You don’t say? What have you to report?>

<Subjects A and B have engaged in possible friendly contact.>

<Define ‘friendly’. Courtesy friendly or Lovey-Dovey friendly?>

<Definitely Lovey-Dovey, sir.>

<Excellent work, Cadet.>

<Thank you, sir.>

Long, elegant fingers sifted through fine blonde silk. Petting, brushing, twisting. Those same fingers moved from the back of Zell’s head down to his jaw, cupping and tilting it up as the faint kiss evolved and grew into something much more formidable. Another hand found it’s way down to the martial artist’s lean waist, resting comfortably on his hip.


Seifer grunted in response, separating their fused lips. His breath came in soft heaves, his muscular chest rising and falling with the effort of drawing desperately needed breath into his lungs. He trailed his finger down the side of Zell’s face, matching the tattoo that resided upon the opposite side. How beautiful he looked standing in the moonlight, his lips moist and swollen like ripe cherries.


A rumbling laugh escaped the tall blonde, creating a rift in the silence that had hung like a curtain upon the path. Seifer leaned down and pecked Zell’s lips softly.

“Is ‘wow’, all you can say? I think I would have used something a little different…”

Zell fought a dark blush that wished to join the heated flush upon his cheeks. “Give me a sec and I’ll think of another word.”

“Take your time…”

Seifer tugged Zell into a loose embrace, resting his chin upon the top of his head. How afraid he had been…How upsetting this could have been…And yet…It seemed as if it had gone rather well. Zell hadn’t reacted violently. In all respects, it had been rather the opposite. Zell HAD returned the kiss…Quite eagerly in fact.

“Okay…How’s about…umm…Very Wow? Wait…Is that even something? Hey! Stop laughing!”

The tall blonde muffled his rumbling laughter against Zell’s jacketed shoulder, shaking his head. Zell could be so amusing sometimes, so childish.

“I’ll help you. I would have used…Stunning…Luscious…”

“How about arousing? Your…Your thing is digging into my stomach…”

Seifer’s aquatic eyes grew wide and he blushed. Darkly.

“Did they, REALLY??”

Woodrow nodded with conviction, holding up a thick manila folder and a camcorder. Several photos drifted out from the over-packed folder, fluttering down toward the wooden floor of the mounted tent. Being so close to the ground in the first place, the Tonberry bent over and snatched up the evidence before it could be soiled. He wasn’t all to sure what it was, but there seemed to be a layer of grease building up on the floor…His gaze drifted to a pack of his own kind busily working on some sort of mechanical device. Then again…The answer was right there.

“Cooooool!!! They have some real talent with that 24-exposure disposable, don’t they? Heeey…What’s this? You got footage??”

Selphie flipped the side of the camera open, the little LCD screen bobbing before her. She lifted the camcorder up to eye level, tapping a small green button. She blinked, an evil grin spreading over her face. She giggled. Evilly.


Woodrow put his head in his paws, shaking his head. He’d have to write to his cousin and ask whether she was always like this. If only the Great Thing That Smacked Into Things stayed stationary long enough for mail to be delivered…

“Excellent work, Woodrow! Now…All we have to do is…Umm…”

The girl pulled a bright yellow notebook out from beneath a stack of clean yellow jumpers. She slipped a bright green pen from somewhere within her hair, flipping through the pages of her notebook till she found what she was looking for. She made a large checkmark next to the third paragraph from the top of the page.

“All done! Now we just have to give Squall an update! Go grab my little phone, ‘kay?”

Sweat beaded upon his forehead, his amber locks sticking to his clammy skin. A moan brushed past his lips as they sought out their mate. Hands glided over his skin, his back arching to touches that seemed to know just where to push, to stroke.

“A-Aaah…There…Squall…Ahn! Shit!”

Squall allowed a smooth grin to be pulled over his marble lips. He bit his lower lip, trying to keep from smiling too widely. “You like that, don’t you.”

“Of course I do…nnn…Do it again…”

“Of course…” Squall practically purred, slipping back within the warm sheath of his lover’s body. His hips moved slowly, stroking in and out without abandon. His breath rustled the soft strands of bright auburn hair that covered Irvine’s ear. “Mmm…”

Irvine moaned pitifully as the phone rang. “Don’t you dare…nn…” The cowboy’s hands clenched into fists upon Squall’s chest, his back hunched where he rode. His thin chest contracted for breath, his embered hair a tangled mess.

Squall closed his eyes and grunted. He reached over to the bedside table, eyes snapping open as a strong, callused hand grabbed onto his wrist.

“Irvine, what if the call is important?” Squall leaned over slightly and looked at the caller-id. “It’s Selphie. I need to take this one.”

Irvine panted, shaking his head. “Like hell. You’re gonna forget about that phone and fuck me. Just like you were so eager to do several minutes ago!”

“What if she needs to tell me something important?”

“She’s probably just calling to tell you that she managed to get one of the Tonberries to eat a crate of Twinkies without puking! Please…? Can we just…You know…?”

Squall picked up the phone, rolling his eyes. “Hello? Hey, Selphie. What’s the situation?” Ever so slowly, he started to move his hips again, one hand resting upon Irvine’s waist to steady his pouting lover.

“Aaah! Aaahnn….Mmm….”

Squall smiled. “What? You mean they’ve made progress? Ahn…I mean, that’s wonderful!” His brow knitted as he was drawn deeper into his bucking lover, his hand tightening on the cordless receiver. “Oh Hyne, tell me later. I gotta go!”

Selphie smiled to herself as she turned off her cell phone. “Well THAT went well!” She paused for a moment, twirling her fingers in her hair. “I wonder when Seifer and Zell are coming back…?”

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