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Time after Time

Chapter 7 - Kissu (kiss)

By WanderingTonberry

Zell blinked his wide ice-blue eyes. "You're kidding me! You were doing...you know...Before you were 13??" The smaller blonde leaned forward on his small military cot. "You're kiddin' right?"

Stretching his legs and lying back, Seifer smiled wickedly. "Of course! I was one of the lucky ones who discovered their dick early!" He chuckled, shaking his head. "The sex drive kind of hit me early on. Had to find some kind of way to cope..."

The smaller blonde blushed slightly, remembering the first time he had properly jacked off. Then it hit him. The blush on his cheeks bled further, leaving him feeling hot and uncomfortable.

"Looks like someone is having X-rated thoughts..." Seifer chuckled, dodging Zell's fist and pinning him down to the bed. "I'm going to have to take you into custody, Mr. Dincht, you tried to assassinate a god."

"Whatdaya mean?? You're no frickin' holy bein'!" Zell struggled beneath him, trying to buck him off. Soon he became weary, his eyelids drawing shut as he inhaled a deep breath. "Loser."

"Oh, I'm a loser now? I'm going to have to fine you for that little display, peasant."

A whimper.

Something soft caressed Zell's lips slowly. The advances of the presumable lips were gentle and in no real hurry, but taking their time with the sweet plunder. Cold hands followed. Gratefully, the foreign flesh soon warmed against his sides and stomach with each sweeping touch to his body.


A smirk against his flesh, followed by what could only be the moistness of a tongue. "Zell...shh..."

Zell sat up straight in his bed, sweaty and panting. "What the..." He whispered to himself, looking around the dark tent. Everything was silent, aside from the sound of crickets outside of their tent. He looked over to his right, watching the rhythmic rise and fall of the tall blonde's chest. Seifer was asleep...Then what...What was that all about? Nothing more than a dream? Could that really be it? It had seemed so real though...

He shook his head, the wilted spikes falling into his eyes. Zell lay down on his stomach gently, arching his hips a little in pain prevention. Should he smash himself, the results would not be pretty. His gloveless fingers curled around the spine of his journal, pulling it out into the cool air, which hovered within their tent like mist. Zell placed the journal in his lap and felt around for a pen.

"Guess I'll just have to do a little writing to figure it all out..."


So here I sit, you know, dear journal buddy? I had that dream again...Yeah. I know what you're thinking...I'm falling for Seifer, right? Laugh it up, journal, because that is NOT the case! I'm straight and I know it! After all, I like breasts just as much as the next guy! Let's take Rinoa's fo...Let's skip that one. I'm almost completely sure those monsters are fake. What about Quistis? Now there's a woman! She's beautiful...smart...talented...

Zell paused and tried to imagine having sex with Quistis, or even just kissing her. For some reason, he couldn't do it. He lifted his pen once more, shifting his grip on the plastic body.

Like I said, straight. I can't seem to picture Quisty and me as an item or something, but I'm more than positive that I'm a guy who likes women. Yeah. That's it. What am I doing? I don't need to convince myself that I'm straight! I know it deep within myself, and that's good enough reason! In fact, my attraction to Seifer is absolu-


Zell's head shot up from where he compiled his thoughts, looking toward the other side of the room hesitantly. Seifer...His eyes grew large as the taller blonde shifted on his assigned cot. It looked barely long enough for his tall frame and the springs protested as he turned over. Much to Zell's horror, the thin sheet slid down from under Seifer's arms, exposing the pale length of his lower back.

The fanged one bit down on his lower lip and unconsciously tilted his head to a better angle for a moment of forbidden viewing pleasure. He caught himself, tearing his eyes away from the hard curve of Seifer's ass.

"Dammit! I am straight!" Zell took a deep breath, closing his eyes. Mantra time. He was straight. He was straight. He was straight....ooo...ass...

"Arg!!!!" Zell pounded his fists against the mattress. Why couldn't he just be normal?? He paused. But what was normal? Was there really a standard for it? Or was it just the generalization of how people were supposed to act?

A pillow sailed across the tent in a violent rush, hitting its target straight on. "SHUT UP DAMMIT! TALK TO YOURSELF OUTSIDE!" Seifer roared, grumpy and quite unhappy at being awakened so early in the morning. He rolled onto his back, cradling his head on his arms.

Zell rubbed the side of his head, gazing down at the pillow in his hands. Looking over at the angry blonde hesitantly, he brought the pillow to his face, snuffling at the musky scent. He sighed, burying his face in it. Yes...Perhaps you found Heaven in the most unlikely places...

"Tag, you're it!!"

"Come back, Sephie!!! Thas not faiw..."

Seifer walked up slowly behind Zell and smiled. He leaned and whispered something to the smaller blonde boy, a gentle smile resting upon his lips. He watched the delicate features brighten, the beginnings of his tears disappearing. Sometimes all it took was a little gentle persuasion to demolish those tears.

"Tag, Seifwa!!"

Seifer smiled and watched his little friend dart away across the flower fields. He raced through the pink and white blossoms, running after the small girl playing with them. "You're going down, Sephie!"

"Hah! Catch me if you can!!"

Selphie darted past Zell, running from the tall blonde who was at her heels like a wolf. She gave a small playful shriek as she was tackled to the ground. They rolled across the flowered field, coming to rest at the base of a small hill. Selphie sat up slowly, petals clinging to her flipped brown hair. She gave Seifer a small glare, but being who she was, it soon melted into a shining little smile.

"Not fair! You're too fast!"

Seifer smiled, satisfied with himself. "Your fault. YOU challenged us to a game of Tag." He let out a rush of air as a smaller body landed upon his own. He snaked out a strong arm and wrapped it around his tiny attacker's waist, pulling Zell to his body. "You really know how to sneak up on people, don't you?"

The small boy nodded, beaming proudly. "Yup!" He looked toward Selphie, curious. "What are we gonna pway now?" He blinked his large eyes and tugged a loose thread from Seifer's shirt.

Selphie considered for a moment, curling some of her flipped up hair with her finger. "How about...House! Let's play House!" She stood up, dusting off her denim jumper, making sure that she didn't have any dirt on her rear. "Whatcha think??"

Seifer lifted a golden eyebrow, a grimace on his face. "House? Isn't that kinda a girly game? Why would we want to play that? We're boys!" He shifted his grip on Zell, allowing him to lie down in his lap. His long fingers caressed the soft corn-colored hair, his gaze intent to glare in confusion at Selphie. His little constant companion hummed softly to himself, reaching for more flowers to add to his weave.

"I kinda like it. Can we, Seifwa?"

Wide green-blue eyes shifted to meet a pair that seemed to be the exact same hue as the rolling summer skies high above them. He looked from Selphie's smiling face to Zell's, feeling completely and utterly defeated.

"Please??" They chorused together, eyes large and innocent. Oh, how he hated it when they did this to him...He nodded reluctantly, covering his face with one hand. How demeaning...

Howling with joyous hoots of laughter, Selphie sped off toward the elegant stone house to gather her 'supplies'. Seifer couldn't help but smile. She really was a fun person to be with. He switched his attention to Zell as he felt something being placed upon his head.

"For yuu...." Zell giggled, arranging the crown of flowers upon Seifer's head. He sat up slowly and rested his smaller frame against Seifer's, wrapping his arms around him for a hug. "King Seifwa..."

Seifer returned the embrace with enthusiasm, closing his eyes. "Thank you, Zell...It's very pretty." He released the small blonde from the hug, but not from his hold. Seifer brought up his hand and gently touched Zell's cheek with his fingers. He smiled at the faint blush. "You're wonderful..."

Giggling shyly, Zell threw his arms around Seifer's neck, pressing a small kiss to his lips. The surprise felt between the two boys did not last long, and soon Seifer returned the small, chaste kiss softly.

In the distance, a tall woman garbed within a long black dress smiled. She plucked another blossom from an overhanging branch and fastened it within the hair of the shocked girl beside her.

"Let's go inside, Selphie...I think Seifer and Zell want to play by themselves today."




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