By A&M

The clock hasn't started ticking. I can't tell how long I've been sitting in this windowless hell formerly known as high school. I can't explain my reasoning or logic in signing up for AP Old-World Architecture. All I was told was that there were going to be a lot of girls in this class; I'm beginning to think Mrs. Maholey lied to me. There are ten people in this class, two of which are female. Fuck, no skin off my back.

I tipped the hat on my head, just to see the clock. It still said 11:13 and 42 seconds.

The loud crashing of the door slamming shut broke my ambiguous thoughts and I stared at Mr. Rodhill as he walked in. Even for a teacher, the man was gorgeous. Short cropped brown hair, nervous blue eyes, and a fucking gorgeous mouth. What I wouldn't give to have it wrapped around my...

"Would Irvine Kinneas please report to room 412. Irvine Kinneas to room 412. Thank you, that is all."

Shit, now I had a hard on, just thinking about it. Did I mention I can bat both ways at the plate? I suppose you could say that I'm not only a ladies man, but a mans man as well?

Standing up from my chair, I grabbed my bag and again tipped my hat, this time to Mr. Rodhill. My long brown hair blew away from my face as I passed by his fan and exited the room. Glancing around, I headed up the stairs to the second floor. I'd never been up there. Four years at the school and I'd never had a class on the second floor. I discovered, other than a few minor discrepancies, it wasn't much different from the first floor. Room 412 was the last room in the hallway on the left, and there were strange sounds coming from the other side of the thick, wooden door...

I stopped and pressed my ear against the door, trying not to make any noise. It sounded like two guys inside, breathing heavily. One of them moaned out loud and I jumped, knocking my forehead against the door. "Shit!" I shouted before I could silence myself. The noises inside stopped abruptly.

Heavy footsteps approached the door and I began to panic. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit ... I didn't know who was behind that door but I was pretty sure what they were doing.

The door swung open and I knew at that moment that I was dead. Seifer Almasy stood in the doorway, staring at me in amusement. He was the very personification of bully, from the sneer on his face, past the football letter-jacket on his broad shoulders, to the nerd-kicking boots on his feet. Um, did I say shit? Cuz I really mean it now.

When my eyes wandered down his body (I can't help it, even in my moment of peril!) I couldn't help noticing something, and despite whatever bit of common sense I have, I pointed it out. "Um, Seifer, you're kinda hangin' out there, dude."

Seifer glanced down at his open fly and the large, nearly-hard dick tasting open air -- WTF? This is school! An evil smile crossed his features and he said gruffly, "Inside, Kinneas."

My eyes must've grown as big as the huge red "D+" on my last AP Old-World Architecture paper. "Really, I'd love to, Seifer, but I'm missing AP Old-World Architecture. It's really a very fascinating class, and since my grades are on the dismal side I really ought to --"

Seifer repeated calmly, "Inside."

I gulped, and stepped slowly past him into the empty classroom. I had no idea what Seifer could possibly have against me... he only went after the smart kids and the losers -- and I definitely didn't qualify for either of those! "What's this all about, Sei -- " I was cut short by something I never expected to see -- "SQUALL!!! What the hell are you doing here?"

The quiet, reserved brunette was sprawled across, of all things, the teacher's desk. Lakeview High School's resident nerd-extraordinaire’s usual pile of books and papers were strewn across the room, his glasses among them. Squall propped himself up on his glasses and I was struck silent -- I'd never noticed how hot this little genius was without his books and his glasses! -- though it seemed that Seifer had certainly noticed. Squall seemed perfectly at ease, his legs splayed apart and his pants around his ankles.

Somewhere between my shock and terror I managed to form some coherent words. "What ... the ... fuck?"

Seifer said, "What do you think, Squall? Good enough for us?"

Squall looked me up and down with a cool confidence that I'd never seen before in the timid straight-A student. "Definitely."

At this point, I could do nothing but sputter, "Good enough... for what?" I had the sneaking suspicion that I didn't want to know the answer to that question.

Squall, from his position on this desk, just raised an eyebrow, while Seifer's ever-evident smirk was playing on his lips.

"We're starting a lacrosse team and want you to join." Seifer had shut the door behind him and was closing in on my poor, almost shaking body as I stood in the middle of the classroom, not as smooth as I'd hoped to be in such a situation.

A lacrosse team? "I... uh... really don't... er... know that much about lacrosse." Seifer was instantly in front of me, his jade-colored eyes narrowing defiantly as he kept hold of my gaze.

A light rapping on the door broke not only my concentration, but Seifer's as well. Squall's growl from behind me reminded me that Seifer and I weren't the only two in the room. As soon as the huge blonde turned towards the door, Squall, now free of his pants, sauntered over to me. He reached his hand up and removed my hat from my head, his clouded grey eyes never leaving mine.

"Dincht! Ha! I should've known!" Seifer's quiet laughter came from the doorway.

"Zell?" The quiet brunette flinched upon hearing his best friend's name. Zell, the hyperactive freak of the school (c'mon, y'all know ya have one. He's ours.), was often seen with Squall to keep him Seifer and his fists, which, when Squall was around, seemed to want to do all the talking; however, upon seeing Squall naked on a teacher's desk, I wondered how much ferocity those threats held.

"What the hell are you doing in here? I came to get Irvine. Mr. Rodhill wants him back in class." Zell's voice was accusatory; although almost a foot shorter than Seifer, Zell wasn't afraid of anyone. Several martial arts classes had taken care of that problem.

Seifer, however, probably wasn't up to having anyone else knowing about what was presumably going to go on in here. Picking Zell up, he walked across the hall, threw open a random locker door, and shoved the 5'5", almost defenseless Zell into the confining locker.

Despite Zell's loudly voiced complaints, Seifer emerged into the dimness of the room once again, wiping his hands on his pants, "Much better." He smirked, eyeing Squall's closeness to my quivering body.

"What the hell'd you do that for, Seif?" Squall's voice no longer timid, he glared up at the taller man.

"Chickenwuss had it coming. The guy has gotten on my nerves just one time too many." Seifer explained, shrugging.

Squall turned his attentions back to me, his hands reaching behind me to undo the rubber band that held the hair out of my eyes, "Relax, Irvy. Don't you want this?" He murmured, standing on his tiptoes, his lips dangerously close to my ear.

Not being able to form words at the current moment, I just swallowed hard and nodded my head, allowing Squall to pull me down to his level so his lips could take mine prisoner.

As much pride I take in knowing I'm a lady's man, the logical part of my brain is screaming at me that being with a man (or two as the case may be) is not the same thing. There's one minorly huge difference between the male and the female anatomies.

"Have you done this before, Kinneas?" Seifer's breath was on my ear, causing me to involuntary shudder while he worked on ridding me of my shirt.

I pulled away from the warmth of Squall's mouth long enough to answer "no" before returning to the heat that had almost reduced me to a puddle between the two men.

Seifer's mouth was now quite a distance from my head, but his hands now attempted to shed my pants, "Squally, we got ourselves a virgin."

Squall eyed Seifer, giving one subtle shake of his head before returning back to me, "You don't have to do this, ya know."

"I want to." I barely got out before Seifer spun me around and attacked my mouth.

Squall's hands worked diligently at my pants, where Seifer had left off.

My boxers were already tented because of the thoughts about Mr. Rodhill's mouth, but seeing Squall naked and Seifer still hanging out of his jeans did nothing more than heighten my arousal.

Seifer pushed me away once I was fully naked and I lounged on Squall's former place (the teacher's desk), watching the passion between Seifer and Squall while the literally tried to eat each other, starting with the mouths. Squall began his second mission, ridding Seifer of his clothes. Seifer's black, skintight shirt was removed first before Squall set to work on unbuttoning his jeans and sliding them over his hips while Seifer worked to kick them off, all without breaking the kiss.

Squall, quite the outgoing guy once locked in a room with two guys, parted from Seifer and came over to me, climbing on the desk and kneeling between my legs. Before I even knew what hit me, Squall's mouth engulfed my cock, his tongue teasing the underside with light pressure.

Not even a coherent thought was in my head as I reached down to entangle my hands in Squall's gorgeous brown hair. The way it fell into his eyes while his hallowed cheeks sucked me made him look as sexy as I'd ever seen him.

I felt Seifer now behind me on the desk, sliding me up so my back was against his chest. His hands came around to play with my nipples, rolling them between his thumb and index finger.

The moan that escaped my lips was none too quiet and would probably wake the dead in India. There were simply no words to describe the feelings coursing through my body. My hips were involuntarily thrusting their way towards Squall's inviting mouth as my release came nearer.

As soon as I felt myself near the point of no return, Squall and Seifer stopped their actions, completely leaving me alone on the desk. I let out a loud groan if disapproval and glared at both of them, "The hell was that for?" I sat up and looked from Squall to Seifer, both looking like scared rabbits. I followed their eyes to the doorway and my stomach and throat promptly performed some impressive acrobatic feats. Mr. Rodhill stood there impassively, glancing between the three of us. At that moment I realized I was very, very naked. And on a teacher's desk. Shiiiiittttt......

Seifer was mouthing, "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" and looking around desperately for his pants. Squall crossed his arms over his slender chest nervously, staring intently at the floor.

Mr. Rodhill said quietly, "What's going on here, boys?"

Squall and Seifer said nothing. As usual, I let my mouth run away with me. "Well, Mr. Rodhill, I should think it would be pretty obvious."

Mr. Rodhill just raised an eyebrow, and Squall and Seifer stared at me as though I was crazy. Seifer whispered, "What the hell are you doing, you dumb fucker?"

"Quiet, Mr. Almasy," Mr. Rodhill said sharply. "I am duty-bound to report this to the principal. You boys will undoubtedly be suspended for this behavior -- maybe expelled. Yes, Mr. Leonhart, even you."

Squall blushed and, in spite of my predicament, I couldn't help noticing how hot it made him look. Shit, Kinneas, focus! "I, uh, I understand, Sir. This is, uh, completely inappropriate behavior. Our actions are inexcusable." I tried not to think about how ridiculous I had to have looked, trying to save my skin while lying naked on a teacher's desk.

Squall whispered, "Mother-fuckin' brown noser!"

"However true that may be, Mr. Kinneas," Mr. Rodhill continued, "if I report this to the principal then everyone will soon know what happened here." He paused, then said, "I don't think any of us want that."

The three of us looked at each other, WTF written across our faces.

"So, I won't tell anyone about this if you three don't. Is that understood?"

We nodded, not quite believing our incredible luck.

"All right. Oh, and one more thing. You have detention for skipping class, Mr. Kinneas. I'll expect you in my classroom after school today."

"Y-yes, Sir," I said, willing to endure a thousand detentions so long as it meant Mr. Rodhill would keep his trap shut.

"Good," Mr. Rodhill said. "Carry on, then." He turned and left, closing the door behind him.

Seifer turned to face me again, a feral grin across his features. "So, where were we?"

"Damn, Seifer," I said crossly. "Lil’ Irvy just got the shit scared out of him. He ain't ready for anythin' just yet..."

"Don't count on that, cowboy," Seifer said, moving closer. His lips once more claimed mine, the fiery passion flaring between us. One of Seifer's hands slid down my naked torso and came to rest on my dick, massaging the formerly wilted organ.

Another set of lips trailed their way down my back, sucking and nipping, presumably leaving purplish marks. Squall's tongue wet its way down the crack of my ass, licking around my puckered hole.

"Squaaaaallllllllllllllll..." I hissed into Seifer's mouth, sensations overwhelming every part of me.

When Squall's tongue entered me, I wasn't completely sure if my hips should buck forward, into Seifer's firm caress; or backward, onto Squall's probing muscle.

It was entirely too soon when Squall stood up, a vain attempt to brush his hair out of his face left him scowling.

Seifer, miraculously, had me turned around faster than a speeding bullet. With only a moments hesitation, I felt Seifer push into me at the exact moment that Squall, still on his knees, took me into his mouth.

"Oh FUCK!!!!" I screamed, feeling not only like I was being torn in two, but like I was in a pleasure laced daze.

The pain from Seifer's entrance to my body was gradually becoming more pleasureful and I couldn't help but thrust back against him as he angled his hips to hit my prostate every time he pounded into me.

Seifer's quiet grunts, Squall's incessant sucking, and my incoherent moans and grumbles were the only noise above our labored breathing.

Squall, without even being touched, was the first to come, a muffled moan sending vibrations that made every nerve in my body tingle. Seifer was next, his hot cock pulsating deep within me, shooting his essence against what seemed like my stomach. He immediately removed himself from my ass, just as Squall pulled off me, denying me once more my release. The loud groan last time they did it was meek in comparison to the roaring line of obscenities I spit out, collapsing against the desk in need.

"Once a drama queen, always a drama queen." Seifer made a tsking noise and shook his head while Squall had his usual scowl in place.

"Finish this," I growled. "NOW."

"Finish it yourself," Seifer said, reaching out to take Squall in his arms. "It's our turn now." He crushed Squall's mouth in a possessive kiss, the smaller man melting in his arms. Wickedly, Seifer broke the kiss and turned to face me, Squall still sucking on his jaw line. "You can watch if you want." Shrugging, he turned his attention back to Squall. I watched as Seifer ground against Squall, both groaning into the other's mouth. Seifer's hand snaked around Squall's slender waist. The brunette gasped as Seifer slid one finger into his opening.

Any coherent thought that was left in my mind must've popped across the street for a coffee break at that point, because I was mad with lust and fisted myself desperately.

Seifer stretched Squall quickly, never breaking their kiss. Then he spun the brunette around, bracing him between his long, solid frame, and the back of the teacher's chair. His mouth twisted in concentration and Squall gasping breathlessly, Seifer began to fuck his partner as though the world was going to end, one hand reaching forward to fist Squall's pulsing cock.

Oh, Hyne! This was the hottest thing I'd ever seen and I could probably come without even touching myself. I held out until Squall came, throwing his head back against Seifer's shoulder, screaming silently. Finally I found release, coming all over my hand and all over the desk. Seifer came last, shuddering against Squall and muttering a few obscenities.

As Squall came down from his high he said, "Hey, Seifer. The door's open."

Seifer frowned and pulled out of Squall, the brunette collapsing against the chair. He crossed the room quickly and threw the door open, a tiny blonde figure falling face-first onto the floor. "Shit, Seifer!" Zell rolled over and staggered to his feet. I had to stifle a laugh when I saw that his pants were covered with evidence of his voyeuristic indulgences.

"Been watchin', Zell?" I said lazily, stretching back on the desk.

"I -- uh -- now wait a minute --" Zell stammered, looking at us nervously. He put his hands on his hips indignantly, "Well, fuck, you were making so much noise!"

Seifer glanced back at me and winked maliciously. He turned to Zell and started advancing on the much shorter boy. "Say, Zell, I don't suppose you want in on the fun?"

Zell's eyes seemed to pop out of his head. "Wh--wh--what?"

He backed up, into the doorway as Seifer moved closer. "Three's company... but four..."

Zell backed into the hallway, into the row of lockers. "What's four?"

"Four's annoying. Get lost, Chickenwuss." Seifer grabbed Zell by the shirt collar and threw him into another locker.

"Seifer." Squall hissed, glaring up at the bigger man.

Seifer grinned innocently, "Yeah, Squall?"

"Stop throwing Zell into lockers."

(Musical Interlude here....)

"Mr. Kinneas." Mr. Rodhill didn't look up from his paperwork as I entered his room.

"Mr. Rodhill." I took a seat directly in the middle of his class, preparing for nothing more than a boring hour of detention.

Mr. Rodhill stood from his chair and moved to sit on a desk in front of me, "Why, Mr. Kinneas, were you in Ms. Moot's class during your AP Old-World Architecture class?"

Well, this was easy to answer, "Because I was paged to go there, Sir."

"Irvine, you were paged to go to the office."

"No way, they said room 412." I argued, thinking back to class.

"The office sent someone down to look for you when you didn't show up."


"Well at least you remembered something, Mr. Kinneas."


"I'd like you to do a... demonstration... for me, Irvine."

"A demonstration, sir? Of how the Leaning Tower of Pisa should end up in about 10 years?"

Before he could continue, I saw the back door to the classroom open, Seifer and Squall entering noisily.

"Uh, Mr. Rodhill?" I eyed the pair, who didn't look a bit nervous in the least.

"Show me, Mr. Kinneas, why fucking Squall and Seifer was more fun than being in my Old-World History class."

As if I got to fuck them...

For once in my life, my mouth wouldn't work. All it did was open and shut noiselessly. Unnoticed to me before, a space had been cleared out in the back of the room, some sort of blanket on the floor for us to use if necessary. Hyne, he had to be shittin' me.

"Kinneas!" Squall barked, beckoning me to him. That was the loudest, beside his moaning and groaning from earlier, that I'd ever heard him speak.

Scampering to the grinning, half naked men, I was immediately pushed down on the blanket and stripped before I could think to say anything.

Squall and Seifer began kissing, licking, and nibbling their way down my neck, leaving me writhing beneath them. Squall, a little ahead of Seifer licked his way down my chest to my nipple and took it in his mouth, sucking gently. Seifer, mocking Squall's movements, did the same until I thought I'd come from their mouths alone.

Seifer's mouth left my chest and I groaned in protest until Squall shut me up, pressing his lips to mine.

When Seifer suddenly reappeared, he reappeared with a bang. One wet hand grazed my already stiff member, fireworks exploding before my eyes. With Squall's hands attached at my shoulders, I could feel him gently rocking back and forth, presumably onto Seifer's fingers - at least two of which, as I could see, were deeply embedded within the smaller man.

Suddenly stopping both his motions, Seifer pulled Squall over me so that he was straddling my hips and I watched as the brunette impaled himself slowly on my throbbing cock.

"Irvine..." Squall's groan was quiet and sensual. I arched upwards desperately, trying to get inside him as fast as I could. Strong hands held my hips down.

"This is our show, Kinneas," a low voice murmured in my ear, so hot I groaned out loud. "Squall takes his schoolwork very seriously."

I moaned incoherently, crying aloud as Squall lifted himself up and slammed down again. Oh Hyne... so tight...

Then I felt myself being lifted onto another lap. I looked with hazy eyes past Squall's shoulder and saw Seifer grinning down at me. He said nothing, merely slid one finger into me.

"Oh FUCK!" I cried as he hit the spot inside that made me go dizzy with pleasure. Seifer continued to stretch me and I grit my teeth, "Hurry up, Seifer!"

"Patience, cowboy," he said, removing his fingers. Squall covered my mouth in a frenzied kiss as Seifer slid into me, and I screamed into the smaller boy's mouth. When Seifer began to pump into me I lost all control, writhing and moaning and hollering when Squall's tongue let go of mine.

I knew I wouldn't last long like this, between the two hottest lays I'd ever had. Squall's brown hair clung to the sheen of sweat across his pale forehead, his eyes clouded dark gray. Seifer breathed heavily, thrusting into me deeper and more desperately. I wrapped my legs around his waist and screamed as I came, releasing deep inside of Squall. Seifer came, and then Squall, collapsing weakly against my chest. Gently I reached up to stroke the soft brown hair as Seifer pulled out of me. The tall boy stood up, glancing at the empty room. I frowned and said, "Where did Mr. Rodhill go?"

"Probably to clean himself up," Squall muttered against my skin.

"You mean, he ..."

Seifer laughed, "What, you think he didn't enjoy what he was watching?"

I stammered, "I --" then fell silent. No way...

"He's... he's... he's married!!" I sputtered, staring at the gorgeous men in front of and on top of me.

"To a man you all know as Mr. Ivingdale." Mr. Rodhill reentered his classroom, wiping his hands discretely on his jeans.

Squall and I just stared, wide-eyed at the mention of the principal's name, while Seifer chuckled, "Ha, I knew it. The man is too damn nice to not be."

"Mr. Rodhill? Mr. Ivingdale would like to see you in his office." Zell poked his head into the classroom, blushing blatantly as his eyes raked across the three naked bodies.

"That's my cue. Shut off the lights and the close the door when you choose to leave." Mr. Rodhill winked as he moved past Zell, out into the hallway.

Squall suddenly stood up, freeing himself from my arms, "Mmm, Zell."

"S-S-Squall?" Zell looked insanely nervous, standing in the doorway, eyes locked on Squall's.

"C'mere, Zell." Squall's hips swayed gently as he made his way towards the seemingly frightened blonde man.

Seifer returned to a sitting position, pulling me into his lap and kneeding the muscles in my back as we watched the ordeal between the two best friends.

With the door clicking shut behind him, Zell stiffly walked to Squall, who was waiting for him, "Zell, relax. We're just going to play a game, okay?"

"With Seifer and Irvine?"

"Just you and me and Irvine."

"What is Seifer here for?" He pointed to Seifer, who was necking with me, though with our eyes curiously open, watching the dark and light-haired guys.

"To watch."

"Are we going to play Monopoly? Cuz if we are, I want to be the thimble!"

"Not Monopoly, Zell. You do know how to play Monkey See, Monkey Do, right?"

Zell nodded shakily, "Yeah..."

"Come here, Irvy." Squall beckoned me to him before answering Zell, "Whatever I do to you, you do to Irvine. Kay?"

"Hell yeah." That was me, but Zell shyly smiled and nodded.

Closing the gap between them, Squall quickly blanketed his lips over Zell's.

Zell was quick to return the kiss, his tongue tracing over Squall's lips before Squall opened for him. Moaning into the kiss, Zell tangled his hands in Squall's hair, grinding gently against him.

Squall quickly pulled away, gasping for air and smirking the whole time, "Don't leave Irvine out of it..."

The look in Zell's eyes was almost feral as he turned toward me and kissed me. He obviously liked long hair, because his fingers were in mine sooner than you could say Ride 'em, Cowboy. Tugging gently on my freed locks, his tongue worked its way around my mouth, making me shiver in anticipation.

Freeing my mouth and allowing me oxygen, Squall, on his knees, turned Zell around and began working on his jeans. Opening the button and fly and pulling them down around Zell's ankles, Squall smirked up at the short blonde, "Going commando, Zell?"

"Not... on purpose..." He gasped, eyes fluttering shut as Squall took him easily into his mouth.

Watching Zell writhing in pleasure under Squall's mouth was probably one of the hottest things I'd ever seen. Hyne, Squall had him swallowed whole and Zell's moans were getting louder.

Squall had a passion for the dramatic as he pulled away from the poor blonde boy, who growled his disapproval.

Slowly he got to his feet, running his hands up Zell's side. "You know what to do."

Inwardly groaning in anticipation, I felt my knees nearly give out as Zell slowly knelt before me. Almost curiously, he wrapped his cool hand around my shaft, coaxing a quiet hiss from my mouth, which was quickly covered by Seifer's bruising kiss.

Not being able to see around the blonde head in my range, I closed my eyes as I felt Zell teasingly lick up and down my cock.

Inching me torturously slowly into his mouth, I felt him reach the end and begin sucking modestly.

Oh what a mouth the over-zealous...

And it was gone. Zell had removed his mouth from me, probably at Squall's urging. Fuck 'em all.

A loud gasp from Zell brought me back to the real world. Bent over Mr. Rodhill's desk, Zell looked to be in heaven. Blue eyes glazed over in pleasureful bliss, his breath was coming out in shallow gasps. Behind him, Squall was kneeling, tongue-fucking his blonde best friend.

Oh, Hyne. It was simply a sight to behold.

With Seifer leaving me helpless, he aided Zell's release and swiftly took his entire length in his mouth and adamantly began sucking. Had I not been there myself, I never would've believed such a thing could happen.

Zell's hands began rapidly tangling in Seifer's short hair, his hips thrusting in time with the sucking the blonde jock was doing.

A hoarse cry from Zell signaled his orgasm as he collapsed on top of Mr. Rodhill's clean desk. Slowly opening one eye, he looked over at me, smirking as he tried to recover from his mind-blowing (no pun intended) orgasm, "Give me a minute."

Swallowing hard and nodding, I felt Seifer behind me again, edging me towards the desk where Zell lay. Bent over and occupying the space opposite where Zell had been, I groaned as Zell pushed the hair off the back of my neck and began licking and sucking adamantly. With my head titled towards the side, I saw Seifer and Squall kissing heavily, Seifer's hands in the brunette's hair. Both were both gently thrusting back and forth, anything to get friction on their lovely arousals.

Without warning, Zell's tongue slipped inside me, causing me to immediately buck back onto his face. Fireworks were exploding in front of my eyes, Seifer and Squall magically disappearing.

No warnings were issued when Squall decided to flip me over, inadvertently causing Zell's tongue to slip from me. Cursing at anything within vocal distance, I was silenced by Seifer's lips. Oh, Hyne, how I loved kissing him. Firm, moist lips covered mine, gently massaging. His tongue probed my opening, demanding entrance. I granted it, just as Squall impaled himself on my erection.

Detaching myself from Seifer, I let out a long wail at suddenly being encased in generous heat. Holy fucking Hyne, this was wonderful. Letting Squall get a rhythm going, I let out a slow hiss as, over Squall's shoulder, Seifer entered me. I could die happily at this moment, fucking and being fucked by two of the most gorgeous men at Lakeview (can't forget myself and Zell).

From the erratic-ness of Seifer's thrusts, I could tell what Zell was doing behind the built blonde. A quiet howl escaped Zell as he seated himself in Seifer in one long stroke.

Concentrating on Squall, I somehow managed to reach up and wrap a hand around his cock. Choosing to alter things even more, I found a rhythm that was opposite his own and closer to Seifer's.

Soon, with all coherent thought flying right out the window, the only sounds heard were our heavy breathing and long, drawn-out moans and groans of pleasure.

Zell lost it first, letting out a high-pitched scream and collapsing beside the desk, on the blanket. Squall followed shortly after, loosing his load onto my chest, belly, and hand. Seifer came with a cursed growl, often swearing to Hyne.

With Squall's internal muscles squeezing me and Seifer shooting inside me, I arched up to Squall and groaned loudly. I find myself repeating the phrase Holy fucking Hyne as Squall pulls off me and Seifer out of me. Both fall next to Zell, but into each others arms, kissing contentedly.

There's no fucking way...

Once I gained the right to coherent thought, I spoke, "Um.. Squall... you and Seifer..."

With his answer little more than a wink, Squall pulled Seifer down on top of him, both soon asleep. Zell was already gone in peaceful bliss, his tattooed face smiling happily.

(Musical Interlude)....

I guess I fell asleep as well, but I don't remember doing so. Fully clothed and in my car, I rubbed my eyes, only to focus on a white sheet of paper on my dashboard.


Thanks for joining us. It was our pleasure, more than once. We'd like to see more of you. If you feel up to it, drop by Squall's house tomorrow afternoon around 1. We have a treat for you.

In case you're wondering, we woke up a short while after four and Zell was gone. We decided not to leave you alone at the school, so we dressed you and carried you out to your car.

Hope to see you tomorrow,


...and Seifer.


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