This is the Last Time

Part 2

By Sukunami

His last chore of the night finished, Squall placed the broom on its hook in the closet.  The cafe was dark except for the center lights, the sign on the door already claiming the place closed for the day.  Undoing the ties of his apron, he walked into the backroom to toss the stained object into a laundry basin and grab his backpack.  Leanne had left hours earlier as usual, but she certainly hadn't forgotten to show her displeasure at the lingering blonde.  Squall could've just explained that they somehow knew each other from a different lifetime in which they were committed lovers for years, rivals before that... but he figured it wouldn't go over well with the motherly woman.

With light steps he walked in front of the couch that Seifer had moved to later in the evening and was currently asleep on.  The idiot stayed since that afternoon, catching every free moment Squall had during the typical light weeknight crowd.  It was strange for him to watch the face he both knew intimately and yet never seen before yesterday.  His frame wasn't as muscled as he 'remembered', but then again it's not like there were T-rexaurs on 14th avenue to take care of.

He shook a limp shoulder.  "Seifer, time to go."

"Nnn."  Eyelids scrunched, attempted to open, then closed discovering light in the room.  "What time is it?"

"Almost midnight."

"Fuck.  Why did you let me fall asleep?"

"Didn't remember you asking for a wakeup call."

Finally green eyes managed to remain open.  "I didn't want to be napping in the middle of a public place to begin with.  I guess I'm being kick out now?"

Not waiting for a reply, the large man stood up from the couch directly in front of the brunette.  It was so tempting to close that remaining space between them, but Squall took a step back instead.  In sight, voice, and scent this was Seifer, but the echo of 'have we met' was clear in his head - the man held no memories of their previous past.

Shutting off all the lights, Squall joined the blonde outside and locked up the cafe for the night.  There was a cool breeze in the air, refreshing along his skin.  It reminded Squall that it had been weeks since he last visited the beach to relax in blessed moments of voiding out all thought.  He decided to remedy that fact over the coming weekend.

"You need a ride home?"

"I can walk."

"I'm certain you can, but wouldn't a car ride be a lot faster?  Hate to make your parents worry."

Squall pocketed the set of keys.  "I live by myself."

There was a brief pause as Seifer eyed him.  "And how does that imply I can't drive you home?"

He couldn't help a small smile in defeat.  Taking it as a sign of acceptance, the blonde walked a short distance up the road and pressed the right buttons on his keychain to deactivate the alarm and unlock doors of his car.  The vehicle was midnight blue, sporty, and probably cost far too much for its purpose of getting from point A to B.  Sliding into the passenger seat, Squall decided that it certainly wasn't comfortable enough for the money either.

The car ride was quiet except for the short directions to his meager apartment.  It was rather cheap for the area, had a bathroom, and only a small vermin problem.  Squall couldn't imagine a reason to complain.  Seifer did.

"You live in this shit-hole?"

"Thanks."  He unlocked the door to step out.

Seifer relocked the door.  "You're what, seventeen?  It's not safe for you to live here alone."

"Not for another couple months, and I've lived here for nearly a year already."

"Let me get you a hotel room for the night.  I can find you something better by tomorrow afternoon."

Quickly unlocking door while opening it, Squall pulled himself out of the leather seat to stand up on the cracked sidewalk.  Unable to stop the action, Seifer opened his own door to look at the brunette over the roof of the car.  Squall glared at him and closed his door.

"I don't need charity."

"But... what if you have another attack?"

"I won't.  Goodnight, Seifer."

There was a pause as the man wavered between decisions, but he finally let loose of some pent up air and growled out a parting.  Squall was grateful when the man didn't peal out onto the road - he didn't need neighbors to believe him a whore for some wealthy customers.  Noticing a waving curtain of a ground floor window, he sighed at the realization that it was probably too late.  Well, shit.

Taking two steps at a time, he made it to his third floor room in short time.  Happy to note the deadbolts were still in place as he unlocked them, he walked into the studio apartment and set his backpack onto the tan carpet that had seen better days.  After relocking the door, he toed off his sneakers and went directly to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

Some time later Squall laid back on the mattress (sans frame) and watched the darkened ceiling as sleep once again was eluding him.  There was too much to think about that couldn't be blocked out for a decent night of rest.  While something had been unlocked within him to remember that odd past, he realized that it would take more than a day to figure out just exactly what fit where.  The only things he was vaguely certain about were related directly to Seifer, probably because he was the key to that past.  Or, Squall thought, because he meant the most in what seemed a generally bleak life.

It was a lot of work to sort the jumbled memories, everything from trivia type information (card playing tragedies to monster stats) to people and events that meant something personal to Squall.  And then there was that dark region of the new memories which were untouchable.  Holding the suspicion that it involved his death, Squall was more than happy to pretend that it didn't exist... at least for the moment.  Everyone should face their fears.

Lying there in the dark, he let the images and feelings lose within him as tried to fill in pieces of the unbelievable story that was far too detailed to be false.  Eventually settling on memories about a time of peace after war, he was soothed into sleep.

I walk up to the form sitting on the light colored sand.  One leg is bent, his elbow resting on it to prop up his head as he looks out into the sea.  He doesn't show it, but he knows I'm here walking towards him.  He wants to run away.  But whether because of his stubborn pride or half-starved body, he only sits and stares.

"What are you doing?"

"Can't you tell, Leonhart?  I'm flying like a bird."

I sit next to him though his signal is clear that I'm not wanted.  Watching waves break against some dark rocks, I silently bask in the feel of being near Seifer once again.  I didn't realize how much losing him felt like a part of me was taken away.  An important part of me.

"After all these months, you've come here to gloat?  Trust me, I realize that you're the high 'n' mighty Headmaster of Balamb Garden while I never even made it to SeeD.  You should be ashamed, the hero of humanity taking time off to acknowledge the enemy trash that was allowed to live."

"Come back."

I feel his gaze shift to me.  "To the Garden?  Like fucking hell.  I wasn't wanted before and certainly not now."

"No.  Come back to me."

I look at him, noticing a blue hint to his lips for the first time.  As it always is with Seifer, I react before I think.  Leaning forward, I press my lips against his and rub my tongue along his bottom lip in the clumsy attempt to bring natural color back to the cracked flesh.  Too soon he shoves himself away from me, crawling backwards in the sand to create distance between us.

"What the fuck was that?"

Not liking the horror on his face, I return my gaze to the darkening waters.

For a long moment there is nothing but the sounds of the waves and an occasional flock of birds.  I wish I could break the silence between us, tell him how I've come to conclusion that I need him as a constant in my life, never far from me.  But instantly I recognize that it is a selfish request and I can't change the way he wants to live his life.  Too many people have tried that on me already.

He stands up, the sound of falling sand from his clothes almost loud.  "Look at me."

I do.  The clothes he wears are tattered and stained, but I easy identify them as his usual blue vest and dark pants that were turned into shorts.  Apparently the trench coat had been lost or stored somewhere safer.  Once lightly colored skin is now covered with sunburns and pealing skin that were healing into a dark tan.  Blonde hair is twice the length as I remember last, but still rather short with more than just a few strands found their way into his eyes.  And those eyes... they seem darker with a kind of pain that a person of his age shouldn't have to bear.  While that is typical for the whole group of us that survived Ultimecia, his pain is devouring him inside.

"Tell me, Leonhart.  What do you see?"


He blinks then frowns.  "That's not what I mean.  Stop being a smartass."

I stand up from the sand and look directly into his eyes.  "Then what do you mean?"

Again, I sense he wants to run, but he takes a hesitant step forward instead.  "Tell me that I'm weak.  A pathetic idiot that can't even resist a simple charm spell that stroked my ego enough to make the killing okay.  Remind me how much of a coward I am to run away once my side lost and you..."  He fisted his hands.  "Tell me how wasteful it is for me even breath the same air as you heroes."

A small smile comes to my lips.  "You are worth everything to me."

I can almost see his walls and armor shatter into nothing as his head bows forward.  "You weren't supposed to say that," he states quietly.

And then my arms are around him as he cries silently.  There are no tears or hitched breathing, but nonetheless he is crying deep inside.  I know the feeling well.  As his energy fades, it soon becomes too bothersome to support both our weights and I guide us back down to kneel on the soft sand.  He buries his face into the hollow of my neck, but doesn't touch me otherwise as if afraid of my disappearance or maybe of tainting me.

"You know, I hate you."

I don't respond except to continue holding him.

"I wanted to die so much, but you would always stop me.  Usually you were mean to me, but sometimes you'd hold me like this."  He sighs.  "How do I this is real?"

I lean back at that, griping his hair to gently pull his head away from my shoulder.  Before he can fear rejection, I retake his dry lips in a silent promise to never leave him behind again.  It takes forever, but he finally responds with a shy energy that slowly builds confidence.  We kiss.

Stepping into the cafe, Squall had the immediate urge to smile but quickly suppressed it, resulting in a twitch like response.  Seifer had taken claim of the couch, his large coat draped on the back of the empty half of the furniture.  It was strange seeing him sitting there with a thin black binder in hand.  Simply, he looked mature.  At that moment, Squall really felt the differences in their ages and lives.  He wondered if it was wise to fall in love with someone who couldn't possibly be like he was in another lifetime.

Light green eyes were suddenly focused on him.  "There you are.  I was worried you got mauled in that desolate place of a living arrangement."

"Don't you work?"

"A perk of being the boss.  Before you put on the apron, have a seat.  I've got some brochures for you to look through."  He produced a briefcase from the side of the couch and started shuffling through papers.

"I'm fine."

"Well, I'm not.  I could barely sleep last night."

"Why should you care?"

"Don't know.  Why'd you kiss me?"

Squall frowned, then he walked pass the couch to change out of his uniform.  Seifer didn't stop him, but he also had the teen practically trapped for the next seven hours.  Tossing his backpack into the corner of the backroom, he took a deep breath to rid himself of some nervousness.  Well, that was one attribute that had remained the same - Seifer was persistent to a fault.  But the difference lied in the methods.  Before it had been a case of skill versus skill in a fierce duel, finding admiration in each other's will to never surrender.  Now it seemed like Seifer's weapon of choice was money.  A quiet fear entered Squall's mind that he wouldn't be able to do anything to deserve respect in the blonde's eyes.  To him it was as important as seeing love and desire in the green depths.

Uniform exchanged for a dark blue t-shirt and faded black jeans, Squall left the small room to put on an apron.  Turning around while he finished tying it, he saw Seifer waving the mug for a refill.  With a sigh, he walked over.

"What do you want?"

He pointed at the brochure resting on top of the binder from before.  "This place is just a bit further from where you are now, but it's twice the size and has a nice bathroom."

"It also costs three times what I can afford.  Your order."

"The Seifer Special, what else?"  He frowned.  "You really pay that little for an apartment?"

Squall took the empty cup from the loose hold and walked it back to the counter to make the drink.  Just after finishing the concoction, he could feel unhappy eyes on him.

"Sweetie, I don't like him hanging around you like this."

"He just gets a bit over zealous."

"You know him?"

He shrugged.

"It isn't healthy.  He must be at least twenty-five and look how he dresses.  It's like he's made you into a new toy or some kind of hobby to make his free time go quickly."

"I didn't realize you judge people."

"Well, I didn't think you'd fall for someone like that."

"Do you mind?"

Lightly colored eyebrows scrunched.  "Have you been listening to me?"

"That I'm bi.  Does it bother you?"

Her eyes widened in understanding.  "Oh, Squall, no.  Of course it doesn't.  I may be old, but I understand the changes with time.  I just wish... I don't know.  Sometimes I forget how young you are, and with him striding in like he has rights to you--"

"I've got coffee to deliver."

He walked around the woman, knowing full well that her lecture wasn't nearly over and wouldn't be for a long time.  But with Leanne being closest to the only mother he had, it was a quiet relief that she wasn't bothered by his general preferences.  To bad the specific preference of Seifer wasn't agreeing with her.


Not even looking, Seifer took the large mug as he pointed to a new brochure.  "My father owns these set of apartments, so we could get the price down to nothing, but it's too far for you to be walking around everywhere.  I've personally only heard horror stories about the bus system here, but the type of people I unfortunately hang out with would never claim--"

"Seifer.  Stop."

He blinked and looked up from the layout diagrams.

"This isn't any of your business."

He started to say something, but caught himself.  "You're right.  Listen, I've got a dinner to go to, but I was wondering if we could hook up later.  It's Friday, so I'm assuming you don't have anything important to get up for in the morning."

"I was planning on the beach."

"Great.  I have keys to a nearby beach house.  Could you make this to go for me?"  He held up the steaming cup of coffee.

Squall couldn't resist an amused smirk at the man's assumption that he would agree to the date.  Seifer seemed to catch the expression, winking when the mug was taken from his grasp.

Turning the open/closed sign on the door, Squall didn't bother locking it incase the blonde decided to show while he was in the back.  With a sigh and a hand through brown locks, he set to the task of cleaning the cafe.  Clearing and wiping down a few tables, his thoughts quickly turned to Seifer and the possibilities for that night.  He was both anxious and excited, though no one would have been able to tell by his expression.  Balancing a tray in one hand, he picked up a half-filled glass of water from a table, the resulting shatter making him drop the rest of his dishes.

The dinner lasted longer than Seifer expected nor cared for, but business was business even for a Friday night.  Parking easily at the entrance of the cafe, he got out of the car and automatically locked and alarmed it as he walked around the vehicle.  Not seeing the brunette in plain view, he tried the door and was pleased to find it unlocked for him.

"Squall, you around?"  Stepping forward, he jumped a little at the sound of crunching beneath his feet.  Small shards of glass littered the floor.

The brunette appears from the back, pan and broom in hand.  "Careful.  I'm still cleaning it up."

"Are you okay?  What happened?"

He shrugged.  "Dropped a tray of dishes."

"Did you have another attack?"

Stormy eyes narrowed.  "No.  Am I not allowed to be clumsy?"

Seifer simply sighed and stepped out of the teen's way.  He could tell there was tension under the facade the brunette was holding up, but since he seemed alright physically, there was no reason to press the point for now.  Instead he observed Squall as he swept up the broken glass and oddly hesitated before picking up a couple pieces of ice.

"Are you still up for our little outing tonight?"

Some tension evaporated from the body as he nodded.

It took little time for the remaining bits of glass and water to be cleaned off the floor, and apparently Squall had left the chore as the last task to be completed.  Soon enough they were in Seifer's car and on the highway towards the beach house he shared with a friend.  The guy was on the east coast for the weekend, so Seifer wasn't afraid of any possible interruptions.  As with the night before, the ride was silent but not entirely an uncomfortable one.

Though afraid to stop the teen from his current strip, Seifer couldn't refrain himself from comment.  "You want to go swimming now?  It's one in the freaking morning."

The blue shirt was folded and set on the sandy ground.  "That was the plan."  He unzipped his pants next.

"If you want to drown, go for it.  And you do realize how pointless it is to fold that shirt when--"  He was cut off by the sight of Squall placing thumbs into both jeans and boxers, pushing the items of clothing down shapely legs.

"Habit, I guess."  He folded the jeans, boxers still inside.

Seifer smirked.  "I wasn't informed that this was a skinny dipping trip."

He looked up with a completely blasť expression.  "You mind?"

In reply, the blonde started to undo the buttons of his shirt while struggling to maintain his own neutral appearance.  Not waiting, Squall turned towards the dark water and walked into the surf without a flinch to the undoubtedly freezing temperature.  Pausing in his task, Seifer watched as the teen bent over to cup some of the salty water into his hands and pour it on himself.  Arching like that in the moonlight, he didn't appear as young as his years.  There was an assured air about the brunette, that he has and would continue to handle anything thrown at him.

Taking advantage of the turned back, Seifer took off his clothes with rushed movements and then strode quickly to join Squall.  Cursing quietly and hopping a bit with his steps, he made his way through the frigid water.  Squall was already about chest level with the water when he dived under a decent sized wave.  Being years since the last time he actually went swimming in the ocean, it took Seifer a bit of time to reach the brunette who ended up waiting for him on a sandbar further out.

Standing up, the water was barely waist level as he stood a small distance from Squall.  The dark hair was still trying vainly to stick out despite the weight of water, a small piece of seaweed trapped in the locks.  Stepping forward, he picked it out of the hair and returned it to the ocean.  Glancing further down, he met up with eyes full of deep blue.  The moment passed between them as silent words of lust, love, and belonging were shared before Seifer found himself kissing the smaller man.

It was a uniquely satisfying experience kissing in that spot, the flow of the tide forcing the two bodies to press and grind against each other in almost teasing movements.  And then there were the infrequent times when a larger wave would nearly knock them into the salty water together.  Seifer couldn't remember the last time he laughed into a kiss, enjoying the feel of the reciprocating half-smile from Squall.  Only I can do that.

Reluctantly, Seifer pulled back from tasting the brunette.  "Before I come up with even more lecherous ideas in my head, just how far are we going tonight?"

He stiffened within the hold.  "I have something to figure out.  Can you wait a couple days?"

Holding back a laugh, he grinned instead.  "Oh, I guess I can suffer.  That's why there are two rooms made up for tonight.  But what do you have to figure out?  Maybe I can help you."

"I'm not sure.  I just need some time."

"Not sure?  About us?"

He smiled slyly.  "No.  That I'm certain about."

Deciding to let the boy be mysterious, Seifer restarted the kiss.  While he may not be able to relieve himself as he would truly like to that night, he was fairly positive that if Squall would do that tongue thing of his again, he might be able to cum right there.

I can almost feel him before I hear the light footsteps on sand approaching from behind.

"Why didn't you come back after the test?"

"Phft.  I know I didn't pass.  No reason to show up."  And I didn't want to see his disappointed face.  He went through hell getting me back into Garden and I can't even pass the SeeD exam yet again.  Maybe this time he'll finally see the pathetic idiot I am.

His arms come around me, something reflecting moonlight from the hand held in front of me.  "Congratulations.  You've made SeeD starting at level 5."

"What?  Squall, you didn't--"

"It wasn't my decision.  The instructors all know you've worked hard this past year, acing almost every written test.  And the SeeDs that oversaw the examination today clearly recognized that you were doing the right thing.  It's not your fault you got placed under an arrogant team captain."

"I punched him."

"You forced him out of a field of battle that was too much for him.  You saved his life."

"I punched him."

"You tried repeatedly to talk him out.  Time was of the essence and you made a split second decision."

I sigh.  "Are you sure you didn't have a hand in this?"

"I wouldn't lie to you."

No, he wouldn't.  Squall is the only one I can trust to be honest with me.  With a shaky hand, I take the SeeD bars from his hand.  I did it.

"There is a housing problem, though.  Seems you got assigned to a double."

I lean a bit to the side in the attempt to see his face.  "Oh?"

"You can change it later if you want."

Holding back the unusual child-like giddiness that wants to explode from me, I make certain my voice is serious.  "Do you really want to deal with the scandal that it will cause?"

"The people I care about already know about us and have accepted it by now.  Fuck everyone else."

I have to laugh.  "You've been spending too much time around me."

"Anyhow, they'd probably just think I'm keeping an eye on you."  His hand drifts downward and ghosts the crotch of my pants.  "Which I'll certainly be doing."

"Fuck."  I arch back, giving his lips access to my throat.

"Shall I show you to your new room?"

"Don't think I can make it."  High on the news of making SeeD and moving in with Squall, my senses are already on overload from such light touches.

"Too bad."  And that's when he pulls away from me to walk back to the Garden.

"Fucking tease," I growl while trying to find enough equilibrium to stand up.

"That's Headmaster Fucking Tease to you."

"And I do know how much of a Headmaster you are."

He stills completely at the statement.  "You've lost a level for that one."  And he stalks off.

I smirk as I try to catch up.  Puberty boy could never handle a good sexual pun.

Seifer part walked, part stumbled down the stairs.  Dressed in only pajama bottoms, he scratched sleep tousled hair as he looked into the kitchen.  Squall had the fridge open, apparently deciding on breakfast.  Seifer decided that he wanted the brunette to wear his shirts more often, the oversized clothing making him look more sensual somehow.

"What's on the menu?"

He backed up from the fridge, a pitcher in hand.  "Looks like orange juice and bagels.  Both seem fresh."

"They better be since they were delivered this morning."

Squall gave the blonde a glance that seem to state frustratingly 'rich people!'.  He went to the cabinet to grab two glasses for the juice.  The teen was already in waiter mode, not that Seifer minded being waited on.

"You sleep well?"

That made him smile as much as was physically possible for the brunette.  "Yeah.  Did I wake you?"

"Thankfully.  Hate to miss out on breakfast."

As Squall had requested, they didn't go further than heavy petting and kissing.  And though it was a bit torturous for Seifer, they ended up sharing the large bed upstairs.  The blonde never imagined himself the cuddling type, always throwing lovers out of bed before they got too comfortable within his personal space.  But he was rapidly coming to the conclusion that things won't be the same with Squall.  There was that strange sense of belonging and need between them that made Seifer want to hold onto him and not let go.

And then there were the two dreams he'd had thus far.  The need for Squall in them was stronger felt along with trust.  While he didn't understand the dreams and was rather baffled by the continuation of that time and place, he decided his subconscious was doing its best to point out the good thing that had just started between them.  Seifer just hoped he wasn't going to mess this one up.

As Seifer sat down in his seat, Squall poured orange juice into the cups.  He took one by his finger tips, the glass suddenly shattering outward.  Startled, Seifer jumped back, the chair falling to the ground and between his legs as he somehow remained standing.  A cylinder of frozen orange juice rolled off the table and broke in half when hitting the tiled floor, one piece rolling next to his bare foot.

He looked up to Squall, the brunette standing there with his hand still spread to grasp the nonexistent glass.  Only slightly widen eyes belied his neutral mask.

"What the fuck just happened?"

Squall clenched his hand into a fist, setting the pitcher of orange juice down.  "I don't know."

Eyeing the table covered with shards of glass, Seifer was mildly impressed.  The liquid must have frozen instantly to spread outward before the barrier of the cup could force the ice up.  It explained Squall's uneasy edge when he showed up last night.  The ice must have been remains of whatever got frozen in the glass to break it.

"Well, now I see why you didn't want to touch me last night.  I could've lost something important.  Sorry if I ended up sounding pissy when I should've been thanking you."

"This isn't funny."

"No, it isn't.  Careful of the glass and come over here."

"I should clean--"

"No.  Come on."

Once in range, Seifer grabbed his arm and dragged him to the couch of the connecting entertainment room.  Sitting down, he forced him next to his side and then held him tightly while Squall clasped his hands in the effort to not directly touch the blonde.  It had been invisible to the eye, Seifer could now feel the mild shakes of the lean body.  Squall was more frightened of this than he wanted to admit.  He waited for the quivers to subside before questioning the teen.

"Has this happened before last night?"

His shook his head.

"Do you have any idea why now?"

A pause.  "I'm not sure."

"Okay.  Then do you know how you are doing it?  Could you consciously do it?"

"I don't know."  Frustration was lacing the words.

"All right, all right.  Just close your eyes for a moment and relax."

Squall glanced at him with skepticism, but followed the order as his eyelids closed and he slumped against the broad shoulder.  Leaning back into the couch, Seifer placed a hand on cool skin and massaged the stiff neck.  He didn't like this.  He was used to having easy answers that could be somehow solved with money or pure determination.  This... it was just out of his scope of thought.

There was little warning as Squall tensed then stood up from couch and stumbled forward.

"Squall, what's wrong?"

He turned to Seifer, a wild look to his eyes.  "She... she wants out."

"She?  Who are you talking about?"

"I... Sorry, I can't..."

Squall closed his eyes and wrapped arms around himself in a defensive hug.  Streams of mist circled around him while his mouth moved in silent words, the mist gaining density.  Seifer stood up from the couch, his eyes locked onto the cloud appearing in his living room as the temperature dropped steadily.  By the time he was able to collect himself enough to consider grabbing Squall from that spot, he was stilled by another sight - a sleek blue leg stepped from the mist, soon followed by the form of an otherworldly woman.

"About time he listened to my call."

Green eyes widen in awe and part fear, Seifer stood dumbstruck at the beauty before him.

She smiled seductively.  "Child of Ifirit.  We meet again."

Standing up straighter, the blonde closed off all emotions and let his calmer business side take over.  "I'm afraid the disadvantage is mine.  I don't remember ever meeting."

"Would you like to remember?"  With cat-like grace, she walked up to the large man.  Her arm resting on his bare shoulder, a cold hand fingered messy blonde strands.  "Do you want to remember everything about Squall and your past?"

The creature out of the way, he set eyes on the brunette now kneeling and slumped over.  He didn't appear conscious.  "What did you do to him?"

"He is fine.  The first summon is always hard on the body."

"He had better be fine."  Seifer returned his attention to the face too close to his.  "This proposition of yours, what is your gain?"

"The child is stronger with you.  For him to depend on you, you must understand your past."

He smirked.  "How do I know I'm not dealing with a demon here.  I should warn you that I don't have much of a soul to speak of."

"Yes or no, boy.  I haven't much time."

Seifer found an odd hint of desperation in the cool eyes, her hand not completely steady behind his head.  He looked back to where Squall rested, then sneered and replied without losing sight of the teen.  "Do your worst."

The creature smiled happily and leaned up to whisper in his ear.  "He missed you."

Seifer didn't have time to consider the words as his vision of the world disappeared and were replaced by unceasing images that seemed to flow around him.  It hurt to watch it, especially random pictures of Squall injured and somehow knowing it was by his hand.  The light of the images was slowly dimming as he realized blissful peace was coming.  His last thought was to wonder what he had done.



Author's Note -  La dee da, another chapter done during a momentary spike of motivation.  Ack, how did it get so long?  *mumble*  I was going to keep the chapters shorter. *mumble* 

Anyhow, good luck to those still working on cookie privileges.  If one influence isn't obvious yet, it should be next chapter (well, I think it'll be obvious since I know the answer).  The other one is kind of a mood setting type influence, so I'll be mildly surprised if you get that one.  And no, the title has nothing to do with these.  I just happened to be listening to Fuel when I came up with the idea. 

Since it's been mentioned in a few of the reviews, just want to say that the frenum (or frenulum) in the mouth is indeed a potential hot spot.  It's a "potent kiss" of Tantric techniques.  The way I've read it is for mainly women to have the frenum stimulated while focusing on her clitoris for a full body sensation (apparently orgasm can be reached), but men can also experience much pleasure from the technique.  This is an either you love it or hate kissing method, and I decided Seifer loves it. ^_-  As for the bad blowjob joke, I was making certain my terminology was correct when I instead found a ton of webpages about penis piercing through the frenum.  The 'official' definition of frenum is actually "a membranous fold of skin or mucous membrane that supports or restricts the movement of a part or organ".  Of course Seifer just had to comment on the terminology use.

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