Notes: Okay this will get a little confusing. Seifer and Zell have switched bodies.  At the beginning it’s all Zell on his own so it’s him thinking to himself but after the first ~><~ then it’s Seifer(z) that means he looks like Zell but he’s really Seifer. Zell(s) is the other way around, understand?

The Switch

By Purple Penguin

He groaned as the sun shone through he window and into his eyes. The sun didn’t usually bother him because his dorm window was facing away from it. Zell stretched out an arm to grab his alarm clock beside to bed to see why it wasn’t shrieking at him. His fingers touched wood and he opened a lazy eye. Where had his clock gone? Something felt cold around his neck. He sat up causing the covers to fell away. AHH! He was naked, where was his sweat pants that he usually wore to bed? This was his bed, his room, something was very wrong here.

“What the hell-” He clamped a hand over his mouth. That was not his voice, it was a deeper, familiar voice. He raised a hand to the thing around his neck; it felt like a necklace.

What had happened last night? He tried to remember. They had all gone out for a drink together, Squall had been the first one to get really drunk and fall all over Zell, clinging to him. The little blonde had to help him walk; the brunette was very different over the influence of alcohol. His hands were everywhere, Seifer was not happy. The blondes weren’t really a couple but the taller man hung around a lot more than usual, maker it obvious that he liked Zell and they were closer in a arguing, teasing sort of way. Rinoa had entered the bar and seen Squall all over Zell. She and the commander had broken up weeks but she wanted him back. He remembered the girl yelling at him and Squall then bursting into tears. Oh god! He hadn’t ended up in Squall’s bed had he? This wasn’t his room and he was naked! Zell pushed the blanket off himself and stood up. He felt different, there were less muscles on his arms and was it his imagination or was he a lot closer to the ceiling than usual? He studied the silver ring on his middle finger and ran a hand down his abdomen.

T-This wasn’t right, what had that bitch done to him? He couldn’t help it if  Squall thought he was hot, Rinoa was just jealous because she didn’t have what Squall wanted. Which seemed to be a flat chest and a dick. He chuckled at the thought. He froze, that was not his laugh. Okay this had gone far enough he headed for the bathroom and reached it in two long strides. Zell had little legs; he didn’t take big steps like that. He walked through the door and hit his head on the top of the doorframe.


Were all the doors suddenly small or had he put on a foot overnight? He sealed himself for the truth and sidestepped into the mirror. He stared into the glass and a pair of green eyes stared back, his hair was now shorter and flatter and he looked like Seifer. No he was Seifer. He looked behind the mirror to see if anyone was playing a joke on him. He fingered the silver chain around his neck and read the engraved name. Almasy.

Oh god this had to be a joke, a sick, bad joke. Why did that bitch do this? He was so going to kill her for this and Seifer would probably help. Was this permanent? He hoped not, it had taken him years to build up his muscles and now he was Seifer. He ran back to the bedroom and opened the wardrobe. He had to find Seifer and soon, this could all be put right today if they got to Deling and killed Rinoa. Yeah that was a great plan. He opened a drawer and gingerly touched Seifer’s boxers. Not really a fantasy of his this, having to go through and wear another man’s boxers let alone Seifer’s. He quickly got dressed in some black jeans and green vest; he pulled on the other blonde’s infamous trench coat. He put his hands in the pockets and found half a packet of cigarettes. He stuck out his tongue, disgusting habit time for Seifer to quit. He threw them away and snuck out into the hall quietly. Should he be acting like Seifer now or being himself so he could get help? But who was going to believe this? It was madness; he didn’t even want to believe it.


He jumped and spun round to see Fujin.

“Fujin!” He hurried over to her and put his hands on her arms.

She frowned and whispered. “Are you okay?”

“You spoke.”

“Y-e-s.” She drew out the word. “I do that a lot with you and Raijin you know that right?”

“Err- yeah sorry long day.”

“It’s 8:30 in the morning.” She told him with a worried look.

“Oh.” He paused. “Well the thing is Fujin that I-err- need your help.”

She waited for him to continue.

“Rinoa…. She did something to me and Sei- Zell.” He paused, hoping she hadn’t noticed his slip. “I woke up this morning and I was Seifer.”

“What? Seifer I-”

“No! I’m not Seifer! I’m Zell! Rinoa was jealous because Squall wanted me and not her so she make me and Seifer switch bodies, don’t you see?”

She stared for a moment. “S-Seifer I-I know you’re under a lot of stress over the whole Squall and Zell thing but you’ll find someone else, someone better than Zell.”

“No I- Wait! S-Seifer really likes me? He’s jealous over Squall? Really?”

“You are not Zell! Okay I know this is hard but-”

“No wait Fujin listen to me! I-I love hotdogs, I live in Balamb with my mum, Squall has a crush on me and that’s why Rinoa did this to me!”

“Squall has a crush on you too? The slut!”

“What? No not me- well yes me but not the me that you know, the real me Zell but the other me Seifer, you see?”

She looked very confused.

“See? I ranted, that’s a Zell thing to do; does Seifer ever do that?”

She narrowed her eyes suddenly. “Is this a joke? Are you playing with me?”

“I- Y-yes it’s a joke.” Faked a laugh. “Got you!” He ran away quickly, not wanting to know an angry Fujin.


Seifer(Z) ran a finger down his newly muscled stomach and chest. At first he’d thought it was a dream but Zell stared back at him in the mirror. He had stripped off the sweat pants that the other man wore to bed to get a better look. A slow smirked appeared on Zell’s lips looking out of place. He was the Chicken-Wuss but this definitely had its advantages. His hand travelled lower until he wrapped a hand around his cock. He never knew chickie was hung. He watched the other man stroke himself in the mirror.

He groaned as someone knocked on the door interrupting him. He grabbed a pair of boxers from the drawer and opened the door. He raised an eyebrow at the very uncomfortable brunette who stood on the doorstep. After what happened last night he would have thought that Squall wouldn’t have wanted to speak to anyone.

The brunette fidgeted. “Hi.” He muttered.

“Hey!” Seifer(Z) stepped back to let him inside.

“Okay here’s the thing.” Squall started pacing back and forth. “Last night I-I don’t remember a lot before Rinoa came in, I know what she said about us.”

Seifer(Z) forced back a grin.

“D-Did I say anything? Or do anything to you?”

Seifer(Z) thought back to Squall clinging onto Zell, hands everywhere mainly on the little blonde’s ass. He couldn’t hold back a smile.

“What? Is it back? Tell me!”

Zell probably would have let him off easy but then again he wasn’t Zell.

“Well nothing too bad….” He sat on the edge of the bed and Squall did too. “But you’re hands didn’t leave my ass all night.”


“You leaned on me a lot and even tried to kiss me a few times.”

Squall looked horrified. “Oh my god! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to.”

Seifer(Z) grinned. “Well we both know that’s not true don’t we?”

“What? What do you mean?”

The blonde leaned in closer. “You want me and we both know that.”

Squall opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish. “I-I-I-I-”

Seifer(Z) ran a hand up the side of Squall’s face causing a faint blush to run up Squall’s neck to his cheeks.

The blonde suddenly captured a pair of stunned lips in his own. He had expected Squall squeak and run away or die of embarrassment but the brunette just moaned and eagerly returned the kiss. This had started as a bit of fun to scare Squall but hands now move up his new muscles, massaging the skin.

Maybe this was going a little too far, Squall was going to kill him when he realized and so was Zell, either way he was so dead. Seifer(Z) broke the kiss but Squall just leaned in more, the blonde gave him a little push backwards. “Slow down a bit yeah?”


Seifer(Z) opened his mouth to reply, feeling a bit shocked. Squall was so, so forward and non Squall-like. “Because- I- um- have to go somewhere.”

The brunette’s face fell.

“But- w-we can hang out later.”

“Okay.” He got up and gave the blonde a last quick kiss. “I’ll come by later...” He offered the shorter man a sultry smile. “And I’m sure we’ll find something to do.”

Seifer(Z) was stunned. “Wait! Wait-err what about a date?”


“Y-Yeah we could go to the movies o-or something.”

To his relief Squall smiled. “Yeah a movie sounds... good, I‘ll come by here at 6:00.” He left and Seifer(Z) fell back onto the bed.

At least Squall had less chance of taking advantage of him at the movies right? 6:00? That gave him enough time to prepare and panic. When did everything get so complicated? He had a date with Squall, could he get switched back before then? On the other hand that would leave Squall alone with his Zell. No, he would go on the date first and then get switched back, yes that would be best. This way it gave him time to have some fun.


Zell(S) stopped dead in the middle of his panicked rush in front of the cafeteria. He knew that smell. HOTDOGS! He hesitated, there was time for lunch before he had to find himself, wasn’t there? Of course there was. The blonde ran into the crowded room and straight up to the counter.

“4 hotdogs please.”

The woman raised an eyebrow at his grin. “You’re very cheerful today Seifer.”

“Oh.” Zell(S) tried to stop grinning for a second. “Well- err- you know it’s a beautiful day.”

She nodded doubtfully and handed him the plate. He bounced off to a table, unaware that most of the cafeteria was watching him. It wasn’t often that Seifer Almasy bounced around grinning at people. The blonde noticed some cadets staring at him and silently cursed himself for not being enough like Seifer.

“Hey Seifer you know!”

The blonde looked up. Great, Raijin this would be a test of how much he was like Seifer.

He nodded at the large man as he sat at his table with a raised eyebrow. “You’re eating hotdogs you know, I thought you hated them things.”

“W-Well I thought I hadn’t given hotdogs a free chance yet.” He bit into one and grinned. He quickly tried to push back the toothy grin, he had never seen Seifer grin except for the one time that no one knew about with flirting and bad touching.

“Chicken food you called them you know.”

Zell(S) mentally frowned and make a note to slap Seifer on the back of the head for that comment.

Raijin started to chat away mindlessly in the same way that Zell, the blonde realized that the very thing that Seifer teased him for Raijin did equally as well.

“ we caught these junior class men and guess what movie they were watching? The little mermaid!”

Zell(S) leapt up and pointed madly at Raijin. “Ooh I love that movie!”

The large man looked puzzled and surprised. “Err-What?”

“Um... I mean...” He shrugged in that indifferent sort of way that he had seen Seifer do many times.

“Y-you like the little mermaid?”

Zell(S) frowned. “So what? It’s a good movie!”

“O-Okay w-well we took it off them s-so if you want it you can take it you know.”

The tall blonde grinned. “Thanks Raijin!” He sat back in his chair after finishing off his last hotdog. He shot back up again quickly then out of his chair. “I just remembered I have to go find Seifer- ZELL! I mean Zell!” He ran off leaving a very confused Raijin behind.


Seifer(Z) entered the front gate again. He had gone to light a cigarette when he remembered that they were in his trench coat pocket, which was on his body with Zell behind the wheel. He had had to nip into Balamb to buy some more. He stopped beside the directory and lit up, he blew smoke out in front of him and sighed.


He didn’t respond for a minute but then he remembered that was him.


“You’re smoking.”

“Observant as always Instructor.”

She gaped at him. “I’m just a little surprised I thought you hated smokers.”

He shrugged. “I changed my mind.” He turned to walk away.

 “Also you can’t smoke in here, garden rules.” She looked smug, expecting him to put it out.

“So?” He left her staring after him.


Seifer(Z) smirked up at his albino friend. “Hey Fu-jin.” He added the rest of her name when she looked at him sharply. She seemed to be staring at his cigarette.

He grinned and breathed smoke at her, she didn’t even flinch. He laughed again. “Good job.” He took a final drag and crushed it under foot. “Happy?”

“VERY.” She stalked away.”


The blonde groaned. “What is it this time instructor?”

She paused. “Why do you keep calling me that? Did I do something to upset you?”

He gave her a sweet but sarcastic smile. “How could you ever upset me Instructor?” He went to try and leave again.


He sighed. “Is this going somewhere? I have to get ready for a date.”

“You have a date?” She smiled. “Why didn’t you tell me? With who?”

He smirked again. “Squall.”

“You and Squall?”


She flushed. “Of course not I’m just surprised is all.”

“Because we all know you wanted him. Why didn’t you ever do anything?”

She stammered and hesitated. “I-I-It wasn’t right.”

He nodded. “Uh huh that’s about right, Quistis Trepe, you’ve never done anything bad or dirty have you?”

“Zell? What-?”

“Haven’t you ever been tempted? Just to go up to his office and pin him to his desk?”

She stared at him. “Um-”

He leant in close. “I bet he’s a screamer, how about I keep you posted?”

She ducked her head and scuttled away. “I have to go.”

The blonde chuckled. Oh that was fun! He looked around, who’s the next victim?

Seifer(Z) turned and walked straight into someone else, someone bigger. “Hey watch it!”

He looked up at a couple of guys who used to think they were tough, but the posse soon set them straight.

“Sorry Dincht, didn’t see you down there.”

Seifer(Z) rolled his eyes. “That was funny, did it take all of you to think one up?”

“You say something Dincht?”

The blonde grimaced. Were these guys for real? That was the lamest comeback ever! They gave real bullies like himself a bad name. “Yeah there was one thing.”

He kicked the guy in the crotch and when he doubled over head-butted him in the face. He grinned as the guy hit the floor. “That’s better.”


He looked round to see a very shocked Irvine and Selphie.

“What? The guy’s an ass!”

“I-I can believe you just did that, okay so yeah the guys are assholes but you just have to ignore them man.” Irvine said.

“Why? This is so much easier!”

Selphie put her hands on her hips. “You’ve been hanging out with Seifer again having you?”

“Yeah sort of.”

“It’s okay to like him but you’re starting to act like him! He’s a bad influence on you.”

The blonde rolled his eyes. That’s right, blame Seifer for everyone’s problems. “Yeah I’ll keep that in mind.”



Zell(S) stopped dead looking over at Squall. Oh great, couldn’t everyone just leave him alone?

“Squall.” He nodded. “I mean-um-” What did Seifer usually call Squall? Puberty boy was getting a bit old so.... He just stared at the brunette. “W-What do you want?”

“You didn’t show up today for practice.”

“Oh right, yeah I was- busy.”

“Uh huh, well we can train now!” The brunette put a hand on his hip, looking impatient.

“Now? B-But I can’t, I-err- have a note from my doctor.”

Squall frowned. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Nothing I’ll- um- just go get my gunblade then..... um- what’s it called?”

The brunette gave Seifer a concerned look. “Are you okay Seifer?”

“Yeah, yeah but- Hyperion! That’s it!” He smiled sheepishly. “I forgot there for a minute how stupid is that?”

Squall shook his head. “Just hurry up Seifer.”

The blonde headed for his dorm and unlocked the door. Okay so training he could do that right? How hard could it be?

Zell(S) sat on the edge of the bed and pulled out the large gunblade case from under the bed. He opened it and removed Hyperion. It was bigger than Lionheart, heavier too. He stood up and held it out in one hand like Seifer did, the weight pulled him forward and he almost fell over. The blonde leant on the blade. How the hell did Seifer and Squall carry these things? He moved the blade from the floor to see that he had made a hole in the carpet. He quickly ran his boot over it, hoping Seifer wouldn’t notice later on and of he did that he wouldn’t get the blame. He sheathed the blade, it weighed his limb down forcing him to walk like a demented penguin. He stared at it in frustration. Fuck!

He unsheathed the blade again. Yeah. this was better. He held it in his hands and ran out of the dorm before he dropped it again. This would be the final test of how Seifer-like he was.

When he arrived in the training centre Squall was pacing up and down with his jacket already removed and slung over a branch. He slashed at the air a few times, maybe he and Squall had more in common than they both thought.

“Are you going to stand there and watch me all day?”

“Huh?” Zell(S) realized he had been staring and the brunette was waiting for him to get ready to spar.

“Sorry.” He winced as soon as he said it, Seifer didn’t know the meaning of the word. He shrugged off his trench coat and held the blade out in two hands.


Squall looked doubtfully at the way he was holding the blade. “Are you sure? Aren’t you going to drop one hand.”

Zell(S) carefully took his left hand away, but Squall just frowned more. “What?”

“You’re left handed.”

The blonde grimaced. Why did Seifer have to be so difficult? “Am I? I-I err mean that err this is part of my new style.”

“Uh huh.” Squall just looked confused. “Whatever Seifer, just get on with it.” He got ready and signally for the blonde to start but Zell(S) didn’t know how.

Squall sighed and started to spar with his training partner. The blonde jumped back out of the way, feebly blocking the blows with his blade, he fell on his ass against the wire fence. “WAIT!” He yelled, fearing Squall would kill him.

“What is it this time Seifer?”

“I-I CAN’T DO THIS!” He dropped Hyperion and ran away.

Squall frowned after the blonde and picked up the blade, he sheathed his own and carried the other with him. What the hell had gotten into Seifer?


Seifer(Z) sat on his bed trying to find something to wear for his date with Squall. Of course he saw what the commander saw in Chickie but he was not Zell, he could put the brunette off him in one date. It would be easy! There was a knock at the door and he opened it to Squall looking sexy as usual. He wore his normal tight pants minus the jacket and his tee was replaced with a black vest. Seifer wasn’t going to bother dressing up but he would rather die than go out wearing those horrid cut offs that Zell wore. After a long look through the other blonde wardrobe he broke into his own dorm and went through his wardrobe. He found his favourite blue vest which fit before he realized how short his legs were now, garden was so much bigger when you were Zell. Would it look too stupid if he rolled up a pair of his own pants? He settled on a blue pair of jeans from Zell’s wardrobe that didn’t look too bad.

“What happened to the jacket?” He asked Squall

“Though I’d go without, you look good.” He didn’t hide that he was checking the shorter man out, his eyes roamed over him, focusing on Zell’s ass mainly.

The blonde jumped when Squall tried to put an arm around him, he gently pushed him away casually. “S-So what movie do you want to see?”

“I don’t care.” He said sweetly, causing Seifer(Z) to get more nervously by the second.

In Balamb Squall had insisted on sitting at the back probably because then he didn’t have to watch it which he didn’t, he just cuddled into the other man’s chest.

“D-Didn’t you want to watch the movie?”

“No you were the one that wanted too remember?”

During the movie Seifer(Z) would shift away and push Squall back when the brunette’s hands got a little too friendly. Maybe the plan to disgust Squall wasn’t going to work if this was what the brunette was really like.

Seifer was so desperate to get out by the end that he had to hold himself back from running out. He lit up as soon as he was free.

“You smoke?”

The blonde smirked. YES! Something that Squall didn’t like. “Yeah sure, that bother you?”

To his horror Squall smiled. “Nope, give me one then.”

“What?” He stared.

The brunette ran a finger down the blonde’s chest. “Cigarette I mean... for now anyway.”

“You- You don’t-?”

“Only sometimes, you know like when I’m lacking energy or I have sooo much work to do or....” He grinned. “I’m horny.”

Seifer(Z) stared. This couldn’t be Squall? He was so un-Squall-like. He never thought his rival was this forward if he did then he would have tried something on ages ago and as himself not Zell.

“What do you want to do now?”

“We could go back to your place and-”

“O-Or not, what do you want to eat? It’s dinner time, are you hungry?”

The brunette smiled. “Nope.” He took a step back and Seifer followed dumbly until he saw garden ahead and realized.

“Squall I don’t think-”

“You could invite me in for- coffee.” He put empathize on ‘coffee’.

“I not really a big fan of coffee.”

“Sure you are, everyone likes coffee, come on.”

Seifer(Z) groaned and followed him back to garden.

Outside his dorm room. He jumped as arms slipped around his waist and a head landed on his shoulder. He wasn’t used to Squall being taller than he was.

The blonde unlocked the day and paused. “Listen Squall I have a really early start tomorrow....”

The brunette’s fingers played with his muscles under the shirt.

“Busy, busy day so maybe we shouldn’t-”

Squall pushed the door open and shoved the blonde inside ahead of him with a predatory look in his eyes.

“Don’t you want me?” He shut the door and leant on it, pushing off to follow the blonde who backed up nervously.

“Cause I want you.”

“I-I-I-I-” Seifer(Z) gulped when his back hit the wall.

Squall leaned in, mere inches from his face and whispered. “Fuck me.”

The brunette gave him a tug, they both fall to the floor Squall beneath the blonde and his hands were in Seifer’s(Z) pants before he could do anything.


The brunette held a finger to the blonde’s lips. “Shhh.” He whispered and leaned up to silent him.


He awoke feeling strange, well stranger than usual. He blinked his eyes and looked around Zell’s room. Didn’t switch back then.

Something moved beside him causing the blonde to stiffen. His eyes widened as the figure beside him rolled over to show a mop of chocolate brown hair, the face buried in his shoulder but there was no doubt who it was.

Oh god!

A hand ran up from under the covered and started stroking his chest lazily. The fingers brushed his nipples lightly.

He stared in horror first at the hand and then at the man beside him. He was in bed with Squall, he was in bed naked with Squall, he was in bed naked with Squall in Zell’s body. Okay, things were getting a little complicated, complicated in the extreme.

He was a dead man, Zell and Squall would kill him. He made the move to escape from the warm bed, he shuffled away from the other man. As soon as he was clear of Squall the brunette frowned in his sleep and quickly moved to cuddle close again. Seifer(Z) sighed, he was right on the edge of the bed now so he slid out a leg then the rest of him followed. He silently headed for his clothes that were scattered randomly around the room from when Squall had stripped him hurriedly.


He froze, busted.

The blonde turned to see Squall sitting up against the pillows looking more awake than he should do.

“You weren’t going to leave were you?”

“Err- yeah I have somewhere to be.”

“Oh.” Squall looked a little disappointed. “Well um what are you doing later?”


“W-We could have breakfast together first then you could go do whatever you have to do.”

Seifer(Z) Sighed. Squall looked adorable propped up against the white sheets and pillows and he looked so disappointed when he that he was going to leave him.

“Okay, hurry up though.”

The brunette was up and out of bed before Seifer(Z) had figured out what to do with his hair. He left the usual spikes down and loose, it hung in his eyes.

“Is that part of the new you?” Squall said as he walked up to finger the blonde bangs.

“Maybe but I’ll change it back in a few days so don’t be surprised okay?”

The brunette looked puzzled. “Okay.”

“And don’t tell me anything either.”

“Okay.” Squall frowned slightly. “You’re a little strange.”

“You have no idea.”

The left the dorm and walked towards the cafeteria, Squall’s hand slipped into his own at some point.

“Seifer!” The blonde looked up sharply, one reason because that was his real name and secondly that was his voice yelling it.

Squall frowned at the tall blonde. “What do you want Seifer?”

“Squall it’s me!” He glared at himself. “Where the hell have you been? I’ve been looking everywhere for you? We have things we need to sort out.”

The brunette looked between the two of them. “What is he talking about?” He asked his lover.

Before Seifer(Z) could reply Zell(S)

noticed their joined hands. “Why are you holding hands?” His eyes widened. “Nooooo! You bastard!”

“Wait! Zell’s it’s not like that!”

Zell(S) folded his arms and said. “Squall, ‘Zell’ has something to tell you.”

Squall looked worried. “Y-You two aren’t-”

Zell(S) scoffed. “Please, you’d think I’d trust him?”

Seifer(Z) fidgeted. “Lets go somewhere more private for this shall we?”

“Fine we can use my- I mean- your dorm.” He led them to Seifer’s dorm and forced them to sit down in the living room.

Zell(S) opposite Squall. “Okay here’s the thing, you remember that night in the bar with Rinoa right?”

“Actually not very well.”

“Anyway Rinoa she- She was jealous of me- of Zell so she switched us.”

Squall stared at the tall blonde. “What?”

“This will sound crazy but she switched us bodies, I’m not Seifer I’m Zell.” He paused pointing at himself. “And that is really Seifer.”

The brunette scoffed. “Is this some sort of joke?”

His lover shook his head. “No, it’s not I’m Seifer not Zell, I swear it.”

The brunette looked between them both for a few moments looking into their eyes before he jumped up away from both of them.

“You bastard!” He yelled at Seifer(Z).

“Wait Squall, I didn’t mean-”

“You took advantage of me! How can you have not meant that!?”

Zell(S) looked disgusted. “You slept with him! How? Why? I don’t act anything like him! How could you think he was me?”

Squall glared at him. “Oh how silly of me for not realizing that you had swapped bodies!”

Seifer(Z) continued. “The kiss was a joke I thought you’d run away or something.”

“Oh? And when you fucked me that was a joke too was it?”

“No, no but I am a guy! When you’re naked and begging me to fuck you what do you expect me to do?”

Squall blushed.

“Begging?” Zell(S) asked before bursting out laughing.

“Chickie now is not the time or the place.”

“It is funny when you think about it, isn’t it?”

“NO!” The other two said in unison.

Zell(S) swallowed his giggles. “Listen, all we have to do is get the next train to Deling and fins Rinoa, she’ll fix this.”

“And then what?”

“One step at a time yeah.”


Seifer(Z) had gone off to the little boys room leaving the other two alone sitting on the large bench in their Seed cabin on the train to Deling. Squall leant back on the wall, the back of his head hurt, his eyes slid shut. It was late and they had a long journey, he eyed the bunk beds. The two blondes had refused to share a bed saying it was weird and they had argued for ages on who should share with Squall. So they all sat on the bench instead. Zell(S) jumped when a head landed on his shoulder.

“Don’t get any ideas, it’s just more comfortable this way that’s all.”

“Of course.” The blonde draped an arm around the shorter man.

Silence followed for a short time.

“Can I ask you a question?” Squall asked.


“Do you like Seifer?”

“Err- in a friend way or in a warm and fluffy sort of way?”

“Warm and fluffy.”

The blonde shifted. “I don’t know, I did before this but-”

“Now you don’t?”

“I don’t know.” He paused. “Why? Do you?”

“I think so.”

“Cause you slept with him? Cause you know that was my body he just stole it.”

The brunette smiled.

“D-Do you like me in a warm and fluffy way?” Zell(S) asked.

Squall chuckled gently. “I’m a little past warm and fluffy by now.”


There was a silence before Zell(S) asked. “Aren’t you going to ask me if I like you too?”

“Only if you’re going to say yes.”

The tall blonde smiled. “Yeah I was going to say yes, does that help?”

“Yeah a little.”

The blonde nudged him. “Why don’t you take the top bunk? Seifer and I can toss a coin of something.”



Squall leapt up and under the covers just before Seifer(Z) came in. “You look comfy.” He said, looking over at Zell(S) on the uncomfortable bench. He sat on the bottom bunk.


“You can share with Squall.”

“I- Really?”

“Yeah.” He lounged out under the blankets. “This way I get a bunk to myself.”

Zell(S) grinned and jumped up climbing over Squall.

“Ow! Watch it!”



Rinoa glanced out of the window at the rain that ran down the glass. She sung ‘Eyes on me’ to herself as he prepared dinner. She had invited a young man to dinner, he seemed nice, polite and not gay like Squall was. She smiled thinking that at least Squall wouldn’t be able to have Zell anymore because Zell was Seifer now. She winced at the thought of it happening to her with someone horrible like Quistis or worse Selphie. She shivered.

The doorbell rang and he turned around. Was that her date? He was early. She opened the door to three soggy men.

“What do you guys want?”

“Like you don’t know.” Zell(S) yelled.

Seifer(Z) barged in past her. “Don’t mind if we come in do you?”

She sighed and followed him. “This had better be quick I’m expecting someone for dinner.”

“It will be.” Squall said gesturing to the blondes. “Switch them back!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Like hell you don’t switch them back or...” He sat at the dinner table. “We’re staying for dinner.”

She sighed. “Oh alright.” She waved her arms.

“Is that it?”

Seifer ran a hand up his face. “Am I me?”

Squall smirked. “One way to find out.” He pulled the stunned blonde down to his level and kissed him, Seifer kissed back. Rinoa wrinkled her nose and Zell grinned.

“Yeah that did it alright.” He tapped the blonde on the chest.

“B-But I thought you liked Zell.”

“I do.”

“A-And Seifer?”

He paused. “Uh-huh.”

She made a face. “I never had you down as a slut.” She looked at Zell. “Aren’t you jealous?”

The short blonde seemed to consider this. “Nope.”

They headed for the door and Seifer laughed. “Come on lets leave Rinoa to her dinner plans.” He wrapped an arm around Zell’s waist and Squall walked on the other side holding the little blonde’s hand. “I’ve heard there are some great clubs in Deling.”

The rain had stopped and there was a rainbow over the house as they walked away.


The End!

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