Author's notes: This was written for a contest I'm entering, that's why its short and simple. I learned alot about cars in the process of writing this. they're not just for driving.

Disclaimer: I don't anything but the idea.

The Parking Garage

By Linkin

Zell sat on a stack of tires in the parking garage of Balamb Garden watching the object of his desires work under a broken vehicle. Both of them wore the standard mechanic uniforms but in their own style. Zell had his jumper on all the way and zipped down just enough to show his white t-shirt. Seifer chose the sleeves off having the upper part of the suit dangling at his waist, revealing the tight white wife-beater he had underneath. Zell watched in a trance fascinated at the mechanic skills he never knew Seifer possesed. Since the end of the war the two had become closer as friends and eventually had taken a liking to the other. They'd only been officially dating for a week and Zell wanted to be around his new love as much as possible. Even if it meant taking shop class when he had no clue about mechanics.

'So sexy' Zell thought as he watched the man put the floor jacks beneath the car and pump the vehicle into the air. Zell watched as Seifer's muscles flexed with every push down on the handle. After raising the car he lied back on the sliding board to get beneath the car. Zell watched as he slid under and raised his knees for better leg balance. 'So delicious' He thought thinking of all the possabilities that he could do with- or could be done to him with those legs. He could just see those legs tightly secured by his waist keeping him in place while Seifer thrust in and out him. He licked his mouth- which was currently hung open to keep it from drying.

"So can I do something?" He asked leaning a little more forwards but making sure the tires he sat on didn't fall.

"Uh get me that wrench over there."

'Wrench?' Zell thought and looked around. "Little help," he asked and Seifer slid from under the car and pointed to what he wanted on the floor. Zell grabbed it and handed it to him. "Anything else?" He said kneeling down on the ground beside Seifer.

"That little oil pan."

"This thing that looks like a food dish?"

"Yeah." He happily handed Seifer the pan with a smile glad to be helping. Zell watched in silence as Seifer shifted on the sliding board and the movement immediately made his body flush with heat. He couldn't help but stare at the space between Seifer's long legs and he sucked in a quick breath of air. "Hey! are you listening to me?" He heard Seifer say breaking his mental trance.

"What yeah, what is it?" He asked then cleared his throat. Seifer slid out from under the car and sat up leaning his back against the raised vehicle.

"Ya know this is the one class I wanna pass and you're no help." He said.

"I wanna help I just don't know much about fixing a car or anything," Zell said trying not to stare too hard at the blonde beauty now slightly dirty from being underneath the car.

"Then why'd you take the class? Not that I mind."

Zell smiled and leaned in to give Seifer a quick kiss that was returned. "To be closer to you," he answered. Seifer smirked at him then lay himself back down and went under the car again. Zell's eyes went back to the spot that had distracted him a minute ago and saw Seifer moving around like he was making small thrust into the air. Zell got a big grin on his face and he moved around Seifer's legs and positioned himself in between them. He placed his hands on each leg and started rubbing them softly. He moved to Seifer's inner thighs and massaged the area around his cock. He could hear Seifer letting out some air and now he could see his arousal rising. Zell stopped his rubbing and stood up to straddle over his mechanics hips. Seifer pushed his hips upwards with one hard motion almost making Zell fall off. He held himself by grabbing onto the side of the car and then started grinding his own erection against Seifer's.

They both let out a sigh feeling the heat build between their bodies. Zell let go of the car and leaned forwards sticking his hands underneath the vehicle as far as they could go and started carressing Seifer's chest. Pinching at his nipples whenever his fingers reached them. Seifer slid out of from under the car quickly and pulled Zell down kissing him hungrily and getting the same in return. They continued grinding theirselves against each other building the tension between their legs. Seifer wrapped his arms around Zell and lifted them up never letting his mouth move from the soft full lips of his little lover. He stood them both up and they started kicking off their shoes and when they got them off they backed up into the pile of SP sport 9000 tires Zell had been sitting on earlier. Zell's body was backed into the stack and he knocked them over. Seifer spun them around and lied himself back on the line of fallen tires pulling Zell on top of him. Seifer pulled his mouth away from Zell's and started planting kisses down his neck to his clothed chest and unzipping the dark blue jump suit with his teeth.

Then he slid his hands inside Zell's suit and around to his shoulders sliding it off from the inside. Zell slipped his arms from the suit then stood enough to get the rest of his body out. Leaving him in his boxers and t-shirt which was soon removed. Seifer grabbed the collar of Zell's shirt and ripped it open tossing it aside. The little martial artist pushed his ex-knight back down on the tires and started removing his clothes. After he got them all off Seifer yanked Zell's boxers off and sat the little blonde on top of his lap. He then started sucking around Zell's shoulder's and blindly reached for the bottle of lube that was used to grease the car parts. When he found it he opened the bottle and squeezed a good sized amount into his palm. He lied back down and started coating Zell's erection that was already half way there from pre cum. Zell leaned forwards and kissed him while he worked. Sliding his sweaty hands down the long lean body he found a space where the hole of the tire was and stuck his hand underneath Seifer's butt and massaged it roughly.

Seifer grunted at the invasion and Zell just smiled down at him, then removed his hands and positioned himself between the gun bladers legs. Not wasting anytime he thrust himself inside the hole and shifted a little for better comfort. When he was ready he pulled out and thrust back in slowly. "Uuuhh." Seifer let out a long un-exagerated moan. Not long after that Zell found the sweet spot hitting it hard. "Oh gods!" The unexpected wave of pleasure made him toss his head back against the hard rubber tire. His hands clenched the sides of the tires his body had been lying on as Zell continued his thrust. The tattooed boy leaned forwards and captured Seifer's mouth in a heated kiss sliding his tongue in and under Seifer's tongue. Then he pulled it out and slid it into every crevice of Seifer's he could find. "Mmm." He moaned it into the others mouth while reaching his hands down to take Seifer's dick in his hand.

After letting go of the tires from getting white knuckles Seifer reached around the floor to where the toolbox had been and he felt inside it for a screwdriver. When he found just the right one- a 5/16 inch nut driver- he grabbed the lube and stuck the handle of the tool inside coating it thuroughly. When it was ready he took his free hand and caressed down Zell's muscular back until he reached his asshole and stuck his fingers in, making Zell hiss at the feel. He used his fingers to open Zell before sticking the greased handle of the screwdriver into the opening. "Fuck!" Zell yelled out arching his back. He let out a shakey breath and his head fell forwards while he tried relaxing his muscles to Seifer's screwdriver in his ass. Zell fell into rhythem with the tool and pushed in hard pressing Seifer's cock between their stomachs so it wouldn't be left out of the pleasure. Feeling ready to cum gripped the tires and pushed harder. Seifer could feel himself nearing completion too and pulled the screwdriver from Zell's butt making him release inside of his own.

After Zell colapsed on Seifer they relaxed a minute regaining their air and strength. "A screwdriver?" Zell whispered hoarsely.

"I haven't even begun to fix you," Seifer said in a low husky voice. He reached back into the toolbox and grabbed a pair of pliers then stood up taking Zell with him and walked him towards the slightly air born car. He forcefully turned Zell around pushing him into the front bumper of the car. Zell braced himself on the hood of the car while Seifer held his hips and banged his rehardened dick into Zell's opening. "Aaah." Zell lied his head back onto Seifer's shoulder and breathed heavily. He pulled Zell's face to his so he could meet his mouth. Returning the tongue lashing Zell had given him before he stuck his tongue into the boys mouth all the way to the back and then pressed it to the roof of Zell's mouth and slid it out making Zell's body shiver. Then he used his tongue to open Zell's mouth and sucked on the fanged tooth boys tongue. Zell lifted his arms to put them around Seifer's neck while they kissed.

After breaking the kiss Seifer pulled out of him and thrust back in hard making Zell take hold of the hood again. His hands were pressed so hard on top of the hood that he left prints. His head hung down while Seifer thrust into him harder, if it were possible. Meanwhile Seifer had his hands on the martial artist chest rubbing his nipples in cirlces pressing his fingers hard into his skin. The feel of the cold car metal against Zell's penis and the heat of Seifer behind him sent Zell to another world. His moans were low and coming out slowly. Seifer ran his hands down the smooth slick skin of his chest past Zell's solid abdominals and then he gripped his erection. "Uuuuuuhh" Zell let out a louder moan exagerated like the one Seifer made before and felt himself leaning more forwards on the car. Seifer hovered over him chewing and sucking lightly on his ear. He slid his tongue down Zell's neck and sucked at the flesh fiercely banging into him. "Huh Seifer........ uh" He swallowed hard and had to regain his grip on the car because his hands were slipping from sweat.

Seifer banged into Zell's prostate more and breathed heavily into the back of Zell's neck. He pumped Zell's member with the grip of an animal also pressing it against the hood of the car dripping precum on the hood. Seifer took the pliers he'd brought with them from the hood near Zell's hand and clamped them down on the tip of Zell's dick. "Aaah... shit." He said through clenched teeth while Seifer worked his hand and the pliers on Zell's member.

"Gods I love you." Seifer whispered hoarsely into Zell's ear. Before the other blonde could respond Seifer pounded into him repeatedly so hard the car began rocking backwards as they went forwards. They both were breathing loud and ragged banging harder and harder until Zell finally released onto the hood of the car and a little on the windshield. He threw his head back letting out a loud moan and Seifer used Zell's orgasm to release himself thrusting one last time so hard that the jack beneath the car gave way and it fell backwards.

The two collapsed on the hood of the car in a mess of sweat, cum and car lube. Seifer gently kissed Zell's cheek and Zell turned his head kissing his tall lovers lips.

"Now we have to fix the car and clean it." Seifer whispered "Yeah but at least we've got a head start on the washing." Zell said with a smile and Seifer laughed into a smile then kissed Zell again.


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