Author's Note: Am I the only one who thinks that Seifer and Squall have to be the most romantic couple in the Final Fantasies? I think of them, I think of swords and roses. Not romantic like mush, but romantic like love and lust and intensity and...well, you get the point. Anyway, was listening to Elton John's "The One" and thought of this. I don't think it's possible, but how many are my stories are? Review and tell me if you approve.

The One

By tir-synni

Even from a distance, his eyes were drawn to him, silhouetted against the sea and sunset. His back was to him, but he could tell the other knew he was there. Quietly, he walked forward. His precious trench coat was thrown to the mercy of the sand. He never noticed, never cared, only aware of the being standing before him. His gift held delicately between his fingers, he walked to his beloved's side.

"Here," Seifer Almasy whispered, raising his gift. "I brought this for you."

The barest of smiles was visible on Squall Leonhart's face as he accepted the crimson rose. Holding the elegant flower gently in his gloved hand, he turned to Seifer. He tilted his dark head enquiringly. Seifer smirked.

"Always the silent bastard," he said softly. Squall's tiny smile never wavered. Neither did the glow in the blondeís eyes. Silently, Seifer wrapped an arm around Squall's slender waist. Together, they walked down the beach.

No words were spoken. The sky around them grew darker. Seifer's arm tightened around Squall. If the gesture seemed possessive to the brunet, he didn't say a word. The dew on the rose glistened in the rising starlight.

Above them, the moon rose, and Seifer gazed at the being beside him in awe. It shone off of Squall's streaked, silken hair. Sensing his stare, Squall glanced up. Dark, sultry eyes met his, and then Squall slid gracefully out of his grip. His looping belts accented his swaying hips as he walked several feet down the beach. Slowly, Squall glanced over his shoulder, the shimmering rose at his lips. His eyes glittered an invitation, and then Squall sashayed on. Seifer swallowed thickly.

Seifer could only breathe out his lover's name as Squall gracefully stepped closer to the pulsing waves. Again, he looked over his shoulder, his seductive eyes hooded. A heated beckoning, one Seifer felt in his blood. As Squall was the lion, Seifer was the tiger. Feline eyes met across the sand, one jade, the other sapphire, burning like another star in the night.

Silent and swift, Seifer stalked forward, but Squall only offered his unreadable smile and stepped away. Like dancers, they slipped over the sand. Seifer moved faster and faster, but the smaller man would always glide away. Always, always, he would glance over his shoulder with hooded eyes, inflaming his lover. The crimson rose never moved between his slender fingers, a beacon in the pale night.

And the silver moon watched on.

Squall ducked behind some debris, and before Seifer could follow, emerged. His pale feet were bare on the sand. Squall tossed him another tempting half-smile. The blond could only watch on in fascination. Frozen, stunned by the sight of his lovely lion, Seifer could not breathe. Belted hips swayed as Squall danced backwards. His gloved hands were held out in invitation as his delicate feet brushed the waves. The rose was still held in his hands, like an offering. The sight of the hungry water touching his lover was too much to bear. Seifer rushed forward, scooping his lover into his arms. Squall didnít resist. His eyes smiled, as his lips were too busy. His arms wrapped around Seiferís neck. The rose fell unnoticed in the surf.

Above them, the moon watched as the pair danced in silver beach. Another seductive waltz, another silent song played. No doubts, if only for one night. Where the world meant nothing, and they knew all.

For they had found the one.



I saw you dancing out the ocean

Running fast along the sand

A spirit born of earth and water

Fire flying from your hands


In the instant that you love someone

In the second that the hammer hits

Reality runs up your spine

And the pieces finally fit


And all I ever needed was the one

Like freedom fields where wild horses run

When stars collide like you and I

No shadows block the sun

You're all I've ever needed

Baby you're the one


There are caravans we follow

Drunken nights in dark hotels

When chances breathe between the silence

Where sex and love no longer gel


For each man in his time is Cain

Until he walks along the beach

And sees his future in the water

A long lost heart within his reach

The One

By Elton John

Lyrics by: Bernie Taupin





So, did anyone see a plot in there? Good job! I havenít found one yet.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a snippet!

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