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Warnings : NC-17 PWP scenelet. Horrifying lack of anything that could even be a b-movie `dig for it with a very big shovel` pretense of a plot. Lotsa OOC-ness. Not a songfic really, but scenario (and uuuber-lame title) sorta inspired by "The Night In My Veins" by The Pretenders.

The Knight In My Veins

By Seshat

~I know you’re there…~

Truth be told he knew from the second they stumbled from the train station into the quiet sleepy streets of Balamb. Well, the others stumbled. He followed one step behind, pretending not to know them and half wishing he didn’t feel that way.

Someone had to stay sober, someone had to drive back to Garden. If they walked and something decided to take potshots at them, he could hardly rely on Irvine and Zell to back him up. The state they were in, Irvine couldn’t shoot a barn door at three paces and Zell couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag without falling flat on his face.

It was supposed to have been a night out for him, they thought he needed cheering up. ~Yeah, thanks guys. Just my idea of fun. Great. Whatever…~

They couldn’t seem to grasp the idea that even if they thought they were off duty they were still his responsibility. While Zell launched into his amazing `y’know I nearly got killed by a Chocobo once?` story for the seventh time (if there was an eighth time, Squall swore blind that the blonde would have a new story; `how I survived my brush with the business end of Lionheart`), he tried to keep them quiet by example, as they weaved through the dark streets of town. ~If either of them fall into the water, I’m going home…~. The story would probably have been hilarious enough to leave him leaning against the rails at the edge of the docks too, if he was in their condition. He scowled at them in an attempt to keep the giggling to a minimum, berating himself for allowing two senior SeeD’s to behave this way in public. All he got for his trouble were more giggles and;

"Lighten up, Squall!"

"Yeah man, you haven’t said like…three nights all word! Listen, you heard the story about me’n the Chocobo yet..?"

That’s when the spark of light in the shadows across the street caught his attention. The flared golden glow of a cigarette perched precariously loose between long black-gloved fingers. That was almost all that had stayed the same. Oh, the scar, the smirk, the attitude problem, it was a given that they all remained. Squall had asked once, out of curiosity, what had happened to the distinctive trenchcoat. Seifer had become uncharacteristically quiet, before shrugging dismissively, saying that it was too conspicuous in a world that still remembered clearly what he’d been a party to. Something in the brunette hadn’t been disappointed; those blood red firecrosses would have been bullseye targets sooner or later.

Possibly for his two companions, if they knew…

For a moment he just watched the partially illuminated silhouette, imagined he could feel the crackling fire in those green eyes burning into him across the distance. Watching. Waiting. Just like he always did.

…Waiting exactly at the place Squall had left the car. Seifer didn’t look like he was about to leave any time soon. And while he wouldn’t have been surprised, he doubted the cowboy and the martial artist were drunk enough not to notice the ex-Sorceress Knight hitching a ride with them.

He could *feel* that smirk broadening. Squall closed his eyes, fingers rubbing habitually at the faint smooth groove of the scar, like the process helped him think. Zell was at the point in the story when he was being chased by the Chocobo and shrieking like a girl - a retelling that apparently needed flailing arm gestures and sound effects - when the brunette folded his arms across his chest, shook his head and interrupted.

"I’m not taking you two back to Garden like this. Zell, go home, take Irvine with you. Sleep it off. Report back to Garden in the morning."

They stared at him as though he’d just started speaking fluent Grat. Or maybe it was just the speaking that did it…

"I’m not letting the cadets see you in this state. We’re supposed to be an example to them."

~Hyne help them…~

After a deep and profound conversation about whether Ma Dincht was out of town visiting her sister this weekend or the next, they dutifully obeyed the order, staggering off into the distance, the giggling and erratic stumbling fading into the quiet.

He crossed the street, then. It felt like strolling willingly into the arms of the devil, like going to meet his downfall of his own free will. With a goddamned song in his heart, if he cared to admit it. Well, less a song, but more than `whatever`…and the closer he got the more he was convinced the other man could feel his heart pounding from where he stood. ~He’s in my blood…and he knows it.~

They’d drifted back into each other’s company a few months after the war. After most of the drama died down and things started getting back to some semblance of normality. After Seifer turned down the fifth offer to return to Garden, after Squall finally relented and accepted the position of Commander permanently, after Rinoa admitted she couldn’t handle the demands of the military establishment and went home. There was nowhere else for either of them to go, apart from to each other. To whatever it was that filled the void that none of the friends and battles and lies could touch. The same old friction. It was just channeled in a different way now, that was all. It was still the same game.

The cigarette fell to the floor, amber glow extinguished by the practiced crush of a boot, as narrowed jade eyes watched him approach. Something in the brunette wanted to feel irritated at the smugness, but he could hardly blame the other man simply for knowing how the game always played out. Seifer was many things, but he certainly wasn’t stupid. The blonde squared his shoulders, rocked back on his heels, every move emphasising the several inch height advantage to it’s maximum effect.

~Showing off. Good thing I enjoy the show…~

He stopped an arms’ reach away. A golden brow quirked, skewing the scar a little. "Boys’ night out, Squally?"

He wondered if the faintest edge of tightness, of jealousy was real or just in his head. Just wishful thinking. Either way the retort was half-hearted. "…Shut up."

The blonde smirked. The gesture didn’t have the malice to it that it used to. It had almost become more of an affectionate habit. There was something vaguely sad about that. "Ah, you wound me, you really do. Turning down conversation? So unlike you."

"What are you doing here?"

"Heh…what makes you think I'm here waiting for you, might've just been in the neighbourhood…" Seifer raised a brow, chuckled. "Called Garden, your fanclub told me you'd gone out, so…"

The frown was skeptical. Worried. If anyone knew Seifer was asking for him… "You called?"

"Yeah, didn't say it was me, fuck…" There wasn't much effort in the wry laugh. "They'da hung up before I could breathe. Anyway, knew you would've decided to play the boyscout, so I looked for the standard issue nondescript Balamb Garden transport…" He patted the roof of the car. "And waited."

"…you think you know me that well?"

"That'll be the day."

If either of them were under any pretense, Seifer would have been on the receiving end of Squall’s iciest glare. But it was a waste of time. If the blonde had ever taught him anything it was that you had to go for what you want. Hands sliding under the black leather of Seifer's coat, he pushed the other man back against the shadows of the wall, arms winding around his neck to compensate for the height difference, leaning up to kiss the blonde.

Seifer's arms wrapped tightly around his waist, pulling him closer, kissing back with a hunger that bordered on savage. It consumed him, made his head spin. He didn't have to be responsible here, didn't have to be the one in control, the one who was supposed to have the answers.

His fingers were running through short soft blonde hair as he was spun around, caught between the two solid immovable objects that were the wall and the other man's body pressing against his own. The blonde's hands ran under the front of his shirt, deft fingers teasing knowingly at his nipples, alternating between stroking in gentle circles and scraping hard enough to make him whimper into the kiss.

Seifer's lips were latched onto the side of his neck, one hand dropping to fumble with the belt of Squall's pants, lips bestowing kisses and muffled half-growls of; "Missed you…"

The only coherent word he could form was a breathy "Yeah…", head falling back against the wall as the blonde's fingers unfastened his pants, those talented hands tugging the tight fabric down his legs. His boots and pants were kicked carelessly aside - ~please Hyne, they're not in any puddles or anything this time, it was a nightmare having to try and explain that last time…~ - Seifer's hands stroking almost reverently along his legs as he stood, touching everywhere apart from the dully aching centre of his wanting. His eyes were half-closed, parted lips graced with a half smile. "…Bastard."

Seifer didn’t reply, just lifted him easily, pinned him back against the wall. He could feel the play of muscles beneath his fingers as his hands smoothed up over the blonde’s chest, over his shoulders, just hanging on, legs wrapping around the other man’s waist. His hands were in Seifer's hair again, kisses hard and hungry and needing. Lost in the kiss, in the heated demands of the other man's lips and tongue against his own, he couldn't be sure if it was just his head spinning or whether they were actually moving until he was dropped onto the hood of the car with enough force that something made a loud cracking noise. Whether it was his spine or the suspension, he didn’t have time to wonder before the blonde grabbed him by the ankles, holding his legs apart, giving him no warning before lowering his head, tongue running along the inside of his leg, the juncture of his thigh, nose just nuzzling the base of his arousal.

He whimpered. The blonde just looked up at him, eyes dark, smile predatory. "What do you want, Squall…?"

He wanted to believe the question was some deep and meaningful cry for reassurance, but far more likely it was the fact that Seifer knew how uneasy words made him. *Any* words, but especially those. Fists clenching in the soft material of the blonde's coat, he buried his face against the crook of the other man's neck, voice muffled. "Fuck me…"

For one lingering second he could have sworn that a whisper of tension shivered through the body above his. Before he could balk, squirm away from those arms, the predatory smirk was back in place, tongue lingering along the side of neck, teeth nipping at his ear before the blonde pulled back.

"Want you ready for me…"

It didn't take much to work out what he meant. Lifting his fingers to his lips, stormy blue eyes were fixed onto the blonde as he licked them, leaving them coated with moisture. Watching Seifer watching him, he lowered his hand, touching himself where he knew the blonde wanted to see. He sucked in a breath, teeth digging hard into his lower lip to keep from crying out as he pressed one slicked finger inside. Seifer licked his lips, breathing matching the thrusts of Squall's fingers, one hand dropping to massage the growing bulge at the front of his pants, the other stroking softly along the brunette's thigh.

The blonde got his loose black pants haphazardly to his knees. Still thrusting slowly with his own touch, the brunette couldn't help but moan softly in the back of his throat as the blonde's arousal was released from the confines of material, already standing hard and proud from a thatch of golden curls. He knelt up on the front of the car over the brunette, one knee braced against the low hood. Reaching for him was as instinctive as breathing. Licking away the pearly drop of moisture beading at the tip, he ran his lips and tongue wetly along the length of the blonde's shaft, mouth moving insistently.

Pulling back with a sound that was half whimper and half growl, Seifer grabbed Squall by the hips, dragging him off the hood, spinning him around, bending him over the front of the car, his hands braced against the still-warm metal. He tried to stifle the cry, still distantly aware of where they were, but groaned a bitten-back gasp of Seifer's name as the blonde thrust into him, slow and deep, not pulling back until he was buried to the hilt.

He wondered sometimes if Seifer knew how safe he felt in the blonde's arms. It was stupid, foolish even…But Seifer's arms around his, his chest pressed against his back, a strong reassuring weight, his lips, his breath on the back of Squall's neck. It felt too right. It wasn't something he wanted to think about, nothing he wanted to deal with. He didn't want to think at all.

It felt like forever before Seifer started to move. Long, slow thrusts, movements that had the Squall's hips following back just to try and increase the near painfully sweet friction. His own arousal was caught between the dual sensation of the metal of the hood and the tight warmth of the blonde's hand as it gripped his cock, stroking. One forearm braced against the car, the other reached back, fingers stroking at the nape of the other man's neck, before lowering to entwine with the blonde's hand as it stroked him. The speed and the force behind the thrusts picked up, hips pistoning till the car's suspension began to squeak it's protests beneath them. Cold electric fingers of pleasure began to slide down his spine, like little helter-skelter sparks of want vining and twisting their way to pool between the points where Seifer's body touched his. His own body clamped down reflexively at each deeper thrust, each burst of pleasure, until the blonde's breathless whispered endearments in his ear were lust-filled and incoherent groans. He came with the dazed cry of Seifer's name muffled against his arm, heat spilling over their fingers, his own teeth leaving a nicely indented bite mark to keep from screaming out loud as the man behind him stilled, stiffened, arms tightening around him, his own cries silenced against Squall's shoulder.

He was going to have to wipe the car down before he got back to his quarters. Again. Seifer eventually pulled back, and Squall was suddenly cold without his presence against him. He turned around slowly in time to see Seifer tidying himself up, fastening his pants back. He was still leaning heavily against the car when the blonde picked up Squall's pants, dusting them off before handing them to him. He stroked Squall's cheek, tenderly brushing a lock of hair back from the brunette's face, grinning a little as it stubbornly fell back.

"You gotta get back?"

He nodded, albeit a little reluctantly. "Have to oversee a field exam in the morning…"

Seifer grinned. "Ah, those were the days, huh Squally?"

"You should know, you did it often enough." The words might have been harsh, but the tone - to those who knew enough to distinguish a difference - was gentler.

"Don't give them too much of a hard time, huh?" the blonde grinned. "Commander." Squall just watched him in silence. He never knew what to say to Seifer in moments like this, rare and fleeting as they were. He supposed that was exactly the reason Seifer saw fit to make conversation in the first place. The blonde just smirked, shrugged. "Think next time we won't have to do this in some alley?"

~Think next time we can do this somewhere we don't have to hide…~

Squall moved into the blonde's arms, face pressed against the his chest.


(And the lyrics, for anyone interested)


I see him standing silhouetted in the lamp-light
i cross the street and i quicken my pace
he cups his hands and he lights a cigarette
i find myself in the bones of his face

It's just the night in my veins
oh making me crawl in the dust again
it's just the night under my skin
slipping it in

He's got his hands in my hair and his lips everywhere
oh yeah it feels good
it's alright
even if it's just the night in my veins

He's got me up against the back of a pick-up truck
out of sight of the neon and glare
we might as well be on a beach under the moonlight
love's language reads the same anywhere yeah

It's just the night in my veins
oh making me crawl in the dust again
it's just the night under my skin
slipping it in

He's got his chest on my back across a new cadillac
oh yeah it feels good
it's alright
even if it's just the night in my veins
even if it's just the night in my veins

I've got my head on the kerb and i can't produce a word
oh yeah it feels good
it's alright
even if it's just the night in my veins
It feels good it's alright
even if it's just the night in my veins
Even if it's just the night in my veins
it feels good
it's alright

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