The Different

By Alexis Logain

He had frequented clubs like this before - ones filled with hard, heavy beats, alcohol, drugs, and hard male bodies grinding against each other. Tonight was special, because tonight was his birthday. Tonight was also a Mardi Gras themed night for which he was dressed in soft black leather pants and heavy combat boots. No shirt, but plenty of beads were dangling around his neck. And he had an ornate feather mask hiding his identity, just live every other patron in the establishment. It was the thrill of anonymity, he supposed, that had adrenaline pumping through his veins while the music pumped over his body, under his skin.

Squall Leonhart was, in a sense, in heaven.

Here, nobody knew he was their savior, nobody whispered when they saw the scar and the wild brown hair. Nobody knew who he was and Squall loved that. Here he was just like the others. A hand gently caressed his ass and he turned, giving the man groping him a once-over. Not bad - he was roughly Squall's height with a short shock of wild purple hair and a Phantom of the Opera-esque mask. He grinned at Squall, licking his lips in invitation and Squall just laughed.

"Later," he grinned over the music. Running his hands over the man's shoulders, he ground his body against his, revering the fact that here he was a complete tease. Which was exactly what the man whispered in Squall's ear when he leaned down and licked at the SeeD's neck. "What's your point?"

"Let me buy you a drink," he said. Squall shook his head, bopping and grinding to the beat.

"Later," he said again and moved away from the well-built man and further out onto the dance floor. He refused half a dozen more offers ranging anywhere from alcohol, sex, to heroine and other drugs. The only thing he accepted was a hit of Ecstasy and a few phone numbers.

A throbbing remix of Hey Pretty by Poe blared over the speakers and Squall finally made it into the center of the dance floor, his eyes settling on his 'pray' for the evening. He was a tall man with comfortable looking black slacks and boots. Also without a shirt, he had a hood resembling medieval executioner's cowls that covered his entire head but left his mouth exposed. There was a winding tattoo that began on his shoulder and wound its way around his arm and a small gold hoop glittering against his chest, hanging from his nipple. Oh yes, this was the man Squall wanted to leave with. He was ruggedly built with thick cords of muscle and sweaty golden skin that just called out for Squall to taste it. The only problem was making sure this man realized it was Squall that he should leave with as well.

With a sly smile on his face he began to twist and writhe his body with the music, feeling several sets of eyes upon his sleek body. Letting his feline-esque eyes fall shut and his body move to the music, he could feel the exact second the taller man moved closer to him. He could feel it down in his bones where the E he took made everything tingle. They danced together, close, hot, and wild with their eyes closed while music thudded in the air around them. Their lips met while their bodies ground together, and Squall could feel the other man's breath on his face.

"What's your name?" he asked Squall. The SeeD commander merely looked up at him.

"What does it matter?"

"It doesn't," came the reply. Squall nodded and leaned up close.

"Wanna get out of here?"


Their mouths crashed together as Squall's hotel room door thudded open, causing them to land in a tangled heap of hard limbs. Squall managed to slam the door shut with his foot while his companion worked on tugging down his soft leather pants. The cool air hit his heated skin while kisses were dropped against his neck and shoulders, a rough hand slicking against his stiff cock.

"Oh Hyne!" he gasped and moved against the hand. "Don't…be gentle…I want it hard. I want it rough."

"I think I can handle that," his companion strangled out while he and Squall both struggled with his pants. Squall managed to pry himself away long enough to get the box of condoms and bottle of lube before being tackled onto the bed. The strong man bent Squall over the bed so his ass was sticking up in the air and held him there with one arm while he tugged a condom on with the other. Squall gasped as a slick, cold finger pushed its way into his body then was replaced by something much bigger. The blunt tip of his companions cock slid slowly into his body until it was buried to the hilt, then pulled out and roughly slammed back in. The wind was knocked out of Squall and unidentifiable sounds poured out of him while the complete stranger pumped himself in and out of Squall's ass.

"Un…uh…harder…Hyne please, harder," he whimpered. The larger man growled, one hand snaking up to fist in Squall's soft hair.

"So soft," the man growled, his voice deep and think. "So…hot…and smooth…such a pretty boy. You like getting your brains fucked out, don't you?"

"Yes," Squall whispered, his voice getting lost in the blanket on the bed.

"What was that?" the man asked harshly, slamming harder and harder into Squall's body.

"YES!" Squall hissed as his hair was released and the hand snaked around to grip his own throbbing member. Hours seemed like minutes which seemed like seconds which seemed like hours and all Squall could do was hang on and enjoy the ride. The rough callused hand slicking against his cock and the hard member slamming in and out of his ass, sending waves of tingles and pleasure up and down his spine, were too much and Squall was lost in the sensation, whimpering as he came against the sheets. Behind him, the man thrust a few more times before doing the same with a loud grunt then collapsing against Squall's back. Squall was very still for a long time, feeling his heart pounding and the stranger's heart pounding against his back.

The man rolled off of him, pulling off the rubber that was still on his softening skin and tossing it into the nearby trash can. He stretched out on the cool sheets, glancing over at his partner for the evening who was still lying on his stomach.

"You okay?"

"Hmmm?" Squall turned his head, face still covered with feathers. "Fine. A little tired." He grinned. "That was great." He got up and crawled across the bed, straddling the golden skinned man's hips, leaning down to lick at a pierced nipple. "Wanna give it another go?" He was rewarded with a brilliant, feral grin and leaned down to capture those smirking lips.

The sun sparkled in and through the curtains that Squall had been to lazy to shut the night before. The night, he remembered with a fond grin, where he had gotten a lot done. He and his companion for the evening had fucked everywhere - on the bed, over the table, on the floor, against the wall… He shifted in the bed, comfortable in the soft, white sheets and gazed at the man who was sleeping next to him. Sometime in their slumber, his black hood had fallen off and now short golden hair shone at him. He leaned over to lick at the tattooed shoulder and rubbed at his face, glad he had taken off that stupid feathered thing when they curled up to go to sleep. The blonde man shifted in his slumber, turning to the point that Squall could get a good look at his face.

"Holy shit," he said loudly before he could stop himself. "Seifer?" The blonde stirred once more, only this time his jade eyes fluttered open.

"Wha?" he asked sleepily until recognition hit him. "Squall? What the fuck?" He sat up, immediately noticing the fact that he was very, very naked, as was Squall. Squall flopped down into the sheets, burying his head under his pillow. He had just spent the night getting thoroughly fucked by Seifer Almasy - his arch rival. How fucked was that? …Apparently, very fucked.

"Well…this is weird," he finally muttered.

"You're telling me," Seifer agreed. "Although what's freakier? The fact that you and I…that we…uh…"


"Yeah, that. Or that we're agreeing on the oddity of the situation." Squall peered out from under his pillow at Seifer, who was obviously very uncomfortable at the moment.

"I think the weirdest thing is that you can't say it."

"Say what?"

"What we did."

"I can too."

"So…do it."

"Fine…we fucked. Okay? Happy?" Squall grinned, laughing at him, then shoved his head back under the pillows.

"I don't suppose if I asked if we could do it again…you'd go with it, would you?" Squall asked, his tone light. Beside him, Seifer choked and began coughing.

"What? This doesn't freak you out?" Squall peered up at Seifer, his face completely serious.

"I was imagining it was you the whole time," Squall told him then broke out with a wicked grin. "This just makes it better."

"Oh Hyne," Seifer exclaimed and sunk back down into the bed. "I think you're trying to weird me out on purpose."

"Probably. Maybe it's payback." Squall grew quiet while watching the pain flicker over Seifer's face.

"I never wanted to hurt you guys. Okay, so maybe Zell but that's just because he's been trying to get in my pants forever and won't take 'no' for an answer." Seifer paused, trying to not make an ass of himself. "For what it's worth…I'm sorry."

"I know." Squall re-emerged from the pillows and scooted closer to Seifer, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips. "I know."

"Squall…" Seifer strangled out.

"Look…I've only got the rest of today before I have to go back to pretending I hate you," Squall said quickly. "Let me make the most of it?" Seifer was very quiet for a few moments before reaching a hand up and cupping Squall's face, drawing his lips close to his once more.

"I think I can manage to let you do that," he whispered, his tongue flicking out and licking across Squall's. They were so soft and sweet. Seifer wondered if Squall had discovered it was really him in the middle of the night and he was dead or something. But he wouldn't go to heaven…he had done too much, was too bad. So unless Squall all of the sudden grew wicked fangs and bites off his dick, being dead is not an option.

Squall maneuvered his body so he was lying half under Seifer with one of the blonde's legs caught between his own. His lips were swollen and red but he welcomed it was Seifer gently covered his jaw and neck with small butterfly-light kisses.

"Seifer…" Squall gasped.

"Nu-uh," the blonde replied. "Today…today is my way. I may never see you again; I'm going to take my time." He sucked gently at Squall's earlobe, feeling the brunette writhe under him. He moved down then, licking and sucking and biting at the pert little nipples that just screamed for attention. Squall's hands moved into Seifer's short blonde hair as he moved lower yet, dipping his tongue in Squall's navel, then meeting the brunette's gaze as he hovered over Squall's hardening shaft. "Is this what you want?"

"Yes…Hyne yes…" Squall moaned.

"Tell me."

"I…I want you to suck me…" Squall's voice caught as Seifer's head dipped down, licking at the tip of his cock. "I want to cum in your mouth. I want…oh Hyne!" Seifer moved down, engulfing most of Squall's pulsating member. His tongue ran over the tip and he nibbled gently at the sensitive ridge on the underside of the head. With one hand, Seifer scraped gently at the sensitive patch of skin between Squall's ass and balls and wrapped the other around the base of his cock. He alternated between sucking and licking, driving Squall insane all the same, taking most of him in his mouth and working expertly on the shaft. Every time he could feel Squall tensing for release, he pulled back, licking softly at the tip. "Seifer!"

"What?" the blonde purred.

"Please…" Squall broke off, panting, as Seifer swallowed him down. "Oh, Hyne, please!" Seifer sucked hard on Squall's cock, his own jumping at Squall's pleas, and felt Squall tense once more, this time exploding in his mouth. He stayed there, licking gently at the softening skin while Squall rode down from his high. He grinned at Squall's dopey gaze and moved up again, planting kisses along the way before letting Squall taste himself on Seifer's lips. He reached beside the bed to the nightstand where he tossed the box of condoms and the lube and grabbed them both while Squall nuzzled against his neck.

"Never pegged you as the cuddling type," Seifer commented. Squall grinned up at him.

"Never thought you would have thought about me like that," he replied. Seifer grinned wolfishly and tugged a condom over his length.

"You were my adolescent fantasy," he whispered. "All soft, pale skin and big, cock-sucker's lips…"

"And here I thought you were the one doing all the sucking," Squall teased. Seifer leaned down and kissed him, silencing the brunette's rare teasing.

"Not in my fantasies," he whispered against Squall's kiss-swollen lips.

"What were they? Your fantasies, I mean?" Seifer grinned, sliding a cool finger into Squall's body.

"This is very close to one," he whispered as Squall moved against him. "I drive you insane like this…and once you're hard again…I slide myself into your body." Squall gasped as Seifer's finger hit a spot in his body that made him see stars. "And I move slow, feeling you squeeze around me…hear you gasp my name in that husky voice."

"Seifer…" Squall moaned.

"Hyne, like that - just like that." He kissed Squall again, feeling a bit overwhelmed as Squall's member hardened against his stomach once more. True to his word, Seifer pulled out his fingers and replaced it with his cock, sliding slowly into Squall's body. Squall's body contracted around him, surrounding him with tight muscles and causing his eyes to roll back into his head. He pumped in and out, taking his time and teasing Squall's hardened erection with his fingers.

"Sei…fer…" Squall gasped, chanting the blonde's name over and over until it ran together in a nonsensical litany, along with moans and gasps as Seifer plunged deeper and deeper. Sprawled on the bed, panting and moaning and feeling completely wanton, Squall could feel the muscles in Seifer's body quaking over his.

The blonde leaned down and licked at Squall's neck, his hand working slowly beneath the sheets, touching and feeling in exactly the right places until the air rushed out of Squall and one long gasp escaped as he came, the sticky hot liquid gathering on his stomach and dripping down his side. Seifer hissed at the tightening sensation around his cock and let himself become lost in it, pumping in and out of his rival until he could feel the stars in the sky pressing down on his body and every hair was standing on end as he came, buried to the hilt inside Squall's body. He collapsed onto Squall, pulling out of the brunette and falling into a deep, restful slumber.

When he woke, Squall was gone, but there was a note on his pillow.

Seifer -

Ever consider coming back to Balamb-G? The doors are always open for you. If you do decide…come up and see me - I'll be in the Headmaster's office. I run the school now…so…

But if you decide not to, I'll understand. It's been great seeing you again. I took your hood, I hope you don't mind. I left my mask for you. Yeah, sentimental…but who cares. I don't.

~ Squall

"So Squall, did you enjoy your vacation?" Quistis asked with curiosity. Squall grinned at her.


"What did you do?"

"More like 'who,'" Zell interjected.

Squall laughed at him. "He has a point."

"Oh really?" Quistis asked, mildly amused. "Did you bother to find out his name this time?" Squall nodded.


"What are you guys talking about?" Rinoa asked, walking into Squall's office.

"I got laid," he told her.

"Congratulations," Rinoa replied with a pained smile. It was still hard for her to accept that he was gay.

Squall nodded. "By Seifer." Zell fell out of his chair while Quistis gaped at him.

Rinoa just nodded. "Yeah, I always knew he'd never fuck a woman."

"You…you…you…" Zell spluttered.

"I…I…I…" Squall repeated with a smirk on his face. "Spit it out…or you could swallow I suppose - whatever you prefer." Zell turned three shades of red, coughing from the floor, while Quistis laughed her ass off.

"You had sex with Seifer?" Zell demanded.

"Fucked. I fucked Seifer," Squall corrected. "There's a difference." Squall was silent for a moment while Quistis and Rinoa laughed and Zell just spluttered. "Well, no, if you want to get real technical - he fucked me…but you didn't want to know that, did you?"

"Sure we did!" Quistis proclaimed. "Did you get pictures? Is he big?"

Squall nodded. "Why do you think I've been walking kinda funny?" Zell's mouth dropped to the floor and Squall smirked at him. "Open your mouth any more and I'll start thinking that you're offering to do something…"

"Was he any good?" Quistis asked, covering up her giggles.

"Oh yeah," Squall replied with a soft smile on his face. Then he grinned wickedly at her, "We broke the table that was in my hotel room. …And I'm pretty sure the bed too."

"I do not need to be hearing this!" Zell exclaimed as the door to Squall's office swung open. Squall grinned as his blonde companion strolled in with a 'bite me' smirk on his face.

"Hey guys," he greeted, meeting Squall's eyes.

"I take it this is our cue to leave," Rinoa giggled.

"Should we have someone order you a new desk?" Quistis asked innocently.

"What are they…oh Hyne - you did not tell them about that…did you?" Seifer asked, dropping his face into his hand.

"Yup," was all Squall said.

"He made me do it - I swear," Seifer said.

"So we heard," Quistis laughed. "Now just remember to shut off the intercom if you're going to use his desk - we don't need the entire school to hear you two. And if you think about it, there's a video camera in his filing cabinet…"

"Quistis!" Rinoa exclaimed.


"I'd expect that from Selphie…but jeez," Rinoa replied.

"Oh! I have got to go tell Selphie!" The pretty blonde woman laughed and ran from the office while Rinoa sighed, rolling her eyes, and followed after her. Zell gaped from Seifer to Squall and then back to Seifer again, having a hard time swallowing.

"Look, I had meant this to be a private affair, Chicken, but if it's okay with the Headmaster here, I suppose you can stay," he winked. Zell blushed and stood up, running after Quistis and Rinoa.

"That was mean," Squall laughed. Seifer waggled his eyebrows at him.

"Yes it was. Gonna punish me for it?"

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