The Devil's Own

Author's Notes

By Angry Angel

One man trapped by destiny, another bound by duty.
They are about to find out what they are willing to fight and to die for.


Disclaimer: "The Devilís Own" is a story based upon the Playstation game Final Fantasy VIII, which is respectively property of Squaresoft, or Square Enix if you wish. I own neither Squaresoft nor Final Fantasy VIII (I do own a Playstation, though!). Please be kind and donít sue me, Iím merely having some (mostly) clean fun with the wonderful characters that Squaresoft created.

The title of this fic, as well as its tagline, are taken from the movie (you guessed it) "The Devilís Own," which of course does not belong to me either, it belongs to Columbia Pictures. Too bad for them I liked it so much I had to use it for my own dirty FFF (Final Fantasy Fun). Yet again, please donít sue me, deep down Iím really a nice person.

This story is not intended to be a songfic, but it will sporadically contain lyrics from the song "I'm Still Here" by Johnny Rzeznik (as you see, I don't own that either *sighs*) as I see it fit to the plot development. It's a nice song really, from the Disney "Treasure Planet" soundtrack if I am not mistaken (I am not).

Also, though this story will contain references to and, quite possibly, 'explanations' for terroristic acts, it is by no means an excuse for said crimes of which the authoress (me) highly disapproves. Still, there are reasons for everything that happens in this world or any other, no matter if those reasons turn out to be good, bad, or neither in the end. The terroristic theme should move into the background though, even if it will rear its ugly head at several points throughout the story. I'm not a terrorist (duh!), so I base my sparse knowledge upon films and books, hence I'll ask you to be kind in your judgement. Thanks.

Alas, that is that.


Author: Angry Angel

Betareader: None (Any volunteers ^_^?)

Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII

Warnings: Yaoi (boy x boy love) with the pairing Seifer x Squall, language, violence, angst, terrorism, song inserts and any other vile things the authoress may come up with during the course of this story... fanfic... thing.

Summary: They say that our lives are foreordained; that no matter which choices we make at some point or another, in the end we will still have to submit to destiny itself and the role that it has appointed to us in the course of our world.

If so, are our past and present ideals and experiences even of any noteworthy importance? Or is our future rather inevitable in its path and its destination, despite our struggles and our earnestly uttered promises?

And if it is indeed so, then what if destiny had never meant for the boy Squall Leonhart to become High Commander of Balamb Garden, or even a SeeD mercenary to begin with?

What if destiny also had never meant for another boy, who carries the name Seifer Almasy, to become the sorceress knight and, ultimately so, the outcast of the nation?

What if rather, in an unexpected twist of plots and fates, Seifer Almasy has ended up a highly decorated SeeD Officer, always prepared to defend the world against all evils that were to come, with no regard whatsoever to their name and their face?

What if one of those evils must inevitably turn out to be Squall Leonhart himself?

But who is Squall Leonhart, anyway?

Where is he?

What does he plan?

Is he truly evil?

What is evil, anyway?

What is good?

And who are we to judge?


Foreordination or none, this story has yet to be unraveled.



And so it begins.


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