The Dance

By Kuttner

Squall watched the dancers swirling around the ballroom for a moment longer. Having just been pestered by Zell and Selphie - neither of whom he knew very well and did not particularly want to - he was shutting down into a mood of necessary solitude. He was never a friendly person. Always wanting to get the task at hand done and over then move onto the next. He took a last bored look at the dancers then slipped away from the inauguration SeeD ball.

Only Zell saw him leave.

Squall needed to get away from the bustle and happy music. He'd never liked social events or over-friendly people with all their congratulations and optimism. The hallways were quiet. Most people were either at the ball or asleep. He made his way around to the Training Center. He didn't feel like training, he just wanted somewhere quiet and he knew he'd find that in the secret area at the back of the Training Center - someone could come looking for him, so his room was the last place he wanted to go right now.

He kept alert as he walked through the area where the monsters freely roamed. He had not brought his gunblade but he had a good stock of magic, so he was not too concerned. He reached the back area safely and entered into the dimly lit space.

It was cooler here and the numerous stars made it easy to see everything around him. The first thing he noticed was that he was not alone. He recognised Seifer at once, feeling a strange pang of regret in knowing Seifer had failed the SeeD exam that everyone else was celebrating their success of. The tall blond had not noticed Squall's presence as yet and Squall watched him for a moment, as he had the dancers, but with much more interest. Seifer was the only one in Garden that interested Squall at all. There was a dynamic about the blond that Squall could feel palatable in the air surrounding him. Squall took note of the slump in Seifer's shoulders; the forlorn tilt of his head as he stared out into the night. Of course he was not at the ball as only SeeD candidates that passed could attend as well as regular SeeD and their instructors.

Briefly Squall wondered where Seifer's two friends, Fujin and Raijin were. They were rarely away from his side, but seeing as he was here of all places, he'd probably told them he wanted to be alone. Approaching almost silently, he was nearly at Seifer's side before the blond noticed him. Seifer appeared a little startled to see someone, but he was not disturbed by the intrusion, rather his features brightened a little.

"Squall...," he said by way of greeting.

"Seifer," Squall countered briefly.

Leaning against the rail as Seifer was, Squall gazed out into the dimness. The lighting was serene; the atmosphere tranquil. Faintly could be heard the sounds of the music from the SeeD ball and occasional light laughter.

"Shouldn't you be at the dance?" Seifer asked, his voice low and soft.

"I was. It bored me," was Squall's reply. "You know I don't like those things..."

"Yes, I know," Seifer turned to look at the brunette.

Squall sensed his gaze and returned it. There was a faint smile on Seifer's lips, however his eyes held sorrow. Squall knew he was upset about failing the SeeD exam again, no matter how much he showed a brave face.

"So, congratulations, anyway," Seifer continued. "First time - easy..."

"I followed orders."

"Yes, even mine...," Seifer said sadly. "Always been my downfall..."

"I'm sorry you didn't pass... "

"You want to console me...?" the blond placed a gentle gloved hand against Squall's cheek.

Squall took the hand in his own, giving it a light kiss. His usual black gloves were off due to the SeeD uniform he'd been instructed to wear for the ball tonight, so his own hands were bare. Fondly, Seifer reached for Squall's other hand and they faced each other.

"You're my only real competition, and it seems you've finally won," he said. "Ha! Even Zell beat me to it... unbelievable..."

Squall moved closer to his longtime rival, still holding both his hands.

"Don't think about it now," Squall said, looking longingly up to the tall blond.

He had wanted to be alone but this was even better. Seifer was the only other student in Garden that stimulated Squall's imagination and interest and, yes, they had a strong, ongoing rivalry, but it was born out of mutual respect and admiration. Seifer had already apologised for causing the over enthusiastic swordplay the other day, resulting in both of them receiving facial scars. He knew he overdid it sometimes, but Squall had become caught up in it too, so he couldn't blame Seifer for starting it. The scar didn't bother him, either his nor Seifer's. He had never been concerned with his own looks and it tended to add something to Seifer's face as well - as if it belonged there. Somehow, it suited them both.

However, they were not only rivals. Nobody else knew that they were also longtime lovers. It was an on-and-off thing but when they did get together it was always by mutual consent and intense. They'd always had a deep attachment, from as far back as either of them could remember. It had turned sexual when Seifer had been sixteen and Squall a year younger. Discovering themselves and their bodies at the same time in a totally different way from any previous contact. They would never have termed their relationship "a couple" - never becoming boyfriends in the true sense of the word. Sometimes they would get together for the night, discreetly. It was a satisfactory arrangement, free to do what they wanted on one hand, and relying on the other to be there at the right time when fate permitted.

Squall was very glad fate had brought him here tonight. The look in Seifer's beautiful eyes he knew very well. He closed his own eyes as Seifer's arms wrapped tightly around his body and their lips touched in an urgent kiss. They were alone here and it was unlikely anyone would discover them, what with nearly everyone distracted by the SeeD ball. Squall relaxed into the kiss, hugging his lover.

"You wouldn't turn down a congratulatory fuck, would you?" Seifer whispered close to Squall's ear, his voice full of mischief. "And after that you can give me a sympathy fuck to cheer me up."

Squall smiled coyly in reply. Seifer's hand rubbed across Squall's crotch, hoping to find his lover already aroused. He was anxious now Squall was here, though sex had been furthest from his thoughts minutes ago. There was a hard ridge under Seifer's hand indicating the brunette's attraction to his advances. But that would be for later, he wanted to release his own tension first before he took that pleasure into him.

He pulled down his pants swiftly, Squall doing likewise, not wanting to delay. Seifer also stripped his leather gloves off, wanting to touch Squall's skin with his own. Squall ran his fingers along Seifer's shaft, making the blond gasp at the feather light touch that was so stimulating. He was instantly harder. Squall kissed his eager mouth again, then broke away, turning his back to his lover. Seifer crouched down so he was facing Squall's smooth rump. He caressed it then parted the cheeks. His tongue poked into Squall's hole, wetting the outside with his saliva. Seifer licked the crack of Squall's ass, relishing the bitter taste of the silky skin there. He lapped at his lover's anus again, trying his best to lubricate the area. His fingers joined in, forcing the moisture inside, opening the passage so it would stretch easily. Squall writhed at Seifer's pleasurable attentions, his head moaning loudly but his voice only voicing a tiny sigh. As Seifer stood again, Squall spontaneously bent himself over one of the wooden benches, spreading his legs apart, so his ass was raised and easy to access. It was a little awkward and uncomfortable but he soon forgot that as he felt Seifer's penis enter his body.

Soon, Seifer was thrusting into Squall rapidly, his hands grasping Squall's buttocks to support them both. It was just what he needed. Squall was groaning with obvious pleasure, the sound motivating Seifer to fuck him harder and faster. Seifer's breathing was heavy as he thrust. The sound of flesh hitting flesh was louder than their gasps. With a drawn out groan of ecstasy, Seifer rammed his cock forcefully into Squall's ass one more time, spilling his semen in his orgasm. He sighed as he pulled out of Squall, sliding his fingers lovingly across the bare buttocks.

Squall let out a breath in contented relief, then turned back around to face Seifer. The blond was smiling blissfully at him, troubles temporarily forgotten. Squall stood up, his penis was horizontal, pointing at Seifer as if to indicate what it wanted. Seifer's eyes moved down to it, lust in their gaze. They embraced again, kissing passionately, nothing mattered but themselves and this moment.

Pulling them both down as they kissed, Seifer ended up under Squall on the ground. His long legs wrapped provocatively around Squall's lower body. When the brunette attempted to turn him over with gentle hands he clasped his lover's head to make sure he had his attention and said earnestly:

"I want to watch you."

Squall nodded shortly and set about positioning his body so his penis could reach Seifer's anus easily. A quick probing with a saliva wetted finger and he slid inside the tight hole. Seifer groaned again, loving the sensations shooting through his body, centered from Squall's hard cock in his anus and spreading everywhere to the tips of his fingers and his now tingling lips. As Squall began to thrust in careful slowly timed strokes, Seifer managed to kiss him again. The electricity of their lips connecting and being joined at the groin simultaneously wrenched a moan from both young men. Their kiss did not break but became more intimate and lustful. Squall pushed into Seifer quicker, not wanting it to ever end. He came, gasping into Seifer's mouth. The blond quickly recaptured his lips in a hungry kiss. Squall thrust absently, concentrated on his lover's lips, the remainder of his ejaculate spurting inside Seifer.

He moaned again as they separated. Seifer leaned over him, lovingly kissing him. They recovered in the afterglow, gently embracing. Then Squall started rubbing Seifer's shaft, as they lay there.

"You want more?" Seifer asked playfully.

Nodding, Squall's hand massaged Seifer's penis. Seifer sighed again, already feeling his arousal returning. He mounted Squall, positioning the brunette's legs as he himself had just been. With his height advantage it was easier to do and reach Squall's mouth at the same time. He waited for Squall's hands to make him fully erect then he forced his stiffened member back inside the hot, tight passage.

He had only begun to thrust when an out of place noise distracted him. Still inside Squall he turned his head and spied a figure near the entrance.

"Show yourself," he said with authority, despite the fact of his pants around his ankles and seemingly vulnerable.

"What is it?" Squall asked, startled by Seifer's words. He held fast to Seifer as the blond frowned at the shadows.

"Someone's watching," Seifer replied. "And if they don't say who they are I'll give them such a..."

"Okay, okay!" a hyper voice said, revealing itself to belong to Zell.

"What are you doing here?" Seifer questioned angrily. It could have been funny, with him still on and in Squall, but his voice was too strong.

Zell's eyes ran almost greedily across the scene of the two half naked lovers, then Seifer noticed the peak in Zell's trousers, the tight SeeD uniform unable to hide things like baggy shorts could. A grin found its way to Seifer's face and he looked back up to Zell's now blushing cheeks and downcast eyes, knowing he'd been found out.

"You want some of this?" Seifer teased.

Zell looked from him to Squall and back again. They had not changed position and Zell was horny at the fact that he knew Seifer's cock was up Squall's ass.

"How long have you been standing there?" Seifer continued to try to get an answer from the embarrassed boy.

"I.. I saw Squall... uh... touching you," Zell said, blushing a deeper red. "Then you... got on top of him..."

"You want to watch us?"

Zell breathed hard then nodded. Seifer's grin widened. He spoke to Squall:

"You don't mind, do you?"

"No," Squall answered, shifting slightly, just wanting Seifer to start fucking him again. He didn't care right now if the entire Garden watched.

Seifer obeyed his silent command, thrusting long and firmly into Squall again. He concentrated on their lovemaking for a moment, then glanced at their voyeur. Zell's pants were dropped and he was masturbating, his eyes locked on the lovers. Seifer nudged Squall to look at Zell and they smiled cheekily at each other. Zell then noticed they were staring at him. He had been absorbed in the movement of Seifer's gorgeous ass as it moved up and down, his trenchcoat bunched up so the naked skin was clearly revealed. It was making him so aroused he couldn't help his display.

He had decided to follow Squall after seeing him leave the ball, but he had waited back first to see if the brunette would come back. He had become bored with the dance, so he'd thought he'd try to make friends with the quiet SeeD. He hadn't expected this.

"Care to join us?" Seifer was now saying. Zell almost couldn't believe the invitation. Seifer hated him, then again, he'd thought Seifer hated Squall too, however....

Zell could see the way Seifer's eyes were indicating that he should get on top, which meant he would be on Seifer. His penis was erect and ready so he didn't question further. He climbed on the taller blond's back and pressed against him, instantly feeling the recently stretched entrance enveloping his cock. Zell had never felt anything like it before, under him Seifer was smiling and continued to thrust into Squall. Seifer felt Zell's hardness in him and it aroused his own penis. He'd never had two men before, though he had thought about it. Now he was glad Zell had turned up and was so willing to participate. Being consoled by two new SeeDs was better than graduating and going to the stupid dance, he thought. They were having their own dance right here.

Pounding his body hard against Seifer's, Zell was feeling an ecstasy of his own. He'd never done this before and it felt unbelievably good. He could feel Seifer's rhythm's as he rode Squall and he tried to match it so they were all in sync. Seifer was groaning with effort, the weight of Zell on his back causing his penis to move further into Squall with each thrust. Squall was squirming and gasping, his own cock stiffening again, poking against Seifer's stomach. They moved together as one. Zell climaxed first, jerking violently inside Seifer as he came. He collapsed gasping onto Seifer as the taller blond ejaculated too, with a cry of Squall's name. Zell slid off and out of Seifer, then Seifer followed suit, kissing Squall lustfully as he exited him. Still hard Squall moaned as Seifer got off him. Zell quickly got between them, upon seeing Squall's erection. One touch sent Squall over, shooting his semen up into the air, landing on his own groin. Zell tasted it at once, finding he liked it, then licked Squall's groin clean of it. Watching him, Seifer smiled again. He pulled his pants up with satisfaction.

Next time he and Squall got together, maybe there would be room for Zell too. In fact, he thought, as the others adjusted their clothes as well, he'd make sure of it.


- End -

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