Terms of Violation

By Kumaguro

Zell walked through the door, turning into the alley. Nervously, he avoided eye contact with the people who were obviously watching him. He walked slowly until collective footsteps began to follow. As his pace sped up, the footsteps also sped up. He turned quickly and turned back, mentally noting that there were 5 silhouettes. He turned his head back to face the direction he was walking in as he banged into someone. He staved left but another person blocked. As he tried to stafe right, the man in front of him grabbed him.

“Let go!” Zell screamed.

The man threw Zell into the wall on Zell’s right. Then four of the assailants wresteled him to the ground. Zell put up the fight of his life as he struggled to get up. But the taller men were stronger than him. They each held down a limb as a fifth sat above his head.

“Let me go!”

Zell was gagged then blindfolded. His muffled screams wouldn’t be heard 10 feet away. He felt his belt buckle being undone. He fought hard, trying to raise his head but the man above him was too heavy. The catch of his pants was undone and they began to be tugged down. Zell shrieked and tried his hardest to fight the fifth man off. The tip of his manhood was moistened in a hot orifice which teased at him lustfully. Zell’s struggles were futile but he tried harder than he’d ever tried at anything.

Zell’s length was completely consumed by that hot mouth. He was treated so carefully that he gave up fighting. He just laid back, allowing the blindfold to absorb his tears. As he quieted down, he could hear the attackers, obviously all men, murmuring a special code. He groaned as he got hard in the mouth of the man pleasuring him. He didn’t want to admit to himself nor to the attackers that he felt pleasure but he couldn’t yell to stop so when he ejected, all the men chuckled at Zell’s expense. He cried silently. The man licked him clean and swallowed what Zell released. The men spoke in code and all left at the same time. They left quickly, leaving the bondage on the half naked man. He ripped off the blindfold and took the gag down under his chin. He looked up at the moon, his only apparent witness and cursed himself.

Squall was struggling with the lock on his door, swearing because no one had fixed it yet. He heard sniffling in the distance and looked over, seeing Zell hiding his eyes and approaching him slowly.

“Hey, Zell...”

Zell was at the door to his room, just next to Squall.

“Hey.” Zell said with his voice breaking.

Squall ignored his door trouble as he followed Zell into his room.

“Hey, Zell, what happened?”

Zell sat on the edge of his bed and cried. Squall sat next to him.

“You look like you’ve been crying for hours.”

“Only one.”

“Zell, what happened?” Squall asked as he rubbed Zell’s back.

“Some guys attacked me...” Zell started as he sniffled and rubbed his face from the fresh tears.

“Are you alright?”

“Five of them ganged up on me so that one of them could suck me off...”

“Oh, god, Zell, I... Geez, I don’t know what to say.”

“I’m sorry, are you alright, what happened... Yeah, I know what you mean, there’s nothing to respond to that, is there?”

“You must be devastated.”

Zell nodded.

“I feel so self-conscious that I can’t even think about showering ‘cause I’d be alone.”

“Do you want to shower?”


“Do you want me to wait outside your shower for you?”

Zell shook his head.

“I feel so violated. I don’t know what I want. I want to shower but...”

Squall sighed. He braced himself as he made a second offer.

“Do you... want me to go in with you?”

Zell scoffed, humoured at the suggestion.

“I don’t want to say yes... But I know that I want you to.”

Squall stood up and helped Zell to his feet. The two went to Zell’s bathroom. Zell carelessly disrobed in front of Squall. When he was naked, he looked at Squall who nervously undressed. Squall stripped down to his boxers and looked at Zell. Zell started running the shower water and hopped in the shower. Squall followed. Zell stood under the jets, rubbing his face with his bare hands. Squall stood in the corner. He watched Zell wash up. He watched attentively as Zell lathered his body with soap. He mentally noted where the soap hadn’t lathered. As Zell was about to wash the bubbles off, Squall stepped in and held Zell away from the water, focussing his hands on the places that Zell had missed on his side and on his back. Zell mewled at the touch and moved his body into Squall’s. Squall held Zell’s back against his torso and wrapped his hands around the young blond’s waist. He rubbed the soap around Zell’s chest and thoughtlessly met his hand to the young man’s piece, massaging it gently. Zell quietly moaned and aided Squall’s hand. Then something occured to the both of them. They both took their hands off and faced each other.

“I’ll just rinse off and get out.”


The two washed Zell clean and hopped out of the shower. Squall attentively towelled Zell down and brought him to his bed. He tucked him in and got into his own clothes.

“You’ll be alright, right, Zell?”

“Yes. Thank you.”

Squall clicked his tongue and left, locking the door behind him.

The next morning, Seifer was waiting outside Squall’s room when Zell stepped out of his own room.

“Hey, Zell.”

“Hey, Seifer.”

“Why do you look so crappy?”

“I’m still a little upset about yesterday.”

“What happened?”

“Nothing I wanna talk about.”


Seifer dismissed the comment and focused on Squall’s door which then opened.

“Morning. Hey, Zell.”

“Hey, Squall.” Zell replied as he walked past both of the boys.

“What’s up with him?”

“He’ll tell you if he wants you to know.”

“You mean he told you?”

“Well, he had to tell SOMEone...”

“Why did he confide in you?” Seifer asked, annoyed.

“You piss him off easily.”

“Huh.” Seifer snuffed.

Later in the afternoon, Zell was in the Training Center and was assaulted by a monster in a big grey trenchcoat.

“Seifer, get the hell off of me!”

“Tell me what’s got you all pissy!”

“Get the FUCK off of me!”

“Tell me.”

Seifer secured himself on top of Zell, making it impossile for the young man to move away.

“I’m not moving until you do.”

“I was raped last night.”

Seifer seemed a little shocked.

“Now let me go.”

“Where were you?”

“Coming home from the club.”

“Next time you go, I’ll watch over you.”


“Just concerned.”

Zell scoffed and turned his head away.

Later in the evening, Zell went to the club with Seifer as his watcher. Seifer stayed at the bar, enjoying a drink as he watched Zell bust a move on the dance floor. Hours went by and Zell happily began to leave. He noted that Seifer was pretty well right behind him. When he left, he kept his eyes to the ground, already noticing a group of individuals standing around the door, looking at the people leaving. Or was it just Zell? He was immediately wrestled to the ground and gagged and blindfolded. The assailants wasted no time as one of them removed Zell’s shorts and boxers, swiftly taking him into his mouth. Zell cried loudly through the gag. He’d hoped to God that Seifer would hear him and rescue him. The attacker on his manhood sucked softly despite the struggle. He fought and heard the men talking in code. They were all the same voices as last time. Except for the silent one on his length. He ejected himself again, groaning. He panted hard as the man on his member stood away. He heard the door open and slam shut. All the men holding him down scattered quickly, still speaking in code. Zell whipped the blindfold off then tore down the gag. He then looked up at the man in the door as he put himself back in his pants.


“The fuck you know it’s me, you motherfucker!” Zell screamed as he stood up. “You said you’d watch over me!”

“I thought you got attacked inside.”

“Nope!” Zell remarked as he walked back toward Balamb Garden.

Squall walked out of the elevator, seeing Zell coming from the entrance.

“I thought Seifer went with you!” Squall shouted at Zell.

Zell’s attention was seized. He stopped walking and looked over at Squall.

“He’s fired!” Zell said and continued walking.

Squall chased after him.

“Why? What did he do?”

“Well, he didn’t save me. ‘Nuff said.”

The young men walked in silence all the way to Zell’s door.

“Hey, if you can get my door open, you’re welcome to watch some TV with me or something.”

“What do you mean ‘or something?’” Zell snapped.

“Like, if you don’t want to watch TV, you can suggest something else.”

“I wanna sleep. I don’t need to get off. I’ve done that once today.” Zell said placidly as he opened his door and walked into his room.

Squall followed. Zell whipped around and pulled Squall into a hard hug.

“What am I going to do?! I just wanted to have a good time!” He sobbed.

Squall held Zell tightly.

“The next time you go out, I’LL escort you, okay?”

“That’s not the solution. Squall, we need to find out who these people are and why they’re attacking me.”


The two left Zell’s room and were about to go to Squall’s when they noticed Seifer standing outside of it. He looked over at the young blond, almost sympathetically.

“Well, if you’re going to hang out tonight, I’ll see you at breakfast tomorrow, Squall.” He said as he left.

“G’night, Seifer.” Squall said quietly.

Seifer murmured something that sounded strangely familiar to Zell. Squall managed to get his door open in the first 7 tries and let Zell in before him.

“What was that he said? I couldn’t make out the words but the dialect sounds familiar...”

“He said ‘Cailem Maimyu’ which means ‘At next morning.’ But I think the way it’s supposed to be used is, as simply put, Good Night.”

“How do you know that?”

“Seifer’s been able to speak Gullef since he started here. He kinda rubs off on me. That’s how I knew what he said.”

Zell sat on Squall’s bed.

“How come I’ve never heard of the Golf language before?”

Squall took off his jacket and jewelery.

“You mean Gullef? It’s pronounced Guh-leff. It’s a sort of ancient language used by soldiers. It was so easy to learn since there wasn’t a full vocabulary on it, you know, being used for war and all, they didn’t need anything too elaborate. Seifer learned it for his little war games.”

“Why didn’t you learn it?”

“No use for it.”

Zell took his jacket and shoes off. He sighed heavily.

“Why don’t we just get into some jammies and watch a movie?”

“Okay.” Zell agreed.

He stood up. Squall sat him back down.

“Where are you going?”

“To get jammies.”

“Wear some of mine.” Squall said, almost seductively.

He walked to his dresser and pulled out three pairs of pyjamas.

“Silk or polyester?”

“Why do you have 3 pairs?”

“I’m willing to share some pyjamas but I’m not so willing to give you the silk one and have me wear a poly. This way, I get to wear silk.”

“Well, I guess I’ll wear silk, too.”

Squall smiled. He tossed the polyester pair of pyjamas at his dresser and tossed the silk ones on the bed next to Zell. Zell looked at him questioning but his intention was obvious when he settled a knee between Zell’s legs and peeled the blond’s shirt off of him. He reached next to him and put a silky shirt on his head, having Zell’s assistance on getting his arms in. Zell moaned in pleasure at the sheer touch of the erotic fabric. He gently blew the rest of his breath out to the side of Squall’s face. Squall’s lips nearly touched Zell’s as they leaned in to consume that sexy sound.

“What is it?”

“This silk... It’s so... nice.”

“They’d better be for what I payed for them.” Squall said as he leaned off the bed, undoing Zell’s pants in the process. He stood off the bed and whipped Zell’s pants off. He smirked as he leaned back up and took Zell’s boxers with him this time. Zell layed back and laughed. Squall leaned back up and reached up next to Zell, grabbing the pyjama pants. He snuck his body between Zell’s legs and kissed the smaller boy’s inner thigh. Zell flinched and sat up, looking down at Squall. Squall smiled at him.

“I can see why those guys go after your man piece.”


“It’s pretty and smells sweet.”

“Quit dicking around, Squall and just– let me rephrase. Please put my pants on.”

Squall began to do so and laughed at Zell’s sexed moans. By the time Squall reached the loose elastic up to Zell’s waist, he had to raise it over a full erection. He laughed harder.

“Oh, god, I forgot they did that!”

“Did what?” Zell asked uncomfortably.

“Well, see, I knew I had to offer you two kinds of PJs and now I know why. Flannel and polyester aren’t nearly as exciting.”

“What did you pay for these? I think I should get a pair.”

“Let’s say for both pairs, you could trade in Seifer’s car and have just enough for dinner.”

“Oh, Christ. I hope you have these things insured.”

“I do.”

“It feels like a warm gel massage but dry.”

“I know. Nice, huh?”

Squall stood up and got completely naked in front of Zell. He leaned down in front of the blond and took his pyjama shirt, sliding into it with ease. Zell took the opportunity of Squall’s covered face to look down at his manhood. He looked back up and blushed. Squall slipped into his pants and walked towards Zell. He giggled on his way to straddling the younger man.

“I’m a little more used to these things but they still get to me.” He stated as he leaned Zell down.

“Squall... are you... into...”

Squall hugged Zell and let out a relieved moan. He laid on top of Zell and waited for him to finish his question. He’d noticed that just like his own, Zell’s erection went down.

“Am I into what?”


“No... Not really... I’m just being silly.”

Zell wrapped his arms around Squall. Squall looked into Zell’s eyes. Those electric blues stared back. A silent request was accepted as Squall leaned down and Zell leaned up slightly to welcome Squall’s soft kiss. Squall drew his lips away far enough to wet them and bring them back down to Zell. He kissed Zell for only seconds and pulled away.

“So... what do you wanna watch?”

“Anything that’s on, I guess.”

Squall rolled off of Zell. The two looked up at the ceiling as Squall grabbed his remote, opening a door where a big screen TV was now visible.

“Where did you get the money for all this?”

“Kind of like a grant.” Squall said as he turned the TV on.

Squall set the sleep timer on the TV as he began falling asleep. Zell had already fallen asleep and had his arms wrapped around Squall.

Zell woke up the next morning and rubbed his eyes. He rolled over to see Squall getting dressed.


“Hey.” Zell said sleepily as he stretched. “Where you off to?”

“To breakfast with Seifer. We’re training together.”

“Oh.” Zell said as he crawled out of the bed, involuntarily moaning in pleasure. “I take it back, I’ll never be able to make it in pyjamas like this.”

Squall laughed.

“Take your time leaving. If you want to go out tonight, just page me if you can’t find me so I’ll go with you.”


Squall winked at Zell as he left with a smile. Zell thought it was wierd that Squall would smile the way he did but looked down about where Squall was looking. He scoffed. Those damn pyjamas were so damn revealing.

At the club, Zell and Squall stayed together like they were chained. They enjoyed a few drinks and even a few dances. Even when there were slow dances, the two held each other tightly, almost like a loving embrace. They were preparing to leave when Zell looked behind him to make sure Squall was there.

“I was attacked on the outside.”

“I’ll go first.”

Squall opened the door and walked out. Sure enough, there were some people standing outside. It was so dark that Squall couldn’t make out the faces. But he was confident that by holding Zell’s hand, the young blond was only going to be naked infront of him tonight.

“Squall!” Zell yelled.

The brunette was kicked forward, losing his grip on Zell’s hand. He hit the ground and was promptly picked up and held against the wall by three men overpowering him. One of them tied a blindfold on him.

“Squall!” Zell yelled again.

The young blond was on his back again. His pants were down and the same dominant figure crawled between his legs.


“Zell!” Squall yelled back as desperately as Zell had.

Zell shrieked as his agressor took him in his mouth again. One of the men gagged him to muffle his cries. Even through the muted sound, Squall’s heart was broken.


“Hara ginmer tuo pra!” The man holding Zell’s left side yelled.

One of the men holding Squall took the blindfold off of him and gagged him with it. Even so, Squall couldn’t see the assailants. His tears, like Zell’s would not be hidden tonight. He started to breath heavily as the man right in front of him started rubbing his groin. He felt so violated, suddenly wondering of the sheer hell Zell must be experiencing. He looked over at the young man who had his knees up and a taller man’s head between them. Squall noticed that Zell didn’t struggle anymore. He saw him fidget and the tall man raised his head soon after. Squall watched as the taller man wiped his lips and stood up. He whispered his code to the two men holding Zell down and walked toward the men who held Squall. He whispered to the one rubbing Squall down. The man in front of Squall removed his hand. Squall’s focus was still on Zell as he watched the young man collapse. He’d had so much to drink on top of all the excitement he’d just had. His heart fell extremely heavy. Then he felt a sharp pain in his stomach. He looked at the man in front of him. The man in front of him removed his fist as Squall hit the ground.

A little later, Squall stepped away from Zell’s bed after tucking the young man in. He cried as he left. Seifer walked past Zell’s room.

“Been training?”

“Yeah.” Seifer replied breathlessly.

“Seif, what does ‘Haar gimmer tupra’ mean in Gullef?”

Seifer looked at the ceiling.

“Um... ‘White... loud... sword.’”

“That must not be it then...”

“You mean something like... Hey, why you been cryin’?”

Squall’s expression depressed.

“I watched Zell get raped.”

Seifer looked at Squall blandly.

“At the club?”

“No... outside the club. And when the guy said that thing, the guys on me took the blindfold off my eyes and put it in my mouth.”

“He told them to gag you. Does ‘Hara ginmer tuo pra’ sound right?”


“He said ‘Cover his mouth.’”

“Oh.” Squall sighed. “I’m going to bed.” He slurred as he walked to his room.

Seifer watched him try to get in with his card key. Four times was enough punishment for Seifer to watch before he stepped in. One swipe, one beep, one smirk. Squall walked in. Seifer handed him his key and closed the door behind Squall.

A week had gone by that Zell didn’t leave Garden. No one knew a thing about what was going on. A lot of the time that Zell had was used to bond with Squall and Seifer. Every one was very open about talking about what had happened. But it wasn’t the only topic of discussion. Seifer would try to pry into Squall and Zell’s ‘love life’ as he called it. Zell and Squall both knew they had nothing going on and wouldn’t let on about the kiss or anything of that nature.

“Things are pretty quiet when there’s nothing going on, eh?” Zell remarked.

“Shuddap, the movie’s almost over.” Seifer demanded.

“Yeah, dumb-ass, who talks 20 minutes to the end of a movie?” Squall interrogated.

“I wasn’t talking about the movie. I meant... I think I’ll try going back tomorrow.”

Squall muted the TV.

“Zell... Why?”

“I want to go out, get shit-faced and have a good time. Can’t I try to have some fun?”

The older men scoffed.

“That’s fine, Zell, maybe you’re right. If the novelty’s worn off on you... Or, hey, maybe you’re one of many victims.”

“Didn’t we have this talk, Seifer? You don’t call him a victim.” Squall snapped.

“And you don’t know how perfected this guy is. Not sloppy at all. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one.”

Seifer took Zell’s face and looked him in the eye.

“You say he really smells like honey, Squall?”

“Fuck you!” Zell harped defensively as he ripped away from Seifer’s hands.

“He let it slip out in passing.” Seifer justified.

“If I do, if I don’t, that’s not the point! The point is that for some reason, I’m a favorite target. I just want to go out and have some fun. I’ll go to a different club. And you’re both welcome to chaperone.”

The older men scoffed.

“If you go, you go. I’m not going to be protecting you.”

“That’s not a very nice thing to say, Seifer.” Squall snapped.

“If he’s going to risk it, he WANTS to risk it. Am I right?”

“You’re right.” Zell replied.

Then the young man left. Seifer grabbed Squall’s face and kissed his forehead.

“Well, the end of the movie’s ruined. I’m gonna go to bed, too.”

Seifer stood up and went to the door.

“Hey, Seif.”


“What’s this intrest in Zell?”

Seifer shrugged.

“I like him.” Seifer said as he left.

The next night, Zell went to the same club again. This time, upon leaving, he did so at the back. He chuckled to himself at the stupidity of doing so. He was taking these extra precautions for nothing. He was jumped from behind and only one man pulled him into a small opening in the wall. Zell’s back was thrown into the wall and the aggressor placed a knife at the young blond’s throat.

“I’ll say this only once. You don’t fight it off or you’ll be falling into this blade. And don’t scream either. If you’re gonna make noise, it’d better be moans. And don’t talk to him.”

Zell gulped and nodded. The man who just spoke stepped aside as another stepped out of the shadows. Zell was becoming all too familiar with that form. Even though it was dark, Zell could tell it was the same man as always. He stood infront of the freightened blond and suckled on his neck. Zell was petrified. He stood and allowed the tall man to open his pants and drop them to his ankles. The man began to go down, kissing at Zell’s clothing. Then he wrapped his lips around the tip of Zell’s length. It firmed within the man’s mouth. Zell already started moaning. He rethought the conversation he’d had with Seifer about that talented tongue being selective to his member. He didn’t want to convince him that he enjoyed being forced to tolerate his handling. His attacker glided his bare hands up Zell’s shirt, sliding them down to feel his soft body. Those soft hands could almost compare to Squall’s silken pyjamas. He flinched at the slight sharp pain from the attacker’s left hand. He began panting as he knew he was getting ready to release himself. He groaned and released deep into the man’s throat. The man did a thorough job of cleaning Zell off completely. Then he walked away. Zell panted and looked over at the man who spoke. He also walked away. Zell put himself back into his pants and walked home.

Zell went to his room. He gasped when he turned on his light to see both Seifer and Squall on his bed. They sat and waited for him to return.

The next day, Garden had a redo on all the students’ identification. This was complete with photo, fingerprint and measurements. As much as possible, Seifer and Zell stuck together. Seifer did the full hand prints before Zell, feigning that he was going to put them on Zell’s face. Zell struck Seifer’s hands away.

“Knock it off, will ya?”

Then Zell did his prints, noticing on Seifer’s, a little white clef right under his middle finger.

“Hey, Seifer, do you get callouses from using your gunblade?”

“Well, I only have one ‘cause I almost always wear gloves. Why?”

“If I invited you to kiss me, what would you say?”

“I’d say ‘suck my dick.’ What else?” Seifer replied sarcastically.

“Ihas gumi tinger quai, whoi ninta kelma?”

“What did you just say to me?” Seifer shot as he whipped around and glared at Zell.

“Squall was right. Learning Gullef isn’t complicated at all. I said ‘It was you, right, tall green eyes?’ Didn’t I?” Zell defied.

“Tun mari.”

“You think you scare me? Is it you or not?”

Seifer grabbed Zell and dragged him all the way to his room. Zell was in awe of how beautiful and clean Seifer’s room was.

“You’ve hidden it very well.”

“So, what gave it away?”

“Your callous when you ran it down my leg last night.”

Seifer went to his small fridge and brought out two coolers. He handed one to Zell.

“I hope you know how much I like you. Or at least, I hope you know now.”

“How long would you let this go on?”

“I dunno...” Seifer shrugged as he sipped on his drink.

“And who were all those others?”

“Just some guys I’d hired.”

“You PAID people to hold me down?”


“Just so you could suck my dick?”

Seifer walked up to Zell and pulled him in for a vicious kiss. Zell melted in his embrace. He welcomed the kiss and joined the older man. Seifer seductively pulled away, dragging his tongue down Zell’s lower lip.

“There is so much more to it than that. I’m a good actor, you couldn’t tell how much it hurt me to hear you call it rape. I guess that’s what it was but I didn’t think about it that way until you said it. I only did it out of love--”


“I didn’t know how to tell you. I was hoping you’d find out. Kinda like you did. I’d never worked out the details in case you’d reacted differently.”

“I don’t approve of you taking advantage of me without my permission.”

“Well, now, I’ll never do it again.”

Zell held Seifer in closely.

“Never do it again... or just without my permission?”

“I’ll do it if you want me to...”

“I want you to.”

Seifer slowly moved his lips back into Zell’s and started at the young man’s pants. Zell pulled away.

“But not like this.”

“Like what, then?”

“Dinner, movie and Squall’s jammies.”

Seifer laughed.

“You like those jammies, huh?”


“The threads were so well refined and the fabric is so well woven, it’s like a rush of hormones on your body.”

“How do you know?”

“Squall has the red pairs. I have the green one.”

“Only one?”

“If you wanna do what you requested and in that order, it doesn’t sound like you’ll need the bottoms.” Seifer suggested.

Zell blushed. Seifer had a point.

Dinner was superb and the romantic walk back was sweeter than the wine he had with dessert. Zell lazily clung to Seifer as the older man opened his bedroom door. He brought Zell to his bed and sat above him. Zell looked up at Seifer with a quirky smile.


Zell shrugged.

“Dunno. I just feel funny. This shouldn’t be happening but you held up your end of the bargain so I guess I gotta hold up mine.”

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“Never stopped you before.”

Seifer smiled but it wasn’t a pleased smile. He was genuinely offended. Then he couldn’t help but smile with all his heart.

“You really do taste like honey.”

Zell laughed out loud.

“Will you let me...?”

“Yeah...” Zell said, leaning up to kiss Seifer.

Seifer accepted those lips and teased the young man, taunting him with his powerful tongue. Zell remembered the talent of that tongue. Seifer pulled away with a smile. He crawled down Zell and stood off the bed. Zell’s eyes followed Seifer, about to question him then he remembered when Seifer got into his closet. Seifer came out and tossed the clothing on the bed. He walked back up to Zell and began taking off his clothes. By the time he made it back to the bed, he was left in his boxers and socks. He removed his socks and looked down at Zell. Zell had an anxious look on his face. He was focused on that bulge in the older man’s boxers. He was almost scared for it.

“Crossing a threashold?”

“Yeah.” Zell choked.

The young blond reached for the elastic of Seifer’s boxers and slowly pulled them down. He looked in awe at the shape of it.


Seifer stepped out of his boxers and reached for his silk pants. He put them on in front of Zell who watched attentively as the erection was fortified the closer those pyjama pants got to it.

“Do these come in blue?”

Seifer laughed. He put his pants over himself and leaned down. He seized Zell’s lips and gingerly pulled away. It was the young man’s turn to be naked. Seifer removed Zell’s dress shirt and kissed his chest. The young man mewled under Seifer’s hot embrace.

“Lae Ruuj.”

Seifer chuckled. He quickly stripped the clothes off his young friend and straddled him. Zell shuddered at the contact of Seifer’s pants. Seifer smiled as he pulled out a handkerchief from the shirt pocket. He let it down next to Zell’s neck. Zell closed his eyes and exhaled sexfully. Seifer dragged the cloth down Zell’s chest. Zell cooed lustfully. Seifer snickered He brought the silk all the way down Zell’s body, wrapping it around Zell’s already fully hard arousal. He licked his lips at the sight of it.


“Seifer... It’s good...”

“You just said that in Gullef.”

“Because it’s true.”

Seifer took the cloth and teased under Zell’s length. Zell let out the sexiest sounds of frustration that Seifer had ever heard. He took the pyjama shirt.

“Arms up.”

Zell obeyed. Seifer put the shirt on the over-excited youth.

“Look... It’s already wet...” Seifer drawled as he descended.

He licked the tip of Zell’s weeping organ. The young tattooed boy mewled deliciously. Seifer couldn’t help himself. He went all the way down on Zell and taunted his piece mercilessly with his powerful mouth. Zell groaned loudly. Seifer continued to run the cloth up and down Zell’s stomach and legs. Zell couldn’t handle it anymore and groaned as he ejected into Seifer’s mouth. Seifer greedily sucked everything he could out of Zell. He kissed the tip of the laxed piece and placed kisses all the way up Zell’s body until he made it back to his sweet, sated face.

“You’re beautiful.”



“Is there a way to say ‘I love you’ in Gullef?”

“No. It’s a war language, after all.”

“Then how do you say ‘Invade me?’”

Seifer smiled and kissed Zell’s mouth and taunted his body by rubbing the silk all over him. It was the beginning of the lover’s tale. Seifer bought a pair of blue jammies for Zell which was almost redundant since the two would go to bed wearing only smiles. Seifer brought the hanky, of course.

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