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Terminal Recovery


By Tori Singer

Three months later....


I had the dream with Squall again, with the hill. I'm very happy to say that I made it to the top of the hill....

Giving up was NOT an option. I could not give up my futile search for him. I stood when a bell rang.

"You are dismissed." I say, watching my students file out of the classroom, talking to eachother. I sit back down, rubbing my eyes. It has been three months and I haven't found hide nor hair of my love. I had searched everywhere you could think of. I have been doing pretty well for myself; earning my instructor's license and teaching a self defense class. It's more like a martial arts class, but it's still the same.

I will never give up looking for Squall, I know he's out there, somewhere....

Quistis is still the new headmistress. She told me that she would continue to be until' our commander comes home. I do not know if he will come back on his own, but, I'm hoping he will. Until' then, I'll keep searching.

Matt became a SeeD shortly after being admitted. He caught onto the basics of our training fluidly, and he is now at a pretty high rank. He lives here at Balamb Garden with David.

Ah, David. He is second in command of the Garden Festival Committee. I knew he would, him and Selphie hit it off like flint rubbing against eachother. They were two of a kind, and was pretty professional at annoying people.

Oh, and Seifer had a new posse. He admitted Matt into the Disciplinary Committee soon after meeting him. They both got along fairly well, both having an attitude. Irvine was also now in the Disciplinary Committee, the three of them made quite a team, let me tell you. Nobody dared break the rules with them around, heh heh.

We never did hear back from Rinoa, but I think she's in Deling, following in her father's footsteps. I don't really care enough to find out, though. Winhill was free of demons, and the garden pitched in to help clean up Katy's store. It seemed that Joey got a little irritated with us while we were gone and decided to take it out on everyone in town. Poor people. But, now the town is busier than ever, filled with tourists. Xu, of course, wanted nothing more to do with that house, and I didn't blame her. Well, I had a lot of fond memories in that place.

We were getting more applicants for SeeD each day. It seemed like everyone wanted to become one nowadays. I chuckled, they were in for a big surprise, the qualifications were almost impossible, thanks to everyone's application. There were so we had to turn a lot down. We went back to FH and got the Ragnarok back. I had checked the back room with my own eyes, and found nothing but the old, dirty shirt I'd left there. There had been a lot of scratch marks on the door, but nothing important. Nothing that would lead me to you...

Well, this is how I'm living my life now, being an instructor, hanging out with my friends....sticking up for the underdogs. But, I still continue to look for you. I know that you will come back to me, someday...Squall....

The End....



Notes: Just a short look into everyone's present life. I might be tempted to write a sequel if I get enough reviews.....*grins*


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