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Zell's POV throughout the story except at some points. They will be 3rd person.

Terminal Recovery

Chapter Two - Attempting Escape

By Tori Singer

"This is hard!" I exclaim over Quistis's shoulder. She sighs and continues typing. I knew I was being a pain in the ass but still!

"How does he do this everyday?" I ask her, not really directly...

"He's Squall." She answered simply before smiling at me. I grin and plop my butt right on the desk as Quistis types on the laptop. I watch her for a minute.

"Uh, anything I can do?" I ask her. She grins at me, almost evilly. I gulp.

"W-what?" I ask nervously. She uses her eyes and darts them toward a closet and then back to me. I glance over at the closet as she goes back to work. Curiousity was always a bad habit of mine. I make my way over, wondering what was behind the door. I open it slowly and groan. It was full of cleaning supplies. Brooms, mops, dusters, papertowels.... Hey, I wonder if this was where Squall was when I came in here the first time? I wonder to myself as I grab a rag and a squirt bottle.

"How's it going, Zell?" Quistis asks me sweetly from the computer. I glare at her and answer by squirting more cleaner on the window. She grins. I balance myself on the ladder and continue to wipe down the window. I hate Squall's office now. I'm forced to clean the windows all the way up to the ceiling, while balancing on a damn ladder. I force myself not to look down at the ground. It made it even worse that it was dome shaped and covered in windows.

Sighing, I'm finally down with the windows. I climb down and look at the sparkling windows. I watch silently as a flock of birds fly by. I love this dome shaped room, it feels like there's windows all around.


I widen my eyes as I watch the white goo run down the window on the outside. I know my face had to have turned red. I clench my hands into fists as I watch the offending birds fly away.

"Grrr..." I growl, praying that I was NOT cleaning the outside of the windows.

"Oh, hey, Zell." I looked at her hoping to find mercy.

"Whimper." I clutch the side of the lift like a baby as I am riding up the side of the building. I glance down at the quad below, and further below, endless blue water. I gulp and face upwards, stopping the lift in front of Squall's office windows. I glare in at Quistis, who smiles and waves at me from behind the computer. I stick my tongue out at her. She shakes her finger at me. I'm tempted to show her how to use that finger.

I reach down carefully and grab the rag and the bottle. I gulped and started squirting the window. It seemed like hours had gone by before I was done with the first set of windows. Three more sets to go, though. It looked like it was in the middle of the afternoon. I look in the window at Quistis, who was motioning to me. She pointed to her watch and made eating motions.

"Lunch time!" I hollor, pumping my fist in the air. I yelp however, as I lose balance and almost topple over the lift and into the water below. My heart is beating a hundred miles an hour as I grip the ropes of the lift, scared to death. I finally get a hold of myself as I lower the lift toward the quad. God, I hate cleaning windows....

"Tell me again how you almost fell off the lift!" Seifer teased me endlessly and without mercy. Everyone was having a laugh at me. I blushed and took a bite of my hotdog, glaring daggers at my so called friend Quistis. She laughed softly and started on her salad. Of course she'd wasted no time in telling everybody about how I almost killed myself. I munched my hotdog with rage, listening to her tell everybody over and over. I listen as the PA system comes on.

"Zell! Quistis! Agh! Anyone! Come to the infirmary IMMEDIANTLY!!" I stand in shock and glance at Quistis. I take off running out of the cafeteria, hearing my friends running behind me. I rounded the corner and headed down the infirmary hallway. I bust through the doors and stare at the shaken doctor. Her hair was raggled and she looked scared.

"Doc!" I exclaim. She wrung her hands nervously. I wait before running to Squall's room. The bed was empty. Doctor Kadowaki comes in behind me followed by my friends.

"What happened!?" Seifer hollered. I turned to the doctor. She took a deep breath.

"Well, I was filing medicine when I noticed the machine monitering Commander Leonhart went off. I didn't know what was going on. I went to his room to find him buckling his belts and taking his sword. I asked him what he was doing. He said he had work to do and had no time to be wasting away in some hospital. I tried to stop him but he got past me! I'm so sorry Zell!" I stood with my mouth gaping open at the doctor. Squall.....escaped?! From a hospital?!

"Uhh, but!" I just mumbled over my words, not knowing what to do.

"We have to find him quick, he's in no condition...." The doctor led off. I understood though. I turned to my friends.

"Let's split up. Don't underestimate Squall even though he's sick. He's still extremely powerful." I thought back to when I found him in the Training Center, casting high level magic while coughing up his guts. Selphie pumped her fist.

"Me n' Irvy will check out the quad and the dorms!" She hollered. I nodded, Squall might have went back to his room, or was looking for a hiding place. Quistis stood forward.

"I'll check the classrooms." I grinned.

"I'll see if he's in his office then." I said. Seifer tipped his head.

"I'll help out the instructer here, if you don't mind." He winked at her before leaving the room.

"If anyone finds him, don't corner him, he's more tactful that way." I told them. Doctor Kadowaki left the room and returned quickly. She handed Quistis a radio.

"Contact someone as soon as you find him." She instructed Quistis as she handed me and Selphie one. I nodded and took off out the door. Everyone split up and searched their designated areas. I headed to the elevator. I hoped he was in the office, that is probably where he would make his stand.

I rushed to the doors and tried to open it. It was locked, meaning that Squall WAS in there. I knocked hard.

"Squall!" I yelled, knowing he'd hear me. I heard movement inside but no footsteps. I was getting angry. He was sick and needed treatment, we didn't need to hogtie him just to get him better.

"Squall!!" I hollered louder.

"Don't make me break down the door!" I threatened, knowing I was bluffing. I couldn't break down the door and the ass knew it. I heard no more sounds inside. I briefly wondered if he was alright.

"Squall, are you alright? At least tell me you're alright if you're in there!" I practically begged. I heard some papers rustling before I heard a weak voice.

"I'm fine." That was it. I gritted my teeth. Fine my ass. I turned from the door and lifted the radio to my mouth.

"I've cornered him in his office, the door's locked and there's no other way in." I said over the radio. I heard the doctor's voice come on.

"We have to get to him Zell, his lungs aren't strong enough yet!" She pleaded with me.

"I know I know!" I told her, trying to think. I heard Quistis come on the line.

"Maybe through a window?" She suggested. I heard Seifer grumbling something in the background about 'puberty boy'. I groaned. I wanted nothing to do with windows anymore.

"Well, we could bust through the window with that lift that Zell was on!" Selphie piped up. It wasn't that bad of an idea, but I knew who they were going to elect to be the one to do it. Then, something shocked us all. Squall's voice came over the radio.

"I've closed the emergency shutters over my windows, you cannot get in. Just leave me alone." He stated, sounding slightly winded to me. I flinched at the hateful tone in his voice. I heard the doctor come back on.

"Commander listen to me. You have to come out. You have to have treatment. Please, sir, we only care about your well being...." She trailed off. I got an idea.

"Squall, we have everything under control. We can take care of the Garden while you rest, so please...?" I didn't know what he would say. I didn't get a response. Maybe he's disconnected.

"Zell, meet me on the bridge right away!" I heard Quistis say. I nodded, maybe she had a plan. I turned from the office and got on the lift up to the bridge. I saw all the moniters and cameras around the Garden.

"Maybe we could get a camera to the office?" I asked aloud.

"Exactly. And maybe we can override the lock system." I grinned at Quistis who had just came up the lift.

"Sounds like a plan!" I exclaimed. Quistis turned to Irvine and Seifer, who'd only arrived.

"You two, stand outside his office so he can't escape, Zell and myself will override the system." They took off and Selphie looked to Quistis for orders.

"Selphie, guard the parking lot, we don't want him trying to escape on a life boat away from Garden." I was surprised, would Squall really go THAT far? I didn't know the answer and it chilled me to the bone. I examined the computers in front of me. I started working the cameras, trying to find the one for the commander's office. Quistis stood next to me, biting her thumb with worry.

"Why does he do this?" She asked me. I shrugged.

"I guess...because he doesn't want to be thought of as a weakling. I don't know." I didn't know either, I just hoped we could get him back on his breathing machine as soon as possible. I hesitated in my actions. Would Squall be mad at me? Would he never speak to me again? I shivered and continued flipping through the cameras. I smirked when I finally found the right camera, I turned it on and gasped.

"Dammit!" I holler, staring at the fuzzy screen. I hear Quistis mumble something.

"He's already taken out the camera!" I tell her. She nods.

"We need in there, now!" I scream, turning my attention to the door locks. I can't concentrate, I kept worrying what we'd find when we got in the office after all this time. Would Squall be ok? Would he be sprawled across the floor not breathing. I worked faster, but to no avail. Quistis gently pushed me aside.

"Let me." She told me. I nodded and paced the floor. After ten minutes went by, she grinned.

"I got it, let's go." I hurried to the lift and took it down. Irvine and Seifer was standing outside the door, guarding the entrance. I pushed past them and opened the door. We were greeted with an empty office.

"What?!" I hollered, looking around. I hear gasps behind me as my friends take in the empty room. The laptop was gone, along with a bunch of papers.

"Dammit!" I slam my fist on the desk. Quistis sighed.

"He's not stupid, he knew we'd unlock the door." I looked around, and spotted the air conditioning vent. The vent was off, laying against the wall. I walked over.

"He escaped through here." I told them as they walked up to me. I leaned down and looked into the vent. Very cold air was pouring through. I shivered. Quistis made a defeated sound.

"With this air, he's making his condition worse." She told me. I groaned. Damn. I looked at her.

"Where do you think he went?" I asked. She shook her head. Irvine and Seifer weren't much help either. Seifer scratched his head.

"If I were Leonhart, I'd go to the place where no one would THINK of finding me." He said. I thought, coming up with a blank. I couldn't follow him through the vent, that thing led everywhere, it's like a maze. What if Squall got lost? I frowned and got on my hands and knees.

"I'll see if I can follow him. You guys check everywhere!" I told them before crawling into the vent. Damn it was cold! The floor felt freezing to my hands as I crawled further inside.

"Good luck!" I heard Quistis call. Yeah, I'll need it. It wasn't long before my hands started feeling like ice cubes. I shivered and my teeth chattered. I turned corners right and left, hoping I wasn't getting lost. I faintly heard something off to my left. I looked down the small hall and saw a shadow around the corner. Ah ha, I got you.

I wasted no time in following the shadow. Squall had to know I was following him, because he quickened his pace. I noticed that on every corner I passed, I seen what looked like red paint on the walls, like a marking. Was this a usual path for Squall? I scrunched my brows in confusion as I followed my friend.

I would have crawled right passed him if he hadn't sneezed. I froze and turned to my right. There was a small cubby space, about the size of a dorm room, but no taller than three and a half feet. Squall was curled up in the corner, with his computer on his lap. He was surrounded by blankets and paperwork. Other things indicated that he came here often.

"Squall?" I called and crawled into the room. He looked at me and frowned deeply.

"I come here to get away from you people and yet you follow me anyway." I grit my teeth at the iciness of his tone. I pushed back my anger and knealt on one of the blankets.

"Squall, we only want to help." I told him. He glared at me, his icy eyes telling me to back off.

"Then leave me alone." He said deeply. I sighed, this was going to be hard. I reached for my radio but Squall grabbed my wrist, tightly. I flinched at his strength even in his weakened state.

"Reach for that again and I'll remove it." He glared. I slumped my shoulders as he let me go. This was gonna be real hard. Maybe I could knock him out? Yeah, and then drag him back through the vent? It was the only shot I had.

"Squall, why are you doing this? Don't you think we can take care of the garden while you got well?" I pleaded, taken aback by his expression. Cold.

"No." He said flatly. I sighed and mumbled.

"Please don't make me do this." But he heard me.

"Don't make you do what?" He challenged me. I took in his position. He looked like a rattlesnake ready to bite me. If I make a move, he will strike me down. I backed off a little, but I could hear the imaginary rattler going a mile a minute. I know that I'm on thin ice. I thought fast, trying to find away with getting him unconcious or agreeable without losing pieces of my body. I got desperate.

"Please? Please please pleeeeease?!" I begged. I felt so shameful. Squall looked at me in disgust. I wanted to smack myself. I growled low in my throat before I realized I still had that rag in my pocket, the one I was cleaning the window with. It was probably dry enough now that it would knock him out without hurting him. Now, just to get close enough to deliver it...

"Don't, even, try it." I looked up into his eyes, which were glaring. I glared back, he always knows everything, god dammit! I sigh, almost ready to admit defeat. I take in his figure again, at least he had clothes on, his usual outfit. But, his coat was gone and he had a summer jacket on. Short sleeved, with red symbols on it. (think kingdom hearts)

"Squall, what can I do to convince you to come with me?" I resorted to blackmail. Anything. He seemed to think about it. A ball of hope bubbled in my chest. He looked at me.

"No." The bubble burst.

"No?" I repeat what he said in disbelief. What's with this guy!?

"But Squall!" I try. He raises a hand.

"Stop! Just please let me be! I don't want to be in some lab like a rat!" He glared at my shocked expression. I never thought about it that way. Did something happen to Squall in his past that made him dislike hospitals? I don't know. I lean back against the wall and sigh. I feel the cold seep through my shirt and attack my back.

"Zell." I look up in surprise. Squall looked at me so....trusting? I went to say something but then Squall's eyes rolled back and he slumped over onto the ground. My heart jumped to my throat. I crawled over and looked him over.

"Squall?" I feel his face. His whole body feels so cold. I ignore his computer and other things as I wrap him in a blanket. I reach for my radio. I send out an SOS.

"Help! Quistis! I found him! We're in the vents but he's unconcious! I can't drag him all the way out!" I didn't know what to do and was scared. I looked at my friend's shivering body in my lap. I hear Quistis on the line.

"We'll track your radio signal, just stay put and keep that radio on!" I nodded, even though she couldn't see. I laid the radio down and grabbed Squall's shoulders. I pulled him against me, trying to keep him warm. I didn't want him freezing to death. My legs felt numb, I was wearing my usual shorts, and I was fucking freezing. I reached over and grabbed another blanket. I laid down and wrapped it around us. I felt the cold wind blowing and shivered.

"Dammit Squall." I whispered in his ear. Does he know what I would go through for him? Does he have any clue? Does he even care? I closed my eyes, feeling the pull of sleep. I knew I should stay awake, I knew, but Squall's breathing just pulled me right into slumber. I tightened my hold around him and sighed. I faintly hear a grinding noise above me. I try to tune it out, trying to go to sleep. But it got louder and I felt light on my face. I heard voices and suddenly I'm being lifted. No! I can't leave Squall! I fight but it's futile. I don't remember anything else except Irvine's voice in my ear, telling me it'll be ok.

"Ugh..." Lights suck. I blink rapidly, focusing on the bright light above me. I sit up and look around. I'm laying on the bench in the infirmary. Oh, my head. I hear a gasp and I look up. Quistis and the others were standing next to the door. She rushed over and sighed.

"You ok?" She asked. I moved all my body parts. Nothing missing, no pain, except for my head. I nod. I suddenly remember.

"Squall?" I ask. She purses her lips and shakes her head.

"He's in the room over there. The windows are locked and barred, the door is locked and the vents are locked and closed off. There's no way out." She smiled at me. I grinned.

"How'd you get us out of the vent?" I ask as I sit up, still shivering a little. Quistis sits next to me and the others crowd around.

"We cut through the top!" Selphie exclaimed. I flinched, Squall isn't gonna be happy that his hiding place had been discovered. I grin to myself. He's not gonna be happy with me either. I scratch the back of my neck as I think of all the possible punishments I'm gonna get. The naughty part of my mind tried to get me to think of some...other...punishments the lion might employ. I shiver with excitement and pretend to be cold.

We waited for a long time before the doctor came back out. She looked angry.

"I can't believe that man! Always putting everything else first before his own health! He should know better!" Her chubby face was red and she gripped her pen tightly. She sighed and sat behind the desk.

"I can't seem to find a way for him to sneak out this time. Everything's locked and barred." She said. I grinned, I wouldn't put it past Squall to somehow get out again.

"I'll help you watch?" I volunteered. She shook her head.

"You go get some rest and try to stay warm. I have several students outside the infirmary in case MR. Leonhart gets out." She said Mr. louder than the others, glaring at the door that led to Squall's room. I grinned and padded toward the exit.

"Call me and tell me how it goes." I made her promise. She did and I waved to my friends as I left the hospital. I kept thinking about punishments and my commander. I felt my crotch tighten in discomfort. I hurried to my room so I could take care of it. I hoped nobody noticed the bulge in my pants as I closed the dorm door behind me. I sighed.

My mind wouldn't leave me alone. It bombarded me with images, things that I wanted Squall to do to me. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and released my erection. I sighed in content as I laid on the bed. I let my imagination take over. I imagined Squall entering my room....

( "Squall." I call sexily, wiggling my finger at him. He locks my door behind him and walks slowly toward the bed. He sheds his jacket and lets it drop to the floor. His gaze never leaves mine as he pulls his shirt off slowly, revealing inch by inch of hard, musculed skin. I rub my nipple, urging him closer. He unbuttons his pants as he stands right in front of me. I get up on my knees and press my body against his.)

(Squall reaches around and grips my naked body, grabbing my ass cheeks and squeezing. I groan and press my lips to his shoulder, kissing my way up to his neck. My fingers deftly pull his zipper down and pulls his leather pants over his round ass. I savor the soft skin under my knuckles as I drag his pants down. He nips at the top of my ear when I grab ahold of his throbbing erection. I feel the warm organ in my hand and I experiment with some movements. He sighs and runs his rough hands up and down my back. It's exhilirating.)

("Squall..." I gasp out as he pushes me away, falling on my back onto the bed. He languidly slides onto the bed between my spread legs. I was completely exposed to him, hiding nothing. His pants were around his thighs, making him seem even more sexy. I sigh and grin up at him. He has no expression on his face but pure unbridled lust. I love it.)

("Zell." It was a command, not a request. I turn over and lift my hips into the air, exposing my sensitive area. I feel rough hands grip my ass, rubbing, taking in the feel. I close my eyes, letting my sense of touch take over. I feel his finger prod around my opening. It was dry and rough, like I wanted him to be. He thrusts his finger into me without mercy. I suck in a lungful of air as he continues to thrust, mimicking what I want him to do. I pant, my erection rubbing against the sheets.)

(I feel something larger begin to push it's way through my tight hole. I brace myself before being impaled. I cry out, the pain unspeakable. He wastes no time in thrusting in and out. I grab the headboard of my bed as the pain slowly turns to pleasure. He moves around, pushing my legs further apart with his knees. I feel stretched and exposed, loving every minute. He grabs my hips roughly, pounding into my body. A dull burn surrounds my tunnel as I feel his shaft rub hotly against me. I groan lowly and hang my head, pushing back against him, wanting more. I feel him reach around me and grab my weeping cock. His hand is pure fire as he jacks me off. I whimper at the double feelings and arch my back, giving him deeper access. I hear him moan and speed up. He's almost through and so am I.)

(I pant helplessly as his cock thrusts up against my prostate. I scream low in my throat, loving the beastly lion that was making me feel this beautiful pain. I bite my lip as my orgasm comes, making me lose all thought for a split moment. I lay against the bed, waiting for my lover to come with me.)

I felt nothing. I turn around and there's no one there. I look down at my hand and stare at the white substance on my fingers. I sigh and wipe them on the towel on the floor beside my bed. I lay back onto my bed and think about my fantasy. I almost forgot that that was what it was. Just a dream.... I groan and pull the covers over my head.


End of chapter two.



Notes: I didn't know if I should put in the part about Zell masturbating, but then I decided to do his dream, his fantasy as he got himself off. Oh well, sorry if it sucked.

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