Warnings: First let us all take a while to ponder the claim that sex deprived bishies are a global safety hazard...let us all do our part, I'm doing mine. ^-^ This will be the part where I drive a way all the creatures dead against male/male relationships of a sexual nature. Shoo. Scram. Contains a graphical description of highly sexual activities between two snookums to my liking. My first in this genre (acknowledges that first ones usually kick the bucket and trusts you to tell me where it went wrong) I did have fun like the manic squirrel I am. OOC-ness is a possible factor. Is a PWP with a "plot", meaning there's one main component, I trust your perverted minds to guess what. O_o Mild language and almost non-existent alcohol use.

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Tease Yourself

By ChTuhnu

I am not innocent. I am not innocent.

May 31st. T minus 3 hours.

"Then, before I knew it I- my irresistible self-was kicked out, jus' like that out on my ass…" Irvine sat on a chair dangling his head and looking pathetically miserable, just like he had for, let's say after every second date this month.

"And that was because of?" Selphie came to the room with a hot pot of coffee and laid it on a small tray along with two cups and a bottle filled with promisingly auburn liquor.

He stalled and raised his head dramatically. "The boyfriend?" Irvine slumped; defeat marking his features as he once again admitted the over-powering wisdom of his friend, also known as always being on the losing side of the I-told-you-so- syndrome.

"Good boy."

"Now can we get back to pityin' the mistreated me?"

Irvine made a good show of being utterly miserable as Selphie gave a mighty sigh. Seemed like another Saturday night was going to be spent indoors and she'd been hoping to get to Balamb for the evening. Put some miles into the Garden's new cruiser and preferably find some less narcissistic company than Mr. Kinneas.

"Sure we can Irvy, just hand me some whiskey, please…"

Selphie leaned back in her chair and brushed disorderly strands of hair out of her face, got her whiskey and mixed it into their drinks. She handed Irvine a cup and nodded at the man who took an ominously deep breath.

"So there I was, and I was given all these little signs, and Hyne knows I wanted to…"

2 hours 15 minutes later

"An' then he jus' came barging in, reclaiming love an' all that sh -… crap, and just like that, I was forgotten. " With a snap of his fingers Irvine finished his story about the long night out from hell and along with it his third cup of the lukewarm coffee and whiskey blend. His hat teetered on his brow as he let out yet another self-pitying sigh.

"I told you that you should stop screwin' around mindlessly." Selphie pointed her slender finger at Irvine and focused her slightly drunken gaze to the bed… carpet… ceiling, and then just settled for her own knees. "I wonder how you manage it, all that bed hoppin'. " She shook her head slightly and then decided against the idea of clearing her intoxicated mind by that method.

"I dunno, maybe it's in my blood?" The corners of his mouth persistently quirking upward, Irvine stared at the empty cup and reached for the whiskey bottle again.

"That if anything is in your blood, deep in your genes to be exact." Selphie proclaimed. "How can you ever get into a proper relationship that way?"

"Well I can't really…" Confused; he hooked his finger under the rim of his hat and with a slightly miscalculated toss, pitifully dropped it down beside his feet.

"And that's how you want to live, huh?" Selphie gave him the motherly pondering face, which came into existence out of nowhere. "No real relationships, just all around nasty stuff?" She really had this capturing Irvine's attention thing down.

"No, just I have a really, really, really hard time to… well, you know, keeping myself to myself. And not to mention other people keepin' away form me, so…frustratin'. "

"I know dear, and as one wise man once said… well, I forget what but it was wise… and it was totally on the side of listening to what I have to say. "

Irvine eyed Selphie skeptically as the girl laid an obvious foundation for what seemed like an oncoming train. "So why do I have this sudden…unwillingness to hear you out."

"I have a brilliant idea on how to take your relationships on to the next level!" She prepared for a strike, smiling at Irvine's confused face.

"I thought I always got to the next level." He wiggled his eyebrows meaningfully.

"Nope, I'm talking about real connection and all that stuff." Raising her finger and waving it knowingly, she really was starting to scare Irvine; when women got like this it usually meant a lot of talking. "Thus I 'ave a proposition for you, Irvy… And I think you really should hear me out." Selphie's face glowed and she smiled that malevolent smile of hers with a tint of evil intentions playing on her brow.

"When have I ever left without hearin' you out? " Raising his head slowly, a familiar down-turned smile spread on Irvine's face, he'd been sure that his friend would come to his rescue. All these unfortunate occasions in his intimate relations were really starting to get on his nerves. "You'll just tie me down if I make the tiniest attempt to escape."

"Now you don't want me to do that…" She looked hesitant for a moment, like she was holding back something that might prove a bit too much for the man. "I say you start a plight of abstention. " Selphie presented her idea and with a somber face reached for her cup again.

"A flight of wha'?" Irvine shot an eyebrow at that, big words for someone so, tipsy.

"A plight. P-L-I-G-H-T. "

"What's that? Some kinda dance?"

"A vow of celibacy." Selphie basked with self-pride as she introduced her grand plan. "In your case I'd say for about a month."

"And in your case I'd say you're a raving nutter." Irvine's shocked expression was framed with slight suspicion. "And that you didn't think this up now."

"Yup…had time to think about it." She smiled. "But it's an ingenious way of getting you behind the wheel of your life." At this moment Selphie was willing to look at anything but Irvine's horrified face.

"You've even rehearsed this, you, you little…" His fists clenched shut and his throat seemed to constrict almost allowing no air through. Yes, he knew what celibacy meant.

"Undeniably wicked woman?" She just smiled sweet, innocent and inherently evil.

"I was thinkin' in more unhealthy terms but that'll do…for a month you think?"

"Yes. "

"With no sex with any person?"


"Sefie, something you're not tellin' me?"

Selphie twisted her hands in her lap and went for the puppy-eye approach. Huge eyes turned at Irvine, capturing him with an unyielding plead. "Well, it's the sex part, see, I consulted this guy who's like a…well like an expert. " She looked at Irvine with watery eyes, all the time pushing him towards consenting with everything she had to say. After all she, no matter what the case, always seemed to know best.

"And?" Irvine was getting real nervous at those eyes, he knew they were not presented without a reason.

"No sex, no intimate relations of any sort; that means no oral activities, no nothing. "

"Well, that don' sound too bad. Nearly, but not quite. " Irvine leaned back in remote relief and shook his head at just how quickly the girl had got him to accept the prospect of her plan actually taking place. Then he turned to look at Selphie who was obviously stocking something up for him. She held up a hand with five fingers.

"And no kissing, no nibbling, no licking, no animals and above all, no-" Lecturing, she counted down her fingers until only one was left upright and then smirked at Irvine knowingly.

"You ain't sayin'!"

"Yes, no one man activities with little Irvy."

"He'd be offended by that."

"You not having fun with him?"

"You callin' him little Irvy…"

"I'm serious!" Selphie raised her voice with graveness and lowered her chin to glare at Irvine who was all but hiding behind his chair.

"This is screwed up…"He raked a hand through his hair and leaned his forehead into his palm.

"None of that either. You have to give up sex in all things sex-alike." Selphie was really giving her all to this persuading. "Is all in the mind." It was her turn to do the ominous eyebrow wiggle.

Half an hour later

"So from this moment till the first of July. " Irvine stood by the threshold, breathed deep and settled his hat back on. He always loved a good challenge, his eyes narrowed as he stepped out the room. "I can do it."

"Just keep telling yourself that and you'll be fine, dear." Selphie patted him on the shoulder and took away some posture from the man.

"I will, I will. Probably the only thing I can do." He smiled faintly and stepped outside.

"And I almost forgot." Selphie scrunched her brow and waved her hand haltingly at her distancing friend. "There's no such thing as the weaker sex!

"Yeah, there's only no-sex!" He walked off towards his own room, his figure slumped and spirit crushed, and still he pondered the promise in his mind, it felt oddly relaxing. Except for the firm prospect of stiffness.

4th of June. 26 Days to go.

"No! Sefie, what are you doing?!"

Irvine's face was in a state of utter embarrassment. Selphie was stacking up all of his pictures, magazines and everything that could be used as a sexual aid. Damn, the girl knew where to look.

"You can't take that! It's all 'bout guns!!!"

"Sure Irvy, and all these half-naked wo-… men, well, persons have nothing to do with why I'm takin' them." Selphie squinted once more at the Weapons Monthly Summertime Swimsuit Issue and tossed it into a box almost full of stuff of the same and a lot more randy variety. She even took the tube of hand cream from the bedside table. That's some serious violation of privacy. Confiscating a man's porn.

"So you think I can't keep my word?" He did try this really smug `you don't trust me´-expression. On his face Irvine managed a glare.

"Of course I do, I trust you. It's little Irvy tempting you to play with him that's the problem. Think of this as removing all provocative material." Selphie explained as she continued to collect questionable items from the bedside drawer, making Irvine blush intensely, leaving him in search for words.

"I really think you ain't old enough for this…" She smiled and jeered at Irvine's flustered face as she shoved a tangle of straps and plastic into the box.

Irvine made a shooing motion with his hands. "Kindly remove yourself along with that material…"He grumbled in acute vexation as his room was just about emptied of the most non-daylight stuff a man can possess. She even took some of his clothes. So what if they technically didn't qualify as clothes, as she'd said, but something apparently linked to questionable nighttime activities.

Finally she removed herself all the while sending encouraging words, as the grumpy sharpshooter turned back to his morning coffee. Some things in a man's home were not meant to be seen before sundown. Irvine was already feeling confined in his room with the truth that maybe there was a certain variety of things that he did there. And they sure as hell didn't include reading Timber Maniacs with his morning coffee.

Yesterday Selphie had blabbered on and so notified everyone of his plight. He'd never heard so many; are you kidding? -related comments in his entire life, they kind of gave him a boost. Especially after Zell's fit of laughter. He was going to get payback, even if it meant changing his name to Mr.Blueballs.

Irvine was sure that just because of his determination, when he woke up this morning there was little Irvy, shouting, 'Rise and shine!' A little cold water had taken care of that; irritated him, but it had taken care of that. So all was fine then, and after the fourth cup of coffee he thought that he might need a hobby or something… that didn't include all that socializing with other students, maybe he ought to get a plant

< 10th of June, 20 days to go >

The days were getting uncomfortably warm, and pretty much the only thing that you could do in such heat was sit on the green grass outside Garden and admire all the passers-by. Right now Irvine had a hard time remembering why exactly they did that, seeing that all there was to look at were other students heading into Balamb for a good time. Dressed in their skimpiest and flirty as hell. After a moment's observation he came to the conclusion that that just might be it, there was really only one good reason to go to Balamb and that was in the hope to hook up with someone. So this was a way to check out the goods beforehand. All Irvine wondered about was how he'd been tricked into this, and Zell wasted no time making it obvious.

"So you can't touch dat?" Zell's hair fell on his eyes, there was no mousse too keep it up in this humid air. He eagerly pointed with his finger to make clear the whereabouts of the object of scrutiny.

"You're absolutely right." Irvine grit his teeth as a group of students passed by in their illegally tiny summer dresses and shorts.

"And you can't touch dat?" Grinning at his friend Zell made a gesture towards another group of fine classroom examples of droolable individuals.

"That's right... is this going to go on for long?" Irvine was feeling exhausted, he'd been at the training center all morning and more than one fellow student had been on the receiving end of his pent up frustration.

"Lemme think… you can't touch dat?" Zell was almost laughing as Irvine made a crooning expression at the Balamb Garden triathlon team as they jogged by all sweaty, he just couldn't keep from drooling at the athletic bodies moving in perfect sync.

"No, I can't touch that. Shoot me in the head?"

Chuckling at Irvine's badly hidden desperation, Zell leaned his hands back, settling his weight on them to turn his face to the sky. "How'd you ever get tricked into something like that?" Coming from Zell it was more of a statement than a question.

"It ain't all that bad, seems like I can get more things done in less time, maybe sex is just as complicated as everybody says. Sefie said it'd help me find out what I really want or some femmy stuff like that." A look of concentration conquered Irvine's face and drew his brow into a frustrated frown; it even smoothed his smile out. "I'll have to get some extra work from the commander." He looked frighteningly professional.

The younger man almost bounced to a sitting position as he heard a taboo being spoken aloud. "That's it, it's really gotten into that jelly of a brain you have!" A mock-horrified Zell reached to grab Irvine's arm. "This celibacy thing is makin' ya crazy!"

Irvine's eyes widened as Zell's fingers wrapped around his bicep and shook him lightly, in an instant his eyes darted at Zell. He could almost feel the powerful electricity flowing from him into the smaller man. He unconsciously licked his lips and started to lean towards Zell on his own accord. Imagining contact of skin and warmth and the feel of-

"Irvine, ya listening?" Zell sharp voice pierced Irvine's consciousness as he found himself being hauled up by his arm. "Let's go, it's almost hot dog time!"

Irvine shook his head a little as if to banish lingering pieces of a daydream from his head and stood up. Zell was striding toward the Garden gates and beckoning with his hand. Irvine shook his head once more; maybe this lent thing was really starting to get to him.

"You owe me a session at the center for this!" He yelled and started his familiar long-legged stride down the little hill and caught up with Zell.

"Okay, I'll never take ya babe-watching again; didn't know it would be so hard on ya! " The smaller man snickered and patted his friend on the shoulder, who tiredly slumped, humiliated by Zell's mock-wittiness.

"Two practice sessions! And you can't use Quetz!"


15th of June, 15 days to go.

"You don't look so well, you still wanna keep goin'? " Zell lowered his fists as he expressed worry toward his friend.

"Just don't for Hyne's sake stop." Irvine never stopped moving to answer as he reloaded his shotgun and aimed at the chest exposed to his sight when Zell lowered his fists. He had this twitchy air about him and Zell had never seen him move this fast. Like he'd gotten an extra engine from somewhere, and the way he was reacting to them sparring was almost too intense.

" 'Kay, whatever ya say, but I'm junctionin' Quetz if ya start sprouting more arms and guns, those alleged six are enough for- SHIT! "

Zell was knocked down by an well-aimed bullet and in a few moments he could hear Irvine casting a Thundaga.

"I thought you said no Hastes!" Zell ground out as he felt the first stings of electricity shoot through him.

"I did, and I ain't usin' one." Irvine seemed to move too fast to be real. Zell could almost see pure adrenaline instead of blood pouring in the resident cowboy's veins. His face glowed as he peered from under his hat while reloading. The ground beneath Zell burst from electricity.

When the shock faded he pushed up and swiftly released an Ultima to knock the taller man unconscious. Zell took a deep breath and stared at the inanimate body of his friend. Sweat was streaming down his face and sticking to his neck. "Sorry baby, I know ya said no high level magic but-" Zell cast a Full-Life and watched Irvine rise and bounce to his feet just as energetic as moments before.

"I thought we agreed that- " Irvine was dumbfounded as he looked at Zell who kept him in an intense stare for a moment.

"I know, but ya were going to burst a vein or something if ya had kept on goin' like that."

"Maybe I wanna burst something around here for fuck's sake!"

"Take it easy baby, we can start again if ya promise to take it a bit easier. We don't want another Seifer-Squall thing happenin'. " Zell crouched down, grabbing a bottle of water and wiping his brow dry. "I don' wanna end up scarred for life, and have a horny bastard stomp on my remains. " Zell shrugged his jacket off his shoulders while he considered other ways of being killed by the needy cowboy.

Irvine could hear breath catching in his throat as Zell removed the black tank top and brushed his spiky hair back. Looking like something descended from, if possible, above heaven. Zell seemed sinfully inviting as his chest shimmered with sweat and he slightly panted. Irvine's jeans felt three sizes too small and he was definitely parched.

"Look, forget it, I'm gonna go… shower." Irvine made the fifth or so escape from Zell's company in the last three days. Good thing that he had this mind over matter thing figured out.

"Stop bein' so touchy, Irvine, I'm beginnin' to think ya have PMS!" Zell kicked the dirt, frustrated, as he hollered at the distancing back. Irvine made all these oh, so suave escapes more and more frequently. Zell was beginning to think that his company was not being appreciated very highly.

In An Instant

Ice cold water ran over Irvine's naked skin, cold enough to be painful, but it didn't seem painful enough. His hard on just wouldn't relent, insisting to be noticed, in his mind he threatened it with a Blizzara straight to where it counted. He pushed his hands against the tile wall and raised his face to meet the cascade of freezing water. He'd been taking too many of these showers nowadays. This celibacy thing not only denied carnal relief and made his senses go wild, but it breached his mind also. In the forms of donuts, the steering pole of Garden, reloading his shotgun and Zell, had all his sexual fantasies been manifesting themselves in the last week? At first they were easy to ignore or blame on the apparent lack of sex, but now he found that it was not only Zell's body that he fantasized about, but he also sought the younger man's company to actually have a conversation or something equally perverted.

Letting the water run down his back and soothe the taut muscles Irvine clenched his fists and leaned his forehead to the wall. Talking to Zell was relieving as long as he didn't have to look at him too long; the looking part was a hard one. A regular good-looking fellow student could get him to drool or to momentarily forget where he was, but Zell had him dehydrated and an inch from rape. Mind-orgasming. Or just walking face first into a wall.

Selphie was going to pay; she hadn't mentioned that he'd have all these desires to go around raping the people he worked with and everybody else along with them. He was almost desperate enough to hump Angelo. Then, as if a punishment for wandering thoughts there it was again, the throbbing hot sensation between his legs, a swelling and insistent pressure. Moisture slid down his face, glistening on his tight expression.

"If you do that again I'll friggin' hack you to pieces!" Irvine grumbled as he glanced down with a face that he thought of as very threatening.

"Sorry, Irvine, but there's plenty of showers to go around and I hafta be in time for da hot dogs. "

Irvine blinked and turned his head to see… wishing instantly that he hadn't looked.

Zell was turning on a shower on the opposite wall from where he was and, of course, buck-naked… as people in the shower usually are.

Damnjustmylucknshitnhelln…begun the mantra in Irvine's head, just what he needed indeed, standing in the shower with a monstrous erection and at a close proximity from a naked what seemed to be a sex toy beckoning to him like a light house. Now, he could not only imagine, but he saw all those curves and muscles shrouded with water. Then came the final blow; Zell sighed deep under the relaxing flow of warm water. Irvine just had to stare, just had to, he figured; he was just a man.

He turned a little, sliding his gaze from the floor to Zell's feet, small toes and stout shins shifting positions to keep a firm foothold on the slippery floor. His thighs were muscular but not overly sized, legs slender, muscle connected to firm muscle and skin nonchalantly tanned. A light trail of hairs from his belly button led downwards to his resting manhood. Zell had firm abs, receiving a light lathering from strong hands, rubbing over the tight chest and faintly red nipples.

Muscles stretched over his chest and created small dips where they joined to each other or bone. The muscles on his arms were working in a smooth motion as he stroked the soap over his body. His hands had tan lines from the black gloves he wore. Zell turned around to catch the water on his chest to rinse off the soap. Irvine was presented with the sight of a well formed back and tight, dipped, round buttocks. Irvine had to breathe in deep and exhale audibly as the luscious sight was not appreciated only by him but by little Irvy as well. His gaze wandered for a while still, and came up to… meet Zell's questioning stare.

With one eyebrow arched the younger man had an unbelieving expression on his face as he glanced over his shoulder at the blushing, excited Irvine.

Five minutes afterwards, Irvine supposed he ought to get a medal for that dash; all he'd left behind was the water pouring down from the shower and a slightly shocked Zell. The run to his room in just a towel was less easy. He ought to get a commemoration from sneaking behind bushes too.

18th of June, 12 days to go.

"Just focus, you can do it, just focus and control it." Irvine sat in front of the small desk in his room and stared intensely at the notepad under his nose while he chanted the rhymed verse over and over to himself.

"So you think you're getting somewhere by doing that?" A familiar female voice ridded the room from the single sound of Irvine constantly grunting at his challenging task.

"I never knew that playin' tic-tac-toe by myself could be this challenging. You know it's almost better than crosswords." Irvine smiled and touched the pen to the paper drawing another circle, his gaze lingering on it. A round hole right there on the paper, an invitation for him, beckoning to him. He jabbed his pen repeatedly in the center as his brows drew together.

"Irviine~ee!" Selphie gave a childish cry as she was shut out once more. Irvine had developed a questionable ability to ignore her and many others in the space of seconds right in the middle of a conversation. He just started drooling and went slightly red. Some days ago he'd locked himself up in his room and refused to see anyone. Selphie had broke into the room and found Irvine staring heatedly at his bowl of Cheerios. She was getting worried; Irvine could actually form interesting and intellectual sentences without the mention of penetration of any kind, which was as Fujin had expressed it: DISTURBING.

"I seem to be havin' some difficulties with myself, so if you don't mind, I'd prefer that you leave. And take the ice outta the fridge while you're at it. " Mumbling, Irvine frowned deep and motioned towards the door, his eyes never leaving the paper. Annoyance registered on Selphie's face, but despite that she rose from her seat and stomped to the fridge, took out a bag of ice and forcefully threw it at Irvine's head.


"Thank you." Irvine calmly stated and just as Selphie stormed out of the door, he nonchalantly shoved the icepack into his pants, with a frantic hiss from him and the pack.

After a tiny forever for Irvine and 15 minutes for humans

Zell strolled up the hall as he noticed Selphie angrily stomping down it, a small smile spread on his face. Maybe the adrenaline of the Garden might get him to feel a bit better. He'd been somewhat down lately. Squall was too busy, and Seifer was not being nasty enough. Neither gave him any attention, or the time of day. Rinoa was your regular Maiden in Distress, if you'd try to spend any time with her she'd probably get hit by a truck or something and need rescuing. Quistis was, well, Quistis and Zell was in no mood for psychobabble. So Selphie's company would definitely hit the spot, seeing that even Irvine was out of the question.

"Hey, Sefie!" He waved happily as the girl came within hearing range. She seemed somewhat red, furiously so.

"Pipe down a little! Whaddaya want, Zell!?" She stopped in front of Zell and addressed him with all the interest a waitress would show to a customer who didn't tip.

"Grouchy, aren't we?" Zell took a step back at the sheer force of a woman's wrath.

"I'm not goin' to give advice to him ever again. " Selphie clenched her fists and stomped her heel to the ground. "Irvy's such an idiot. I hope he bursts!"

"Oh…" Zell seemed to find the cracks of the floor tiles extremely interesting.

"He's a dog! He's ignoring me!" Selphie seethed in rage and looked over to Zell who was gaining color to his cheeks. "I know, he's got other things on his mind but still. He's horny but ignoring everyone, shouldn't it be the opposite?" She was gritting her teeth and crossing her arms across her chest. "I am a woman too, ain't I?"

"Well, y'know he's sorta - distracted right now, " Zell tried. This conversation was too much about Irvine and his libido than Zell thought he had the capacity for.

"By this time he should be drooling on everything that walks. But he's…he's just shoving icepacks down his pants!" Bitterly she waved with her hands in front of Zell, at the same time notifying every passerby of Irvine's activities.

"Now, how d'you know that he's not?" Zell cautiously suggested at the near raging girl, pushing gloved hand through his hair.


"Drooling on everything that walks."

"And that would not include me? Are you serious? You're just like him. Suggestin' that I'm not even worth noticing! " She continued storming down the hall, leaving behind a confused behind Zell and all he could do was shrug his shoulders and keep on walking.

He slowly cantered up the corridor. So Irvine was shoving icepacks down his pants and not drooling on everything that walks, except Zell. What was he to think? Irvine had been locked up for a few days now. Sure, Zell missed his company. After all, Irvine was the one Zell spent his time with, he kind of liked the way that Irvine annoyed him. But he wasn't all that sure how he liked the way Irvine drooled on him. At first he'd taken it for the frustration, but Selphie shed some light on things. Irvine might have more than collective lust under his belt.

Zell scratched behind his ear and sighed. These days it seemed that life was never too boring. Well, at least he had something to think about.

21st of June, 9 Days to go.

This was it, Irvine just had to go out, he just had to; he could avoid it no longer. He stood at the threshold of his room and looked suspiciously at the buck-naked students walking by… It was not going to be easy. He pulled his coat over his shoulders and slid his hands in the sleeves. He'd been inside for over a full week. On a few nights he'd sneaked out to sit on a rock or something more or less amusing; he knew every rock in the training center thanks to that. Zell and Selphie had tried to see him but he'd repeatedly made the most suave escape ever; he'd played dead every time someone came knocking. Both of his friends had almost kicked down the door. Now he was out of food and instructors were bugging him about classes, so he had to show his courage. As long as he bumped to no one he knew and kept his gaze down he was almost okay. So what if he saw everybody naked, most of them he'd already seen anyway. You see, there was this hole in the training center shower room ceiling…

Irvine tipped down his hat and started striding. He was harboring feelings he never knew existed, aside from the need to fuck every donut he saw. He lusted after every body he saw. He'd gotten quite good at concealing this fact, but sometimes things just got out of hand. It took absolutely nothing to get a reaction from him. In Selphie's case he'd dealt with his lust a year or so ago. Squall, Seifer, Quistis… all of them, well, he thought most of them as idiots or plain boring, so concealing lust was only small problem. It was Zell that was presenting the obvious problem here. He'd noticed Irvine's lust and still wanted to hang out with the horniest man in Garden. Maybe Zell enjoyed being sadistic or something… Even the thought made Irvine shrug and grin to himself. Zell was presenting himself on a silver platter, but in Irvine's mind, so was everyone else.

Zell was a great object for his lust, so why not? Why shouldn't he have feelings like this? Anyone would be happy to lust after that blonde… that blonde currently walking towards him in the corridor, wearing nothing as a result of the recent delusions of the deprived cowboy. Irvine pulled his hat deeper on his head and pressed the shotgun tighter to his shoulder as he played the "If you don't see it, it doesn't exist" -game, no matter how hard it was. Who'd notice a tall man almost hiding inside a cowboy hat?

Almost grinning victoriously, as Zell made no move to recognize him, Irvine peeked from under his hat only to see the trademark fanged smirk that Zell gave him while passing by his side. Zell thrust his hand in front of Irvine, pausing the man's pace. Forcefully pushing Irvine against the nearest wall with his other hand as his face got an almost unnaturally serious look. Irvine was trapped. It was too late now; social relations were unavoidable. Standing close to Zell was unbearable; he shifted his weight self-consciously.

"We hafta talk." Making his point clear Zell peered at the much taller man, his height making the hat useless for hiding from the gaze. Irvine shivered at the close proximity as Zell's strong hold almost violently kept him from running off.

"Could we, uh, postpone that until next month, my schedule is kinda full. " Irvine tried to get as much ice into his voice as he could, but it was needed elsewhere. He avoided Zell's eyes.

"That's a load of BS and ya know it." Zell pushed harder at Irvine's shoulder making the man stand straight against the wall. He had this strong battle aura made of a bad temper and a short fuse flaring about him. "I doubt that neither the situation be the same then. So you either make room in your schedule or I make it for myself! " Zell had this seriousness that kicked in on rare occasions, but in those occasions it was swiftly blown away replaced by the usual overheated emotions. Irvine didn't know which was worse.

"Just lemme go." Irvine managed to hide his eyes under the rim of the hat as Zell pulled away.

"You're worryin' me an' Sefie…"

"Yeah, well, you can save me if Grat threatens my life, but this is my business. " Irvine straightened and took the slight insecurity of the smaller man in stride and gently moved him out of the way and resumed his walking.

"You damn well KNOW what I MEAN!" Zell's face got a familiar shade of red and he shouted with fervor at the distancing back.

"Yes I do." Irvine stopped and looked over his shoulder. "You keep away from me."

"I won't, 'cause I have somethin' to say and you'll damn well listen." Zell's fury was painting red trails on his face and eyes and his fists rose up as a natural reaction.

"Stupid chicken." Irvine smiled and turned his head again, walking away slowly.

Zell was having a hard time keeping himself from executing the man in a bloody, rip-him-apart-method. Irvine had picked at the wrong spot and chosen the wrong quote.

25 of June, 5 days to go.

Creaks of a sandbag took over the room and thuds echoed in the air. Zell was kicking and punching his aggression away, which was never an easy job. He just had to beat it up, take it to pieces and pile it against the threshold of his mind. His head was taken over by a fury, not yet banished by the smell of sweat and the ache in his knuckles.

The martial artist was having an intense training session in his own room. The punches thrown when too frustrated to hit the bag collided with the whiteness of the nearest wall. He paused to pant and watch as a piece of mortar dropped down from a wound on the wall. Zell cussed silently.

He'd been dropped from his cloud of fluff. Summing up that this was stupid, all of this. He and Irvine had been friends for a considerable time and he just couldn't comprehend all the things that ran through the other man's head. How was Zell to perceive all this? He had some work cut out for him as he'd seen the lust in Irvine's eyes in the shower room. Thinking that the man would want him for more than something platonic had been a little bit of a shock. Zell did, after all, walk with his head in the clouds. That's just how he preferred it, he didn't need to take anyone too seriously, but Irvine was making it pretty hard and the insult had made it all the more personal.

Zell wasn't sure that he could let Irvine's behavior slide off him like water off a duck. Being wanted and pushed away. Of course he felt sorry for Irvine's because `condition´, he couldn't even imagine what it must be doing to him. A man was all but obligated to touch himself, needing it. Zell manhood had sympathy for Irvine's need, so what if he seemed to have doubled the time spent playing with himself. He was planning out a sort of revenge.

What if Zell were to give him a little push? What if Zell were to help his friend out in his time of extreme need and as a loyal compatriot, plant Irvine's feet back to earth? Nodding his head he stopped punching the bag and grinned, so all he really needed was a good scheme. Should he hire someone to do it…no, if he chose the wrong person it would be a disaster, Irvine was kind of picky. He needed someone who could make Irvine's tension rise in record time. Zell shivered at that. What if such an absurd possibility were to come true that he, himself might have to do what ever it took to get Irvine back to being the insensitive dog he always was. Zell thought that he could do it. But facing Irvine afterwards might prove a problem. He just had to get this entire thing figured out.

A Few Hours later

Zell had a master plan, a plan that didn't include, bribing, burglary or outright rape. All those had been considered in the intense brainstorming that had taken place at Selphie's handy abode.

"So you're really gonna do this to him?" Selphie's voice sounded small as she sat a chair and handled a fairly huge strategy map, looking at Zell who paced back and forth in the middle of the room. "And you just had to illustrate this." She folded the map up and quickly jabbed it under Zell's armpit.

"Uh huh." Zell was ever the enthusiast.

Selphie got up from her chair and encouragingly patted Zell on the back. "You do realize that something like that could lead to physical injury."

"Mm Hmm. " Zell was getting more and more nervous, his plans had never actually worked, at least ones of this caliber.

"And you have all of it figured out?" Selphie questioned Zell's competence in handling something this sensitive.

"To a T." He was winding his fists in a bunch, looking quite flustered.

"I gotta hand it to you, you have more in you than meets the eye. " Encouragement, the boy needed encouragement. Selphie was sure that the plan was going to fall on it's ass and crawl back to the hole it came from, but she felt a duty to offer her assistance. She had started all this and she hadn't about to do anything about it.

"Thanks, one more thing though. " Zell twirled around on his heels, was that enthusiasm that Selphie saw in a brief expression in Zell's eyes? "I can't…uh, get in." Zell lifted his hand to the back of his head and scratched uneasily.

Selphie's eyes widened. "I don't think you'll have to go that far…"

"In to the APARTMENT! " Zell was red, and he's never gotten his point through to Selphie that fast, no one ever had.

"Oh… I do have his spare key. This is the only place he knows the way to even piss-ass drunk when he's lost his own."

"Thanks, Baby. Tomorrow everythin' will be all daises and sunshine again! "Zell gave a little characteristic jump and snatched the key from her offering hand. "Save-the-day-Dincht to the rescue."

Selphie stared at the distancing figure through the open door. Hyne, was the boy nervous, she could sense these things, a woman's intuition never failed.

On the Threshold to Late Night Hours

Irvine yawned and stretched his legs as long as he could and curled on the bed with an appreciative murmur. He bunched the covers against himself and cushioned his head on two pillows. Lying sideways he threw his arm and leg over the bundle of covers he reached for the light switch, clicking it shut and filling the room with perfected darkness, just the way he liked it. Just to make the sleeping position optimal he tugged a piece of the cover in between his big toe and second toe. He wiggled them until he fell asleep with the silent rustle of the cover against his toes. Sometimes Irvine thought that this alone was a good reason not to share his bed. He sighed happily and started snoring lightly.

After on violent toss and a series of suffocating snorts, from the direction of the door came a silent whir and a slightly louder clack. A sliver of light penetrated the room and was instantly covered by a shadow. The sound of Zell's feet on the floor was silent as he crept slowly across the room. Irvine tossed in his sleep as he reached the side of the bed. No one could help growing nervous at the sight of the sleeping man; Zell's daring was definitely fading. He took a deep breath and silently cast a Sleep on Irvine who was an easy victim in sprawled all over the bed in his pajama bottoms.

Irvine shifted a little and then ceased his tossing; Zell just had to smile at the way he screwed his nose up to a strand of hair that was tickling it. He flicked it helpfully aside; nothing was going to distract the Sleeping Whatever from a set mission. He uncurled Irvine's arm from around the comforter and ducked as it flung forcefully onto the mattress, the man growling uneasily in his sleep. The foot was a bigger problem; Irvine's kicks were vicious. Zell caught one in his chest as he had supported one knee on the bed, he was flung aside and trapped under the leg as Irvine lay like a starfish, instead of bubbles he just produced whining and murmuring noises.

In the unexpected pinch, Zell sighed pitifully as he lifted the leg up and managed to crawl on top of Irvine's thighs. The man shifted but showed no signs of waking, just for backup Zell cast another Sleep. He was in position and ready to act, he had to give his all to get his hand to touch Irvine's chest and slide it down. Irvine reached and scratched lazily at the spot on his belly on which the hand had awoken a ticklish sensation.

Zell pushed his both hands against Irvine's chest and shyly rubbed at his pecs in little circles, around his nipples and down his sides. He startled as Irvine threw his hand up and let out a little grunt when he nestled his head in the crook of his forearm. Zell continued his rubbing at the same time strategically placing his weight on Irvine's groin. Zell prayed in his mind to anything he could find, so that no one would ever see this blush of his that almost lit the room in a faint red glow instead of the blue night. His fingers drew circles over Irvine's nipples and it didn't take long for Irvine to get into the mood. When his head tossed from side to side on the pillow for the first time that was the cue for Zell to take his plan in to full action.

He took a deep breath; the air in the room seemed too thick to fit in his suddenly so tiny lungs. He opened the knot that had tied the waistband of Irvine's pajama pants and shuddered. This was almost too weird for him, might have helped if he'd be getting some kind of feedback, but in this case his partner was not in this world. Zell briefly wondered what Irvine's response would have been. Then he started imagining it. Irvine moaning and urging him on as he slid his hand inside the pants and peeled them down some required inches. Parting Irvine's legs, Zell kneeled between them laying his hand on the clearly showing erection inside Irvine's boxers.

"Come out, there's no use in hidin'. " Zell whispered and smiled through his own nervousness and banished the blush that seemed to be the dominant feature on his face. He rubbed up and down the protruding member through the fabric and slowly skimmed down the boxers. Irvine's head stilled and his lips parted but no cry came out, he just seemed to take in the deepest breath Zell thought could be possible. He could see some drops of sweat or tears of pleasure stick to the cowboy's eyelids. He smirked at the man with the look he only allowed to helpless hot dogs as he started pushing and rubbing the engorged length up against Irvine's stomach. His glove added friction and he could only openly admire the beautiful arc Irvine's back bent to, rising off the mattress.

Irvine's mouth was gaping open as he let out as shuddering breath when Zell quickly removed his pre-cum soiled gloves and tossed them to the side. He let his fingers run over Irvine's manhood, his own pulse almost as fast as Irvine's. He leaned down and touched his lips to the drooling head. Slowly sliding the heated flesh inside his mouth, tasting salty pre-cum on the velvety head, his tongue spreading it down. Irvine started to writhe and Zell pushed Irvine's hips tight to the mattress, making the man whimper not so silently.

Zell wasted no time in putting all the knowledge he had in to play. He obviously wasn't going to get pointers from the sleeping man, who was becoming more and more vocal as Zell sucked on him. He was sliding his head up and down, aiding the motion with his hand. Licking fiercely on Irvine he was getting all worked up as well, sliding his hand up along Irvine's stomach he braced himself for the control he gave to the panting dreamer. Irvine instinctively thrust his hips up and waved his hands around in the sheets. Zell reached for a nipple with his free hand and squeezed gently, simultaneously tightening his hold on the cock. Suckling and gripping he could hear Irvine's moan escalate till his voice broke and he reflexively sat up in bed, eyes popping open, he released.

Swiftly Zell cast yet another sleep, as Irvine seemed out of it and showed no reaction to Zell's head in his lap. As Irvine back hit the mattress Zell shuddered and wiped the cum from his own face, his hand shaking. That had been the single most frightening moment in his entire existence. He was painfully exited.

He quickly rose from the bed and wiped his mouth to the back of his hand. After breathing a moment, stretching himself to his full height he turned back to the bed and found Irvine recoiling in the sheets, sleeping peacefully it seemed. He tidied the man up as best as he could and pulled the pajamas back up and patted the man on the head gingerly.

"Good dreams, eh? " He smoothed an irritating strand of hair from the gunslinger's face and let his hand linger as he whispered to the man's ear. "Nighty night." He straightened the sheets a bit. Then turned away from the bed and waved over his shoulder. Behind him Irvine reassumed the starfish position and started snoring rather heavily completely drowning the click of the closing door.

26th of June, 4 days to d-day

You know, whatever you did yesterday, you open your eyes and it's another day. There is always a tomorrow. For Irvine the tomorrows seemed to be racked up and ready to go. He turned over in his bed and groaned into a pillow. Another morning, another pack of ice for the-…the ummm…?

Irvine rolled on his back and looked down his body, scratching his wily locks. Arching an eyebrow he looked suspiciously at his boxers. There was no tent pole, no marble column, and no obelisk of ultimate male dominance. He took a peek, just to be sure. Nope, little Irvy was fast asleep. Bouncing to sit up, Irvine stared down at his lap in abject horror.

"He's DIED!! I've been tipping the cow for too long! It ain't getting' up no more!" Gripping his groin he jumped off the bed and ran a little circle like the headless chicken he was. "Partner, I'm sorry! Don't leave me!" Then a thump, it took Irvine a while to regain his sight, everything just seemed to be swirling. He rose to his elbows and rubbed the back of his head.

Irvine's eyes wandered around, he found himself on his ass right next to the bed, he figured he must have slipped on something. Then, his eyes settled, on a…a glove? He picked it up and dangled it from his finger. Irvine didn't wear gloves and certainly didn't have them lying around in his room. Worn black leather, cut off fingers and some sort of smooth and pliable scale plate. Irvine ogled at it and pulled it onto his hand. "Zell's?" No one else he knew wore that kind of gloves. What were they doing here, on the floor, in his room, next to his bed?

This was shaping out to be an interesting morning; Irvine leaned his cheek on his fist. That's when it lingered to his nose and greeted him. Irvine knew this smell; it came from the glove, all salty like and stuffy. Then it hit him, this strange dream he had seen. It hadn't been anything out of the ordinary at first. The usual wet dream stuff and then just when he came, he could remember it clearly, the head on his lap had turned from brunette to blonde. A familiar crooked smile and flushed cheeks, almost too vivid to be a dream and he could remember passing out or something like that just then.

Irvine took another peek at little Irvy, then at his chest, then crawled onto the bed like the best damn detective there could be. There it was. A tiny speck of evidence. Irvine sat up in the bed and scratched his head in amazement. "He did…to me?" Irvine didn't really know what to hope for as he went for his coffee. He just wanted to hear what Zell had to say about his hypothesis, because Irvine was almost sure that he'd gotten relief last night and someone had been there to clean him up. He just wanted the declaration on Zell's face to subtly tell him if he was right. That was the ultimate lie detector.


He was really good at this. He'd been at it all day. Avoiding people, Zell was beginning to feel like the master without disguise. He couldn't completely put his finger on what was making had him so edgy about everyone. He just hadn't felt like giving a report to Selphie or playing triad with anyone and he certainly didn't feel like letting off steam in the training center where Irvine spent most of his time.

Zell was heading for the hot dogs, if anyone would have desired to catch a chat with him, they could have done it already. There was no way he would miss the hot dogs. He clenched his fists in habit when he turned to the aisle leading to the cafeteria. Some one else rushing to be in front of him in the line for hot dogs was some one else camping on his turf. He was competitive to say the least.

The cafeteria was fussing as always at this time, the afternoon classes were over and people were hanging out. The line was not all that long. Zell took his place at the end, today he just might get lucky…All his energy was drained when he saw Irvine leaning against a wall next to the counter. The hat was shading his face and Zell could not see his expression, but apparently Irvine saw his. Quickly he banished the shock and replaced it with something less than an enthusiastic smile. Even that effort was rendered almost useless as Irvine started striding slowly towards him.

"You forgot these didn't you?" Irvine's voice was harsh as he handed the gloves to Zell, who didn't manage to hide his surprise. His blue eyes widened in slight shock and he couldn't utter a single comprehensible word. He just took the gloves, nodded and blushed beyond salvation. He was so used to always wearing them he hadn't even realized that they were missing.

"You thought you did a really good job, didn't you?" Irvine's violet eyes pierced Zell as he continued to question. The queue of people kept on moving without them and Zell just opened and shut his mouth time after time. The entire absurd realization of what had happened was hitting him like a big fat bullet between the eyes and that was something he feared.

"I- ah…I'm…" Zell tried to find a reason, a valid excuse. Oh, what the heck, even a reasonable lie would do.

"What? Sorry? " A smile crept to Irvine's face. The smaller man was proving his suspicions right, damn he was all but shouting out loud. That face was screaming the truth. "I'll see you in three days. " The auburn ponytail and three raised fingers came to Zell's vision as the cowboy turned his back.

"You really thought you'd be getting away with it, didn't you? " He asked over his shoulder, even a little playfully and walked away raising his shotgun to his shoulder.

Zell turned around too and walked to the nearest table, he didn't feel like hot dogs anymore. He sat down and clenched his trembling fists and cussed everything he could think of.

"So how'd it go?" Selphie's cheerful voice appeared to his side as the girl leaned on the table.

Hesitating slightly he raised his head to find a small frown of worry on Selphie's forehead, he swallowed and made a decision. "I failed."

"So he's still got three whole days to go."


Day 30, Time's up.

Zell sighed in relief as he changed into his pajama bottoms. The day had gone on without an apocalypse waiting for him. He'd dreaded. A fear of what Irvine was going to do or say. He wasn't sure what had happened; he just hadn't seen Irvine all day. Maybe he needed more time to think, maybe he would forgive Zell, or maybe he was planning out the perfect assassination. Zell wasn't going to test his luck by going over to ask.

He threw his clothes into a pile on a chair and flung himself face first into bed. This all was exasperating and Zell had ran out of ideas on how to try to make things better. Maybe his plan had been doomed, seeing the way things had worked out. He turned to his back and switched the light off. Limbs sprawled and rolling around every now and then, he fell asleep.

The lock on the door clacked and the door opened slowly. From the dark corridor a tall shadow entered the room and closed the door behind him. The light of the moon hit the small medal decorations on the cowboy hat as Irvine walked silently over to the bed, half expecting Zell to jump up and attack him. Luckily he'd waited long enough for the blonde to fall asleep.

Hesitating just the tiniest bit Irvine stared down at the sleeping form of Zell who was almost snoring with his mouth open, one arm draped over his chest. The sight made him smile, is this how Zell had felt? Well, now Irvine was here for his payback. He still couldn't forgive himself that he'd slept through a thing he'd dreamed of for weeks. He slid his coat off and laid it over the back of a chair. Resting his hand on a hip he pushed his hat up with one finger and leaned over the martial artist's dormant figure. Irvine loosened the tie on his hair and took a conveniently curling strand between his fingers. Gently he ran it over Zell's cheek. The younger man just flipped it off and scratched the spot drowsily.

A familiar fine eyebrow arched, guess Zell wasn't a light sleeper. Irvine crawled carefully on top of Zell, his jeans giving in to the spreading legs. He laid his hands on both sides of the blonde head. Suddenly Irvine quite forcefully laid his full weight on Zell's lap making the man sit up and gasp alarmed. He grasped the hair on Zell's neck, drawing the man's face close to his.

"Now, you listen to me." Irvine's eyes were intense and Zell felt helpless under the weight of the larger man, who was currently sliding his other hand down Zell's chest. He nodded and felt the powerful grip on his hair loosen.

"You see, I wasn't gonna act on all these… well you know, things I felt. " Irvine explained a bit haltingly. "But you…" Irvine wasn't even going to finish that sentence. His hand went to his belt and he released the buckle.

Zell got his voice back, along with a mighty blush. "I just wanted to…well, help you."

"You've always been simple." Irvine laughed a little. "So you must understand that you owe me now."

"Huh?" Zell blinked adorably and sharply turned his eyes towards the sound of Irvine sliding his belt off.

"You didn't only get to see me, you had your way with me, Zell." Irvine leveled Zell with his eyes and stretched the belt in his hands. Blue eyes were huge as Zell wondered should he try to topple the cowboy. He knew he could, but somehow there was some sort assurance in Irvine's eyes adjacent to the familiar playfulness that made him still. " I'll never fully know what you did to me."

"Irvine, I didn't-" Zell started to protest, once again feeling the need to justify his actions.

"I said I'll never fully know…" Irvine grabbed Zell's fists with a sensually feline like motion. Zell shut his gaping mouth as Irvine tied his hands into the bedpost over his head, close to the wall.

"You're…what are you doing?" Zell's need to protest was satisfied with simple words, making Irvine chuckle low as he was bent over and firmed the bond. It was slightly uncomfortable but the leather was smooth. Irvine started lowering his face from Zell's hands, down his arms, his cheek grazing the tender inside surface. Zell startled at the touch, not entirely sure how to react. "Irvine?"

"You know I'm a gentleman unlike you." He could feel Irvine's warm breath against his skin and a licentious smile spreading on the cowboy's face, that face that came close to his and settled next to his ear. "I'll let you to see and hear me…" A whisper and Zell was flustered. "It's only fair…"

"Wait a minute, you-" Zell was cut short as Irvine suddenly moved like a centipede upon him and his smile traveled over Zell's cheek and settled on his mouth. "I going to do what I want to do and you… are supposed to sleep. " Zell could never get that voice out of his head, neither the kiss that followed. Irvine sucked at his bottom lip, briefly nipped with his teeth and tenderly opened Zell like the sun did a flower. Slipping his tongue inside, Zell could do nothing but respond in kind. Irvine's tongue was just as playful as the man and Zell's hands strained in their binding.

Irvine broke free and ground his bottom to Zell's lap. "This is only rightful retribution." Zell gave into the feeling of becoming aroused as Irvine's lips found his again. After the brief kiss Irvine started wandering down, his hands lingering on the firm chest, his eyes darting to Zell's. The violet seemed deep and bottomless as lids closed. Irvine's tongue traveled over his collarbone and down the middle of the taut chest with tiny licks and kisses.

Irvine closed in on a nipple; giving it a thorough scare with his teeth and apologizing to it with a fondling suckle. His hands rubbed down Zell's sides, who growled something that could have been taken as an encouragement or protest. The growl turned into a whimper as Irvine's mouth found his navel and kissed it, eddied in it. Moaning low Zell turned over the final corner from inhibitions to arousal in the small moments when Irvine's hands found the waistband of his pajamas.

Irvine lifted his head, the already dangling hat dropping on the bed beside them. "You made me miss something like this. " He accused and nudged the waistband down a little.

"So...Sorry." Zell breathed, he could feel Irvine's arousal against the knee he was sitting on. The memory of what it had tasted like gave Zell a chill. When Irvine's mouth descended near the edge of the cloth he just had to moan out the frustration from that night also. The man's lips were smoothing over his abdomen in a thrilling curve downward.

Trapping the rim between his fingers Irvine started drawing it down. Drawing his tongue over the extent of flesh being exposed. His hot breath releasing on the shivering skin of a smooth thigh. Irvine gaze ran over Zell's still hardening erection and he gave the side of it a little kiss. A pleased smile spread on his face as Zell released a pleading yelp.

Irvine slipped the pajamas off and pushed his hat down from the bed. Zell had minute pearls of sweat running over his body as he raised his head to look at Irvine, who was standing on his knees over Zell calves. His hands rose to the buttons of his purple vest, releasing them one by one. His erection was visible as a bulge in the tight blue jeans, Zell's mouth watered as he was washed over with memory again.

He raised his leg, pressing it against the tall man's arousal. Irvine hissed and released the final button, dropping the silky garment on the floor as he rose up from the bed. Zell admired the even chest in the faint light and crooned invitingly as he raised his foot to run his toes over Irvine's abdomen and over the now open fly.

"Don't feel like going to sleep, huh?" Irvine groaned and dropped the pants and stepped out of them.

"Not really." The answer was immediate and exited Irvine; that tied up man was on the same level as his fantasies. Zell looked at the man with narrowed eyes, his foot running over Irvine's naked manhood.

The gunslinger leaned back in to the bed, crawling up to level Zell's face. "I think you realize right about now how I felt. " Pressing his weight down Irvine rubbed his body on Zell's his tongue travelling over pink lips.

Nibbling, Zell welcomed Irvine's lips with his own. He raised his leg up against Irvine's backside and rubbed at it excitingly. "I think I do. But you have no idea how I felt…" Zell's smile was more crooked than danger as he moved his gaze from Irvine's eyes to his cock making sure the man was following, Irvine was. Leaning down to nudge Zell's nose with his he started to move up, until Zell was facing his throbbing member.

Zell raised his head, sliding his nose along the slit on the cockhead. He blew his breath on the sensitive flesh making Irvine growl and steady himself against the wall. "Shhh…Zell." He could feel Zell's lips travel up the length and showering it with cool breaths. Finally at the tip, lips opened like gates to something sacred. Irvine hollered and pressed his forehead against the wall.

Zell's tongue bathed the organ and he started sucking, twisting his head wickedly making Irvine's voice break. His hand descended on Zell's bound one's, fingers intertwining, squeezing together. Zell peeled him with a tongue of molten zeal, layer after layer over his heated flesh. The movements of the flaxen man, more than scandalous as he moved down to caress the gunslinger's balls. Noises of gratification escaped Zell's throat in an even flow when he tasted the man as whole as he could. Savoring the feel deep in his throat before backing up as Irvine's cries grew more audible.

Zell released the cock from his mouth and licked up it in one long stroke. Irvine backed up with a whimper and sat on the heaving chest, running his hands up Zell's constrained arms. Irvine was too hard for it to be healthy he bit onto Zell's neck snaking a hand behind himself, his fingers found the tip of Zell's weeping arousal. "You've gotten me all greedy now." Pressing his ass promisingly against the exited member as he licked up Zell chin. Releasing the straining organ Irvine rubbed at his pre-cum soiled entrance with his own index finger, entering himself.

"Oh, Gods! Irv-" Zell was too out of breath even to shout as Irvine gave a rough cry, stretching himself. "Untie me, now. " Zell strained against the belt binding him to the bed. He burned to touch that arching body, his arousal ready to split in half just having to look at the expression pleasure on the cowboy's face. Preparing himself the man ignored Zell's straining.

Irvine opened his eyes, finding Zell staring at him intensely still straining against the bond. "Nh… no way." He looked at Zell with hooded eyes and moaned long and low drawing out a moan from Zell as well. Expanding around his own fingers Irvine turned to reach his jacket pocket on the chair, reaching he pulled out a black tube. "I can…take care of my self." Screwing the top off Irvine backed up a little, Zell's erection sliding from behind him, to under him and out to the front, making the blonde moan at the sight. "You're supposed to be sleepin'. " He pressed amply of clear lotion to his palm from the tube.

"I'm gonna hnnhh get you back for this...." Zell shook his head and groaned as Irvine's slicked hand covered his cock.

"We'll see. I'mmmmhh a gentleman after all, you can stay up and watch." Irvine smiled sensually and squeezed the pulsating member, slicking it thoroughly. Then moving the slid the hand to his own entrance again, moving in an intricate dance. Irvine stretched, watching Zell's painstaking expression. "It's…hnnh, good…" He removed his fingers and spread his legs even wider, leaning forward and positioning himself above Zell.

The fair man could see the tensing muscles through the milky skin of Irvine's thighs. Slowly inching down until Irvine met the head of Zell's cock. Sweat pasted curls of auburn hair on to the man's face and chest as he rubbed his opening bud to the slick arousal, until he carefully slid lower and swallowed the head whole. Zell was striving not to push up to the man, allowing him to take his time. It was Irvine's payback after all; the man had a face of sweet agony and rapture.

Irvine cried under his breath as he pushed further down, this was the feeling. This feeling that was everything and everywhere, and everything and everywhere became this feeling. This ecstatic pleasure that filled his as he angled himself upon Zell, pushing down. Shattering his body around the cock filling him. His manhood trying to escape by arching away from his body, a pressure in his veins, almost exploding. Zell was a pearly snake withering under him in a struggle for self-control.

Zell could only moan along when the tightness grasped him, imprisoning him. He could feel Irvine starting to move, up and down, starting to ride him. Raking him with that cloying physique upon him, reveling upon him. Pushing against him, flesh sinking to juicy flesh. It was unnatural, pleasure this tight, and so intensely carnal. Zell started to move his hips along with Irvine, unable to stay still any longer. Irvine steadied his hands on Zell's chest and screamed when the hips under his gyrated forcefully driving scorching meat into him. Making Irvine grab his own erection with his slick hand, thrusting it trough the squeeze he formed.

The beat and rhythm came beneath the flow of their blood and beyond their heartbeats. Bodies joined in shared gratification, Irvine lowered to join lips, to holler on Zell's mouth capturing the man's growls, jacking off so fiercely it neared pain, nearing the threshold of relief. He opened his eyes to see Zell straining against his ties, yelling in pleasure and partly in pain. Irvine drove the fingernails of the hand he steadied himself with into the skin of Zell's chest, basking in the ascending shriek, tightening himself around Zell's cock.

Irvine rode more and more fiercely, taking in all the sensations driving through his body. Zell was drilling into him, to his spot to intensify the pleasure. With the rhythm his own hand and being filled he plunged down on Zell, taking him in as deep as he could. Zell was almost desperate for control, but the cowboy ignored his mixed pleads. Taking all he needed, giving to the lithe man under him more ecstasy than he even realized through his crimson haze of lust.

Irvine moaned high and came in pearly gushes on Zell's chest.

Constricting, slowing down a little, tightening and engulfing Zell, he seduced Zell's cock, having him come deep inside. Zell bend to an arch up from the bed, hands pulling forcefully at the leather belt holding him down, making it bite deep in to the skin. Eyes rolling back and his head sinking into the waves of his release. Irvine's name greeted the air.

His chest heaving fiercely, Zell stared unblinking at the ceiling. Irvine dropped beside him, running his hands over his own chest, sated. "MMmhhhmh…Good dreams, eh?" Zell's head snapped to face Irvine, who was already bent over him grinning.

Zell blushed. "…Yeah."

Irvine reached over and undid the belt in a few smooth moves, revealing the wide red burn marks sunken deep into the wrists. He rubbed at Zell's stiff arms, who instantly grimaced and quickly reached them to the back of Irvine's head. The man didn't dodge as Zell pulled their heads close quite forcefully. "That stung."

"Yes, it did. " Irvine smiled and tugged his nose against Zell's taking his lips, apologizing in a tender way. Zell let out a little laugh and lay languid on the ruffled bed in the dim room. "Go to sleep." The cowboy left Zell's hold leaving behind the tie from his hair and letting the waves flow down his naked back.

"You think you're gettin' away with this, don't ya?" Zell watched as the man pulled on his jeans and chaps. Silently slipping on the vest and pulling on his cream colored coat. Irvine turned around leaving the smaller man staring at his back attentively. On his way out the door Irvine paused in the doorway.

"I'll demand reveng- " Zell caught the affectionate smile on Irvine's lips as he cast a Sleep. His head flopped down to the pillow and he murmured when the door closed.

"Nighty night."


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