Warning: graphic rape and violance, not for the under-aged or squeamish.

Author's note: the idea for this fic came about from the fact that neither I nor any of my friends could explain why Irvine wasn't in the prison with the others, here's one possibility. Also this was originally written in french (as my co-author is Belgian French). If you speak french I would advise reading the original as some things may have been lost during translation, if you want the original version please e-mail me.

This fic has not been betad so please excuse any grammer or spelling mistakes, I ran it through the spell check but I doubt it managed to pick up everything.

Tears of a Sniper

Prologue: The Price of Freedom

by Black Gem and Yume Noire

In the main office of D-Prison, Seifer was listening to General Caraway who was pleading for the life of his daughter and one of the SeeDs.

"Mr Almassy. My daughter had nothing to do in all this, please could you let her go" Caraway pleaded

"Why should I?"

"Because Rinoa would never harm a fly"

After a few minutes silence, which for the General felt like an eternity, he threw down his last trump.

"I'm willing to pay however much it takes to get my daughter out of here"

Seifer's eyes lit up at the mention of money, "how much?"

"Anything you want" The General Replied without hesitation, then he added, "but I want a SeeD too"

A small smile passed across Seifer's face before he ask, "Which one?"

Knowing there was no chance of getting Squall, he tried for Zell.

Seifer's reply was immediate, "What do you think I am, an idiot?" he ask.

"So who?" Caraway ask timidly so as not to provoke another outburst v"Selphie or Irvine"

Rinoa's father had to decide quickly. He wanted someone who would be able to come back and rescue the others, that meant someone who was pretty strong, "Irvine" he said after a moments hesitation.

"And what can you offer me to free him?" Seifer asked a smirk on his face.

"I... I don't know"

"Very well, come back in an hour and I'll think about it."

At that particular point in time, Irvine was sitting alone in a single cell. He knew perfectly well why he'd been put in another cell, he'd been the one to shot the sorceress. He jumped when he saw two guards come into the cell, they grabbed him by his shoulders and dragged him towards the door. After a bit they stopped in front of a door. The guards knocked and a voice that he knew all to well answered, Seifer's.

"Come in" Seifer said

"Here he is sir." the guard replied crisply

"Thank you, now leave"

Irvine was now in front of Seifer, who he'd loved since he was little when they were in the orphanage together, who had now become a monster, a merciless killer.

"Irvine, guess who I've just been talking to?" Seifer ask him

He shrugged, "who?"

"General Caraway, Rinoa's father. And do you know what he wanted?" the question was rhetorical.

"No" Irvine answered anyway

"I'll tell you. He wanted to liberate his darling daughter and ONE SeeD and that SeeD is you! But..."

Irvine shivered at the tone in Seifer's voice, which made his captor smile, "but he has nothing to offer for you." the blond man continued. "Which means of course that you'll have to pay for your own freedom."

"I... I don't have any money" Irvine stuttered, getting distinctly nervous, "why don't you ask the Garden?"

"Because money's not what interests me"

"So...so what do you want?" Irvine was praying that he was wrong and it wasn't what he thought it was

"What I want is you Irvine. Either you give yourself too me... either you stay in this prison until you and the others are executed and the General can kiss good-bye to his little escape plan" Seifer had a large smile on his face, and not a nice one, having no doubt what Irvine's answer would be.

Irvine couldn't speak. He knew he had to say yes but he was afraid. He saw Seifer get up and walk over to him. He felt Seifer's hands on his shoulders and he couldn't quite surpress a shiver

"What Irvine, you're afraid??? The great sharpshooter is actually scared," he said nastily

Then he leaned down and whispered in his ear, "so then Irvine, what will it be?"

"..." Irvine tried to reply but he didn't have the courage to get the words out

His captor walked away from him and simply said, "very well" before activating the comm system, "call the General and tell him I refuse his offer and that his daughter and the others will be executed at dawn ..."

Irvine managed to call up the courage to interrupt him, "no wait... I accept"

"No, wait, forget my last order... tell him to come in 3 hours to pick up his daughter and the SeeD. And hurry up" he turned off the comm system and turned back to the sharpshooter, "finally, you're being reasonable" he starting walking towards him menacingly. Irvine took a few steps back already regretting his decision but he couldn't go back now. He felt the wall against he back and there was no where left to go.

Seifer advanced upon him, grabbing his head and pulling him into a vicious kiss before turning him around and brutally slamming him into the cold metal. Irvine tried to struggle but Seifer quickly overpowered him. He ripped off Irvines clothes until he was naked without even an illusion of protection. Irvine tensed preparing himself for what was to come.

"Relax a bit and maybe it won't hurt... but I doubt it." The ex-SeeD said then without any other warning he thrust into him, ripping his outer muscles. Irvine felt like he was floating on a cloud of agony, he thought he heard someone screaming, then realised it was his own voice making the sound. He stop himself from crying out, not wanting to give his violator the satisfaction and in stead reduced himself to a mental, "no... no... no" that he repeated in his head and his captor thrust into him, using his body for his own pleasure.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity for Irvine, Seifer came, ejaculating into his body. He pulled out letting his victim fall onto the floor where he curled into a ball.

"You'd better get dressed" Seifer told him as if nothing had happened, "Caraway will be here in a bit. What do you think he'll think of you, or the others will think of you for that matter, if he finds out how weak you are? That you let me do that to you?"

Seifer left the room leaving his prisoner on his own, but Irvine barely registered it, all he felt was the blood and semen on his thighs and the blond man's words in his head, "you are weak Irvine, this is all your own fault, you agreed to it" tears started to form in his eyes, running down his cheeks and he though about what had just happened to him, what he HAD LET happen to him.

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