Taste In Men

By Scarlet Fever

The sun was just cresting over the hill when Deling City came into view. They were all tired from walking across the plains and fighting monsters along the way. But, Squall wouldn't let them rest. He just kept moving forward, Quistis walking beside him. Both were no-nonsense enough that they ignored Zell's complaining about his sore fists and legs. Everyone else was also tired, but Zell vocalized it enough for Selphie, Rinoa and Irvine put together.

Selphie looked over at Rinoa. The two of them were lagging behind the others. At first, it had just been Selphie that was walking ten or so paces behind. It wasn't because she was tired, it was because she was trying to get Irvine off her back. He was like a flirty barnacle. Selphie was pretty flattered, and she did like him, but she wasn't as easy as Irvine seemed to presume she was. However... There was just something about him. Rinoa was hanging back to keep Selphie company, because Irvine was less likely to bug her if she was in conversation with Rinoa.

"He's still looking back here..." Selphie muttered under her breath, the chain on her weapon jingling as she walked. She looked over at Rinoa when the raven-haired girl didn't speak. "Rinoa?"

Rinoa's coffee brown eyes were distant as she stared over the crest of the hill, the sky painted orange above Deling City. "Hmmm?" She looked over at Selphie, realizing that the sprightly brunette had spoken. "I'm sorry, did you say something?"

"What's wrong?" Selphie asked, her emerald green eyes widening with concern. "As soon as we started getting closer to Deling City, you got really nervous. Is it about the Sorceress assassination?"

Rinoa didn't nod, nor did she shake her head. She tugged at the straps that held her weapon on her arm. "It.... It's nothing." She looked towards the rest of their group. "Squall doesn't seem to care that we're all the way back here."

"He's very task-oriented," Selphie answered, quickening her step a little bit. It was one thing to hang back a little from the rest of the group, but it was another to get separated from them on plains that were crawling with monsters. And, especially because Rinoa wasn't trained in combat like the rest of them. Rinoa was handling herself remarkably well, but Selphie still felt like it was up to them to protect her.

"He's cold," Rinoa murmured as Deling City's borders got closer and closer. "He is cute, though."

Selphie couldn't help but giggle, covering her small mouth with her hands when Rinoa frowned.

"What are you laughing at?" Rinoa asked, cocking her head.

Selphie waved her hands. "No, no... Don't worry, Rinoa. I'm not laughing at you. I'm just laughing because of what you said."

"What, about Squall? You'd have to be blind not to notice that he's good-looking."

Selphie giggled again. "Yeah. But, I thought that you were looking at him more than usual. You like him or something?"

Rinoa just made a noise in the back of her throat. "He's a good dancer..." But, her voice held hesitation. "I was so glad to see his face when I thought that SeeD was going to come to help us..."

"You were hoping for Seifer though... right?" Selphie asked quietly. "So, what was up with you and Seifer?"

Rinoa shrugged one of her shoulders. The strap of her black tank top slid down her shoulder from underneath her sleeveless duster, the colour of a summer sky. "I was hoping to see him... because of what we had last summer. But..." She made a thoughtful face. "When I think back on it now, it probably wasn't the storybook relationship that I'm remembering it as. You know how it is with your first 'boyfriend'..." Rinoa made quotation marks in the air when she said 'boyfriend'. "We only kissed a couple times. I think he just liked that I paid attention to him."

"Most boys like attention," Selphie murmured, looking at the spot on Irvine's back between his shoulder blades. Irvine must have sensed that he was being watched, because he looked over one shoulder, giving Selphie and Rinoa a dazzling smile. Selphie groaned. "He's not going to give up. I can sense it."

"Would that be such a bad thing?" Rinoa asked. She could now hear the sounds of the city. It had been so long since she'd been here.... "Irvine's cute, right?"

"Yeah..." Selphie choked out, like it was the hardest thing in the world to admit. "He's pretty cute, and has nice eyes and everything. He's just so pushy."

Rinoa chuckled under her breath, a warm and friendly sound. Her pretty eyes lit up when she laughed. Actually, her whole face lit up. "You know, some people might say the same thing about you."

"Hey!" Selphie playfully shoved Rinoa. "That's soooo mean!!"

"A match made in Heaven." Rinoa started giggling.

Selphie made a raspberry, and lightly shoved Rinoa again. She also started laughing.

"Ah, ladies. When you laugh, you sound like angels."

Rinoa covered her smiling, heart-shaped mouth with her fingers while Selphie rolled her eyes and made a dramatic face. Selphie was going to retort to Irvine with something rude when Squall's voice cut through the air.

"Don't lag behind," he commanded, his tone clipped. "We are going to visit General Caraway, then decide where to go from there. The parade is tomorrow."

"Lucky we made it ahead of time," Quistis said. "You fight good, Rinoa." Quistis gave a beautiful, dazzling smile, as if she was trying to be diplomatic in place of Squall's cold demeanour.

"How do we get to Caraway's house?" Zell asked, his voice sounding tired and grumpy.

"We can ask for directions," Quistis offered.

"I... I know the way," Rinoa spoke up. "I know my way around Deling."

Squall just raised an eyebrow. "Why didn't you say something earlier?" His eyes were as cold as Trabia's winter.

"Because I assumed that because you're all SeeD, you knew the way." She looked at her boots, because Squall's gaze was too intense.

Squall made an ushering gesture. "Well, Miss Heartilly... Lead the way."

They hadn't even gotten to see General Caraway, and had to prove that they were up for the task by taking a side mission to the Tomb Of The Nameless King on the outer edge of the Galbadian continent. Rinoa, quite frankly, was glad that she hadn't run into her father. She knew that she couldn't hide from him forever, but she still hadn't worked out what she was going to say to him. They'd left things pretty badly, Rinoa storming out of the mansion that still held so many memories of her mother, Julia.

She was now in a room in the Galbadia Hotel, the night air wafting in from the open window. She was bored, but at least she was resting her legs and arms. She'd fought monsters before, because they would seep into Timber from the surrounding forest, but she'd never fought so many monsters at one time before, and at such a quick pace. It made her really feel like she didn't belong with the others. They were all trained soldiers, used to this sort of thing. She was not. Rinoa looked over at the food tray. She'd ordered room service, but now didn't feel hungry enough to even open the silver lid. She'd only ordered some fruit and vegetables, but even they didn't seem appetizing at that moment.

Rinoa also had a feeling that Squall wasn't even going to consider taking her to the Tomb. He hadn't said who exactly he was going to take, and wanted to think about it before they shipped out in the morning. He said it was too dark and dangerous on the plains now. Rinoa agreed. Frankly, Rinoa got the feeling that Squall didn't want her there at all, and that his contract with the Forest Owls felt like a noose around his neck. At least the others were making her feel welcome. Quistis, although she had her mind on other things, was being nice enough.

Rinoa was actually quite envious of Quistis. She seemed so grown up, so mature. She was strong, elegant, glamorous and beautiful. She'd wondered at first if Quistis and Squall were a couple, but he basically treated her with the same silent contempt that he treated everyone else with. Although, because she was his teacher, there was a little more respect there. Rinoa felt disgusted with Squall's behaviour towards the others. Squall treated Zell like a piece of garbage, and had barely spoken three words to Irvine. He treated Selphie like a child, and Rinoa like she was helpless. And, Rinoa felt ashamed of herself, disgusted with herself, for still thinking that Squall was cute, that he was interesting. It was the same thing that had happened with Seifer. She was falling for someone that treated her less than perfectly. Her taste in men sucked.

Rinoa was reclining on her bed, bare feet hanging off the edge, when she heard a knock on the door. She sat up, brushing her highlighted hair out of her eyes. "Who is it?"

"Selphie. Can I come in?"

"Of course." Rinoa got up and opened the door. "Is something wrong? Did Squall change his mind about going to the Tomb tonight?"

Selphie shook her head. "No. It's nothing like that. I just wanted to hang out. Irvine won't find me here."

Rinoa couldn't help but laugh as Selphie ducked into the room. "Is he hanging around your room?"

"Not anymore." Selphie sat on the edge of the bed, smoothing her short yellow jumper under her butt before she sat. "I guess it was a bad idea to try and get rid of him by saying I wanted a shower." She sighed over-dramatically. "And, Zell wasn't any help in getting rid of him."

"Why, what did Zell say?" Rinoa asked. Zell had the connecting room to Selphie's. Rinoa was in the room at the end of the hall, hers not connecting to anyone, like she was being segregated. Was that Squall's intent?

"That I couldn't pay him enough to 'baby-sit that date rapist'. Quote unquote."

"Ouch," Rinoa said with a sympathetic chuckle. "How'd you get rid of him?" She sat on the bed again.

"Quistis started lecturing him, and I snuck away." Selphie's expression clouded. "Look... I just want to apologize for the way that Squall's been treating you."

"I'm sure both you and Zell kind of agree with him... I mean, about the unprofessional level of the Forest Owls."

Selphie shrugged. "That's still no reason for him to treat you so badly. You're trying to make life better for everyone who lives in Timber. That's more than Squall's doing."

"But... you and Squall do the same thing," Rinoa pointed out.

"I know." Selphie shook her head. "But.... Squall just follows orders, never thinks about what he's doing. Just because we're in SeeD doesn't make us mindless mercenaries. I mean, it makes us mercenaries, but we still have brains, and still have to use judgement."

"It's okay," Rinoa assured. "It's more than okay that the rest of you are trying to make me feel like I'm contributing."

"Good." Selphie patted Rinoa's shoulder, lazily kicking her feet. "So, tell me... Why did you get so distant the closer we got to the city?"

Rinoa sighed heavily. "It's nothing."


Rinoa couldn't help but raise her eyebrows. It seemed so unnatural to hear Selphie swear. She looked like such an innocent little girl. "No, really...."

"You're a really bad liar, you know?" Selphie cocked her head, leaning in. "All your emotions show in your eyes."

"Well... this whole city just has bad memories where my mother is concerned. I really miss her, you know?"

"Heartilly... Your mother was Julia Heartilly?"

Rinoa nodded silently.

"I don't even remember my parents," Selphie admitted.

"You don't sound sad."

"I didn't know them," Selphie repeated. "I can't mourn someone that I never met."

"I guess that's true," Rinoa murmured. She looked up when there was a knock on the door.

"Rinoa?" Irvine's voice called from the door.

Selphie leapt up like she was a Jack-In-The-Box. She started maniacally waving her hands, mouthing 'I'm not here'. She ran for the bathroom, hiding behind the door in the dark.

Rinoa shook her head with amusement, and went to the door, opening it partway. "Yes?"

"I was wondering if you knew where Selphie was?"

Rinoa shook her head, making her face blank, remembering what Selphie had just said about her being a bad liar because she showed all her emotions in her eyes. "No, I haven't seen her. Maybe she went down to the piano bar?"

"I checked. She's not there."

Rinoa shrugged. "Maybe she went exploring. There's lots to see in the city."

Irvine flashed Rinoa a grin. "Well, since I can't seem to find the lovely Miss Tilmitt, how would you like to escort a lonely old cowboy through these... exciting streets?" He took his hat off his head, holding it to his chest.

Rinoa smiled. "Why, Irvine... Are you asking me out on a date?" She lowered her voice teasingly. "A sloppy seconds date?"

Irvine's eyes moved over Rinoa's face, then down her body, hovering on the line of cleavage that was showing over her black tank top. "Nothing about you is sloppy, Rinoa."

Rinoa laughed at the gall that Irvine had. "I'll see you tomorrow, Irvine." She closed the door, hearing him say 'damn' before the door clicked shut.

"Oh, that makes me feel special," Selphie muttered. "What a pervert!"

"I think he's just a harmless flirt," Rinoa said with a smile. "He's just a little too friendly. Squall could borrow some of it." She crossed her arms over her breasts.

"You really do like Squall, don't you?" Selphie asked earnestly. "Or else, it wouldn't bother you so much that he's such a cold-hearted bastard."

"You like Irvine, too!" Rinoa exclaimed defensively.

"Maybe." Selphie kicked her legs again. "His pushiness is starting to get endearing. I guess we both have bad taste in men."

"I guess we do..." Rinoa sat on the bed beside Selphie. "This is boring. You want to go explore the town? The piano bar is neat. Although, they won't serve us drinks."

"I don't feel like running into Irvine again tonight," Selphie said.

"Well, what do you want to do then?" Rinoa asked, cocking her head.

Selphie shrugged, thinking for a while. She cast a sidelong glance to Rinoa after a very long period of silence. Rinoa's profile was soft and feminine. "Want to have sex?" Selphie asked.

Rinoa started laughing, her elegant eyebrows high on her smooth forehead. "What?" She started laughing again. "Did you just ask me if I wanted to have sex?"

Selphie nodded, cocking her head. "Yeah, I said that."

"Are you crazy?" Rinoa asked, eyes wide.

"No...." Selphie trailed off.

"I'm not a lesbian."

"Neither am I," Selphie answered. Her eyes became serious. "I just... wanted to try it once, you know? And, I think you're nice and pretty, and I'm bored."

Rinoa's eyes were wide. "You're crazy...." Her voice sounded hoarse.

"You've never thought about it before?" Selphie asked quietly.

Rinoa pursed her lips. "Well... yeah... a couple times. But..." Rinoa's cheeks flushed deeply. "Never seriously."

"We don't have anything better to do."

Rinoa stood up and started pacing around the room. "That's not the point, though! I mean.... I'm not... I haven't...."

"Look, I've freaked you out. I'm sorry." Selphie stood up. "Just forget I asked, okay? Everything's cool."

"Wait..." Rinoa whispered as Selphie moved to the door. "I don't want you to leave thinking that I'm all scared of you and stuff now."

"I don't think that," Selphie assured. "It was a silly suggestion, okay?"

"You really think I'm pretty?" Rinoa asked. "I mean... why would you want to if you're not a lesbian?"

"Because I wanted to see what it was like, I said." Selphie folded her hands behind her back. "It's not like I'm asking for a commitment, and for you to be my girlfriend or anything. I mean, like we said before... You like Squall, don't you?"

Rinoa flushed, but remained silent.

"And, I like Irvine..." Selphie continued. "But, forget it. I just blurt out things anyway." Selphie gave a sunny smile, as if she'd never said anything.

"It's kind of flattering," Rinoa said quietly, kneading her hands in front of her. "You could have asked Quistis or some other girl. Why me?"

Selphie shrugged. "I like you. You're nice, and you're pretty like I said. And, you seem so forlorn about not really being 'one of us'. It's endearing. But, you're trying not to show it. You're being brave. It's sweet."

"But... what about Irvine? You just said you like him."

"I do. This has nothing to do with him, or with Squall." Selphie put one hand on her hip, gesturing with her other hand. "Or, is it the no-strings attached thing that you can't wrap your head around?"

"It's not that...." Rinoa muttered, sitting back down.

"Are you a virgin?"

"...no," Rinoa answered.

"Was it Seifer?"

Rinoa shook her head. "No. This guy in Timber." She looked up at Selphie, more and more curious about the whole idea. It was true that she had wondered about what sex with another woman would be like, what it would feel like to have curves pressed to you instead of muscles. What another woman's mouth would feel like. But, it had always just been a passing thought, nothing serious or substantial. What would it be like to kiss Selphie? It wasn't like Rinoa was getting any other offers. Well, there was Irvine, but he had probably offered more women than just Selphie and Rinoa company that evening. Selphie's offer shocked Rinoa for more reasons than it was from another woman. Selphie just seemed so innocent. But... Although she was so slight, and had a face that looked so youthful, there was more to Selphie Tilmitt than met the eye.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Selphie opened the door, looking out in the hallway, almost expecting Irvine to be sitting on the floor, waiting for her. "If Squall doesn't choose us to go to the Tomb with him, you want to go shopping or something?"

"Wait..." Rinoa called quietly as Selphie started to step out the door.


"Maybe... I've... maybe I've changed my mind." Rinoa raised her eyes, finding courage somewhere within her.

"You serious?" Selphie asked, closing the door. She leaned against it, and looked down at Rinoa, who was sitting rigid on the end of the bed. "You look pretty nervous." Selphie made a gesture to Rinoa's tightly balled fists.

Rinoa smoothed her hands out over her knees. "I think I would be nervous, even if you were a guy."

Selphie smiled. "I won't bite." She then laughed. "Unless you want me to."

Rinoa couldn't help but laugh, but it died on her lips as she heard Selphie click the door's lock in place. "I'm still not sure about this, Selphie."

Selphie sat on the bed beside Rinoa, not bothering to smooth her skirt over her ass this time. "You can stay stop whenever you want." Selphie put a hand on Rinoa's shoulder. It was gently shaking under her hand. "We'll go real slow at first, and you can say no if you think you don't want to. I won't be mad, especially since I feel like I'm pushing this on you just because I'm bored and horny."

Rinoa bit her lower lip as Selphie leaned her face in, her eyes looking drowning and so green this close up. Rinoa's breath came out jagged and hilted when she felt Selphie's lips brush against her own. She was surprised at how soft Selphie's mouth was. Selphie waited for a few seconds, waiting to see if Rinoa would bolt upright and run away. But, she didn't. She sat perfectly still, back stiff. Selphie kissed Rinoa again, but left her lips hanging over Rinoa's for a few moments longer, pressing her lips against Rinoa's lower lip until that lip pushed past Selphie's mouth.

Selphie took Rinoa's lower lip into her mouth, doing it very slowly. She could still feel that Rinoa was tense under her hand. Rinoa's eyes fluttered shut, and this closely, Selphie could feel the eyelashes moving against her own orbital bones like butterflies. Rinoa let Selphie kiss her, and started to react, realizing that she was just sitting there like a lump. Rinoa moved her hands from out of her own lap, and into Selphie's. The raven-haired girl took Selphie's hands in her own, and it felt comforting, because Selphie's hands were warm, and weren't pushy. They just gently took Rinoa's hands in them.

Selphie pulled away, and looked into Rinoa's eyes, which were shining with an emotion that Selphie couldn't read. "That was really nice."

Rinoa just nodded, not trusting her voice. She saw that Selphie was leaning in again, and Rinoa met Selphie's lips this time, kissing the other girl back. Selphie tasted like bubblegum lip gloss, and her mouth was very soft. Rinoa had never kissed a mouth that soft before. And, she smelled like something sweet; flowers or fruit. Their hands were still joined in Selphie's lap. Selphie gently took her hands out of Rinoa's tight grip, and put her hands on either side of Rinoa's beautiful face.

Rinoa opened her mouth to breathe out, and felt the moistness and balmy texture of Selphie's breath pushing into her mouth. Rinoa found that her body was beginning to react almost separately from her mind, and that her tongue snaked out to taste that air between their mouths. There was nothing really to taste, but it had a heady, warm texture that caused Rinoa's nipples to harden under her clothes, and caused something to curl in her intestines. When Selphie's hands touched the side of her face, ever so gently, Rinoa hitched her breath, and ran her tongue over Selphie's. It caused Rinoa to make a small noise, because it was so wet, so soft and warm. Everything about Selphie was soft and warm, completely different from kissing a man. Rinoa moved her hands out of Selphie's lap, and touched the other girl's hair. Rinoa had always thought that Selphie's hair would feel stiff with hair products because of her rather outlandish hairstyle, but her brown tresses were silken to the touch. It was a wonder how Selphie got her hair like that. Rinoa almost wanted to pull away and ask Selphie about it, but then the short girl's tongue pushed into Rinoa's mouth, and all Rinoa could feel was Selphie's tongue filling her mouth. But, it didn't just fill Rinoa's mouth, it seemed to be stroking over her entire body, inside and out.

Selphie felt Rinoa's body melt like butter against her, so she became a little bolder. She still wanted to go slow, because Selphie didn't want to scare the other girl off. Selphie moved her fingers gently, slowly, down Rinoa's smooth cheeks, which felt almost feverish with blush. Selphie touched her fingers down the sides of Rinoa's throat, to the nape of her neck under her silky black hair, still slowly moving her tongue within Rinoa's mouth, finding that now that Rinoa was loosening up, she was a very good kisser. Her mouth was really soft, like kissing the petals of a flower. Selphie moved herself closer so that their breasts were pressed together, and Selphie could feel Rinoa's chest moving rapidly up and down against her with rising panting. Rinoa's heart was also beating quickly.

When Rinoa felt Selphie's breasts flatten against her own, Rinoa mashed her mouth closer to Selphie's. Rinoa's body was doing her the favour of overriding her fears and nervousness. She felt warmth beginning between her legs, tingling along her thighs. As Rinoa felt Selphie gently stroking her neck, she moved her hands out of Selphie's hair and down the other girl's back, down to her tiny waist, down to her hips. Rinoa ran her palms over Selphie's hips, down to her thighs, pressing into Selphie's body with her palms hard enough that she could feel the lines of Selphie's underwear under the heavy fabric of the yellow jumper. Rinoa gently lay back on the bed, and Selphie's body came down with her, so they were both laying down, kissing deeply.

They were both silent, only the moist sounds of their French kissing filling the room. The distant noise of the city below could be heard to anyone but them, but they were beginning to get so wrapped up in each other that they wouldn't have been able to hear the traffic noises if they tried. The moist sound of Rinoa's mouth against hers was making Selphie feel really horny, made her aware of the growing feeling of moistness between her thighs. Selphie ran her hands up and down Rinoa's thighs, feeling smooth bare skin, and the slickness of the Lycra material of Rinoa's shorts. Selphie kept running her hands upwards, until her eager fingers were just under the curve of Rinoa's breasts, hidden under her black tank top, the sleeveless blue duster and whatever bra Rinoa was wearing underneath it all.

Rinoa felt Selphie's fingers hesitate just under her breasts, and gently pulled her mouth away, looking up into Selphie's eyes, seeing that they were flushed with lust. Rinoa's own mouth felt painted with a mixture of Selphie's, and her own saliva.

"Do you want me to stop?" Selphie asked breathlessly, looking down into Rinoa's face. It was flushed and inviting looking, Rinoa's eyes looking dark under her lush fringe of lashes.

Rinoa shook her head, her fingers reaching up and tracing the lines of Selphie's collarbone. "No."

Selphie swooped down, and kissed Rinoa so fiercely that she was almost devouring the other girl's face. But, Rinoa wasn't to be outmatched, and she kissed Selphie back with equal force, her tongue lashing from out of her lips, tangling with Selphie's. Now that her nervousness was gone, Rinoa felt all her bravery coming with full force. She'd always been rather opinionated, and said what she felt, and she also did what she felt, sometimes without thinking. Now was going to be one of those times again. A small noise escaped Rinoa when Selphie's hands, surprisingly strong for their tiny size, moved over Rinoa's breasts. Rinoa's nipples hardened further to reach up to Selphie's touch, but too much fabric was in the way for the contact that Rinoa truly wanted. Rinoa felt the muscles in her genitals quiver from the touch. Rinoa's own fingers were still hovering over Selphie's collarbone, but now they moved down Selphie's back, down over her ass. Because they'd moved on the bed, Selphie's dress had ridden up, so now Rinoa was touching the clean, cotton feeling of Selphie's panties.

When Selphie felt Rinoa's hands on her ass, she squeezed Rinoa's breasts, which caused Rinoa to make another gasping noise. Their tongues were moving at a slower pace now, licking over every surface of each other's mouths. Rinoa's hands started to stroke over the curve of Selphie's ass, which caused Selphie's fingers to fumble at the clasp of Rinoa's duster. It fell open, and it was one less layer between Selphie's hands and the mounds of Rinoa's breasts. Selphie had the powerful urge to just stare at Rinoa's tits now. They weren't large under Selphie's hands, but they felt nicely round, and through the fabric, Selphie could feel the barest hint of the hard nubs of Rinoa's nipples. As Selphie's tongue tasted every secret corner of Rinoa's mouth, she wondered what the other girl's breasts would taste like. They would taste feminine and soft, the taste of Rinoa's heartbeat on Selphie's tongue.

Their mouths pulled apart long enough for Rinoa to sit up. She shrugged out of her duster and tossed it to the floor. She moved forward to kiss Selphie again, but the brunette had crawled away, and was now standing at the foot of the bed, looking down at Rinoa, who looked so damn desirable with her hair tousled, cheeks flushed, and eyes shimmering with lust. Rinoa usually looked so sweet and nice, but like this, with one strap of her tank top fallen over one shoulder, showing the strap of a pale blue bra, with her black and caramel coloured bangs in her eyes, and her mouth looking kiss-bruised, Rinoa looked so wanton and naughty.

Rinoa looked wanton because her lust had risen threefold looking at Selphie standing there. Selphie's short yellow jumper, which had ridden up on the bed, was still around her hips, giving Rinoa the glimpse of the crotch of Selphie's white panties. Standing there, at the foot of the bed, Selphie looked so dominating, and it seemed so right. Selphie may have been slight and small looking, but she had such a big personality, that it was more than natural for Selphie to be at the helm.

Selphie looked down at Rinoa, and wanted to feel flesh against flesh, not fabric rubbing against fabric with that noise of cloth. Selphie took off her boots and socks, and just looked down at Rinoa, who was still panting gently, looking up at her. Selphie slowly started to unzip her yellow jumper, which caused Rinoa's chest to noticeably move up and down with her breath. In Rinoa's current reclined position, it was a completely erotic body motion. The zipper on Selphie's dress went all the way down the front, so when she was done, she peeled the dress away, letting it slide down her arms. She was now standing at the foot of the bed in her white panties and matching bra. The bra had a small line of daises over the tops of the cups. Selphie could feel that her vagina was starting to get wet, wet enough that the fabric of her panties pressing against her crotch felt moist already.

Rinoa's whole body shivered when Selphie crawled back on the bed, body straddled over Rinoa's. Selphie moved her hands over the buttons of Rinoa's denim skirt. Rinoa's hands also moved to the silver buttons, and they undid the skirt together, pulling it out from under Rinoa's hips, and tossing it on the floor along with the other discarded items of clothing. Rinoa couldn't help but arch her hips up when Selphie's weight came to rest down on top of them. It was a slow grinding of Rinoa's hips against the underside of Selphie's pelvic bone. Selphie's hands moved down Rinoa's arms, and took the blue socks that went over Rinoa's forearms down with them. They also went on the floor. Selphie then took one of Rinoa's hands in her own, and kissed the fingertips. When Rinoa smiled up at her, Selphie snaked her tongue out, and started running it up Rinoa's arm, tongue leaving a wet trail up the arm, over the crook of Rinoa's elbow, then up to her shoulder, then over her collarbones, then up her throat, then over her lips.

Rinoa caught Selphie's tongue between her lips, and started sucking on it while Selphie's hands moved over her hips. Rinoa could feel the air of the room on her hips as her tight bicycle shorts were slowly pulled down her thighs. Selphie had raised her body off Rinoa in order to pull the shorts off, so Rinoa did the same, kicking her feet upward so the shorts could come completely off. Selphie pulled her mouth away from Rinoa's with a small suction noise since Rinoa didn't seem to want to stop sucking her tongue, a trail of saliva briefly joining their lips before Selphie pulled totally away.

Selphie looked down at Rinoa, and saw that she was wearing a pair of pale blue underwear that were nearly white. They hade a delicate pattern on them of dainty flowers of cornflower blue. Selphie touched Rinoa's bare upper thighs, the skin as smooth as milk. Selphie touched her fingers over the crotch of Rinoa's underwear until Rinoa rose to a sitting position, Selphie in her lap. Selphie wondered if Rinoa wanted to stop, but realized that Rinoa not only didn't want to stop, but that she wanted more when the raven-haired girl's hands moved up Selphie's bare back to the clasp of her bra. Rinoa undid the bra with ease, spilling Selphie's small breasts out into the air, nipples hardening almost immediately.

Rinoa looked at Selphie's breasts, at the nipples which were pointing outward. They moved up and down as Selphie breathed. This wasn't the first time that Rinoa had been faced with another woman's breasts. She'd seen girls in the shower at the gym or in movies, but these were the first breasts that she was going to fondle and suck and kiss. They seemed so close to her, nipples erect from the skin. Rinoa breathed over the right breast, planting a gentle kiss on the small nub, feeling Selphie shiver. Rinoa kissed the nipple again, and felt Selphie take one of her hands. Rinoa closed her eyes, and took the nipple between her lips, rolling her tongue over it. Rinoa then felt the other nipple under her fingers, so she started stroking it, sucking a little more urgently on Selphie's nipple, bringing the areola into her mouth too, then some of the mound of Selphie's breast, squeezing the other breast with her hand.

Selphie pulled her chest away from Rinoa's mouth, her breast glistening with saliva in the low light of the room. Rinoa moved her tongue out to try and catch one last taste of Selphie's breast before it got out of her mouth's reach. Selphie slid out of Rinoa's lap, her genitals throbbing, feeling the urge for more than foreplay growing. Selphie pulled Rinoa's tank top over her head, looking at the bra that matched the panties. They were demi-cups, so whenever Rinoa breathed out, some of her breast would spill over the top of the cup. Selphie didn't even wait to take the whole bra off. She just shoved it down Rinoa's hips, and took in the sight of Rinoa's nude tits. It was only a fraction of a second before Selphie had one of Rinoa's breasts in her mouth, suckling like a newborn trying to get at mother's milk. Selphie released the suction of her mouth over the breast, and stroked over the hard nipple with lavish strokes, which wrenched groans from Rinoa's throat, her head thrown back. Selphie lowered them down onto the bed again, Rinoa arching and writhing with pleasure under her as Selphie sucked further, doing it hard enough that showed she meant business.

As Selphie still licked and sucked Rinoa's breast, she moved her hands down, taking the bra off. She moved her hands further down and pushed the underwear down, feeling the small pitch of coarse pubic hair. Selphie switched to the other tit, and pushed the underwear down more, so it was now down around Rinoa's knees. Selphie's own breasts were rubbing against Rinoa's stomach. Selphie pulled her mouth away, both Rinoa's breasts wet with saliva. Rinoa was panting thoroughly now, and looked up with eagerness, bordering on impatience when Selphie sat up, pulling her underwear off. She was kneeling over Rinoa, knees sinking into the mattress as Rinoa sat up to try and put her mouth on Selphie's breasts again. But, Selphie put her hands on either side of Rinoa's face to stop her from rising further. Selphie gently rubbed her pelvis against Rinoa, pubic hair rubbing against her chin.

Rinoa looked up at Selphie, seeing her eyes looked almost black from under her hooded lids. Rinoa lowered her face only millimetres, and her mouth was now hovering over Selphie's labia and clitoris. Rinoa continued to look up at Selphie as her tongue flicked out, and ran over the sensitive clitoris. Selphie threw her head back, her hands moving away from the sides of Rinoa's face, up to her own breasts, stroking over the painfully sensitive nipples. Rinoa used her thumbs to part Selphie's labia, and then pressed her tongue fully to the clitoris, feeling the heat of Selphie's vagina, feeling the moistness. When she was about to move her mouth lower to taste Selphie's vagina, Rinoa felt her head being pulled away, and felt herself being laid out on the bed again.

Selphie looked down at Rinoa, lust practically causing her limbs to shake. Selphie settled between Rinoa's legs, parting them. She bowed her head, and took Rinoa's engorged clitoris into her mouth, sucking it as thoroughly as she had Rinoa's nipples. Rinoa made a small wailing noise, gently touching her own breasts, stimulating them. Rinoa's hands fell off her breasts, and her hands curled into fists, gripping nothing but air, when she felt Selphie's fingers dip into her vagina, which was already more than lubricated. Rinoa moaned in frustration when Selphie stopped sucking her clit, but gasped, her eyes snapping open when she felt something slick moving over her left nipple. Selphie was rubbing the wetness from Rinoa's own vagina onto her breasts, trails of fluid still connecting Selphie's fingers with the now lubrication covered nipple, even as she pulled the finger away. Selphie licked her fingers clean, then swept her head down, sucking the slick fluid off Rinoa's nipple.

Selphie was too eager to tease any further. She slid down to Rinoa's groin, and drove her tongue into the hot wetness of Rinoa's vagina, lapping up the lubricant, which tasted heady and exotic on her tongue. There wasn't really a description for the taste. Rinoa was moaning now, breasts heaving up and down as she rocked her hips against Selphie's mouth. Selphie used her fingers to stroke Rinoa's clitoris in a quick circular motion.

Rinoa was so aroused that it didn't take long for the feeling of Selphie's nimble tongue dancing in her vagina, and the fast rubbing of her clitoris, and Rinoa's own hands stroking and squeezing her breasts for her to come. Her muscles twitched around Selphie's tongue, and Rinoa came with a small whimper, mostly breath. Her vagina contracted around Selphie's tongue, gripping onto it, fluttering like bird wings. Rinoa used her muscles to clamp down on Selphie's tongue, which was still moving in her vagina. As Rinoa came, she wanted Selphie's tongue in her, still stroking her, still eating her and devouring her. Even when Rinoa's clitoris was so sensitive that it was almost painful, Selphie stroked it, Rinoa's orgasm still going on, even past the point of coherence. All she could do was turn her head and whimper, fluid dribbling from within her vagina and rolling over Selphie's tongue.

Selphie stopped stroking Rinoa's clit, and pulled her tongue out of the hot cavern of Rinoa's vagina. Selphie licked her lips, and relished the taste of Rinoa's sexual fluids. But, there was still the pressing matter of her own arousal. Rinoa was smiling distantly, panting and looking up at Selphie. Selphie slid her body up the bed, until her hip was flush with Rinoa's right breast. Selphie took one of Rinoa's hands, and pressed it against her clitoris as Selphie lowered her hips over Rinoa's breast, sliding the nipple and mound of it into her vagina. Rinoa gasped at the wetness and heat inside of Selphie's vagina.

"Make me come," Selphie panted, rocking her hips on Rinoa's breast, pushing down so a little more slid into her.

Rinoa started stroking Selphie's clit, which felt hard and hot under her fingertips. Rinoa moaned at the feeling of Selphie's vaginal muscles contracting around her breast, which was inside that hot wetness. Rinoa knew she must have been doing it the way Selphie liked, because the small brunette threw her head back, and arched her spine, moaning. Selphie was stroking her own breast, the tits looking perky and high because of Selphie's arched back. And, also because of this arched position, Rinoa could see where her breast disappeared into Selphie's vagina. Rinoa took her free hand as she changed her stroking from clockwise to counter-clockwise, which caused Selphie to groan, and Rinoa started tracing the contact point, where Selphie's vagina was wrapped around Rinoa's breast. Rinoa kept doing this, but moved her face forward, and replaced the fingers on Selphie's clitoris with her mouth. Selphie bucked her hips forward, so that she was riding Rinoa's breast in order to get more clitoral stimulation. Rinoa sucked on Selphie's clit as hard as she could, and felt a tremor move through the muscles that were enveloping her breast.

Rinoa felt trickles of fluid, the slightly thick stickiness of Selphie's lubricant, rolling from out of Selphie's vagina, and down her breast. Selphie continued to ride Rinoa's breast as she came, clitoris being earnestly sucked, Rinoa's tongue maddeningly stimulating it. Selphie eased down, and slowly got up off Rinoa's chest, her vagina making a suction noise as Rinoa's breast fell out of it. Rinoa looked down at her own breast, seeing that it was coated in fluid. She reached up and touched it, loving the way the fluid slid over her nipple. Rinoa scooped up some of the fluid with her fingers, and brought it to her mouth, tasting Selphie's orgasm on her tongue. Selphie bowed her head over the breast, and licked it clean of her own fluid, collapsing on the bed beside Rinoa after they shared a brief kiss, able to taste one another's vaginas in it.

After a while, Rinoa started to rise. "I should probably have a shower, and you should get to your room."

"Mm...." Selphie mused. Selphie knew that Rinoa wasn't trying to get rid of her, but that it wasn't like they were going to sleep together from now on, and hold hands and all that kind of stuff. "If only Irvine and Squall could see us now."

Rinoa stood up, legs somewhat shaky underneath of her. She laughed. "We really do need better taste in men."

"Maybe they'll improve on better acquaintance."

Rinoa looked over her shoulder, and smiled down at the nude brunette. "Yes. Maybe." She bent over to start retrieving her clothing, which gave Selphie a view of the shadow of Rinoa's genitals just underneath her rectum. Rinoa's vagina still looked wet, and Selphie silently crawled across the bed, hoping that Rinoa wouldn't stand up. Rinoa actually spread her legs a little so she could reach her tank top without moving, and it completely unwittingly revealed her vagina to Selphie. Rinoa dropped the clothes out of her hands when she felt Selphie's tongue eagerly and forcefully push into her vagina once more, licking the inner walls at a maniacal pace. Rinoa almost fell back on the bed, pushing her hips backwards to further impale her vagina on Selphie's tongue.

Rinoa pulled her hips away so she wouldn't fall off the bed, and crawled up next to Selphie. "You caught me by surprise."

Selphie grinned mischievously, and her eyes caught the glimpse of silver. "Hmm... As good as your pussy is, what's in the food tray?"

Rinoa scratched her head, tracing lines on Selphie's breasts. "Just some fruit and vegetables."

Selphie got up off the bed, and opened the silver dish. She popped some blueberries into her mouth, looking at the vegetables and dip, at the melon platter. She held up a cucumber and raised an interested eyebrow. She went to the bathroom, and washed it. Selphie then carried it back to the bed, and settled between Rinoa's legs.

Rinoa raised an eyebrow. "What are you going to do with that?"

Selphie just smiled, and pushed the vegetable into Rinoa's body. Rinoa gasped, arching her hips. It was a decent sized one, large enough that it gave nice feeling. Rinoa whimpered at how cold the cucumber was inside her. Just when Rinoa was getting used to actually having a piece of food inside her, Selphie pulled it out, and licked it clean. Selphie bowed over Rinoa's breasts, and pushed the cucumber into Rinoa's vagina again, fucking her with it as she sucked at Rinoa's tits desperately. Selphie smiled against Rinoa's breasts as she pushed the black-haired woman's legs apart further, far enough that Selphie could straddle the end of the cucumber that wasn't in Rinoa's vagina. As Selphie let the other end of the cold vegetable slide into her vagina, deep enough so that the ring of her vagina gripping the cucumber was pressed against Rinoa's, which was already contracting against the impalement, she was glad that at least they knew what they were going to do for the rest of the evening.

The next morning, Squall had chosen Rinoa and Zell to go with him to the Tomb Of The Nameless King. Rinoa looked at Squall's profile as they walked, his beauty curling her innards, making her feel nice and warm. Selphie had been right. What happened last night had nothing to do with Squall and Irvine. It was one of those things that would only happen once, and Rinoa knew she didn't regret it, but that it would probably never happen again.

"You feel like you're ready for this?" Zell asked, patting Rinoa's shoulder in a friendly manner. "I mean... The monsters might be a lot stronger in the Tomb."

Rinoa nodded, shooting a look to Squall again, who was completely ignoring her. "I'll be fine. Really."


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