Warning: Graphic m/m yaoi. Possibly the most graphic thing I've written, or at least up there in the top percent. Kinky - cross dressing, semi-sadism, blood sports... getting the idea? Read at your own risk. v_v

This fic is pre-battlegrounds - ie, it comes before "Looking for a Cure". All my Seifer x Squall stuff does.

Squaresoft owns everything, of course. I'm just a harmless hentai, and I'll have the boys drycleaned and put neatly away when I'm done.

Tarnished Angel

By BlackRose

Lace. White virgin lace and crimson slut red. Sweet fucking Hyne, it ought to be a crime to dress him in anything else.

The blood is still fresh, trailing in perfect streaks down across his trembling stomach. Frightened, pet? Don't be. You want this, you know you do. Such a fuss at first, all riled up and arguing; you'll let me fuck you raw but this? No, never, too much dignity lost, too far out there, they all call you pretty and this just touched a nerve. It was nothing you wanted any part of.


Sheer white silk, like cool ice to the touch; I rolled them up your bare legs and clipped the garter in place to keep them there. Your cheeks were flushed red and you wouldn't meet my eyes, but your body doesn't lie like your mouth does. You were hard already and you shivered when I slid the shoes over your feet and strapped the buckles around your ankles, tight enough to make you wince.

But lies off your tongue are sweet to hear - go on, say it again. Tell me you didn't moan when I made you stand up. Tell me your breath didn't catch the first time you felt it, the stretch across your bound instep, the burn in your calves as the heels forced you to your toes and the smooth slide of silk between your bare thighs. Sweet Hyne, but the move of your hips when you walked across the room would make a man weep. You look like a fucking wet dream.

Open your eyes, pet. *Look*. That image staring back at us out of the mirror is *perfect*, absolutely fucking *perfect*. The little noises you made as I let the tip of the knife play across your chest were all the hotter for it, gasped and mewling, the image and sound of tarnished innocence. Virgin blood, slicking white pale skin and sliding down to stain dark against the fabric at your waist.

It slides up so easily, doesn't it? Nothing but a scrap of pleated fabric held on with little gold buckles, and it almost matches the grey of your eyes if they weren't darkened to hazy black right now. Pushed up in the back, with the tight curve of your bare ass pressed hot to my hips, but in front where the mirror can see, you might almost be decent... almost, but Hyne, the flash of garter and skin beneath the skirt hem is mesmerizing. Angel and slut, all at once, and that's what you are, aren't you? Perfect little boy by day, but the slut inside wants out. You want to be pushed, you want a little force, you want the edge. That's why you're here. That's why *I'm* here.

My hand on your thigh makes you flinch and shiver. Open your eyes. Imagine it. I could let the knife play over your thighs, sharp steel just below that fragile pules that beats so fast in the curve of your hip. The blood would well up thick and hot, but drop the skirt hem down and no one would ever see. Not until it seeped down, crimson bright, dripping wet between your thighs to stain scarlet over white silk stockings... virgin blood, and your knees pressed tight, but it's too late for that, far too late.

Or I could just reach beneath that hem and take you in hand. Hard and fast, just the way you like it. Would you like that? No, keep your fucking eyes open. *Look*. Do you know what you look like when you come? Ever wondered? Stripped naked and raw, open mouthed and gasping with those little cries you try to swallow... They think you're made of ice. Wouldn't they like to see you like this? Perfect little girl, but your mouth lies, the clothes lie - only your body tells the truth, taut and writhing, hot and ready, back arched and hips trembling as you let my hand fuck you.

Slut. Whore. Pretty pretty little girl.

You whimper when I stop. God that's a sweet sound. And the sounds you make when my fingers brush over those thin cuts is damn near intoxicating. Sing for me, baby. Cry for me. Do you want it? Do you really want it?

Beg for it. Whore's mouth in a little angel's body, god yes. Beg for it, beg to be fucked, beg for me to push that little girl skirt up and bend you over, split your ass wide open on my cock. Fuck *yes*. Is that what you want? Is it?

Slick with your own sweat; sliding into you is like pushing into hot velvet, tight and sweet and the noises you make when I fuck you are pure heaven. Open your eyes, slut. *Open* them. There, in the mirror - that's *you*, painted in sweat and blood and sex, and your knees aren't closed now, are they? Wide open and begging, wanting, and a pull on that oh-so-modest fabric slides the skirt hem up and over your hard cock. Dark and aching, slick and wet with your own fluids; you'd beg me to touch but you know better, you know I won't - not when I can break you like this, with nothing but my cock driving hard into you. Dress you like a girl, fuck you like one, and you'll come like one, won't you, flushed and crying, breath short as you pant for it like a bitch in heat.

I want to see my cum stain those little girl stockings, I want to see it drip down the curve of your thighs when I pull out, your ass red and open beneath that pleated skirt.

That lion head you wear dangles down, streaked with blood from the cuts around your upthrust nipples. Heavy chain, heavier pendant - I let you keep it on because I love how it looks, heavy and cold and cruel around your throat where the links bite into flesh. Sweet sweet pet. Pretty girl. So easy to catch a cold length of chain in my fingers, twist and pull; you gasp as the links sink into your skin, blood flushed around your throat, caught tight and deadly. Another twist and you'll mewl for real, choked and trying to gasp, the darks of your eyes white rimmed and the sweat of your body suddenly cold with adrenaline. You want edge? I'll give it to you. I'll make you walk it. Feel the tightness in your lungs? Feel the cold flush through your stomach? Like the knife but even better, colder, and it makes your hips move harder against me, your whole body desperate, needing, animal fucking, so close and not quite...

Watch when you come, baby. Watch it. Keep your eyes open and watch as the flush moves through your skin, the tremble shivering through your body just before you stiffen, crying. Your lips are streaked in crimson blood, the lipstick of a real whore, and you can't look away, can you? Neither can I. Perfect. God damned fucking *gorgeous* and it's my hands on you, my marks on that ivory skin, my cock sunk in you and my cum that you're feeling wash hot deep inside you.


Whose little girl are you, Squall? Say it. Bitch. Slut. Whore. Say it, gasp my name. And even if you don't... let the lies fall off your lips. I like to hear them. But your body will tell me the real truth.


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